I.O Chapter 7: The Hawks

In front of you are cliffy mountains, behind you are beautiful green plains and hills. All around the mountains you can see hawks frying gracefully searching for possible prey or guarding their nests with watchful eyes. To challenge them would be a stupid decision that would only lead to your doom because it’s something you only can do while on the cliff. You see someone climbing on that cliff slowly moving upwards towards the top.

‘Why did I have to start climbing this mountain?!’ Rein thought as he carefully moves us leg up. ‘Well it wouldn’t be weird if there was a tomb up there and I’m sure grateful that that dragon gave me his arm, I would never be able to climb this wall otherwise. Also that [Art of True Transformation] I wonder what it really does, maybe I’ll try it later.’

He climbed higher and were careful not to fall, his aim was the top of the mountain, not the hawks, he was to low level from them. As they didn’t seem to mind him for some reason, he didn’t mind them either.

It had already been three in game hours since he started climbing and the cliff seem to go on forever but at the fourth hour he finally reached his goal, a tomb.

‘Yes I knew it, the second tomb’

The tomb was built on a platform going in to the mountain top and on it was a statue of a great hawk. Rein touched the tomb and in the next moment two blue windows came up and said:

As the one who found the statue of the great hawk kings’ tomb you have gained the ability to morph into a hawk. The history of the hawks has come with many wars, now the last wish for the hawks it to unite with other animals and quit the fighting for good. The only way to do so is by a sole individual finding other great animal tombs that is spread out over the world.

Your skill [Animal Morph: Wolf] has evolved into [Animal Morph: Wolf/Hawk] and you will now be able to transform into a hawk.

‘Well to think I was right, but it really makes one wonder who the hell makes these tombs. Really convenient tho, makes it a lot easier to get down.’ Rein thought as he observed the tomb closer. ‘It’s really well made.’

“[Animal Morph: Hawk]!”

As he said that he started to shrink, his arms turned to wings and he turned into a black with a little red hawk. His red hawk eyes shimmered in the sun.

“””””””It’s the king, the king has returned to us at last.”””””””

Suddenly he heard some voices and soon enough all the hawks on the mountains surrounded him. One of the hawks stepped forward and bowed. Bowed? Are you serious? Aren’t birds stupid because of their birdbrains? No not these ones, they who have guarded the tomb, awaiting a new king, they aren’t stupid at all.

“Sire I welcome thee to our home. My name is Genius, you may use me for every need you might have.” (Genius)

“Huh, you can talk? What do you mean king? Can a human like me be the king of hawks?”(Rein)

“Yes sire but only the chosen one may be the king, the one who unites animals. It seems like you already are the wolf king, that is something.” (Genius)

“Huh?! I’m the king of the wolves too? By the way how come you can talk human?” (Rein)

“Yeah you are also the king of the wolves and don’t worry these titles won’t give you any other duty than finding the other tombs. It will only give you access to certain privilege of calling the races you are king of and use them as you see fit. You can create armies of wolves and hawks. For your other questions we aren’t speaking human but hawkish and you are able to understand thanks to the transformation.” (Genius)

“Oh that is kinda cool.” (Rein)

“Now then, I would guess that you were about to take your leave when we flocked you so leave now if you so must.” (Genius)

“Alright, thank you Genius for telling me this. I will call you when I need you.” (Rein)

“I would be glad to be of use sire.” (Genius)

With that the hawks backed away from Rein and Rein spread his wings and went towards the cliff edge. He jumped of the cliff edge and could feel how the wind caught his wings. Gliding down with the help of the wind he was nervous of flapping them. He was only a human and after all it would be hard fur a human just turned into a hawk to fly.

Gliding down towards the forest, looking at the beautiful scenery of mountains and forests joining together couldn’t make one anything but excited. Then he took his first flap of his wings, he got an amazing feeling. Flying in this kind of way is only a dream, a imagination for humans. It’s something that truly can only be done in virtual reality and peoples dreams unless our human bones gets hollow and wings grow from our backs.

He flew circling over the forest feeling the wind embracing every feather on his now hawk body. Looking down into the forest he saw something shimmer and he started to fly towards it.

The shimmer came from a crows nest and it was an amulet, it had blue and green gems 2 of each color and was made of gold. Rein looked at his surroundings to see if the owners of the next were anywhere near. It seemed like the nest was temporary abandoned so he picked the amulet up and flew towards a cave opening in the mountain. The cave opening that led to the capital of the dwarves and that he had come out of earlier.

In a café near the center of the capital sat Rein, studying the amulet he has found. He had been going around looking for the owner but he hasn’t found anyone claiming its ownership.

With his skill [Inspection] he had at least been able to see its name, [Body Swither]. It is a weird name right? And its description was like this:

Congratulations now that you have found this weird custom made amulet with a weird name you can change between your appearances/bodies wherever you are! Use it well and do not get to greedy because it might bring you to your doom.

‘What the hell is this amulet? Seriously, custom made?, appearances?, greedy?. Who the hell would make this and then leave it to the crows?’

Rein looked out in the streets putting the amulet in his inventory.

|Short? Yeah I know but I will more clearly declare that this book is just a hobby! Oh and in the end I didn’t make 10 chapters this summer but only two chapters but oh well if I don’t feel like writing I don’t write. You guys can read other books while waiting for me right?

Oh I have something that at least I am happy to announce. I’m trying to make an ebook, an ebook I would be selling for 2.99$. It about a girl getting summoned as a hero by the bad people and there is romance in it. I have only written the prologue, chapter 1 and started chapter 2. So far I’ve done the same thing as I do with imagining online and write what things sounds exciting to me with no story plan but 2mr I’m going to work on an as detailed story plan I can do.

My goal is to have the book out for sale around X’mas. I will also publish the first chapter on wattpad when it comes out for sale and publish one chapter a week and when the whole book is out on wattpad I will leave it there for one month to read for free. After that month has ended I will unpublish every chapter but the prologue , chapter 1, 2 and 3.

Oh and my last year in “high school” starts on Monday so my summer has almost already ended. Cya guys in the next chapter and sorry for the slow updates (as well as this chapter being so short), chao.

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