TOW Chapter 5: A New Friend & Love Trouble Part 1

As I entered the classroom I saw my female classmates gathered around Cindy’s desk. They quietly talked and laughed about something. I sat down at my seat turning my head to the blackboard in the front of the classroom. I saw a name written on it. The name was Milly Davis and over it transferee was written in white letters. In other words I would get a new classmate in my class. Judging by the name she was probably someone like Cindy. Stuck up, beautiful and friendly but only with the people she likes. But I was wrong, cause the person who entered behind Mr Plus wasn’t beautiful at all, rather she had more like a nerdy look to her. She had brown hair tied up in braids, black glasses, brown eyes and a handful freckles all over her face. When Mr Plus asked her to tell her name she stammered it out to the class. She was either nervous or she was really shy, maybe even both, I couldn’t tell. After the introduction she sat down at the empty seat beside me while Mr Plus had his roll call.

“Hello” I said.

“Hel hello” she stammered before she looked away. The roll call had ended, I took my math book out of my bag and started doing math. Sometimes I looked up beside me at Milly and saw how fast she was writing. It took her two seconds to write a ten centimeters sentence and she did that for hand. Then ended Mr Plus the lesson and left the room before our English teacher came in.

“I hope you have chosen your topic for your presentations otherwise you will have do it on today’s lesson. Also I hope that everyone have started with your presentations before the end of this lesson otherwise you will be in big trouble.” Mrs Lane said loudly and clear. I took up my presentation paper and scribbled down some more info about swimming. As I got a glance at Milly again I saw how she stared at her computer scrolling down a big load of pictures.

“What are you looking at?” I asked her friendly, trying to get eye contact. Somehow I was really interested in her.

“Nothing, just looking for a topic” she said shyly, before she looked away again. As time passed I tried many times to talk to her. Sometimes I got interrupted by Mrs Lane but I somehow managed to talk to Milly about things like old friends, interest and other small things. At the end of the lesson we were really good friends. Milly told me that she had a friend in her last school and that her dad transfered to this island. Cindy glared at me as she saw how we walked out of the classroom together.

After I had lunch together Milly and not short after I entered the science classroom with her. We were there first if you didn’t count the teacher who was already there since at least a minute before. The science teacher wrote atoms on the blackboard as the others entered the classroom. After everyone had taken a seat and taken up the materials.

“Hello everyone! Does everyone here know what an atom is?” She asked us.

“Yes!” Everyone said with an bored tone in their voices.

“Okey then, does everyone know their functions!” She then asked. Everyone’s faces was like a question mark. Or at least everyone but Milly.

“Every atom has different functions, like H and He for example. Both of them are really light gases but H explodes easy while He does not.” Milly answered.

“Good Milly, good.” The science teacher said.” True every atom has it’s own functions and even colours.” She said with a broad smile that lit up on her face. Up until know we had only made experiments and not had any theoretical lessons. But we had heard that we were experimenting with molecules and atoms. The lesson continued and we kept talking about atoms and other science related things.

As I flew up the stairs to my room I had a feeling that something was wrong so instead of entering my room I ran to the toilet. Guess what, I had that time of the month. After getting a change I laid down on my bed and listened to a song I had found. The song was called open the eyes of my heart and was an Christian song, the band was called the faith crew. My room truly smelled like home, clean, tidy and a weak smell of seawater. I felt so exhausted that before long I fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up to a grumbling stomach because I hadn’t eaten anything the evening before. I dressed myself and ran carefully down the stairs to the kitchen. My mom had already prepared breakfast for me and she stood there with a kind smile washing the dishes from yesterday evening.

“Why didn’t you wake me up yesterday evening?” I asked with an small angry tone in my voice.

“Because you were sleeping so soundly” My mom answered. “I didn’t dare to wake you up” I gave a weak smile and placed myself on my seat by the table. Today’s breakfast was pancakes with syrup and cream. Probably done to make it up for me.

As I entered homeroom everyone got quiet. All the boys stared at me and the girls did too but in a more angry way than the boys. The only ones that didn’t stare at me was Ken and Milly. Instead they stared at my classmates with a question mark in their eyes. I sat down at my desk beside Milly and not even a second later Milly asked quietly:

“What the hell is going on, why do all the boys and girls stare at you?”

“I don’t know either, maybe it is cause my period started yesterday or something.” I said even more quietly. I didn’t want anyone else to hear that.

“Why would that be the reason for this?” She asked while she looked out over the class who was still staring at me.

“True that can’t be the reason why everyone is staring at me” I said trying to avoid telling her about my secret. I didn’t want her to know that I’m a mermaid. Not that I didn’t trust her but there was still a chance of her not accepting the truth. All the boys walked to my desk and they said in a choir:

”I love you” and started to fight. Then all the girls came and said:

“Your so ugly” they looked at each other and then started a cat fight. Mr Plus entered the class room and noticed that something was wrong. Some girls had even gotten involved with the guys fight and sounds of fists hitting flesh was all over the classroom.

”STOP IT!!!!” Mr Plus yelled over the classroom. I had never seen him that angry before.

“Return to your seats and listen up!” He said. ”I will never tolerate this again you hear me” Everyone looked shocked.

Why the hell would guys fight for me, since then did this start and why do they suddenly say that they love me? I thought while going to the sports hall. Really, I didn’t get it. I wasn’t early this time so there was few more girls inside the dressing room. All those girls gathered around me and this time they didn’t seem angry or jealous, rather they seemed curious.

”What did you do to suddenly become so beautiful? How did you do it?” They all kept asking me questions like this the whole time I was in the dressing room. I answered them with don’t know and didn’t do anything. Even if I myself knew, I still wouldn’t tell them.

When I entered the grass field the guys who where already there swarmed around me. Well I might even enjoy the fame while I have it. I thought as the boys kept shouting in my ears that they love me. I just said no to all the question and requests and walked to Milly’s side.

By the end of the school day there was as many rumors about me as there was school mysteries and our school has 32 mysteries.


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