1S, 2L Chapter 2

Hinata-san looked up from her bow and around the classroom.

「Let’s see here, I think we have an empty seat for you somewhere.」

Tsuji-sensei said looking around the classroom.

「Oh, there is one, right in the middle. 」

Tsuji-sensei said giving a bright smile. By the way my desk is at the far left middle row by the window and Kenji’s is at my right. Then there is another desk occupied by the male class president between Kenji’s and Hinata-san’s desk.

In my school every class has a female and a male class representative with the mission to help the teachers in small tasks and to represent the whole class in the whole student council meeting.

The first hour of the day’s schedule was study room so I decided to go through my English textbook a bit. As a duke’s daughter in my other life I have learned quite a couple of languages.

Actually to begin with there is no Japanese or English language in my other life but a language called Flaman that is the national language of the kingdom I live in. Then there is the Magic language, that is almost not like a language in a way, and of course languages of over nations.

In actuality I have already learned a total of 10 languages, including the magic one, then I have Japanese and English so in total I know 12 languages. Not that I can use the languages my female self has learned with my male self on Earth and vice versa.

But there is a saying that the more languages you know, the easier it is to learn other stuff. At least I think there was such a saying.

Anyway compared to those languages from【Alastair 】, English is easy for me.

Alastair’s main letter system is similar to the English one, some of the 24 letters are identical, others a bit different. This means that even before I started to learn English in school, since I started to learn the Alastair alphabet and other languages even earlier, I was already quite familiar in a way with the English alphabet.

Also all the languages in Alastair is based on the magic language so they are actually a bit similar except for some differences in grammar, spelling and pronunciation.

Now I want to tell you how magic works, in Alastair there is something called mana floating in the air and inside living beings, naked to the human eye. This mana is said to be spirits that are as small as atoms and when given proper instructions from the human mind can manipulate molecules to create magic effects.

You see, to use magic you have to create a mind map in your head and the more details a spell needs to be casted the harder the spell is.

Let’s for example go with the classic fireball. First there is the main bubble which is the element of the spell ‘fire’ then you add another bubble which is the form of which you want the spell to take ‘ball’. For fireball these two aren’t enough, if one cast the spell just like that it would only fall to the ground which could end up really bad. To complete it one needs to add the bubble ‘control’ and if one wants, as it isn’t always necessary, the bubble ‘levitation’. Only after adding ‘control’ will one be able to control the fireball and send it towards the enemy.

Chanting is not necessary needed but if one feels that it makes casting a spell easier then one can add chants.

These spirits have no particular assignment to elements but human minds have. Some have it easier to instruct the spirit to do something with water than with fire. What element is easier to manipulate also has something to do with one’s emotions and is different for every human being.

Animals that have received a certain level of intelligence can also instruct mana, these animals are called Magibeasts. These magibeast isn’t just different with their ability to use magic but their skin/pelt, or at least some parts of it, change into a colorful color and inside their bodies magic crystals are created. The older the magibeast the bigger the crystal and if the magibeast was originally a small animal their bodies grow bigger too.

The humanoid races, yep this world doesn’t only contain humans but fantasy races such as elves, dwarves and not to forget to mention demons too. Back to point, the humanoid races, except for demons, use the magic crystals as an energy source and so magibeast are regularly hunted.

The reasons why demons doesn’t use magic crystals is unknown to the other races. Some guess that they feel some type of affinity to the magibeasts as they also create and have magic crystals inside their bodies.

Study room ended so I closed my English textbook and made my way towards the toilets together with Kenji.

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