TOW Chapter 3: Trouble

The next morning I woke up with the lingering feeling of swimming in the ocean and the smell of my shampoo. But yet I couldn’t help to worry, what’s about to happen now and how on earth can I hide this secret from everyone without touching water. I dressed myself, went down the stairs, left my bag at the door and went into the kitchen. Mom was sitting there reading the paper and drinking her coffee.

“Good morning Aoi” she said.

“Good morning” I answered back and sat down and took a sandwich from a plate on the table.

“Did you know that the marine researcher will be staying here for a while more Aoi?” Mom said.

“No I didn’t. Shouldn’t she have gone back this morning?” I asked surprised.

“Yes but, it appears that yesterday at noon she saw something in the port. Something big and scaly.” Mom answered.

“Why do you tell me this? It’s not like it has anything to do with me.” I said with an angry tone to my mom.

“Ah you’re right, I don’t need to tell you. I wonder why I even told you that? My look at the clock. It’s time for you to go to school now” she answered with an little upset tone in her voice.

“You’re right, oh well by mom” I said to mom and ran out the door. Today I take the way through the port to school to check if the rumour is true, I thought. As I ran through the port I saw that Dr. Rafts boat was still there so the rumours was true.

When I later walked into the classroom Cindy was only sitting there staring blindly onto her desk like she was in a trance and then she looked up at me she got an expression of being scared. I ignored it and sat down by my desk looking out of the window. Suddenly a hand smacked down on my desk. It was a brown haired boy in my class, probably Cindys newest boyfriend.

“What have you done to Cindy? Why does she look so scared of you?” he said.

“Don’t now” I said still looking out the window ignoring his stare.

“Why you, why don’t you look into my eye and tell me the truth!” he said and lifted me by my collar. I heard the door open and not even a second later Ken was holding the boy’s wrist.

“Stop that! What are you doing? She is your classmate and a girl at that.” Ken said.

“Yeah! But she is a classmate too and my girlfriend!” the boy said pointing at Cindy who still stared at her desk. “Miss blue here did something to my girlfriend so that she won’t go out on dates with me and Miss blue won’t tell me the truth about what she did.”

“Did you do anything to Cindy, Aoi?” Ken asked me gently.

“I didn’t do anything to her. All I did was to run away into a closet that day.” I answered.

“N, no, not true, h, ho, how come w, we where all wet th, tha, that d, da, day? A, an, and how co, com, come your hair and eyes w, wa, was a little bl, blu, blue to?” Cindy suddenly said with a scared and shaken tone in her voice.

“I don’t know why you became wet, but sometimes my hair looks blue in the sun when it’s wet.” I explained back.

“So that’s how it is.” Ken said and laughed. “So Cindy became scared cause of a misunderstanding. I bet that the water came from someone who wanted to rescue Aoi from Cindy.” after Ken said that Cindy’s face became red with embarrassment and she looked away. I bet she thought that she had been an embarrassment for herself, her boyfriend went back to his seat and looked away from me and Ken. Ken sat down at his desk and the history teacher came in taking attendance.

Later at lunch Donald came to the school and sat down at my table.

“I heard you made a commotion this morning before class started.” Donald said while taking a meatball into his mouth. Today’s lunch was meatballs with pasta.

“I didn’t make a commotion it was Cindy’s boyfriend who did it.” I answered.

“Okay, okay, but have you heard about what Dr. Raft have found?” He asked me.

“Yeah I have, my mom told me, but why do everyone want to talk about a fishtail?”

“Cause it’s interesting. Something like this has never appeared before. The island could become famous for sea monsters” Donald said.

“Like I care about sea monsters and the island becoming famous. What I care about is Dr. Raft and my future.”

”What has Dr. Raft anything to do with you?” He asked me but didn’t get an answer because the bell rang.

The lunch was over and I went back to the classroom only to find Dr. Raft standing at the front desk with Mr. Plus.

“Because Dr. Raft will be staying here for a while she has accepted our invite to talk in class. That means this lesson will be a truly special lesson so be prepared and take up a paper and a pen.” he said. After Dr. Raft arrived she started to talk about what she had seen yesterday. Something with rainbow scales yet human skin. As I heard her say rainbow scales my ears peaked up. Maybe it was me she saw. I thought to myself. If that’s true then I could be in danger cause if someone found out that I’m a mermaid then I could be taken to a research institute and be experimented on. I can’t let that happen. Dr. Raft began to ask if we had seen anything like it before. I took the chance and lifted up my hand.

“I think I have seen something like it at the mainland coast last summer.” I said in front of the class and small whispers began behind me. Dr. Raft looked down on her writing block that she had in her hand and wrote something down. She said thanks for the information and left the classroom to go to the next one.

The school day is over and on my way to the sea I saw Dr. Raft on her way to the port. She would probably take herself to the mainland coast to see if the sea monster I had “seen” was there. I jumped into the sea an swum beside the islands coast to the part that was filled cliffs. After a while I saw a cave an swum into it thinking there was some kind of treasure in there. In there wasn’t treasure but a beautiful cave with blue glowing stones and an water pool to the sea that I had come out from.

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