Suzaku Chapter 1: Introduction

Hello I’m Sakura Honou, you can say that Honou means flame and that Sakura is another name of cherry blossoms. I am a girl of 15 springs and my birthday is in may. My body is has a small build and my hair stands in every direction possible. My mom and dad always tells me that I’m beautiful with my red hair and eyes. Well I just don’t get them. Not many in my country have red hair it’s mostly only brown hair that’s common and mostly only the royal family have red hair and I’m not of the royal family. My guess is that I only have this hair color thanks to my powers. My mom, dad and even my little sister’s hair is brown (yeah I have a sister). I have it kinda neutral for me in academics, I’m not smart but I excel in sports. The power I have makes me able to control fire and turn into some kind of bird. I’ve had this power since three years ago and only I have this power and everyone else are normal humans.

The country I live in is located in south and it’s named Toriania. It’s an high spirited country with birds flying freely and many carnivals all over the country the whole year around. I live in the capital city called Phoenix. Toriania’s national color is red so you can say that my hair is a national treasure itself. As you may have guessed, I am living in another world from yours and this world kinda looks like ancient japan. The only difference is the clothes and the castle. Common people wear things that look like rugs while royalty have more like Indian clothing and the castle look more Arabian than Japanese. In the next chapter my story will being, look forward to it.

How do you like my first chapter. I didn’t get as much response from the oceans water as I hoped so I decided to do a new story. I hope people will like this one better.//Sakuraida


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