RR Chapter 12: Secret Medicine

Chapter 12 finally out, it was supposed to be out with chapter 10 and 11 but it wasn’t finished and when my editor finished his work I postponed making my finishing fixing and stuff because of jetlag. I got work (my job not tling) and ended it about 3 hours ago and now I will go to sleep, 1:45am here in Sweden. By the way I got another awesome inspiration for a story that I want to write.

Another impulse….

Now I will probably put Imagining Online on hold since I got almost 0 inspiration for that at the moment. I need you guys to help me a bit so I will post a link to a voting when I post chapter 13 of Ring Ring, please help me by voting on what you think/like.

Of course by the way I’m still going to try translating at least 1 chapter Ring Ring a week as a priority unless something else other than that story or Ring Ring has to take up my time. Oh and I’m going to Stockholm and my editor is going out of the country so we will see if chapter 13 will be delayed or not.

Added in an edit: by the way I got thinking in Japanese and thinking and saying Ara ararara and such all day and I couldn’t stop! I have no idea why I even started. Well I found out that I know a lot of japanese words at least (don’t know how to write and read then thou that is what I am trying to learn.).

Translator: Sakuraid (Google)

Editor: Intel, Sakuraid


“Thank you, this was very helpful.”

The day after Syllabus had come to the store, Shiori went to the castle with a perfectly dried cloak. She handed over the carefully folded cloak to the gatekeeper who stood by the gate as usual. In fact she had thought she should bring something as a token of gratitude, but Shiori unfortunately did not have any money. She had used her salary for the necessary items for her life in this new world. If life became a little bit stable for her, she decided she would come thank him again. This was what Shiori decided.

“No, no… … You really don’t have to thank me.”

The gatekeeper seemed upset by Shiori’s appearance, even so, he stood up and received the cloak.

“Are you okay, is there something wrong?”

Shiori tilted her head and looked into his face, it felt funny. However, the gatekeeper turned to the side as if avoiding her. While lying back against the wall, he said what it was.

“Oh, no! It’s okay! There’s nothing wrong.”

“…..Is that so?”

No, there was clearly something wrong, but while thinking Shiori drew closer to him. It may be because she suddenly drew closer to him, however he stepped backwards and expressed shock even though he shouldn’t.

It may be that she was hated because she had constantly been coming there looking for Krust, Shiori guessed.

“Well, goodbye. Sorry. That, truly, thank you.”

Thanking him once more, and leaving the palace no longer needing to linger around. Since she had asked Syllabus about Krust, she did not have to persist on persuading the guard. She did not want to disturb his work, while thinking such a thing Shiori left.

“Oh, wait …”

The voice of the gatekeeper became quiet and was nearly drowned out by the laughter of the other gatekeeper saying “Pfft… …” But none of this reached Shiori who had quickly left the castle.



When Shiori returned to the shop, the sign that was supposed to say closed said open, inside Roche sat at the counter smoking a cigarette. As he went out in the morning Shiori had thought he would not come home until evening as usual.

“What? Roche, why?”

“Is it bad for a shop owner to be at his own?”

While checking the sales of the shop, he said that with an idiosyncratic tone.

“Because, unusual.”

“Because you told me you were going outside, I came back to my house. So, where did you go?”

Roche’s tone was rough, but there were no nuances of blaming Shiori, there was no feeling of blame. It seemed more like Roche was worried about Shiori going out alone. Shiori wanted to be honest with him, but decided against it.

“Only … … towards the main street,”

She lied, because it was obvious he would ask “what for?” If she said “I went to the castle”.


Roche was turning pages in his book and didn’t seem to doubt Shiori. Shiori was confused, should she tell Roche she was from a different world, that she was familiar with the her Krust? They had been living together and she thought Roche was a reliable person, regardless of his appearance. But it does take awhile to decide if she should or shouldn’t divulge her secret to him.

If she remembered correctly, Krust had told her that going to other worlds was not common even in this magical country. Although it seemed like everyone believed there were other worlds, so Roche surely would. If she told him “I came from a different world and I am acquainted with Krust…” Would he just be amazed or would he say something like, “A different world and knowing the hero? What are you saying” … He probably would.

Roche had also not tried to dig further into where she was from, and he didn’t seem particularly interested. So it may be better to confess when she or Krust felt they were in need of another world trip or Krust was absent. This is what Shiori decided.

“Oh yeah, Odom’s fruit and Carleson, Rickory, we are going to buy those. Yesterday I received an order from a doctor. I spread it on a Zaru and it is being dried in the backyard.”(TLN: Maybe some help?this is a really weird one:「そういえばオドムの実とカレソン、リッコリー、仕入れといたぞ。昨日、医者から注文受けたってやつ。ザルに広げて、裏庭に干してあるからな」)

Roche closed his book and extinguished his cigarette.

“I understand”

Roche seemed to be in a good mood since he had gotten a large order the day before. He also praised Shiori and said “I’ll buy a cake.” While hoping that Roche would not forget this promise Shiori started working. After taking off her coat and putting an apron on she put herbs in a pot and cooked it. It was different from the order she received from Syllabus, this was a different medicine. Roche had told her it was a medicine she had made before, all she had to do was boil the water and add a few kinds of herbs and honey. Then she had to filter it and remove the herbs and other germs.Then she had to add color powder to the pale yellow-green transparent liquid and it would become…

“Whenever I see it, it is all colors.”

Shiori muttered in Japanese. When she put the cooled medicine into a beautiful glass bottle, a thick ink liquid swayed amidly.

She had been told “You can make it like this” by Roche, but she didn’t know what medicine it was, but she knew the medicine was different from other medicine.

First of all, the medicine would later be collected by Roche and not lined up at the store. Coloring, adding honey, putting it in a bottle of fresh glass that was different from others. She thought that honey was used as a preservative instead of a sterilizing effect, but it seems it was simply used to sweeten the medicine.

(I’m afraid of what this medicine might be… It’s scary to make medicines that I don’t understand the true purpose of, but I don’t think it’s a potion, because of the herbs used.)

While thinking such a thing, Shiori watched Roche sit at the counter reading a difficult book. As usual, it is bad that this can’t be seen as much of a healthy pharmacy.

“Roche, question.”

Pouring the pink liquid into a small bottle with a dropper, Roche responded with a simple “Huh?”, even if he spoke with a disinterested tone, Shiori did not falter as she knew this was his usual tone.

“What is this, what is the medicine effective for?”

Roche closed the glass lid and shook the small bottle in his hand.

“Do you really want to hear it?”

“I want to hear”

“You can’t turn back once you hear it.”


Roche smiled nastily which made Shiori get a cold sweat, wondering if she really should have asked.

“Don’t let it get to you that much, it’s just an aphrodisiac.”


“It’s a drug that amplifies libido and sharpens the body’s senses.”


“It’s a medicine used for the night’s act, women often drink it.”

Shiori silently stared at the liquid in the small bottle, she wouldn’t expect that from that color.

“Use honey, on purpose?”

Shiori raised her face and asked Roche. Whenever you took this medicine it would have a sweet scent which would make your head smoother. Since honey is a bit expensive you can’t use it extensively, but it makes the fragrance of the flower spread and melt thoughts. Roche’s lips curved upwards as if he was satisfied with Shiori’s conclusion.

“That’s right, it’s supposed to have a sweet taste and smell, even the color is intentional.  It’s supposed to make you think “This medicine must have a great effect judging from it’s appearance and taste.””

Shiori was convinced this was a placebo effect. It is said that if you believe Ramune is cold medicine, it will help you recover.

Actually, in addition to this, there was another medicine that she had made without knowing its purpose, this medicine was colored bright red, she had mixed things like purple cold peppers into it and it smelled spicy. She wanted to know the details of this medicine as well.

“Well, one more … … red medicine, effect, what?”

“That is an energetic agent, a drug that makes a man feel better”


That was all Shiori could say, she felt dizzy having made medicine like that without knowing it.

“Well… ….I’d like to ask you about it. Is this a crime? Aren’t we going to be caught?”

“It’s okay, you’ll only be punished if the medicine you drink is too strong. That’s why we’re suppressing the effect on purpose. If you don’t risk it being a crime you can make money.”

Well, Shiori thought, in this regard Roche was reliable. He was intelligent and could think of ways to make money, because of that there was no need to cross the dangerous bridge of selling bad drugs.

While thinking about such a thing, Shiori noticed, Roche often goes out to sell this medicine.

She asked about it, and Roche gently nodded without removing his eyes from the book.

“As we take care of familiar customers we are also always looking for more customers. The owner of the brothel who I was eating together with at the hotel the first time I met you, he’s also a customer.”

A memory she had repressed and been revived, Shiori’s face stiffened.

But, she did also admire Roche, he was doing something like that outside of the store.So even if there were a few customers coming to the store, they would not need to wait.

“If you earn money, sexual relationships are quick. In addition, unlike ordinary customers who come to the store, the customers that demand “special medicine” are often wealthy people.”

When she saw Roche with a  bad smile, Shiori got worried “Can I really work with this person?” No, it didn’t seem he had done anything really bad, and perhaps, maybe because he loved money he did not feel guilty about exploiting it from the rich… …, Shiori tried convincing herself, however it didn’t feel right.

 But if Roche really was thinking only about money, he should focus on “special medicines” and do business, in fact he shouldn’t even have the shop open. The medicine in the store didn’t earn him much, and earlier she had seen Roche sparing medicine for kids who were short on money. So it was okay, Roche really was a nice person…..

“Hey Shiori. Handle that medicine with care, because it’s important so I can wind up some gold from a stupid rich man.”

Probably, a good person?

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  1. While hoping that Roche would not forget this promise Poetry started working.
    Roche smiled nastily which made Poetry get a cold sweat, wondering if she really should have asked.

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  2. Exploiting the rich and giving the poor, good to know Roche is the good but sly character. Lolol, what should I do, because crust has so little appearances and Roche is so interesting I’m starting to lies Roche moooore.

    And then there’s the hilarious yet adorable gate keeper

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  3. Thank you for this chapter! I hope Roche is willing to help Shiori if he finds out about her being from another world. Can’t wait for the next part 🙂 especially since she’s getting closer to seeing Krust again.

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