TOW Chapter 2: The Behemoth

I woke up when my alarm clock rang 6:30, went to the bathroom where I walked into the the bathtub that my mother had prepared before she left for work. Today started with both my mom and dad having to go to work early and they will come home late in the evening. In other words I’m alone in the house. After I looked in up at the ceiling for a moment, I thought that my legs felt weird. As if they melted together into one leg instead of two. I looked down at my legs and got surprised, because there was no legs. What’s there is a rainbow colored fish tail. What’s going on with me, I thought. First it was that yesterday, what was it that happened yesterday? Why is this happening to me? I took up the mirror located at one of the edges of the tub and looked inside. I had crystal blue hair and crystal blue eyes again and on the chest is there was something that resembled fish skin the same color as the fish tail. Somehow I had turned into a mermaid. I opened my right hand and pointed the palm at the water in the bathtub. As if the water was a trained snake it moved along my palm. When I clenched my hand, the water started to heat up and boil. It seems as if I had always had this power but it has laid dormant for over 16 years. I took myself out of the tub, put my hand on the tail and evaporated the water slowly and carefully. It felt nice and warm to dry myself in this way. After just a minute, I’m dry and clean with my legs back. I put my hair up in a ponytail, brushed my teeth and took on a pair of clean clothes before I went to the kitchen downstairs. There I prepared a ham sandwich with a glass of juice and started to eat. When I had finished the time is already 8:00 and I moved quite quickly to my room where I got my purse. About five minutes later I was on my way to school.

I came into the classroom and saw that neither Cindy or her friends from last night were there. Presumably, they had not changed clothes and did not take any hot baths when they got home so that they were at home with colds. I sat down at my desk and stared out of the window while I thought quietly to myself: Well if they are sick they can not tell everyone about my blue hair transformation. Mrs Lane my English teacher came into the classroom with materials to class.

“We shall have an oral presentation,” she said. “You can choose a topic yourself, but it have to be something about the sea. The deadline for the topic is one week and the deadline for your presentation is four weeks.” Lucky that the deadline is in a week because I have no idea what to write about, I thought with a sigh of relief. After she said it, she went around and handed out papers. On the paper there was examples of what you can write about and a little explanation of how to account for its presentation, I just looked a little fast on the paper before I looked out through the window. The sun was shining brightly on the sea so that it was turquoise and if you listened very carefully, you could hear the waves crash against each other. Suddenly I got a sense of examining my transformation by swimming in the sea but I calmed myself down and told myself I can do that after school. The lessons went by slowly, but finally it was math with Mr Plus. In math, time passes quickly. Even though time go by fast, I have the time to do at least twenty equations before the lesson ends

“Aoi, come here, I want to talk to you,” Mr Plus said at the end of the lesson. I walked to Mr Plus while all the others left the classroom and went to the next lesson. “As you are a representative of grade nine, I have a very important mission for you this afternoon. Indeed, it is a certain Dr Isabella Raft we have ordered a meeting with. She has been here on the island for a week and she agreed to have a meeting this afternoon. Otherwise She plans to go home tomorrow morning. You have to be nice and kind to her so that she can come back and talk about her studies on the sea” he said and smiled brightly. I am student council representative for grade 9 which is a task that my classmates pushed on me.

“Okay,” I said with a reduced tone. The rest of the day went by quickly and the last lesson, that is science, goes by especially fast because we were experimenting with salts.

When the clock was two, I went to the classroom where the meeting was. Dr Raft was already there. She had beautiful bright blonde long hair and crystal blue eyes. She stood there and looked at me while I entered into the room. I walked up to her, took her hand and thanked her kindly because she could come there. Through ought the meeting they talked about that she was here to study marine movements, mysteries and monsters.

Later in the afternoon then the meeting had ended, I walked down the path to the beach. When I arrived at the beach I didn’t take of any of my clothes and jumped right into the sea. As I watched my clothes disappear, my legs change into a tail and my hair turn blue I got an exited feeling. This was to be my first time truly being underwater and swimming with a fish tail, or more correctly a mermaid tail. I swum through the water and looked around me. All around me was beautiful rainbow colored reefs with many different kinds of fish, like the clownfish. I felt like I was flying more than swimming. As I continued to swim I arrived at the port and as I swum up to the surface to get some air I saw Dr Raft’s boat. Ooh, yeah she’s still here. I thought before I dived into the water again and swum under the boats. It was the first time i saw underneath a boat and probably not the last.

Meanwhile on the boat, Dr Raft talked to her sponsor that happens to be the richest man on the island, Josh Rave, who owns the biggest company on the island which is of course a fishing company.

“Have you found out what are taking our fish now?” Asked Mr Rave.

“Yeah it’s sharks. They are increasing recently and I don’t know why.” said Dr Raft. Suddenly she said “Quiet, I think I hear something. It sounds like someone or something diving or swimming in the water.”

“I don’t hear anything.” said Mr Rave. Dr Raft ran to the side of the boat and stared down into the water. After she looked down for a while she saw something like a giant fishtail that was a little longer than human legs and a little wider. She ran inside the boat and placed two pieces of paper on the table and started to paint and wrote down what she had seen. The thing she had seen was me.

“Extraordinary I have never seen anything like it and I know my fish. This is something that has not been discovered yet.” Dr. Raft said to herself out loud. “Mr Rave is it okay if I stay here a while more to know what is out there in the ocean around this island?” She asked him.

“As long as it helps my business you can stay I guess.” He answered. “Well I’ll be going now” He said and stepped out on the bridge while she stared at her computer.

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