RR Chapter 14: Krust is Coming

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Translator: Sakuraid (& Google-sensei)

Editor: Intel & Sakuraid



On that day, as usual, Krust Orfeld came to the king’s side, and did his work as a guard.

The soon to be fifty-three year old king had a very energetic spirit and was quite active. He enjoyed going out hunting and waving his sword at opponents.

His physique was solid and his personality pleasant, at first glance he gave of a rough impression, but in reality he was a very kind and diligent character, Krust respected him.

Krust thought that it was a happy thing that he was able to serve such a lord as a knight, but somewhere inside he didn’t feel satisfied with the way his everyday was. Three years ago, ever since he came back from that world, this feeling had been going on constantly.

The king walked through the castle’s corridors towards the lunchroom. Behind him Krust and the other guards followed. The maidens who passed them by looked at them would often throw short glances at them.

A row of maids passed by halfway down the corridor and rounded the edge by the end.

“Krust-sama, he is as handsome as always.”


After Krust passed them, he could hear whispers. He was not arrogant, but since he heard such things everyday, Krust continued walking without changing his expression.

“So nice~, to be popular.”

His colleague next to him said with a envious tone. This, in the same way, was also normal.

He would often get angry and say such things as “luxury!” to his colleagues, Krust had the favor of many women, but what was there to be pleased about when one could not turn around and have a favorite woman.

In Krusts case, even if he turned around, that person was a resident of a different world. So it was even worse.


As he heard footsteps coming from behind him, he turned around and saw a young knight running towards him. The young knight had cried out in a loud voice, but Krust turned around again saying “What happened?” While still walking behind the king.

“Syllabus is calling for you.”

“Sensei is?”

Krust was taken aback by the call from such an unexpected person. He had known Syllabus, who was a exclusive doctor for the order for a long time. This was because Krust had once been badly injured when he was young and Syllabus had been the one to take care of him. Since they were both of nobility there was also a connection between their houses.

Also, after he had returned from Japan with Garrell’s transmission magic, he had recovered under Syllabus monitoring for several days. This was because they had wanted to see if there were any side-effects of the transmission magic.

Since the fact that Krust was transferred was kept a secret from the public, Syllabus was among the few people that knew of it, besides the king, Garrell, and a few others.

But this time he did not know why Syllabus had called him.

“Ah, that said …”

The king who was walking in front spoke to the confused Krust.

“I have been asked to lend you to Syllabus, go on break for the day.”

“…As you wish.”

Krust nodded without knowing the whole picture. As both Syllabus and the king had told him to go, it could not be avoided. Leaving his colleagues behind Krust quickly walked through the hallway.

After he knocked on and opened the doors to the medical office, he saw Syllabus was waiting for him inside.

“Yaa~, Orfeld-kun. How are you?”

“Yes, I’m fine, but … did you need me?”

When Krust asked Syllabus gently smiled and answered in his usual tone.

“Would you like to have lunch together for the first time in a while? Well go eat in town. Of course, I will pay.”

“…Then, spare your words.”

Although it seemed unusual, Krust accepted the invitation obediently, as he saw no reason to refuse. The two left the medical carriage and boarded a carriage prepared by Syllabus, heading towards the capital.

“But, why so suddenly?”

Upon arriving at the city’s main street, Krust was the first to get off the horse carriage. He then waited while supporting Syllabus hands as he came down after Krust.

“It’s good to go out occasionally, since you came to be called a hero, we have had less opportunities to speak.”

After Syllabus stretched his spine using his cane, he led Krust. “Come, let’s go to a familiar store of mine.”

Krust wore a dagger for self-defense, but he always had his sword strapped by his side anyway. He had taken of his elegant clothes and now he felt great. He wanted to attract as little attention as possible because he was not in the city to work.

However,  silver-haired and well-equipped as he was, even though he wasn’t in Japan he still stood out. When he walked down the street, the citizens were astir.

“Look, there! He is…….”


“The hero”

“Really awesome!”

Although dazed women looked at him from afar, fascinated many boys walked up to him to shake hands. When he finished shaking hands while walking, his arm was pulled by a restaurant owner who said, “Since the times are good, come eat at us by all means.” But, carefully refusing it, Krust followed Syllabus.

“As usual you are popular”

Syllabus said, and Krust smiled a bit.

“Although it should be pleasing, there are times when it feels troubling.”

“Even if you are a hero, you are still a human being, it’s natural for you to react as such. I guess it can’t be helped that we are conspicuous when walking on  the main street like this, shall we go backwards?”

The two entered an alley, hiding from the clamor of the people on the street.

They then ate a delicious meal at the store Syllabus was familiar with.

“There is at place I want to go to, would you come with me?”

So it was settled, Krust easily accepted “Of course”. They moved to the east area and proceeded into an alley with a slightly suspicious atmosphere. Why would they be in such a place? Such were Krusts thoughts.

“Do you know any young female pharmacists, Orfeld?”

Syllabus abruptly asked.

“A pharmacist, is it?”

“Well, a lady still in her late teens… … I heard her name was… It was…  I should have asked for her name. She seemed like a foreigner judging by her wording and appearance, but her face was something I don’t see much in neighboring countries, so I think she came from somewhere far away.”

“A younger woman who works as a pharmacist? No, I have no such acquaintance… But who was that person?”

“In fact, she is a woman in the drugstore facing us. I have been asked by her, she wants to see you.”

Syllabus turned around looking a little sorry.

“There are a lot of women who try to approach you by saying saying such things, and you may be tired, but this woman did not look like she was telling a lie. If she really is your acquaintance, would you please meet at once?”

Indeed, while convinced this was the real purpose of Syllabus visit here, Krust smiled and nodded.

“Okay, I might have forgotten. There is a possibility we are acquainted. I will meet her, the shop where she is was close to us, wasn’t it?”

“Yes. But first I should apologize, since you might not have come if I told you this, I had to lie a little. Although…”

Then Syllabus laughed and continued.

“I will tell you, I did not treat you to lunch so it would be harder for you to refuse my request of seeing her. As you usually seem very busy, so I just wanted to see that you could get some time off.”

“Thank you. As you said, I do not have time to eat slowly with guard work, so I got a good breather.”

“That’s good… Oh, here it is.”

Syllabus feet suddenly stopped in front of a shop with a small sign that said pharmacy.

“Since I heard about the reputation of the medicine from this store, I ordered a wound medicine etc. when I visited before. I plan on receiving it today.”

Following Syllabus who opened the door to the shop while talking, Krust entered.


A bad-looking man was sitting at the counter and he greeted them with a gentle voice, although he observed them from behind the counter. In the same way, Krust focused his gaze on the man behind the counter. Although his first impression was “neighborhood thug” he had a well-ordered manly appearance and and a calm air. If you asked if the man seemed like a pharmacist the answer would be no. Again, there was a suspicious atmosphere.

Krust had thought there was only that woman in this store, but it seemed to be different. It seemed that Syllabus was also not acquainted with this man, for a moment. But soon after that he smiled and spoke to the man with a gentle voice.

“Hi, are you the owner of this shop? I am Syllabus, I came to pick up the medicine I ordered last week…”

“So, you’re Syllabus?”

The man seemed surprised for some reason, he opened his eyes wide and looked at Syllabus. He then muttered to himself saying,

“Was that not a lie?”

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  1. Urg.. everyone always thinks she’s lying (except Syllbus, bless his kindly soul). It ticks me off, even though it makes semse why they doubt her.. boo-booo
    Many thanks!

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  2. Lol. Krust really got himself a love rival it seems. Well, Shiori is a kind girl, it’s no wonder for people to like her. Thanks for the chapter desu~ I’m really happy to find out someone pick up this novel. I wanted to read the continuation but I can’t speak Japanese, so I can only wait for someone to translate it. That’s why, thank you very much!


    1. I began with releasing once a week but currently I release chapters as soon as they are ready and I have been busy with stuff a good few weeks so the release speed has decreased a lot. I hope you can be patient with me. Btw I can speak a little Japanese (learned from anime) but not read it (only know a little Hiragana).


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