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I.O Chapter 7: The Hawks

In front of you are cliffy mountains, behind you are beautiful green plains and hills. All around the mountains you can see hawks frying gracefully searching for possible prey or guarding their nests with watchful eyes. To challenge them would be a stupid decision that would only lead to your doom because it’s something you only can do while on the cliff. You see someone climbing on that cliff slowly moving upwards towards the top.

‘Why did I have to start climbing this mountain?!’ Rein thought as he carefully moves us leg up. ‘Well it wouldn’t be weird if there was a tomb up there and I’m sure grateful that that dragon gave me his arm, I would never be able to climb this wall otherwise. Also that [Art of True Transformation] I wonder what it really does, maybe I’ll try it later.’

He climbed higher and were careful not to fall, his aim was the top of the mountain, not the hawks, he was to low level from them. As they didn’t seem to mind him for some reason, he didn’t mind them either.

It had already been three in game hours since he started climbing and the cliff seem to go on forever but at the fourth hour he finally reached his goal, a tomb.

‘Yes I knew it, the second tomb’

The tomb was built on a platform going in to the mountain top and on it was a statue of a great hawk. Rein touched the tomb and in the next moment two blue windows came up and said:

As the one who found the statue of the great hawk kings’ tomb you have gained the ability to morph into a hawk. The history of the hawks has come with many wars, now the last wish for the hawks it to unite with other animals and quit the fighting for good. The only way to do so is by a sole individual finding other great animal tombs that is spread out over the world.

Your skill [Animal Morph: Wolf] has evolved into [Animal Morph: Wolf/Hawk] and you will now be able to transform into a hawk.

‘Well to think I was right, but it really makes one wonder who the hell makes these tombs. Really convenient tho, makes it a lot easier to get down.’ Rein thought as he observed the tomb closer. ‘It’s really well made.’

“[Animal Morph: Hawk]!”

As he said that he started to shrink, his arms turned to wings and he turned into a black with a little red hawk. His red hawk eyes shimmered in the sun.

“””””””It’s the king, the king has returned to us at last.”””””””

Suddenly he heard some voices and soon enough all the hawks on the mountains surrounded him. One of the hawks stepped forward and bowed. Bowed? Are you serious? Aren’t birds stupid because of their birdbrains? No not these ones, they who have guarded the tomb, awaiting a new king, they aren’t stupid at all.

“Sire I welcome thee to our home. My name is Genius, you may use me for every need you might have.” (Genius)

“Huh, you can talk? What do you mean king? Can a human like me be the king of hawks?”(Rein)

“Yes sire but only the chosen one may be the king, the one who unites animals. It seems like you already are the wolf king, that is something.” (Genius)

“Huh?! I’m the king of the wolves too? By the way how come you can talk human?” (Rein)

“Yeah you are also the king of the wolves and don’t worry these titles won’t give you any other duty than finding the other tombs. It will only give you access to certain privilege of calling the races you are king of and use them as you see fit. You can create armies of wolves and hawks. For your other questions we aren’t speaking human but hawkish and you are able to understand thanks to the transformation.” (Genius)

“Oh that is kinda cool.” (Rein)

“Now then, I would guess that you were about to take your leave when we flocked you so leave now if you so must.” (Genius)

“Alright, thank you Genius for telling me this. I will call you when I need you.” (Rein)

“I would be glad to be of use sire.” (Genius)

With that the hawks backed away from Rein and Rein spread his wings and went towards the cliff edge. He jumped of the cliff edge and could feel how the wind caught his wings. Gliding down with the help of the wind he was nervous of flapping them. He was only a human and after all it would be hard fur a human just turned into a hawk to fly.

Gliding down towards the forest, looking at the beautiful scenery of mountains and forests joining together couldn’t make one anything but excited. Then he took his first flap of his wings, he got an amazing feeling. Flying in this kind of way is only a dream, a imagination for humans. It’s something that truly can only be done in virtual reality and peoples dreams unless our human bones gets hollow and wings grow from our backs.

He flew circling over the forest feeling the wind embracing every feather on his now hawk body. Looking down into the forest he saw something shimmer and he started to fly towards it.

The shimmer came from a crows nest and it was an amulet, it had blue and green gems 2 of each color and was made of gold. Rein looked at his surroundings to see if the owners of the next were anywhere near. It seemed like the nest was temporary abandoned so he picked the amulet up and flew towards a cave opening in the mountain. The cave opening that led to the capital of the dwarves and that he had come out of earlier.

In a café near the center of the capital sat Rein, studying the amulet he has found. He had been going around looking for the owner but he hasn’t found anyone claiming its ownership.

With his skill [Inspection] he had at least been able to see its name, [Body Swither]. It is a weird name right? And its description was like this:

Congratulations now that you have found this weird custom made amulet with a weird name you can change between your appearances/bodies wherever you are! Use it well and do not get to greedy because it might bring you to your doom.

‘What the hell is this amulet? Seriously, custom made?, appearances?, greedy?. Who the hell would make this and then leave it to the crows?’

Rein looked out in the streets putting the amulet in his inventory.

|Short? Yeah I know but I will more clearly declare that this book is just a hobby! Oh and in the end I didn’t make 10 chapters this summer but only two chapters but oh well if I don’t feel like writing I don’t write. You guys can read other books while waiting for me right?

Oh I have something that at least I am happy to announce. I’m trying to make an ebook, an ebook I would be selling for 2.99$. It about a girl getting summoned as a hero by the bad people and there is romance in it. I have only written the prologue, chapter 1 and started chapter 2. So far I’ve done the same thing as I do with imagining online and write what things sounds exciting to me with no story plan but 2mr I’m going to work on an as detailed story plan I can do.

My goal is to have the book out for sale around X’mas. I will also publish the first chapter on wattpad when it comes out for sale and publish one chapter a week and when the whole book is out on wattpad I will leave it there for one month to read for free. After that month has ended I will unpublish every chapter but the prologue , chapter 1, 2 and 3.

Oh and my last year in “high school” starts on Monday so my summer has almost already ended. Cya guys in the next chapter and sorry for the slow updates (as well as this chapter being so short), chao.

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I.O Chapter 6: Sneaky Enough?

Rein appeared in the ruined teleport building he had entered when he left the dwarven capital. It was as rundown as before of course but this time he saw something he didn’t notice last time he was here.

It was a dagger, a pitch black dagger that would usually be left unnoticeable. Even tho I say it was pitch black dagger when Rein lifted it up outside towards the sun it glinted red.

Rein equipped the dagger to see its name. In Imagining Online, unless someone told them the name, one would have to equip an item to see its name.


Atk: x1.5

Agi: x2

Durability: –

Requirement: Lv 50, has to have a sneak skill.

Description: What is it doing here? No one knows, or do you know?
‘Sneak skill? How do you get a sneak skill? By sneaking around? I didn’t know that equipment could have requirements. It sure has nice stats tho feels like over the level of Imagining and an awesome name. Even if it has a requirement I can still equip it huh. I probably can’t use it tho.’

He thought as he inspected the dagger.


You have acquired the skill [inspection]

As you level this skill up you will be able to inspect and see info about unidentified items as well as other items without equipping them.
‘This skill seems really useful. I wonder if I can use it on people’ Rein thought and inspected a dwarf not to far from him.

Failed to inspect animate object

‘Doesn’t seem like it, maybe I should sneak around a little to get the sneak skill. The best place to do that in is of course a place with high security. Like the castle for example’.

He sighed as he took a step towards the big brown stone castle in the middle of the capital.

If you took a quick glance at it you would think it was giant stone spikes sprouting together upwards to the cave ceiling in the middle of the city. Rein had never seen such architecture before.

He arrived at the back door, it was a wooden double door that was 3 meters tall and 2 meters wide. On each side there were 2 dwarven guards clad in what seemed to be reinforced leather.

‘hm, sneaking past these guys might pose a problem’

Rein thought as he looked towards the gate.

‘Let’s wait until the shift change. They got to have one right?’

It took an hour before the guards started to walk away to get some rest.

‘Oi oi, shouldn’t they guard it constantly even if it is a back gate’

He carefully snuck in.

Right inside was a garden, noticing that someone was there he quickly hid behind a bush on the right side of the gate.

Seems like they didn’t hear him or see him for that matter. There were 7 men of one race each. Celestian, elemental, beast and human etc.

They stood in a ring discussing something. ‘Suspicious, let’s listen and see what they are up to.’

“How’s it going with that thing?” (Beastman)

“Hm, we need something to transfer it but otherwise it is as good as finished” (Dwarf)

“Then how will we transfer it? If we manage to find a way then we can finally put our plans into action” (Fairy)

“How about we send it by mail order?” (Human)

“No, we want it to appear on the body if possible so that can only be a last resort action” (Celestian)

“Then how about sneaking in and putting it on the body” (Elemental)

“No way, that is to dangerous. Do you wanna be taken as a thief? (Dwarf)

“Then the only way is to keep researching it” (Beast)

“I’ll take care of it, care to join me dwarf?” (Celestian)

“Dwarf this dwarf that, why not just call me by my in game name?” (Dwarf)

“‘Cause dwarf suits you.” (Beast)

The group of seven started to walk towards the castle fighting.

‘That was interesting, wonder what “the thing” is tho’

Rein thought, relaxing his back against the castle wall.

‘But “put it on the body”, “sneak in”, “mail order” what the hell are they?!’


You have acquired the skill

You are now able to sneak around dark places to hide your presence. As you level the skill up the better you can hide.

‘At least I got the sneak skill. Now then lets get to level 50’

Rein thought as he stood up and stretched.

After waiting for another shift change and then sneaking out Hiro had made his lasange and was now waiting for his family to get home.

The clock showed 1pm when he had finished everything he needed to prepare.

On the table was lasange, a salad made of cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers and yellow paprika, ketchup, 1.5 litre package of milk and a jug of water.

It didn’t take long before Rein heard the doorbell ring.

“Nu är vi hemma!” (Sakura) (AN: Felt like putting in some swedish. This means “We’re home!” or “Now we’re home!”. If I translate word for word “Now are we home!”)

“Welcome home mom, dad and Kira” (Hiro)

“What have you made for us Hiro? I’m starving” (Henrik)

“Just get your things to your room and then we will eat dad” (Hiro)

“Did you have it nice being alone home Hiro” (Kira)

“Hm, it was a little lonley without my little sister here but otherwise it was fine” (Hiro)

“”Hey what about us”” (Sakura & Henrik)

Hiro laughed and went back into the dining area while his mother, father and sister went to their rooms with their luggage.

The house they live in is a red house with wood panel. It has 3 bedrooms, one for Hiro, one for Kira and one for their parents. 1 Bathroom complete with a shower and bathtub in one, 2 sinks and 1 toilet. A kitchen, pretty much open-planned with the dining area and the entrance to the house. A laundry room and a living room. (AN:

The house XD)

“Oh, lasange!” (Kira)

Kira, Sakura and Henrik had arrived and sat down by the table.

“Looks good, Sniff and smells good to” (Henrik)

“You’ve done great Hiro” (Sakura)

“Thanks mom but let’s eat!” (Hiro)

They ate and they talked, Hiro mentioned that he had bought Imagine Online but he didn’t say anything of his cheat ability. His mom, dad and sister talked about their trip, like when they went to the castle or bought some ice cream at a ice cream cafe.

It was a nice homely family lunch.

|Was that and abrupt ending of a chapter? I just wanted to get this chapter over with since I neglected it for so long. Oh I have five weeks of hard work from 7am to 4pm each weekday starting this Monday so we will see when the next chapter comes out.

I’m gonna write a plan before I start writing the next chapter ’cause I haven’t done that yet.

Sorry it this chapter is short and thanks to all votes, comments, reads, follow and library inputs that has happened these weeks! SOON 1K reads!!! Yay! Oh and I entered this story in the wattys so please vote on it if you can and also spread my story around. Surley there must be some more who likes OP-ness and vrmmorpg in the city/town/village/suburbs you live in.

Thx for reading and cya in the next chapter!

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I.O Chapter 5: Moonlight

Bright light entered what seemed to be rainbow coloured Chapel windows.

Indeed, after teleporting from the capital of the dwarves Rein had appeared in what looked like a Chapel.

Yet no benches or religious decorations, only a magic circle covered the floor.

He was just standing there in the middle of the circle turning around to look for at least another soul.

One, just one, standing by the three meters tall doors was an old man in priest clothes.

“Welcome to Laven”

He said and opened the door for Rein.

Outside was the plaza he has been standing in 5 ig* days ago and had heard that man from the management team.

When he looked back at the Chapel it looked like a normal house that usually gets taken as background.

Which explains why he didn’t notice it before.

Rein went straight after that towards the guild office only to meet a line not losing to the one in the dwarven capital.

Placing himself last in that line he patiently waited for his turn.

After a whole hour getting sore feet because of pretty much standing still Rein finally met the classic female Receptionist again.

“What can I help you with” (receptionist)

“I’d like to get my ID card please, should be ready now right?” (Rein)

“Your name please” (receptionist)

“Rein” (Rein)

She went through a door behind the counter and a minute later she came out with a card in her hand.

“This card will help you register friends as well as making/joining a guild” she said and gave it to him. “Don’t you dare to lose it. Oh and you can also use it to take quest in towns and cities that has a guild office.”

Rein exited the building and hurriedly trotted back towards the teleport station which had its doors open automatically as if they ran on electricity.

The old man was standing in front of the magic circle with a welcoming smile to anyone wishing to use it.

“Take me to the dwarves capital”

Rein said to the old man, gave him 50 silver and walked into the middle of the circle.

“As you ordered young lad”(Old man)

Bright light shone from the circle and before he disappeared Rein thought he saw a girl, with black shining hair and glittery silver eyes, entering through the doors of the Chapel like teleport station with grace.


Julia Svensson was a petite girl around the age of 18 years old with blond thin hair, flowing down to her waist, maybe a little farther than that.

She had bright blue eyes that shone green in the sun’s yellow orange light as that sun had started to hide behind that horizon.

Her face was a thin beautiful one with a small nose and maybe a little thin lips.

Julia had no fringe as her hair was certainly behind her ears.

A clear resembles of what many people think is a typical Swedish person.

Her skin was white with an almost unnoticeable tan and was smooth.

She was about 170cm tall and had a nice body line, not too thin and not too thick but a healthy one.

A swedish beauty and usually presented herself as what people saw her as, a responsible person with a caring personality and excellent sportsmanship.

An Ideal in many boys eyes, one that at least, although it’s not at all popular in Sweden, received love letters once a week.

But Julia wasn’t satisfied with all this attention, rather she hated it or at least disliked it, even if she had a responsible personality, other’s expectations was a big burden to her.

The pain come from receiving letters from pretty much unknown boys and that girls always took a distance and admired her from afar.

That’s until Imagine Online came out and she could finally become free for at least a moment and hopefully make some friends.

On the day of its release, outside the game shop in a shopping centre called Nordstan, she had, through some odd occurrences been, the first person to receive the gear in the form a helmet and the game in the form of a disc.

She, like Hiro, also had to undress and get scanned in a dressing room box thingy.

As the first she also had received an extra disc which you could use to make some extra customisation to one’s game character.

The extra disc was a gift for everyone who was 10^x customer, her being 10^0=1st. For those that don’t know, 10^1=10, 10^2=1010=100, 10^3=1010*10=1000, etcetera.

At home she then read the instructions and installed the game, gear software and the customisation bonus on her computer and logged in to start making her character.

“Welcome to Imagine Online” (Beautiful female voice)

“Um, thx”

Julia said while curiously looking around the white space she was now standing in.

Suddenly within the grasp of a second all the races had appeared before her eyes, all female and all had her face and build except for the few races that had set appearances like the short dwarf or the fur covered catwoman.

“Which race would you like to be?” (Beautiful female voice)

Julia thought for a moment, but not for long because she had already decided which race she would use in advance, a race born of two races with beauty and wisdom from one and the ability to mostly adapt from the other. Half elves born from humans and elves.

After telling the voice which race the process of creating her character went fast by.

With the extra customization ability she got from her extra disc she could choose to have one hair and eye colour in the day and another in the night.

She used that extra privilege and made her hair pure black and eyes silver in the day as well as her hair pure white and her eyes totally black in the night.

A colorless yet beautiful combo with a nice contrast that would make the black hair shimmer in daylight and the white hair shining in the moonlight.

Her hair was left in the same length as in real life and her ears had turned a little, just a little pointier.

Unlike her real self her creation had a set of beautiful bangs that matched her hairstyle almost perfectly, nothing being totally perfect.

She felt that she had created someone showing both sides of the same coin which was, to her, a beautiful sensation.

The place she choose as her starting point was Loin, the country of humans.

The white room disappeared and Julia with her new name Moonlight appeared by a small fountain in the middle of a small village not to far from the capital.

Why she appeared there is because some players, a randomly selected few, doesn’t start in the capital but in different small villages in the country they selected.

Some call themselves lucky to not land in the capital and some would call it unlucky because if you land in a small village you can influence it.

Yet it can also end up in the player falling behind in gear and such since small villages usually don’t have many shops.

Also small villages don’t have a guild office so ones who start there can’t take up any quests, at best only verbal quest which are quite rare..

Moonlight was in luck and landed in a village with a woodworking shop as well as a smithy.

Her stats looked like this

Name: Moonlight | Lv 1/0% | Race Half-Elf

Title: None | Money 0C | 10S | 0G

Hp: 110 | Mp: 500

Total Atk: 30 | Total Defence: 6

Agi: 1 | Str: 1 | Int: 20

Dex: 20 | Luck: 12 | Vit: 1

Stat Points left: 0

Skills: None

When Moonlight saw her stats she immediately realized that she could either go the path of a mage or the path of an archer.

Knowing that if you choose a mage type you wouldn’t be able to move and would be in big danger if you weren’t in a party, unless you could annihilate the monsters before they reached her, she choose the path of an archer.

She choose that path because they could fight in near distance with daggers as well as interrupt their own attacks.

At first being sent to a small village was tough as she couldn’t take on any quests, but as time went by she managed to get experience by doing small errands.

In the blink of an eye she had managed to get to level 20 with the intimacy level with the villagers at the top.

Then she decided that she should move towards the capital that you could see in the distance.

From her point of view she could see the mighty capital spreading out in a four km area.

She hoped to get some friends there because there was almost no players that visited the village.

Those that had visited only went through to either visit the capital or to go to more higher level areas farther away.

The villagers gave her new clothes before she left, a black tight chinese dress with a slit on the right side that was surprisingly easy to move in, a pair of nice comfortable shoes that looked quite uncomfortable as well as a hairpin with a nice black flower decoration.

She left the village quite grateful to the villagers and with a satisfied look on her face.

It didn’t take her to long to reach the capital, rather the time it took was only 20 minutes while one would think that with the distance between the capital and the village it would have taken her at least double of that.

Maybe it was because it is a game or because she had calculated the distance wrong.

The first things she saw was a great open gate about four meters tall on the six meter tall wall that surrounded the capital to protect it from monsters that may come seeking for food.

On each side of the gate was two guards inspecting every suspicious visitor that may have come to spy or harm the city.

Moonlight walked over to the guards to get info on how to get to the guild office.

“You just go right forward and follow the road. You will know what building is the guild office when you see it.” (Guard)

“Ok, thank you”

Moonlight bowed to the guard and went through the gate and followed the road as instructed.

It didn’t take too long for her as the guild office, as the guard has said was easy to notice.

Like Rein did the first time he logged in she placed herself in the line and waited for her turn.

“Welcome to the guild office. What can I do for you?”(Receptionist)

A male receptionist greeted her with a gentle smile, he had brown short hair and a pair of glasses

“I would like to register please”

“Do you know the use of registering?”(Receptionist)

‘Doesn’t seem like he wants to explain it to me. I know it from the beginner guide anyway so I’ll be kind and answer yes.’

“Yes I know.”

“Then here, this is your registration card, write your name and game ID in the bottom left corner.”(Receptionist)

As Moonlight did as she was told by the male receptionist he went through a door behind the reception counter.

It didn’t take him long to come back and when he came back he had two cards in his hands.

“This is your quest card, you know it’s functions right?”(Receptionist)


Moonlight said with a small nod.

“And this…”(Receptionist)

He showed her the second card.

“…is your ID card. It was made quickly thanks to a new type of technology. You also know what this is used for right?”(Receptionist)

“Yes, thank you so much!”

Moonlight left the building and just happened to walk past a black haired boy with strands of red without realizing it.

| Sorry for the long delay, I haven’t really felt like writing these few weeks and some of you may already have noticed but I entered pewdiepie’s intro competition and it has gotten a lot of attention, kind of.

But here is the 5th chapter! What does Moonlight have to do with Rein? Will they meet and what would happen if they meet?

You’re free to comment your answer to these questions and affect the story.

ig*= in game

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I.O Chapter 4: Beat The Dwarf

Rein left the library to see the dwarf, that he saw waiting for the librarian, sitting on the stairs in front of the building he just left.

The dwarf was reading the book he had in his hand when Rein saw him about one hour earlier.

Rein ignored him and walked past him when he suddenly heard a shout coming from behind him.

“Hey! You there, the human!”

“You mean me?!” Rein said in a faked surprised tone.

Sure he was surprised but actually not enough surprised for him to show it.

“Yeah, you! Do you see any other human around here?”

Rein looked around him and said “nope” while walking towards the dwarf.

“Hi, my name is beatcr but you can call me Beat,(AN: This is actually a user on wattpad and my friend, check out his vrmmorpg “web novel” called Dreamland mmorpg) yours?”

“Rein, why did you shout for me?”

“Ah well, I needed the help of a tall guy and I thought you were the best option”

“Huh? There are plenty of guys taller than me around here”

“Yeah, but what I need is a guy with not too much muscle”

Rein looked around him again, certainly all the tall guys around him looked like they had a muscle fetish with all their pounding abs that shows through their shirts.

“I know what you mean…”

“Right” Beat said, closed his book and arouse from his seat on the stairs.

Rein started to walk towards the south end of the city, following beat.

“What do you want me to do?” Rein asked looking at beats legs that, even though tiny, moved in a brisk yet graceful manner.

‘How can he move like that with those legs?’

“I want you to help me reach an Ore that is placed about your shoulder height. Don’t worry you won’t need to wield a pickaxe.”

“Oh ok, I’ll help you”


“Yeah, but in exchange I want you to be my guide in the city.”

“Deal!” Beat the dwarf said with a big happy smile on his face.

They left the city through the south gate and entered a lush forest.

‘Wierd, are we still inside the cave? Hm, when I think about it, if the light luminous stones in the ceiling act as sunlight and with a river going through the capital towards the south. Plus It’s warm enough here to walk around in a shirt so then it isn’t to wierd at all.’

Before Rein had taken a notice they had arrived at a mine in the southwest end of the forest. Not many people were there, rather the only people there was Beat and Rein.

“Why is it only us here?” Rein asked while looking around cautiously.

“That’s because to everyone (but me) thinks the ore here is useless and goes to the mines at the north end of the city instead.”

“What kind of ore is it? To make everyone to keep away from it”

“It’s called Igniz ore and as the name suggests it is an highly flammable ore. I need it for my idea of making real world weapons like guns or bombs in the game.”

“Oh, in that case as the one who helps you get the ore I want to get to see the first finished products.”

“Ok, but only if you help me spread the word that I made them.” Beat said with crossed arms.

They entered the mine while Beat showed the spot they were going to on a map, which he had made himself through a mapping skill.

Rein was amazed since the map looked quite detailed, but not to the level of an expert.

The spot he showed was a dead end about 20 meters into the cave.

Yeah it may not have been mentioned before, but there are no map in the corner of a person’s view like in some mmorpgs. This is to max the real adventure feeling and of course for those who want to can buy maps in a city or a village.

It’s not like you have to have the mapping skill which also helps you memorize monsters and terrains.

The old mine was lit up by [Luminous Stone]s that apparently are called just that.

Arriving at the showed spot Rein noticed a small pool edge kind of shelf with a bowl formed hole. (AN: Hard to explain, I hope you will get it.)

Inside that hole, that was the height of Rein’s shoulders, was a couple pieces of the ore Beat wanted, in different sizes. The ore was black and had a hue of red light, quite matched how Rein looks with his black hair with it’s hint of red.

“Careful, if you pick it up with to hard of a grip it will explode.”Beat said while Rein reached for the shelf.

Rein picked carefully up the ore nearest to him and looked at it before he gave it to Beat.

They got a total of 7 small, 4 medium and 1 large ores, 12 in total.

“Thanks, now let’s exchange ID cards so that we can become friends and have a easier way to contact each other.”Beat said when they walked to the exit of the cave.

Suddenly Rein felt something well up in him, ‘Shit, the ID card, I totally forgot about it!’

“Um actually I don’t have an ID card, more like my ID card is still in Laven’s Guild office.”

Beat stopped to stare at Rein.

“Oh well no worries, if you pay 50 silver you can teleport to Laven at the church, of course it’s also 50 silver on the way back so a total of 1 Gold.”

“1 Gold?! Where the heck can I get that money?”

The answer flew out of Beat’s mouth.

“By doing quests from the adventure guild of course”

“Hah, right. Let’s go to the adventure guild then. Will you help me?”

“Hm sure, why not, I need some more money to start making the firearms anyway. Now follow me!”

Rein followed Beat into the southern end of the city, through small alleys and between a couple of poor and fancy houses, towards the east side of the city.

Most of the poor ones were small and in brown, gray or even both of these colors. While the rich houses were big and was either white or was colorful in a contrast to the cave ceiling and other buildings.

A while later he was standing at the doorway a marble building about half as small as the library. Inside was a total of 10 desks, all with at least one dwarf each welcoming the adventurers that have reached their desks.

Yep, reached, you didn’t hear wrong. There was a line of people that was so long that it went outside of the building and into the streets. The place was really flocked only the inside had nice lines to each of the desks.

Because the people at the desks seemed experienced with these kind of waiting lines it took only ten minutes to reach a desk, even though Rein had thought that it would have been at least half an hour. A third of the time Rein thought it would take.

“Welcome! What do you masters want help with?”

The dwarf who greeted them was a male, he was a little taller and thinner than Beat. Rein felt that calling them as masters was a little to formal but he didn’t really care and didn’t say anything about it.

“Well, we would like an E rank quest that has the highest money reward for that rank” Beat said and the male dwarf placed a couple of quests on the table.

There was five quests all with the same content and reward, gather iron ore and for each quest they finish they will get 20S each.

The mine they had to get the iron ore from was at the north end of the city. There was also mobs in that mine to make the quest harder, goblin thief.

It was a quest for a party or person that had at least one person with the mining skill.

Half a in game hour later they was in front of the mine marked on the map they had gotten from the guild.

They entered the mine, lit up by some lamps unlike the one earlier, and immediately a couple of goblin thieves appeared, two in total.

In Rein and Beat’s party it was Beat that had the mining skill and Rein’s task was to keep the gobs busy while Beat mined.

The goblins had yet to notice them and had their fronts pointed another way. Rein silently rushed up to the first goblin only a few meters in front of him and quietly slit it’s throat.

-468 Critical hit!

A red number and a red health bar showing 682/1050 appeared above its head. Critical hits could deal a extra damage of about 300% of one’s attack.

The goblins turned their heads and let Rein have a good look at them.

Their skin were green and their faces was disturbing. They had small long ears, a long nose, big eyes and a bandana on their heads. Having small thin bodies and light, ragged clothes they were fast and nimble. Their weapons were small daggers decorated in rust.

Since they hadn’t found any ore vein yet Beat joined Rein and took on the one Rein had yet to attack.

Beat lifted his big axe of his shoulder and swung it at the goblin’s ankles. Then he started going upwards towards the goblin’s head.

-164 Critical hit!

76 You’re hit!


-173 Critical hit!….

Meanwhile Rein struck each of his short swords in the other goblin’s eyes, quickly finishing it off as both were critical hits.

He then ran hurriedly over to Beat’s side and stupidly enough stumbled on a rock and fell towards the goblin’s back.

Rein quickly corrected his posture by placing his right foot in front, hindering his fall.

Without much thought he stabbed the goblin in the back by the place the heart was located and the first meeting with the goblins was quickly finished.

It didn’t take long after that to find an ore vein and Beat took out a pickaxe from his inventory and started digging.

The inventory is a magical bag where you can store things and food without them getting broken, rusty, bad, etcetera.

The bag have a hundred slots capable of stacking about 99 of each item, same type of item in the same stack. Even equipment can be stacked.

As soon as Beat started to dig three goblins appeared out of the nearest corner, gripping tightly around their daggers as soon as they noticed Rein and his companion.

Rein wasn’t worried about taking on three goblins on his own because of his high damage and his agility.



53 You’re hit!


-367 Critical hit!

By gracefully trying to avoid the goblins attacks as well as trying to stab their heads, throats and other critical areas he sometimes missed and sometimes got hit.

It was a little harder than he thought to fight three enemies at the same time. You had to have a good battle control.

With great control over a battle you can more easily focus on the critical parts to get critcal hits.

It isn’t even as easily at it may sounds to find the critical parts, you will have to know the biology of each monster and fully be able utilize that info.

It took a while but Rein managed to beat the first row of monsters in 10 minutes.

The goblins numbered about 2-4 in each group, when there was 2 it took two minutes, 3 five minutes and 4 took ten minutes.(This is in game time)

Time got smaller the more he experienced fighting them and they were able to finish the quest, for five times, in a total of two hours.

A satisfied, still together with Beat, Rein left the guild with one gold in his pocket and updated from rank F to rank E.

Together they went to the teleport station right beside the guild office.

Unlike the guild office the teleport station looked quite shabby, it was a complete contrast to the office. It was made of old brown wood and the metal it was made of seemed rusty.

The reason why it looks that way could be because it isn’t popular for it’s high price.

It was also more popular to travel so that you could level and see the nature.

The only time you would teleport are the time you need to get somewhere fast and even then there is a skill to teleport a whole party.

Even though that skill drained a lot of mp it was much more cost efficient than to pay 50 silver to teleport with a city teleport.

Also there are almost no towns and villages that has teleport stations, mostly only the big cities have them.

Outside the teleport station Rein and Beat said goodbye and Rein entered the station alone…

|This chapter became a little late and from now on I will plan my chapters more in hope to be able to publish them faster, so far I’ve only written what comes up in my mind.

Let’s hope I can finish the next chap for this month, sorry for the delay!

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I.O Chapter 3: The Big Boss Transfer

Running through the forest was exciting, seeing how colours, of mostly green, blur flow past him and the feeling of needing to dodge every tree truly was exciting. His paws touching the ground in a speed only a elite trained human could achieve. Rein had never been physically fit in real life, he had taken it mostly easy with both sports and studies.

His running suddenly came to a stop when he arrived at a big open grass plain at the end of the forest. In the middle of the grass plain was a small village made up of only cottages and surrounded by a wall of trees whose crowns bent down over the village as if the trees wanted to protect it.

To avoid startling the villagers he released his transformation before he walked towards the opening in the trees. Guarding the opening was a long thin human man and a short fat dwarf man.

The human man had medium short light brown hair and was a young man in his middle twenties. He was fully armoured, except the head, in a knight style armour.

The dwarf on the other hand had dark brown hair put up in a tail, a beard that reached his waist and looked like he was in his late fifties. Unlike his human colleague he mostly wore leather armour, only a few pieces of metal here and there.

When Rein arrived at the gate he was prepared to pay a small tax to enter the village, but there was none. He could just walk in while being ignored by the guards, what lousy guards this village had.

The village had a radius of about one kilometer and in the middle was a Tavern called Bear’s nest. From it loud voices and shouts could be heard.

Rein entered the Bear’s nest and asked the man at the counter if he had any room and what the price for a one person room was for one night with food included.

“95 copper”the man said and Rein gave him the money.

“Go right upstairs, the first room to the left is yours to take”he said and waved a hand towards the stairs. There are some advantages to getting a room in an tavern on an inn, first you get your stats enchained for a day or a week depending on what quality the in is and second, it’s mostly pretty cheap.

The room Rein arrived in was a nice and tidy room with a single bed in it’s left corner. At the bed’s feet was a window where you could right now see the orange and red sunset. At the rooms right side was a furnace lit up with a sparkling fire. The room had a nice smell of wood, as if it had been newly built and had a nice cozy atmosphere.

Rein walked towards the bed, but not without forgetting locking the door, and sat gently down. The bed was not too soft and not too hard, perfect for Rein’s taste. He felt so comfortable that he fell asleep right away.

When he woke up it was dawn in the game and 4 am in real. Oh no! He had meant to logout when he had entered the room but he accidentally fell asleep. Rein quickly logged out to walk over to his bedside, set the alarm and sleep for real.

Today would Rein’s family come back from Stockholm by lunchtime. He had some time to play before he had to make the lasagne that he had chosen to serve with some salad and some nice drinks.

His bedroom ceiling disappeared and before him was the room he had rented and logged out of. Rein went downstairs to get some breakfast, he had already gotten some Stat boost from renting a room at the tavern and now he wanted the boost from the food before he left to continue his journey.

When he was exiting the tavern he saw the blue sky hanging above him with the trees’ crowns dangling around it. All around the village dwarfs and humans was running around minding their own business. People ran between the tree cottages holding a bunch of tools.

‘I should probably leave the village as soon as possible, it will only drag me down if I stay here for too long.’ Rein thought as he stretched his arms up in the sky and yawned.

The guards ignored him as he left though the north entrance.

‘Not so eventful huh, this village. Well my goal isn’t this village anyway.’ Or that was he thought.

The next moment he was inside a cave, a damp cave full with stalagmites and stalactites growing from the ceiling and the floor. In front of him was what seemed like a dragon statue in a spot where the ground was even.

Rein was looking at this scene through an bubble like ball in awe. Suddenly the statue moved, it wasn’t a statue, it was a real dragon.

The dragon had blue skin, it’s claws on it’s hands and feet as well it’s fangs both inside and outside it’s mouth was pure white. The type of white that shines through the darkness. The dragon’s eyes were a red that shines through darkness in another way than the fangs. On it’s forehead was a black horn, black like it was made from darkness itself. A being worth being called a end of game boss.

‘Huh? Huuuuuh?! Why is there a dragon before me, I’m not a high level enough to even touch it. Where the hell am I even?! A dungeon’s boss room?!’ Rein thought in panic inside his own head while showing a calm appearance on his face.

“Hey, human who seeks the truth of the animal kingdom. The one who has found the great wolf kings’ tomb, I am Morph, the water dragon of the east, if you seek out the truth you will have to offer a temporary price.” Morph said in a deep loud voice that sounded through the whole cave.

“A price?”

“Your left arm for example, don’t worry it will be back as soon as you find all the tombs and have gotten the title that comes with all of them” Morph said as if he knew what Rein had been thinking about.

After pondering for a while…

“Sure, why not?” Rein said holding his left arm forward, it wasn’t his main one anyway and it would be a nice challenge.

He didn’t join the game to play normally but to experience a new type of life with different type of challenges. Many which didn’t exist in the real world.

“Hahaha, you’re an interesting human indeed, there are not many in both human and beast who would accept such a price”

“I think that it is better to lose an arm than to lose my strength. If I lose my strength it will be hard for me to fight at this stage and in the future before I reach the last tomb. Yet unlike losing my stats I can take a little time to train myself in using only one arm, which would take me to another stage that others.” Rein said as Morph “cut” of Rein’s arm. It didn’t hurt and no blood flowed.

“Ho, that’s commending. How about this, there is no rule about you having another arm so how about I give you mine?”


“What’s your name? Boy from another world.” Morph asked as he took off his own arm and placed it at Rein’s left shoulder.

“Rein” He answered and stared amazingly at Morph’s arm that shrunk down to look like a humans. The arm placed itself where his own arm had been. It felt like it was his arm from the beginning.


“Right, it is right? Well it is one of the secret magic arts to be able to transform something else than oneself into something other than what it is. It goes against the law of nature. The exception for oneself is to transform into another “animal”, it is still against the law to transform into something unliving.

How about I share this power with you? Mostly only dragons are trustworthy enough to have this power but I’ve deemed you trustworthy enough.” Morph said with a bright smile and a proud face, showing his sharp fangs.

Without giving Rein a chance to react a red light orb had been created and had floated into him. A Ding sound was heard and before him a red transparent screen appeared.

You have gotten the chance to learn [the secret art of true transformation] from Morph.

Do you want to learn it?


“Yes” he answered and the in the next second he gave of the same red glow as the ball had the feeling that a thread of power surged throughout his whole body through the nerve system.

“I see that you have chosen to accept my power, Rein who seeks the truth. From now on you will be known by every dragon and upper being that exist, even the ones in the world that you come from.”

“I don’t think there are any dragons and upper beings in my world” Rein said in an unsure way.

“Oh, but they must surely exist, they are the beings on top of the natural power world. Tell me more about your world.”

Rein started to tell Morph about the RW*, about its advancements in science and technology and that magic and dragons are believed to not exist. Morth just nodded and added some questions now and then, he was a really advanced npc. It seemed that unlike human npc who don’t even want to hear about the RW*, and turn pale when you mention it, he seem to accept it. It really makes Rein wonder who made him.

“Look at the time, three hours have already gone by. I should probably send you back to where I found you.” Morph said when Rain had fully told him about the RW*.

“Nah, don’t drop me off there drop me off at my destination, The great city of the dwarves, Moirian.”

“Ok then, off you go.” Morph said and the next moment Rein’s presence completely disappeared.

“Now, back to work” Morph uttered and went deeper into the cave through a hole path that Rein had missed to notice.

The place Rein arrived in was an active city full with people with an height of about one meter and mixed among them was some humans and beast. The city’s overall color was brown and there was no sun, moon or star that brought light to it. Instead of a sky was a cave ceiling full with luminous ores that has received the blessings of light magic. Moirian truly was a city made by dwarves.

Rein started to walk to a big building, that had a marvelous big book sign on it, with a guess that it was a library. Every city has a library with books about legends, history and monsters. The “theme” or “side” of the history and the legends depends on what race is inhabiting the city. If it is a human city the history and the legends are based on the human’s side of the story etc.

Rein went through the big doorway that stood open to welcome visitors that seeks the power of knowledge. Knowledge is a powerful weapon in battle and war, you can show true power when you know everything about the enemy. That is the reason why Rein entered the library first, to get as much info as he can get about the dwarves.

At the counter talking with the dwarf librarian was a dwarf. The dwarf had a black beard with black long hair and a pair of red eyes. He was dressed in a heavy armour colored in red and black. On his back was an shield with a distressed pattern and a big axe that seemed like it could easily cut through stone. In one of his hands was a book with an engraved text that said “The Way of a Master Blacksmith”, with that Rein concluded that the dwarfs aim was to become master blacksmith or something. The dwarf noticed him and gave him a smile and a nod and then continued to discuss something with the librarian.

Rein just walked past the dwarf towards the bookshelves on the other side of the big entrance hall, the library was grand all the shelves was made from oak tree and there was all type of decorations on the white walls and marble floor

‘I kind of expected this from library made by dwarves, marble is a type of ore after all. Yet I didn’t expect the ceiling being so high’ Rein thought as he looked up at the ceiling a few meters above him, amazed by it’s height. The bookshelves was also tall almost reaching up to the ceiling and at every bookshelf was a moving ladder, the type that’s mostly seen in movies.

‘How on earth did the dwarves who are so short build this building?’ he thought and took out a 2 centimetre thick book out of the nearest bookshelf titled The handy dwarfs. In the centre hidden by a couple of bookshelves Rein found some tables and some chairs. A few amount of people sat by some of those tables reading. He sat down on a empty chair and started to scan through the book.

The dwarf is a race highly skilled in handicrafts and melee battle styles. They have a hard time using ranged weapons like bows and magic staffs. Handicrafts is the only area they can use magic in and it’s mostly only fire magic they can use to empower their stove for making better weapons.

It’s rare to find a dwarf excelling in water magic which is the opposite of fire magic. A dwarf that use water magic is able to craft things through water pressure and create even rarer and more beautiful crafts than one who uses fire. The dwarves main stat distribution is strength and dexterity to lift their heavy smithing hammers to craft beautiful details with great precision.

‘Seems like this book only mentions what’s already know, except for how how dwarves uses magic.’

Rein arouse from his seat, put back the book where he found it and picked a new one. On the new book’s cover “From handicraft to smithing” was written in a bright golden color.

Rein thought all of the books he picked were interesting and some even intriguing. He read all from the way of the dwarves to the history of the dwarves and their relation to humans.

Satisfied after reading a couple of books Rein exited the library after saying goodbye to the librarian standing behind the counter only to see…

| Hi!

This one ended before 10 pages but it managed to get about 2.5k words which Is one of my goals. Anyway sorry for the late update, been quite busy and have even made a theme song for this “book”. I will be even more preoccupied at the end of this year. Thx for reading!

*RW = Real Worldl

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I.O Chapter 2: Travel North

The stone walls of the cave grew taller as he shrank, his senses growing sharper, his body twisted as it took on a new form, his new paws rested upon the cold, damp, and uneven floor as he shifted his focus onto getting out of the cave. He turned around, the smell of fresh air from the hole above him, the one he had fallen from an hour ago, grabbing his attention. He had turned into a black with a hint of red wolf with red fierce eyes and he felt more powerful than ever before.

Logging out to eat dinner and since it’s evening/night in the game the clock had already tuned 10 pm. It was going to be a late dinner but no worries, both of Hiro’s parents and his sister is in Stockholm, relaxing in a hotel. As for why he was home alone it was because he wanted to, and because he was old enough to be trusted to take care of himself at moments.

He took some light toasts and smeared some jam on them, strawberry jam, blueberry jam and raspberry jam. Satisfied he went back to the gear to continue, he planned to play to midnight at least since it’s still some days before summer holiday is over.

Now focusing on getting himself out of this cave Rein turned around to look if he could somehow climb up the walls.

The walls was kind of soft but not soft enough for it to fall apart and certainly not slippery. It was a wall that seemed to suck up liquid and make it seem like it had totally disappeared.

Rein had a feeling that the wall was truly alive. He also realized that he could easily climb that wall in his new wolf form.

He didn’t think too much about being able to transform into a awesome and handsome wolf. Rein just thought this was how a usual Vrmmorpgs develops, but he didn’t know that he had been insanely lucky and he also didn’t know that this power would give him many rivals and enemies.

Reaching the top of the hole he looked around for the wolf king. The wolf king was still there and awoke but instead of attacking he just looked at him for 2 secs and then went back to sleep again. It probably smelled the scent of it’s own pack on Rein. How that smell managed to get on him is uncertain.

Not caring much about that either he slowly strolled towards the capital trying to avoid other players. After transforming in a well hidden place, not far from the gate he went directly to Leva’s shop to finally get his reward. He felt like he really needed those potions and clothes.

In Almeria a beginner potion costs 10S. Which would mean that it is better to just do quests rather than just to march out of the city directly after logging on for the first time.

When he arrived he saw Leva stand by the counter calculating money. But after hearing the doorbell she looked up to see straight into his eyes. Rein looked away first and she began talking.

“Welcome! Are you here to get your things?” She asked him and took up a black clothing and the rewards of the quest. “Or have you come for something else?”

“No, I’d like to get rewards please.” Rein said with a light blush over his nose. She gave him the clothes that consisted of a black tunic and black troses. It quite suited his image and his new wolf form. tunic and some black trousers.

[Light assassin trousers]

Def: 50 | M.def 20

Agi: +50 | Dex: +20 | Vit: +10

Durability: 100/100

Description: Trousers made of black dyed rabbit skin to suit an assassin. Due to being super successful it has gotten a secret Stat.

Requirement: none

[Tunic of an assassin]

Def: 70 | M.def: 50

Agi: +20 | Dex: +50 | Vit: +20

Durability: 100/100

Description: Durable and made to never be able to be destroyed. Made by an excellent tailor with godly skills. Due to being super successful it has gained a secret Stat.

Requirement: None

‘Oh shit, who is really Leva, a godly tailor? What the heck!’ Rein thought with his brain in a frantic explosion.

‘First I got a rare title, then I got a rare skill and now I got super clothes.!

“Do you like the clothes? I made them based on the feeling I get from you.” Leva said and handed him the potions and the money.

“How the hell did you even make these?!” Rein said while he accepted the reward. Leva ignored him and went back into calculating money.

Realizing that he wouldn’t get an answer, Rein left the shop feeling a little dejected yet excited. Now he probably had the best equip a beginner could have in the game. He quickly equipped them and took a look at his own stats.

Name: Rein | Lv: 13 14% | Race: Human

Title: The all-rounder | Money: 93 C | 15 S | 0 G

Hp: 710 | Mp: 320

Total atk: 120 | Total def: 20(+120)

Agi: 30(+70) | Str: 10 | Int: 10

Dex: 30(+70) | Luck: 5 | Vit: 25(+30)

Stat Points Left: 5

Skills: [Stab] active beginner Lv 4 52%

[Animal Morph: Wolf] active beginner Lv 1 40%

‘Awesome, now some stats are the same as an ordinary level 40 player. My defence is rivaling to a tanks, I won’t have much problems with fighting solo.’ Rein thought with a hidden snicker on his face. And now the [Normal Staff].

[Normal Staff]

Atk: 15-20

Agi: +5 | Int: +5

Durability: 50/50

Description: Normal Staff made to suit mages and monks.

‘Not for me huh, I think I’ll sell it and use the money to buy two short swords’

Moments later he entered the familiar plaza that he had arrived in at the beginning of the game. Rein walked directly to the stands area in hope of selling it to some npc. No way he could get real money from selling this on the Internet. Also he was not good enough in business to sell it directly to a player.

He leisurely walked along the stands looking for some nice cheap short swords. After a not so long while he saw two twin short swords which both of them having a price of 7 Silvers each. Estimating that the staff would be sold for about one silver he calculated that he would have about 2 silver over.

Rein couldn’t afford anything better, it was not like there was any treasure in the tomb, I mean it’s not like wolves value gold or anything.

It was as he thought, the highest price he could sell the staff at was 1 silver and he couldn’t manage to haggle down the price of the short swords. In the end he left the stall with only 2 silver left in his pockets.

[Simple short sword]

Atk: 15-25

Agi: +10 | Dex: +5

Durability: 98/100

Description: A short sword made in the most simplest way possible by an bored Smith.

‘Nice that atk 2x will be a good bonus’ Rein thought with a sly smile on his face. ‘But what’s up with that description. Didn’t they have anything else to write.’

The real world clock was about to turn midnight so he logged out to get some sleep. Tomorrow was gonna be a long day, since he decided that it was tomorrow he would journey out into the world of Almeria.

Hiro walked in the streets towards the nearest ICA Supermarket. The clock was about 11 am in the morning. It was time for him to renew his food stock in preparation for the homecoming of his parents and sister. He had planned to make something delicious. Although he may not seem it, Hiro is actually quite good at cooking. Well he isn’t the level of a pro but he can at least make something like lasagna easily.

After buying everything he needed he left the supermarket and went towards his house to prepare lunch. After lunch he would login to Imagine Online to wander north. His goal was to reach Moir the kingdom of dwarves before the day ends.

Rein appeared in the same plaza he logged out of. The plaza was full of bustling voices of players. Most of the players was gathered around the stage exited about something. Curious, Rein made his way towards the stage. Standing on the stage was a man in his forties, he had short brown hair and short beard. On the man’s shoulder was a pet in the form of a bird that resembled a big parrot. He opened his mouth to talk.

“Welcome to IO, the world made to imagine! My name is James Branding, I’m an administrator of this world! Some of you may be at an disadvantage of starting late but there have already some people who have gotten unique powers and some are one of you late starters!” James said with a voice that sounded like it had gone through a speaker. Loud and clear enough for anyone to hear.

Rein felt like James pointed him out but he ignored most of it.

“I have good news for you guys, since the game has gone international a hall of fame has been made! Not only that but an official site has been created where you can buy and sell money and equipment! That’s all for now, have a nice imaginary time!” James continued with a big grin on his face.

Only some minutes later, Rein was on his way towards north. To make himself a little faster he turned into his wolf form. As for why he went north was because he figured that there would be bears there and because he was curious about the dwarves kingdom Moir. Hopefully he would get the ability to transform into a bear.

Running through the northern forest was refreshing. There was no monsters or animals in his way somehow they all seemed to run a way. Either they thought that Rein’s appearance was scary or they could sense that he was stronger than them. If it was the latter then that would mean that mostly only low-level monsters inhabit this place.
| Hi guys!

I ended this chap a little earlier than expected, mainly because I planned to tell you something. I originally planned about 10 pages per chap which equals about 2.5k words.
What I ment to tell you is that you are free to imagine what Gothenburg and Sweden is like yourself, which means unless a description is really necessary I won’t write a environment description. As for the game world, I’m working on it.

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Imaging Online: The Game V1 Chapter 1: The Game Begins

Hiro noticed his surroundings fade away as his view turned white. He was suddenly in an empty room with nothing in sight

“Welcome to Imagine Online,” An, elegant, female voice said. A little shocked, Hiro turned around to see who the voice came from.

Soft, melodious, laughter filled the empty room, “Choose your race.”

“Human,” Hiro said, with a sure, but embarrassed, tone. Suddenly, his normal self became apparent: tall, with black hair and blue eyes.

“Do you want to change your appearance?”

“Yes, give my hair some red tint. Make my eyes carmine,” He said and immediately saw his hair and eyes turn to the requested color.

“Do you want to be 40% more attractive or 40% less attractive?”

“Wow, that’s a feature? I didn’t see anything about it on the forum… Well, being handsome wouldn’t hurt,” he thought.

“40% more attractive, please,” he said, and watched as his facial features balanced out, and his arms and legs became a little more toned.

“Wow, I look good,” Hiro thought, as he appraised himself.

“Hmm… Doesn’t that look fine? What would you like to name your character?” the insivible AI asked.

“Rein,” Hiro said confidently.

“Which direction of the continent do you want to start in? South? Or North?”


“Which country? Loin, Pestrick, or Moir?”

“Loin,” he said, ‘It is the human country after all.’

“Have a nice adventure! And don’t forget that your stats are randomized,” the AI said, as Hiro’s world started to fade once more.

The next thing he saw was a humongous plaza. He had arrived in Loin’s capital, Laven. The plaza had a medieval Europe feel to it, with a fountain in the middle, a big stage to the north, and scattered all around the plaza were stands, selling all kinds of trinkets. There were large varieties of food, low and high quality armours, weapons, clothes, and even pets. The thought of clothes made Rein look down at himself. He was wearing a brown tunic and some leather shorts. He also had a side bag on his left, and a beginner knife on his belt. Inside the bag was some dried bread and water.

“Maybe I’ll buy a pet later,” Rein thought as he walked towards, what he guessed was, the guild office at the southern end of the plaza. It was different from the other buildings, and seemed as if it were designed to draw attention. Rein had guessed right, it was the office and he entered the line to get a quest.

He had read that it’s highly suggestible to register and take your first quest in the guild office, and that’s the reason he even entered the guild building in the first place. If it wasn’t like that, he wouldn’t have entered the building and just tried to get out of the city as fast as he could. He wasn’t the type to enter party’s and hunt with other people. He’d rather play solo.

“Welcome to the guild office. What can I help you with?” A sweet girl standing at a register asked him when it was his turn.

“I would like to register as an adventurer and get the hardest quest available for my rank.”

“Okay then, here is your registration card. Write your name and game ID in the bottom left,” she said as she gave the card and a pen to him.

“Okay,” Rein mumbled, then wrote the information down and gave the card and the pen back.

“This is your quest card,” She continued after taking the registration form and giving him a new card.

“It will display the quests you have taken, and if you tap on a quest it’s information will be displayed. Oh! Do you know that an adventurer’s rank goes from yellow, blue, red, black, silver, and gold?”

“Yep, ” He had already read about it in the same suggestion to register to the guild.

He tried the quest card out:
Quest: Rabbit Hole

Information: Get 10 [Rabbit Skin] from the rabbits south of the city and give them to Leva the Tailor.

Requirement: Lv 1

Difficulty: E (F-SSS)

Rewards: 10 [Lesser Health Potions] (+100 hp), 10 [Lesser Mana Potions] (+50 mp), [Normal Staff], 20C.

“You can come and get your new ID card when you’re ready,” She said, and with that, Rein walked out of the guild office and entered the big plaza again.
Name: Rein | Lv: 1, 0% | Race: Human

Title: The All-Rounder | Money: 0 C | 10 S | 0 G

Hp: 200 | Mp: 200

Total atk: 30 | Total def: 15

Agi: 10 | Str: 10 | Int: 10

Dex: 10 | Luck: 5 | Vit: 10

Stat Points Left: 0

Skills: None

“Huh? Why do I have a title? And what’s up with my stats?” Rein shouted after checking his status. “It must have been that AI from earlier,” He thought as he left toward the city’s southern gate.

[The currency of this world is the usual: 100 C (Coppers) = 1 S (Silvers) and 100 S = 1 G (Gold) for those that haven’t guessed that yet.]

When he got out of the city he decided to check out the effect of his title.

“Title, The All-Rounder”

Title: The All-Rounder

Thanks to having the same number on every stat(exempt luck) at the start, you have gotten the title: The All-Rounder. When fighting a foe two or more levels higher than you, you gain a 10% stats, experience, and drop boost.

“Wow! An OP title this early? I am gonna level up so fast! It even has a 10% drop boost!” He thought with a big grin on his face.

It didn’t take long before Rein found the rabbits. He checked their level, which was level two, and initiated his first attack with his beginner dagger. Because it was a surprise attack, and a critical because it hit the back of its head, he shaved off 90% of its HP. Before it had a chance to attack him back, he had already landed his second strike.

A ding sound was heard and the rabbit left him with 30 exp, 2 [Rabbit Skin] and 2 C.

“Damn, only 2 Coppers? A good armour costs at least 1 Gold,” he thought as he picked up the loot. Rein noticed that the ding sound was from him leveling up, but he didn’t care and went to kill at least 20 more rabbits.

At the 10th rabbit he gained a skill, [Stab] and at the 20th he leveled up to level 4. He figured that would be enough for now, and went back towards the city, that now had an orange and red horizon, to find the tailor. He had gathered a total of 32 [Rabbit Skin], 5 [Rabbit Claw], Rabbit Ears and 29 C. Why the rabbit ears?

He took the chance and checked out his new skill [Stab] and distributed his new stat points (5 points per level).

Name: Rein | Lv: 4 71% | Race: Human

Title: The All-Rounder | Money: 29 C | 10 S | 0 G

Hp: 265 | Mp: 230

Total atk: 35 | Total def: 20

Agi: 15 | Str: 10 | Int: 10

Dex: 15 | Luck: 5 | Vit: 15

Stat Points Left: 0

Skills: [Stab] Beginner – Lv 2 82%

Skill: [Stab] Beginner Lv – 2 82% A forward stab that deals an additinal 10% of your total damage.

When he fought earlier, he felt like speed suited him more than strength and magic, and that if he needed some ranged abilities, it would be archery. In other words he felt more like an assassin or rogue than a warrior or mage. That’s why he put some stats in agility and dexterity. As for why he put some stats in vitality, was because, well, he needed the extra health.

There are no classes or jobs in Imagine Online, what you are is determined in your stats and skills.

Rein had to ask around a little to find Leva’s shop in the eastern outskirts of the city. It was a small shop with a scissor on the sign hanging above a welcoming door. He entered the shop, carefully looking around to see if anyone was there.

The place was full of skins, fabrics, and threads, of all types and colors, placed on various shelves, and the air had a humid feel to it. In front of him was a counter that completely suited the nature of the shop, and behind it, with her back turned to him, was a blond girl with her hair put up in a pigtail.

“Um, excuse me, but are you Leva the Tailor?” Rein asked her in a tone he thought wouldn’t surprise her.

“Ah, yes! I’m Leva, can you wait for a bit? I’m looking for something at the moment,” Leva said, with her back still turned to him. A few moments later, she took out a rainbow-colored skin and put it on a table right behind the counter that Rein hadn’t noticed before.

“Hm… now then, what is your business here Mr. Adventurer?” Leva asked jokingly.

“Actually, I got a request from the guild office to bring you some [Rabbit Skin]” Rein grinned, and handed over his 32 [Rabbit Skin].

“Oh, let’s see here, they are all a good quality… I see that you are giving me three times the amount I requested. Are you willing to get the reward for 10 of them, and then I’ll make something nice for you with the rest?” She asked, while observing him with joviality in her eyes. “Why not?” he thought.

“Oh, and is it ok if I give you the reward together with the clothing?”
she asked.

“Uh yeah, that’s okay,” Rein said.

“What’s your name?” She asked while taking a pen and paper out from under the counter.

“Huh? Um, Rein,” He said, a little confused. She probably needed to confirm who it was who made the order, so that she wouldn’t mix it with someone else’s.

Exiting the shop into the night sky and reaching the main street, he felt a cool wind blowing across his face. Looking at the clock in the left corner, he noticed that two hours in real life, and 8 hours ingame had passed since he logged on.

“What to do now…” he thought to himself, and looked around, “Should I go and continue hunting or should I check the shops out? Huh?” He jumped after hearing a sound like metal meeting metal.

He turned around to see where the sounds came from, and noticed a forge not too far from him. He sighed in relief, he almost thought that a fight had started, and he certainly didn’t want to get involved. He went towards the city gate after deciding that he should continue hunting.

When he arrived at the field he went towards the horned rabbits (lv 5,) and when he had finished with them, he went to the forest to fight some lv 10 wolves. It was easy to fight the wolves, as long as you knew how they behaved in the real world. At dawn, he had reached level 12 and felt ready to go at the level 15 boss wolf, The Wolf King.

When he finally found the boss wolf, a giant grey wolf, as big as a van, which was asleep and snoring loudly, he prepared himself to make a surprise attack.

The attack hit successfully, he had stabbed the neck and got a fatal hit, which was one step better than a critical. The number 115 was displayed above the wolf king in a blood red-color.

Realizing that it had been attacked, it stood up and turned his way, trying to bite him with it’s huge teeth. Rein avoided its attack and went beneath it just to give it a big wound on it’s stomach. The wolf, ignoring the wound, turned around and lunged, barely missing Rein by a hair’s breadth. Both of them were fast, but in terms of speed, Rein was a little faster, if he didn’t tumble on a stone that is, because the next moment he had fallen in a deep hole that had gone unnoticed in the fight with the Wolf King.

Confused, and thinking that it’s great prey had disappeared because even if the mighty Wolf could smell him, it didn’t seem able to see him, the Wolf King lied down on the spot, to fall asleep once more.

Waking up after having hit his head from the fall and getting knocked out, Rein looked around himself. He was in a dark cave, and when he looked above him he noticed moonlight shining through the hole, illuminating a great statue of a wolf.

A ding resonated in his head, and suddenly a window appeared before him.

As the first to find the statue of the great Wolf King’s tomb, you have been granted the ability to morph into a wolf. The history of the wolves is bloody and filled with many wars. Now the last wish of the wolves is to unite with other animals, and quit the bloodshed for good. The only way to do so is by a sole individual finding the other great animal tombs that are spread out over the world.

Having read everything he swiped away the text, noticing his guild card vibrate.

Quest: Animal Kings’ Tombs

Information: Find all animal kings’ tombs and collect each animal’s power.

Requirement: Lv 1/Found one of the tombs.

Difficulty: S

Rewards: The title “Ruler of Animals” and 100,000 exp.

“An S difficulty quest, and 100,000 exp! I wonder about that title though,” he thought and called up the status window.

Name: Rein | Lv: 12 56% | Race: Human
Title: The All-Rounder | Money: 73 C | 15 S | 0 G
Hp: 405 | Mp: 310
Total atk: 50 | Total def: 30
Agi: 30| Str: 10 | Int: 10
Dex: 30 | Luck: 5 | Vit: 25
Stat Points Left: 0
Skills: [Stab] Active Beginner – Lv 4 52%
[Animal Morph: Wolf] Active Beginner – Lv 1 0%

Skill: [Animal Morph: Wolf] Active Beginner Lv – 1 0% You are able to morph into an animal. Upon skill level up, you will gain certain abilities of the animal without transforming.

“Not even beast race players can morph into animals! Except the vampires who can morph into bats. If I level up this skill and find other tombs I can probably be as strong as at least ten beast men, who are generally stronger because of their ‘beast blood,'” Rein thought as he swiped the windows away, closing them.”[Animal Morph: Wolf!]” His shout echoed inside the cave.

| Hi guys and thanks for reading this chap, as you may have seen there is many more chaps ready for you too see. If you feel like something is wrong with the text and know a better way, write it in a comment, see u in next chap!

And here is how the stats work. First you noticed that there is no m. def or m. atk, those are hidden stats that doesn’t show on the Stat display. M. atk can mostly only be seen by magic based characters and m. def by tank based. But for a usual char magic attack is included in atk and magic defence in def.

Now let me tell you the concept of hp, mp and atk. 1 Vit = 10 hp and you get 5 hp per leveling up. Str, Agi and Dex give 0.5 atk each, it was made that way so that a solo player would be able to equal other players. But Str based chars can equip heavier weapons than others that usually give more damage. As for mp, 1 Int = 10 mp and 10 mp per leveling up. Your char starts with 100 mp and a 100 hp as a base.

Thanks again to Scyanicat for editing.

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Imagine Online: The Game Chapter 0 Prologue: Vrmmorpg


This story is not properly edited, only the Prologue and chapter one is edited, please feel free to comment on mistakes. English is my second language, the first being Swedish.

The stone walls of the cave grew taller as he shrank, his senses growing sharper, his body twisted as it took on a new form, his new paws rested upon the cold, damp, and uneven floor as he shifted his focus onto getting out of the cave. He turned around, the smell of fresh air from the hole above him, the one he had fallen from an hour ago, grabbing his attention. His name was Hiro Gustavsson, and he was an 18 year old high school student.

Hiro was five feet and nine inches tall, had short messy black hair that barely reached past his ears, crystal blue eyes, and a plain face. He was the type of person that acted studious, but on the inside, was a true gamer. He lived with his little sister, Kira, and his parents. His mother was Japanese, and lovingly called Sakura by friends and family, while his father was Swedish and went by Henrik. He had lived in Japan until he turned 16, when he then moved to Gothenburg, Sweden. As a result, he was fluent in both Japanese and Swedish. In Japan, everyone thought he had a weird last name, but he didn’t get bullied because of it, in fact, he was actually quite popular because of it.

It was 2027, and the first virtual reality gear had been released. People could finally talk to each other face-to-face without having to travel long distances. The gaming industry exploded, with games being made left and right, but the most popular was the first, Imagine Online. Players are given a unique freedom, with any build or class possible, with the amazing bonus of custom magic. Skills could be shared through skill scrolls, with no default ones in existence, players were forced to become creative. The only things players can’t do was edit the terrain, create an NPC, create a new race, or change the pain awareness past 70%. Unlike older 3D and 2D games, there was no background music, focusing more on realism.

Hiro had been standing in front of the gaming store in his neighborhood, with his wallet securely in his right hand. The Swedish summer was perfect for standing in line, and also perfect in that the game was released on his summer holiday. It was about 20 minutes before he could enter the store to get his new virtual gear and Imagine Online. It being almost noon, and the Swedish servers would open in roughly two hours, together with the international servers. So far, there had only been servers open in Japan, Korea, China, and North America.

Hiro had researched the game beforehand and knew the basics, but it wouldn’t affect his gameplay. He knew that there was seven races in total: humans, beasts, elemental spirits, elves, fairies, dwarfs and celestians. There was only one type of humans, elves, fairies, or dwarfs, while there was different species for the others. Beasts could range from vampires to werewolves, elemental spirits varied depending on the element, and celestians differed based on what god they served.

The world in Imagine Online took place in Almeria, and was split into two continents, the North and the South. It had five countries: Mior, Lativase, Pestrick, Loin, and Shion. Mior was the land of the dwarfs, Lativase was home to the elves, Pestrick gave birth to the beasts, Loin belonged to the humans, and Shion housed the celestials, elemental spirits, and the fairies. Even though each race was based in their own country, it was possible to start in any country’s capital.

Hiro arrived at the counter 30 minutes later and bought his virtual gear, after stepping aside to an odd changing room. He was then asked take off his clothes, so that they could do a full body scan. Embarrassed, he stood there, nude, while being scanned by a camera. Afterwards, as he stepped out onto the sidewalk with his clothes back on of course, he suddenly felt very hungry and hurriedly made his way home.

It was near two o’clock when he was finally was able to start up Imagine Online. It gave him a notification, stating that the servers would open at exactly 2:00 p.m. He started up the gear and simply said, “Imagine.”

His world turned white.

Big credit to Scyanicat from Wattpad who edited this for me. If she ever start to publish her own story on wattpad please give her alot of support!

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