Current voting result new story

So false accusation of betrayal huh, I got something good for that *laughs evily*. Since the 3rd party opinion wasn’t chosen the 3rd party gender is invalid.
Noble wins! I thought maybe a princess but meh this is ok. Ah gender, I’m going against this one, in the beginning it pointed at Boy/Girl/(Boy) so I have already made up a plan for that. Besides I think it would suit the story more than Girl/Boy, I could make a side or short story with that setting though. Sorry Girl/Boy and all who voted on it.
Yep sleeping and stop at will will make my story function better, you guys made a great choice. Mix of names huh, already noted. Now let me rewrite the prologue a bit. The prologue will be out on Monday at the latest I hope.

Link to name (and rank) voting here.

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