RR Chapter 9: Pharmacy

Sorry for the delay, I ended up being stuck reading this instead of translating but here it is!

Finished buying what she needed, Shiori got to start working​ in the afternoon.
Nonetheless, Shiori was an amateur. Roche first started by explaining all the medicines lined up in shelves of the store. With the language knowledge Shiori had it would be very hard to get Shiori to learn professional knowledge, he was surprisingly patient, his way of teaching was also good.
Shiori thought. Regarding Roche, he could probably have more surprising things.

(Although his looks tends to give a bad image, he is surprisingly smart and unexpectedly good at cooking, he had surprisingly books and he may be surprisingly gentle…)

She couldn’t be completely sure about the last part yet.
But he is certainly smart. Shiori put a stop to Roche who were explaining the characteristics of the medicine in order.

“Memo, please…. Remembering, impossible.”

She appealed with a miserable voice.

“Well, indeed. It would be bad if you remembered it wrongly.”

Roche responded to her and gave her a bundle of paper packed with strings. She liked taking notes in Japanese, using a feather pen dipped in ink on the notebook look alike. What medicine is effective? What herbs are used? How much will it work if used all at once? Are there any side effects?

Medicines that are always on the store shelves seem to be well-selling ones. It seemed like it should be greatly stocked with cold medicine in the winter.
When Roche finished explaining about the medicines, he taught her about this world’s currency. Because it was absolutely necessary knowledge when selling medicine. (TLN: When selling anything at all)

“Did you manage to understand somehow? Next, I will teach you how to take care of the medical herbs in the backyard.”
“Uh… Yes”

Roche meanly smiled, and watched Shiori which had smoke coming up from her head. For some reason he seemed to have fun.

Like this, almost everything got finished on the first day, both the explanation about the medicines and the explanation of the work content. Anyway, it seems like everything was said.

From the second day, it was finally decided to actually begin making medicine. However, it was not a very difficult task, as she only had to prepare it as Roche showed her on her side.
The basics were to grind dried medical herbs into fine grains and pack them in bottles in combination with other medical herbs. How many types and what types of medical herbs – leaves, stems, roots etc – are mixed and in what amount? The most difficult part of the “recipes” had already been completed by Roche, so Shiori just had to follow those recipes. Some medicinal herbs lose their effect when dried. In those cases, the herbs would be ground while fresh then boiled, and the essence extracted from the broth would be used to make medicine.

“Basically, the ingredients are condensed if you dry the medical herbs in the sun, but it is also hard to save them from decaying.”

Shiori turns around the house fumbling while nodding. It was similar to cooking, making medicine was more fun than she thought.

“To make medicines like this, take care of the medical herbs, and when customers come to the store the customers should be served. That is your job. Do you understand?”

To Roche’s words, Shiori replied “I understand”. Even learning to remember is likely to do the job. She did not have much physical strength to do any heavy work.

The only thing she was wondering about was that the number of customers were low. Yesterday at the hotel Roshe clearly said that “I am getting short on hand myself” etc….
Although the price of each medicine was high, Shiori wondered whether he could keep doing what he do. Regarding this, Roche didn’t seem to feel a sense of crisis at all and it was worrisome that he takes on such a good attitude.
However, he wasn’t actually that careless. After Shiori, by chance, started working there, it seemed that more customers, though still few, did visit.


Two weeks passed by quickly, and Shiori was getting used to this world and her work a lot. Her language knowledge was still bad, but it should have become much better than in the beginning.
She could not give up her notes in the notebook, but somehow she remembered the names of every type of medicinal herbs. Because she sees the real things everyday, it might be easier to memorize than just sitting in front of a desk and study.


The doorbell of the shop rang, a woman of age came in. She gave of an impression of a young wife.
Shiori stops cleaning the shelves and heads to the shop counter.

“Welcome, what are you looking for?”

As she had said this phrase every day, the accent had begun to disappear and smooth speach was left.
The customer lady smiled gently when she looked at Shiori and looked around once and said.

“Well, are you a new clerk? The usual man… well, was his name Roche, where is he?”
“Shopkeeper, he is out now, I’m a beginner, but please let me listen, medicine needed.”
“Well.. if it is like that… in fact, I’m heavy,  ‘the thing of the month’ is heavy. I always use the medicine here to ease the pain, but since the thing I bought last time is about to run out sooner or later, I thought, but… I wonder if you understand.”

The woman looked an Shiori uneasily. For her, Shiori looked more unreliable than Roche.
However, Shiori nodded and gave a big “all right”.

“I understand … I heard from the shopkeeper, are you the customer, name, Marie-san?”(TLN: マリ mari, Mary or Marie, choose Marie)
“Yes, that’s right.”
“If this is the case, this is the same as the previous medicine, it works for fever, headache, abdominal pain, once a package, up to three capsules per day”

Shiori took out a brown paper bag from the inside of the counter. There is a medicine for subdivided menstrual pain inside. Roche said that Marie would come soon so it should have be prepared. She seems to have gone here from a few years ago, so he knows when the medicine is gone.

“Well, thank you. I’m grateful.”

Marie gave of a relieved smile, received the medicine and payed.

“I have a really bad pain, and I had to stay in bed all day if I could not get any medicine.”
“That is very serious. Very”

Shiori nodded seriously. She was a lighter one, but some of her friends think that there were some children going to the hospital for injections.
Marie said.

“But the medicine here really works well, there are almost no side effects and it is helping me monthly.”

‘The medicine here works well.’ It is a sentence often told to Shiori by the customers and it is also a sentence that reminds her of Roches greatness whenever she hears it. The medicines he makes were very good.
Shiori translated and learned from that, but the recipes are supposed not to leave out of the doors and be told to anyone else of course.

“But, I’m glad that there is a girl.” (TLN: Not a direct translation but this sounds and match better and still retains the meaning, if you want to know the direct translation ask in the comments)

Marie said all of a sudden. When Shiori tilted her neck, she continued by explaining.

“There are symptoms that one can hardly tell the opposite sex like in my case, and Roche is cool so it’s embarrassing to talk about the things of the month”
“I understand”

Shiori’s reply wasn’t to ‘Roche is cool’ but the part ‘There are symptoms that one can hardly tell the opposite sex’

“If you do not mind, please come to us again.”
“Yes, thanks. I will be saved.”
“I hope you get well”

When Marie returned home, Shiori resumed the cleaning and decided to take a break when that was over. It was already lunch, so it was time to eat.
While making vegetable stir-fry on the oven, she was uh-huh and humming. Not only from Marie, it makes her happy to hear “Thank you” from customers. You can realize that what you did was useful to people.

(Somehow, I recently feel good. Every day is fun and fulfilling.)

Shiori felt that way. Both life in this world and the work with medicine got more familiar to her more than she thought they would.
And Roche was a much better boss than she expected. When she asked about something she didn’t know, he would teach her thoroughly and when Shiori made the occasional mistake, he would have a “whip”, but as she worked to correct her mistake, he would buy her a reward with the “candy” of cookies and muffins.

(Helpnote: “whip and candy” is a JP idiom pretty much equivalent to the English one “carrot and stick”. Consider using carrot and stick.)

She was just a bit dissatisfied, he just taught her the work for the first three days, and almost always been out after that?
Leaving the store to Shiori the rookie, Roche was going out in the morning saying “It is to stock medicinal herbs”. She guessed he were actually buying them, but she thought that it took too much time for that.
He may be selling oil somewhere, but to Shiori can not complain because the daily wages are properly paid. As usual there are few customers, but it is strange that she get a proper salary.
At first she was worried about the communal life with Roche, but he was now becoming like a guardian, and their relationship was good.

It felt rewarding to work, the relationship with the roommate and boss was also not bad, it was a challenge to remember new things every day. Even without a television or a mobile phone, Shiori was very satisfied with her present life.

(After all I found a job that suits me, there are so many things to remember and there are serious things to think of, but I feel that my heart is filled)

While stirring vegetable stir-fry dish, she smiled and thought of such a thing.
However, Shiori suddenly stopped moving.

To begin with, she-

“What normally… makes us familiar with this world!”

She finally noticed it her second week and raised her voice.

“And I also forgot about Krust!”

Please visit ElephantNo5 site, unlike me he/she is a true translator(knows Japanese, I just use Google…) and he/she helped me with some parts of this chapter, like the part with whip and candy.

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  1. Thanks for the new chapter! Lol! Shiori so focused on finding work that she forgot. XD

    ‘Poetry took out a brown paper bag from the inside of the counter.’
    Shiori? There are 2 more times that the word poetry pops up instead.

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  2. Thanks for the Chapter!
    the paraphrased bad-english gist (you’re an editor, right?):
    the herbs are freshly grounded, then boiled. the essence is filtered out of the broth(?) then medicine is made of the extract.

    English attempt:
    Some medicinal herbs lose their effect when dried. In those cases, the herbs would be ground while fresh then boiled, and the essence extracted from the broth(?) would/could be used to make medicine.

    I’ll try to tackle the other lines now. (TLCing is so much easier than actually TLing my own stuff…)

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    1. Thank you elephantNo5, honestly to me this chapter was quite plain so I didn’t put in all my efforts. And some parts where hard to understand like that one. Since you help me like this I’ll fix the stuffs you helped me with if I have the chance tomorrow and add some credits at the end of the chapter. ☺


  3. しかし彼はそれほど呑気な性格でもないだろうから、たまたま詩織が働き出したここ二日は客が少なかっただけで、いつもはもっと多いのかもしれない。
    However, he wasn’t actually that carefree/careless.(he wasn’t recklessly optimistic) After Shiori(by chance) started working there, it seemed that more guests, though still few, did visit.

    呑気 のんき (adj-na,n,uk,ateji) carefree; optimistic; careless; reckless; heedless; happy-go-lucky; easygoing; thoughtless; (P)

    I think that’s what the first part should look like, but not 100% sure either. The second part, I am sure about.

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  4. 分からない事は質問すれば丁寧に教えてくれるし、たまにヘマして”鞭”をとばされる事もあるけれど、それを挽回しようと詩織が頑張れば、”飴”という名のクッキーやマフィンを買ってきてくれる。
    When she asked about something she didn’t know, he would teach her conscientiously/diligently/thoroughly. When Shiori made the occasional mistake, he would have a “whip”, but as she worked to correct her mistake, he would buy her a reward with the “candy” of cookies and muffins

    note: “whip and candy” is a JP idiom pretty much equivalent to the English one “carrot and stick”. Consider using carrot and stick.

    Also, as my “candy” for TLCing, gimme promotion with a link to my site! (http://elephantno5.wordpress.com/) more readers = more TL motivation!

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    1. Ah sorry for that I’ll fix a lot of stuff later after a good night sleep. To me the chapter was quite plain and didn’t keep my motivation high which explains many mistakes I’ve done to it. That and I rushed it because I got stuck reading instead of translating.


      1. ^^ ya agreed, chapter not too interesting. Guess I’ll still point out the bigger problems (if there’s any) next time even though it probably won’t be proofread yet when I’ll be reading it, unless you’d prefer otherwise. And good job for finishing the chapter while reading, I’ve recently sometimes even neglected sleep because I got too absorbed in it :c

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  6. Wow you read that novel too?! I read it until 104/114 then I stopped a bit to stack up some chapters (with great effort) but because I stacked up too much I got lost in the story’s progression T^T. Back to RR… Actually I also almost forgot about Krust until someone mentioned him in the comments. Guess I wasnt really expecting him to pop up anytime soon must be why I forgot hehe. At least Shiori’s doing fine without him. Its fun to imagine them coincidentally bumping into each other without a care in the world~~ oops day dreaming again. Anyways thanks for taking the time off your busy schedule to translate this ^-^

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    1. Busy schedule… Since I got no school and don’t start working until next week I’m mostly just reading at the moment. I should work for my driver’s license or study more Japanese….


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