Situation Update

I want to read~

Sure chapter 10 is translated but I need to edit it. The thing is I don’t feel up to it at the moment, I’d rather read. At best I’ll publish both chapter 10 and eleven on the scheduled time now this Sunday at worst I’ll publish Chapter 10-13 in three weeks.

I’m starting work tomorrow that’s​ one of the reason and I won’t get that much free time until 3rd July when I’m free from 3-6 July, gonna work 12h night from 7-9 July and then two days break before two days 8h evening and three days break.

Sorry for my laziness… and my urge to read and not translate or edit… I’m currently reading this

I hope I have not upset anyone of you. Oh when I am finished with Ring Ring chapter 10 and begin with chapter 11 it will be available in advance for my patrons.

There is also the wattys (a yearly competition on wattpad) that I have my eyes on so I have been writing a bit and published some chapters there of a story I’m going to sell as an ebook. Wish me good luck with winning! (After I finish publish the last 5th chapter I need to participate!) I’m not going to publish that original novel here though unless you beg me. A week after it has been on sale I will unpublish it on wattpad! Well I got to finish writing the whole thing first though… Sigh.

6 thoughts on “Situation Update”

  1. If someone else is willing then they can take over and edit chapter 10, that person will receive his/her deserved credit and chapter 10 would be ready faster. The one who helps me don’t need to be a pro in English, they only need the basics. When one can’t make sense of a sentence take help of Google-sensei or leave a Editor note. I will either check it out myself or let other readers help (like elephantno5 who helped me with some parts on chapter 9). Obviously the one who help me will be able to read in advance without becoming my patron.


    1. I could help you out with editing it, if you haven’t already finished it. I’m no expert in the language, but like you said I have the basics nailed down.

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      1. Sure! Do you want a place on the website too? You can help me release chapters at certain moments and maybe if you ever decide to make your own original you can put it up here too. Oh and do you have discord? If you do join my server and I will send you chapter links there, we will also be able to discuss and give suggestions to each other there.


        1. Sorry for the 17 hours late reply, I was working that time yesterday and I didn’t really check my website before I went asleep till until now.


        2. No problem. And sure, I’ll take you up on your offer. Also, I do have a discord, but I cant use it for about… a week as my PC has finally decided to end itself. So, when can I start helping? Also, sorry for 3 and a half hours late reply.

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          1. It’s ok you can use discord on your phone so if you can download the app and say something in my server’s general chat and I’ll fix the rest of the stuff.


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