RR Chapter 20: On the Crying Side

With this chapter I’m officially stopping my translation of Ring Ring, feel free to pick it up and continue where I left off. Chapter 19 was posted May 11th 2018 after all which was over a year ago. This copy pasting and translating was fun the first few chapters but now I quickly get bored of it. Thank you for reading my work, I appreciate it.

Shiori recalled the day when she met Krust for the first time.

He appeared in her room in a strong bright light, all stiff and wide eyed. Yet he soon puts his hand on the sword on his waist, being wary of her while his eyes were left to wander around the narrow apartment.

The reason why Shiori was able to swallow her scream of horror that almost came out of her throat was because she was able to read from Krust’s face that he was as confused as she was about the situation.

The other party was the same as her, unable to understand why.

“Excuse me….”

When she timidly called him out from the kitchen, Krust instantly turned toward her without letting his guard down. Poorly approaching with a slashing force.

With Krust glaring at her with sharp eyes, Shiori said the same thing she had said to a stray cat she had seen in the morning.

“It’s alright…. I will not do anything”

As expected after “only soothing a bit” she did not continue, only asking herself why she was trying to reassure the intruder.

Krust gazed at Shiori for a while but eventually gently released his hand from the sword.

By the way, Krust apologized for his behavior from that time later. He wasn’t seriously about to slash, but there was still a possibility – indeed it was rather rude to point a sword at a innocent female.

“Well, what are you…. What kind of magic was that? Also is that cosplay?”

Was he a magician cosplayer? A cosplaying magician? While trying to figure out Krust’s identity Shiori heard him say something.

But, she wrinkled her brow as it was in a completely foreign language.


It wasn’t Japanese, Chinese or English. It was an unfamiliar language. She had no idea at all what he was saying.

“***, ****?”

Troublesome…. Shiori was at a loss.

Krust was like wind when asking something to Shiori, he couldn’t be understood, and closed his mouth as if giving up. After looking around the room again, turning eyes suspiciously on unfamiliar electrical appliances such as television and air conditioner, he returned his gaze to Shiori again.

As it stayed on the same spot for a while, Shiori turned puzzled.


He briefly lowered his head lightly and turned his head and body towards the window. When he opened the curtain, the outside was dark, but the lights of the surrounding buildings were lighting up the scenery. Krust opened the window with the key, and went out on the narrow veranda.

“Wait, Wait a minute?”

In front of the Shiori who was confused to what he was going to do, Krust put a foot on the handrail of the veranda. Checked with thought if it was “ok to go”, and prepared to jump off as it was—

“Do-, don’t! It’s impossible! This is the third floor!”

Then Shiori rushed beside him and pulled on his upper garment.


Krust gave a troubled look to Shiori who had just stopped him. But after he descended back onto the veranda obediently, he was dragged back into the apartment.

“Ah, it’s dangerous, if you jump from such a place…! Rather there is an exit on the other side… I mean, if you go outside like that, people will definitely question your job. Here, sit down a bit… let’s calm down, both you and I…. Ah, take of your boots. In a Japanese house it’s strictly forbidden.”


She said. While placing Krust on a cushion with a lovely polka dots cover, Shiori took off his boots.

Now that she remembered it, she thought those actions of hers at the time was pretty funny. She thought about that she had held back a suspicious man trying to leave again and let him stay.

Even if she did stop him from trying to fly off the veranda, she did not drive Krust out from the door after that, somehow he seemed to be a dangerous human being without knowledge.

He seemed not to know of the Japanese society or the rules and common sense for those that live in modern society. His facial features were somewhat, a bit like a foreigner, as soon as he went out it seemed like he would cause trouble.

But thus, their shared life had brought to a start the pleasures of life that Shiori hadn’t noticed before by herself.

For Shiori, only the memories of her having fun together with Krust was left. Even the things that happened thanks to the difference of language and culture were interesting.

Shiori was shy to strangers, but somehow she was able to open herself up to Krust like she hadn’t been able to do with anyone else.

Their feelings matched, words can’t describe such a relationship. There are humans that don’t do well with horses, but Krust wasn’t one of them.

Shori thought that she felt comfortable and calmed down.

At first, a conversation between the two people was hard to establish. It couldn’t be helped since they couldn’t understand each other.



When conversing, Shiori had to keep eye contact with him to know what Krust wanted to convey. Because there was no other way to read someone else’s thoughts and feelings except for looking in their eyes and at their expression.

However, the partner had a perfect face that screamed “the highest artwork God created.”. Since she was desperate in the beginning, she did not think anything about it, but as the first four or five days passed, Shiori became ashamed of staring at Krust.

Even with a secretive glance, she usually had to give up every 3 seconds, after that she would blush and look away.

At first Krust seemed to be puzzled about Shiori’s reaction. He might have been slight hurt by it.

However, when such a thing continued several times Krust eventually realized something. He realized that just before Shiori’s eyes turned away her cheeks always had a slight blush.

After that Krust became like a devil.

When Shiori attempts to divert her face, his hands on her cheeks casually obstructs it or he gazed at close range to look on her face, making Shiori red ripe like an apple.

Krust must have thought that Shiori is a person who has no immunity to love.

While pointing to yourself like that was just like being teased, however, Siori could not be upset with Krust’s movements. Because they could not communicate with words, they had to have more physical contact.

When she was tired for a task during winter vacation, she was moved when he calmly asked her “Are you ok?”. And when she made egg tarts with a recipe she found in a cookbook she got hugged from behind as an expression that he was moved. She got to know this later when he knew her language better but Krust’s world seemed to have exactly the same sweets. Her heart almost seemed to be about to explode.

For Shiori, who had followed a straight path, living with Krust was exciting. In a sense it was a very stressful life for her heart, and sometimes she was puzzled by the range of her emotions, but it was not disgusting.

She often found herself happy having girlish feelings like this. A Life where hear heart beats everyday.

The time spent with Krust was sparkling like a treasure in Shiori’s heart.

However, now that sparkle is so bright a dazzling that it hurts her eyes.

Every time she thinks of Krust it becomes painful. Her burning heart was fragile and was likely easily to shatter with further damage.

The day after the parade Shiori went to the store as usual.

Roche was also in the store but he had been acting weird since yesterday and that made it kinda uncomfortable. Seemed to at one time almost make Shiori tempted to cry. But it was a bit uncomfortable to be treated like touching a swelling. [TLN: That’s what what is said]

Roche glanced and observed the eyes of Shiori who came down from the attic, when he saw no traces of tears, he felt relieved.

He asked to confirm.

“Are you ok?”

She thought she was going to respond with “What?” but stopped because she had no energy.


And so, she just went back to work.

In fact she only cried at that time during the parade. She thought that crying the whole night and appear would make her heartbreak apparent, so she felt disappointed at her own reaction, more than she thought.

However the was that heartbreak appear would me different for each person. Rather she thought it would be better if she could change her mind by spending the whole night crying.

In Shiori’s case a black shadow began to appear in the back of her chest the day before. It could not go wild, digging its roots there, not easily disappear.

(If you fall in love again the shadow will disappear.)

Thinking of such a thing she suddenly notice someone of the opposite sex standing close to her. It was Roche who was counting money.

Roshe stopped moving while holding a coin, noticing her gaze. Shiori sighs.

“No, I wonder… Roche”

“I don’t know, annoying.”

Words that express her emotions for Roche are difficult to find. The word “like” seems slightly off. Of course if she likes him she likes him and if she hates him she hates him but she often gets angry….

For Shiori Roche is an unfriendly guardian and an almost perfect boss. She also respects him for his knowledge and technology in making medicines and his intelligence.

But she also doesn’t want to admit that she honestly respects him, such complex feelings.

It was not the type of relationship that would develop into love anyway.

It seemed to be difficult to find a new love, so she decided to gradually try to forget Krust instead.

On that day and the next, Shiori fully focused on her work.

Other things- she doesn’t want to think about Krust engagement and she also doesn’t want to neglect her work because of a broken heart.

If she loses her job, she will lose all the support she needs to continuing on living in this world. That would be really scary.

But the bad things had yet to end.

Three days after the parade that determined Shiori’s heartbreak, the little alley store suddenly lost its lord.

-Roche went missing!


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