RR Chapter 16: Giving up

Sorry for the long wait, both some problems and laziness on my part was the cause of it but here is chapter 16.  Oh and I’m currently watching totally spies which I saw some episodes of on tv in my childhood. Ah memories. Another oh and I also happened to be stupid and slightly burned one of my fingers today, ops.

My editor was a bit busy so in the latest 72 hours I finally made myself finish the editing (Most of it I might add but credit to Intel for the first few paragraths.).

Translator: Sakuraid (& Google-sensei)

Editor: Sakuraid & Intel)


When Krust and Syllabus were visiting the store, Shiori was at the stall of a fruit shop on the main street. With her breathing fierce she ordered 5 “Puput” from a young simple-looking man.

“Oh, if it isn’t Shiori! Thank you as always, for the “Puput”.”

The young man was the son of the owner of this fruit store, and Shiori was familiar with him after coming to the shop every once in awhile. Shiori paid and said “thank you” before going back towards the main street.

“Ah, wait a moment!”

The young man called out to Shiori and picked up one of the fruits lined up in the store. He showed it to her, it was a cherry-colored fruit shaped like a plum.

“Do you know of this? Is there any Atra in your hometown Shiori?”
“Oh, no there isn’t.”

She was a in a hurry so she shook her head and answered briefly. Then the young man’s face lit up.

“Well then, please eat it, it’s really sweet and delicious, like yourself. You don’t need to pay.”

He put three Atras into Shiori’s basket.

“Thank you. I’m happy, I will eat it…”

The young man used his hand to stop Shiori again, who had been speaking swiftly to raise a signal that she was leaving. While having a blushing face and watching the ground he said.

“Oh, uh, well if you don’t mind, it doesn’t have to be now… it can be anytime… If you’re free… if Shiori as some free time… then, go together…”
“Because I’m in a hurry, can’t talk, at this time! Bye bye!”

Looking at the young man stuttering away Shiori thought “He doesn’t seem to ever get to the point, he will probably go on for a long time.” and while feeling a bit bad left in the middle of it.

“Ah, yeah, bye bye…”

While looking at Shiori disappearing in full speed the young man was left standing there lonely waving his hand.

“I’m back!”

Shiro who had finished her shopping ran for the store in a dash like a baseball player who aims for a point in a baseball game. The small bell hanging by the door rings, and Roche, who sat at the counter, sees her face as “lascivious”.
While catching her breath Shiori put the basket with Puput and Atra on the counter. It didn’t even take her 20 minutes to do go and come back. While thinking that there is no way for Krust to have arrived yet she asked Roche t make sure.

“Syllabus, arrived yet?”

Of course not yet? Is what she thought the answer would be.

“No, they have already left.”

Roche’s answer was cruel.

“So, you are back already.”
“Seriously!? I told you to hold them back!”

Shiori cried out in Japanese and tried to jump out of the Store to follow Keut who had gone home.
However, Roche stopped her by shouting “wait” in an overwhelmingly strong tone.


Shiori turned around with a slight irritation. She was uncertain about where Krust was now. Still in town? Or had he already returned to the castle?
Roche slowly stood up from his chair and said,

“You, do not get involved with them anymore.”
“It is inevitable that if the officials of the Order are going in and out of the store, the back customers won’t like it”
“…OK, so as to not bother the store, I will not bring them here.”

Roche grasped Shiori’s shoulder who once again tried to follow Krust and said.

“You don’t have to be personally connected with that knight, I don’t know whether it was love at first sight, but give up on that silver haired knight.”
“Love at first sight…?”
“Am I wrong? When they came over to buy medicines last week, you met that knight, you fell in love with him at first sight.”
“Wro, wrong!”

Although it seemed like the misunderstanding that she had fallen in love with Syllabus have been solved, Shiori felt like she had gotten a headache when she now had another strange misunderstanding.

“I did not fall in love at first sight! I…”
“Don’t feel bad, you will have more chances at first love. Not me though.”

Roche didn’t let go of her arms while he said that and Shiori desperately tried to get free to follow Krust.

“Anyway, it is useless with that knight, give it up.”

While she was dragged to the back of the store, Shiori thought that it might be better to tell him the truth.

That she came from another world, that Krust had tripped to her world.
Roche might change his mind if he knew that they knew each other, and learn that there are man reasons for her to try and pursue him.

“Roche, hear a little!”

Shiori turned towards her boss with a strong determination in her eyes.

Roche’s first response after listening to Shiori’s whole story was like this.

“Well, was that silver haired knight who came today, the rumored hero?”
“Only that?”

Even though she was prepared for him to say things like, do yo really come from another world or don’t say stupid things.
Shiori exhaled and relaxed her shoulders.
Roche’s reaction when she was talking was light, she wondered if he really believed her, but was it too much acknowledged?

“Did you believe… my story?”

When he heard the fearful voice, Roche looked at Shiori while blowing out cigarette smoke.

“Well, if you are an excellent magician in the castle, then it is not strange that you can use such arts right? But the knowledge of that type of magic is fresh.”

Apparently he really believed her. Perhaps it is easier for people of this magical world to believe in different world trips than it is for Japanese people.
Shiori timidly walked away from Roche towards the shop entrance.

“Well, I’ll chase after Krust”

She lightly said with one hand raised. Now that she had explained her circumstances he should let her go. At east that is what Shiori expected,

“No, it’s useless”

She was once again stopped by Roche. This time he caught her neck like a cat.
To Shiori Shouting “Why!” Roche said bitterly,

“Regardless of what circumstances you and the hero have, this circumstance has not been changed. The connection between you and a knight is not good for the shop. Besides, the knight is a hero… If that is known then this store will lose a lot of customers, stupid.”

Roche seems to have no heart. Rather than the reunion of Shiori and Krust who have been living in different worlds for three years, the sales of his shop is more important. Shiori thought that every human being has “emotions”, but she changed that recognition only for this man.
She muttered in Japanese “cold blooded” and in response she got a “right now, you said something bad right?” look.

“Even if you reunite with the hero, it is a disadvantage for me. You might be able to connect with the knight, but there is also a risk that you will return to your former world as you meet the hero’s magician acquaintance. It’s a minus.”

He pulled her face closer while still holding her neck. Shiori got surprised by the close range and tried to take a step back, but Roche did not allow that. She was frightened by his sharp eyes that looked like carnivorous beasts aiming at prey.

“Also I let you learn the recipes for my medicines, do not even consider that I will easily let go of the chick that I brought up to be able to use it.”

Threatened with a low voice, Shiori stopped trying to get free from his nape grip as her body stiffened.
She didn’t really intend to do it right now, but when she quits the shop, maybe she will have to “Cut her finger off”? And that’s seriously fearsome.

“Did you understand?”
“Do you understand, Shiori?”

Since any answer other than “Yes” were unlikely to be forgiven, so she couldn’t reply with anything else. Shiori was praised by Roche with him saying “Yoshi” and stroking her head like a dog.

There were two reasons why Shiori wanted to reunite with Krust.

One was simply a “want to see” a person who she used to be in love with.

However, Shiori couldn’t risk losing a good job, a bed to sleep in, food and clothing to chase after Krust, she was in this situation, she was not a “girl” either.
She didn’t know whenever Krust wanted to reunite with her too, or even accept Shiori who has no work or home.
Shiori is a proper adult, she knows how to reason and calculate. She wants to see him, but she can’t move easily just because. She also have to consider the life afterwards.

Another reason she wants to see him again is to learn how to get back to Japan.

However, the desire to return to Japan was originally small in Shiori.
Because she felt that it would be enough if she could contact her parents and tell them that she was safe and that life in this natural and peaceful world would match her much better than her hurried contemporary life in Japan.
It would be regrettable to lose this life with a fulfilling job. There was only unemployment over there.
If Krust were to strongly say “You must return to Japan”, Shiori wouldn’t mind following Krust to be introduced to the magician…

To have a job is a happy thing. If you have a job you can find out where you are in the world. She can feel relieved that she also have a role.
The reason she felt that way could be because of her endless job-hunting in Japan that only got responded with not-hiring notices.
If you think about employment alone, there was no place for Shiori in that world, bt there is a place in this world.

She wanted to see Krust. However, if she used whatever expense she can to reunite with Krust, she would always lose.

Same with Roche. There are many things he hasn’t taught her yet, he helped her when she was about to turn into a prostitute, and he gave Shiori who had come from another world a decent job. He also provided her with food and a place to sleep, and she was in a situation where she couldn’t say she didn’t need him to teach her the language and common sense of this world.
So, following Krust, she did not want to not return the favor to Roche.

Besides, she still had something she wanted to learn from him. It was not like Shiori had met other pharmacists, but she thought that is was very fortunate for her to be able to study under a superior person like Roche – not humanly but as a pharmacist – to the end.

Shiori did not follow Krust.
Her legs seemed to want to start moving in line with instinct, but after considering various things, she stayed in the store by her own free will.


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  1. I really want to like this and I will keep reading regardless. But this seems like it’s just going to be them being kept apart by circumstances over and over and then when they meet it will be end. I hope that is not the case.

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  2. Thanks for the chapter! I thought it was very selfish of Roche to get in Shiori’s way. Who is he to decide her love life and friends. I get where he is coming from but that doesn’t make it right.

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