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RR Chapter 20: On the Crying Side

With this chapter I’m officially stopping my translation of Ring Ring, feel free to pick it up and continue where I left off. Chapter 19 was posted May 11th 2018 after all which was over a year ago. This copy pasting and translating was fun the first few chapters but now I quickly get bored of it. Thank you for reading my work, I appreciate it.

Shiori recalled the day when she met Krust for the first time.

He appeared in her room in a strong bright light, all stiff and wide eyed. Yet he soon puts his hand on the sword on his waist, being wary of her while his eyes were left to wander around the narrow apartment.

The reason why Shiori was able to swallow her scream of horror that almost came out of her throat was because she was able to read from Krust’s face that he was as confused as she was about the situation.

The other party was the same as her, unable to understand why.

“Excuse me….”

When she timidly called him out from the kitchen, Krust instantly turned toward her without letting his guard down. Poorly approaching with a slashing force.

With Krust glaring at her with sharp eyes, Shiori said the same thing she had said to a stray cat she had seen in the morning.

“It’s alright…. I will not do anything”

As expected after “only soothing a bit” she did not continue, only asking herself why she was trying to reassure the intruder.

Krust gazed at Shiori for a while but eventually gently released his hand from the sword.

By the way, Krust apologized for his behavior from that time later. He wasn’t seriously about to slash, but there was still a possibility – indeed it was rather rude to point a sword at a innocent female.

“Well, what are you…. What kind of magic was that? Also is that cosplay?”

Was he a magician cosplayer? A cosplaying magician? While trying to figure out Krust’s identity Shiori heard him say something.

But, she wrinkled her brow as it was in a completely foreign language.


It wasn’t Japanese, Chinese or English. It was an unfamiliar language. She had no idea at all what he was saying.

“***, ****?”

Troublesome…. Shiori was at a loss.

Krust was like wind when asking something to Shiori, he couldn’t be understood, and closed his mouth as if giving up. After looking around the room again, turning eyes suspiciously on unfamiliar electrical appliances such as television and air conditioner, he returned his gaze to Shiori again.

As it stayed on the same spot for a while, Shiori turned puzzled.


He briefly lowered his head lightly and turned his head and body towards the window. When he opened the curtain, the outside was dark, but the lights of the surrounding buildings were lighting up the scenery. Krust opened the window with the key, and went out on the narrow veranda.

“Wait, Wait a minute?”

In front of the Shiori who was confused to what he was going to do, Krust put a foot on the handrail of the veranda. Checked with thought if it was “ok to go”, and prepared to jump off as it was—

“Do-, don’t! It’s impossible! This is the third floor!”

Then Shiori rushed beside him and pulled on his upper garment.


Krust gave a troubled look to Shiori who had just stopped him. But after he descended back onto the veranda obediently, he was dragged back into the apartment.

“Ah, it’s dangerous, if you jump from such a place…! Rather there is an exit on the other side… I mean, if you go outside like that, people will definitely question your job. Here, sit down a bit… let’s calm down, both you and I…. Ah, take of your boots. In a Japanese house it’s strictly forbidden.”


She said. While placing Krust on a cushion with a lovely polka dots cover, Shiori took off his boots.

Now that she remembered it, she thought those actions of hers at the time was pretty funny. She thought about that she had held back a suspicious man trying to leave again and let him stay.

Even if she did stop him from trying to fly off the veranda, she did not drive Krust out from the door after that, somehow he seemed to be a dangerous human being without knowledge.

He seemed not to know of the Japanese society or the rules and common sense for those that live in modern society. His facial features were somewhat, a bit like a foreigner, as soon as he went out it seemed like he would cause trouble.

But thus, their shared life had brought to a start the pleasures of life that Shiori hadn’t noticed before by herself.

For Shiori, only the memories of her having fun together with Krust was left. Even the things that happened thanks to the difference of language and culture were interesting.

Shiori was shy to strangers, but somehow she was able to open herself up to Krust like she hadn’t been able to do with anyone else.

Their feelings matched, words can’t describe such a relationship. There are humans that don’t do well with horses, but Krust wasn’t one of them.

Shori thought that she felt comfortable and calmed down.

At first, a conversation between the two people was hard to establish. It couldn’t be helped since they couldn’t understand each other.



When conversing, Shiori had to keep eye contact with him to know what Krust wanted to convey. Because there was no other way to read someone else’s thoughts and feelings except for looking in their eyes and at their expression.

However, the partner had a perfect face that screamed “the highest artwork God created.”. Since she was desperate in the beginning, she did not think anything about it, but as the first four or five days passed, Shiori became ashamed of staring at Krust.

Even with a secretive glance, she usually had to give up every 3 seconds, after that she would blush and look away.

At first Krust seemed to be puzzled about Shiori’s reaction. He might have been slight hurt by it.

However, when such a thing continued several times Krust eventually realized something. He realized that just before Shiori’s eyes turned away her cheeks always had a slight blush.

After that Krust became like a devil.

When Shiori attempts to divert her face, his hands on her cheeks casually obstructs it or he gazed at close range to look on her face, making Shiori red ripe like an apple.

Krust must have thought that Shiori is a person who has no immunity to love.

While pointing to yourself like that was just like being teased, however, Siori could not be upset with Krust’s movements. Because they could not communicate with words, they had to have more physical contact.

When she was tired for a task during winter vacation, she was moved when he calmly asked her “Are you ok?”. And when she made egg tarts with a recipe she found in a cookbook she got hugged from behind as an expression that he was moved. She got to know this later when he knew her language better but Krust’s world seemed to have exactly the same sweets. Her heart almost seemed to be about to explode.

For Shiori, who had followed a straight path, living with Krust was exciting. In a sense it was a very stressful life for her heart, and sometimes she was puzzled by the range of her emotions, but it was not disgusting.

She often found herself happy having girlish feelings like this. A Life where hear heart beats everyday.

The time spent with Krust was sparkling like a treasure in Shiori’s heart.

However, now that sparkle is so bright a dazzling that it hurts her eyes.

Every time she thinks of Krust it becomes painful. Her burning heart was fragile and was likely easily to shatter with further damage.

The day after the parade Shiori went to the store as usual.

Roche was also in the store but he had been acting weird since yesterday and that made it kinda uncomfortable. Seemed to at one time almost make Shiori tempted to cry. But it was a bit uncomfortable to be treated like touching a swelling. [TLN: That’s what what is said]

Roche glanced and observed the eyes of Shiori who came down from the attic, when he saw no traces of tears, he felt relieved.

He asked to confirm.

“Are you ok?”

She thought she was going to respond with “What?” but stopped because she had no energy.


And so, she just went back to work.

In fact she only cried at that time during the parade. She thought that crying the whole night and appear would make her heartbreak apparent, so she felt disappointed at her own reaction, more than she thought.

However the was that heartbreak appear would me different for each person. Rather she thought it would be better if she could change her mind by spending the whole night crying.

In Shiori’s case a black shadow began to appear in the back of her chest the day before. It could not go wild, digging its roots there, not easily disappear.

(If you fall in love again the shadow will disappear.)

Thinking of such a thing she suddenly notice someone of the opposite sex standing close to her. It was Roche who was counting money.

Roshe stopped moving while holding a coin, noticing her gaze. Shiori sighs.

“No, I wonder… Roche”

“I don’t know, annoying.”

Words that express her emotions for Roche are difficult to find. The word “like” seems slightly off. Of course if she likes him she likes him and if she hates him she hates him but she often gets angry….

For Shiori Roche is an unfriendly guardian and an almost perfect boss. She also respects him for his knowledge and technology in making medicines and his intelligence.

But she also doesn’t want to admit that she honestly respects him, such complex feelings.

It was not the type of relationship that would develop into love anyway.

It seemed to be difficult to find a new love, so she decided to gradually try to forget Krust instead.

On that day and the next, Shiori fully focused on her work.

Other things- she doesn’t want to think about Krust engagement and she also doesn’t want to neglect her work because of a broken heart.

If she loses her job, she will lose all the support she needs to continuing on living in this world. That would be really scary.

But the bad things had yet to end.

Three days after the parade that determined Shiori’s heartbreak, the little alley store suddenly lost its lord.

-Roche went missing!


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RR Chapter 19: Heartbroken

To think I haven’t posted a chapter since Christmas… Sorry, I was way lazy and totally dead bored of the copy pasting repetition I have to do when I translate… Ah, has it been about a year now since I started? I think so. Well on Tuesday (May 15th) I finally turn 20, on Thursday (May 17th) I will finally take my driving theory test and on may 30th I got my driving test. If I succeed with the driving tests then I can drive alone by the afternoon may 30th and on may 31st I can help my brother move out of his school lodging. At least don’t expect me to do chapter 20 so soon…

Since I actually exceeded the 3 month rule(?)(A work can freely be picked up after 3 months of inactiveness) of translating a work I actually thought that someone else would pick it up but it seems like no one did so now I finally post the next chapter.

Some info about the site, i channeled my personal plan which means that ads will return and my domain will go back to June 14th. Be prepared for that.

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Translator: Sakuraid (& Google-sensei)

Editor: Sakuraid

As she finished her morning preparations and descended to the first floor, Roche was already there looking at Shiori.

“Something’s shining here?”

Roche said, maybe her hair that was more carefully conditioned than usual? Or her lips that had some oil packs on them since last night? Alternatively, it could be her face that was washed with homemade cosmetic water. A light blush appeared on Shiori’s cheek in shame.

“Today, you will only look at hero-sama from afar. There is no use in making yourself stand out so much.”

“I, I know…!”

It seemed like he said “it’s too much”, so Shiori felt that if there was a hole she would hide herself in it. With her hands she his her lips which had become plump and elastic thanks to the oil packs.

Roche gave out a nasty laugh and raised one of the corners of his mouth.

“Well, shall we go?”

Then he stood up.

“Roche, you don’t even have to come”

“I will go because unless there is someone watching you, you wouldn’t know what to do.”

The two people left the store while arguing.

As she neared the main street, the lively voices of people came to her ears. It blended into the bright morning air and made Shiori’s mood surge into a storm. It felt like an exciting festival atmosphere.

As the time of the parade was approaching, the street was already packed with people. Nonetheless, the people are separated into two sides of the road, leaving whole way in the center free for the knights to march.

There was various shops, but they didn’t seem to sell anything as their owners had also mixed in among the crowds. Seemed like business would start after the parade.

It also seemed like not only the residents of the city were there, there were many people dressed in traveling clothes, they might have come from another town to watch the parade.

Shiori also tried to move inside the crowd, but as she would probably only be shoved around, she decided to remain at the back of the crowd. As the knights were going to ride on horses, it would be easy for her to see Krust that would march in the front.

“It’s a bit annoying to be among such a big crowd”

Roche said standing next to her. Glancing at the profile that stirred his own hair, looking annoyed, Shiori rudely thought that surprisingly, mornings doesn’t suit him.

About 20 minutes later. From the back of the street, from the direction of the west where the castle is located, they heard a trumpet of trumpets and a drum performance. At the same time people start to cheer.

Both of the sounds gathered momentum and gradually neared the spot where Shiori was. Since the people starts to stir to try to get a better look at the back of the street, Shiori also gets caught up and looks in that direction.

Krust should certainly be in the front. She recalled what she heard from the bakery lady, her heart starts to beat in excitement. Even though she was just slightly nervous, the drum beats boosted that feeling.

The excited voices of the crowds come closer like waves. Along with the booming sound of drums pricking her ears, the drum and fife band appeared in Shiori’s view who stretched up. They had a slightly flashy appearance of red and green, and they weren’t riding on horses.

It didn’t seem like Krust was first in the parade line.

Despite being a bit disappointed, without any raise of heartbeat, Shiori watched the ensuring parade. An old man moved his head briefly, while he stretched his neck towards the opposite side.

Next were three knights with horses. Each had a large flag with different crests drawn on, Shiori didn’t understand their meaning. Maybe it was the emblems of the Order, the Country and the Royals, or so Shiori thought.

They bore not the knight clothes Shiori was knew of, but heavy armour.

Even so, looking at the masks that were covering their heads and faces completely, she wouldn’t know who they are! She got anxious.

Then, at that moment――.

Suddenly the cheers in the surroundings got loud enough to reach the skies. The air in the place got more excited.

A girl who was at the front row of the opposite side of the crowd, grabbed pink petals from the basket they had, and threw them towards the street. Voices of excitement rose from the surrounding people.

―― “Krust−sama”.

Shiori turned her eyes wide open, and looked towards the street. Though her toes were nearing their limits due to stretching all the time, it didn’t matter.

Before Shiori’s eyes, he was there.

“Krust…. It’s Krust”

Instinctively, her trembling voice came out.

Every pore on her body opens up, she got goosebumps. Is this the feeling of excitement? Dokidoki, the pulsating sound of her heart echoes in her body, it was badly loud. She couldn’t understand the reason why she was letting out cold sweat.

Krust rode on a white horse dressed in various accessories and wore a silver-laden armor. He had removed his helmet and held it under his left arm, he looked dignified as he rode on.

Apart from the drums, the fife band and the flag holders, he marched slowly in front of the line. Although they followed behind Krust, the other knights who were aligned in two to three rows with their helmets removed, couldn’t make Shiori’s gaze move away from Krust.

He looked more mature than before…. She thought. A calm, manly, adult aura encircles him, he had gotten a fearless face.

He seemed like a different person from the man who used to show a smile in front of her, it made her a bit sad.

The appearance which was as beautiful as an ice sculpture remained as usual, it naturally attracted eyes. The line of sight remained centered on him.

Without diverting attention to the noisy cheers from the surroundings, Krust moved forward looking only in front of him. That figure was exquisitely majestic, exactly like a true hero.

While she looked at his figure, Krust came up to the front of Shiori.

The distance between them was only a few meters. At the moment she thought that, Shiori suddenly realizes something.

Just look at Krust’s figure. He doesn’t need to be aware of her. She thought that, but now she can’t hold herself back like that anymore.

(I want Krust to notice me…!)

She wants him to realize that she is here, in the same world as him. Shiori strongly thought that.

She felt intense impatience and loneliness when Krust passed by her without noticing her existence.

She didn’t think about boldly crawling through the crowd and jump onto the street where the knights were marching.

But Shiori couldn’t help but to unconsciously advance a step. Running as it was, she tried to shout the name of Krust in a loud voice――.

At the same time she tried to take action, Roche, who was next to her, tightly gripped her arms.

Feeling uncomfortable about not being able to move as she wants, Shiori looks back at her boss and glares at him. The advice from him that she should not have any connection with the Order of Knights was totally out of her head, and it was just annoying to her that Roche gets in the way.

“Let me go…”

“What are you going to do once you meet again?”

Roche’s did not go through to Shiori which resisted swinging his away his arms, Roche looked at the back of the Krust which keeps going away gradually, and as usual, Roche was in a state of calm.

While thinking he moved his gaze to look at Shiori, saying with a cold voice;

“If you still have hope of “maybe”, I will push it away properly. The hero has a wi- a fiance. The other party is this kingdom’s princess.”

The movement of Shiori which was resisting stopped suddenly and even her breathing stopped for a moment.

“I’m not lying, I heard it from a backdoor customer. Although it hasn’t been released yet, it seems to be a known story among the nobles”

It took her a awfully long to firmly understand the meaning of Roche ‘s words. It was because the brain was showing a reaction of rejection as she didn’t want to take in that fact.

(Engagement…… Krust…… and the princess of this country……)

Shiori managed to take the words like swallowing a sticky and unpleasant liquid. She returned her line of sight to Krust who already only had the back, forgetting to blink and keeping her gaze still.

Her heart felt strained.

(Maybe, I still love Krust?)

Poetry vaguely thought.

No, she really felt like she already knew. But she was afraid to expose her true feelings even to herself, so she was desperately pretending not to notice.

Unchanged from three years ago, she still has feelings for Krust.

She was a person who used to be in love “long time ago”, but also a person who is still in love “currently”.

That was Shiori’s real feelings, that was a truthful fact.

However, nothing changed as soon as she realized it. She still had her heart broken.

Even though the surroundings were still noisy, a strange quietness was spreading in the head of Shiori. The crust which was going down the street eventually gets hidden behind the following knights and disappeared.

Shiori thought; It may be that she hoped somewhere in his heart that he did not forget her as much as she still didn’t forget Krust.

In the last three years, she had many encounters with heterosexuals. Since she was a college student, she often got invited to Gokons*. From the opposite sex that she got acquainted with there, there were also things that had been implicitly conveyed.

But she didn’t enter into a relationship as she couldn’t forget about Krust.

The time in Shiori’s mind stopped three years ago, when Krust suddenly returned to his world.

But Krust was different. Became a hero, got a fiance, he is moving forward.

Only she was stuck in the past….


When she heard Roche’s impudent voice, with a cold touch on her cheeks, Shiori realized that she was crying.

Roche strongly wipes his eyes with a rugged finger. Was it surprising that she was cried? Looking at his unexpectedly upset expression, Shiori was ashamed that she shed tears in such a place.

In a hurry she wiped her tears with the sleeves of her clothes,

“The royal family will soon come through”

She heard a man near her say. People who saw the hero were now waiting for the arrival of the king and queen this time.

“Can I get to see a glance of Princess Cattorea today?”

Followed by the words she heard, Shiori unfailingly solidified and listened carefully.

Is princess Cattorea, Krust’s fiance….?

“I wonder if you didn’t come last year. His Majesty was reluctant to bring her.”

“His Majesty is patronizing the princess. It would naturally not be good to show a horse race game where death sometimes happen”

“No, no, just worried that the princess’s heart will be robbed by the knight in the game? As a father who also has a daughter, I will keep this in my mind.”

Residents of the city smiled, laughed and then continued talking.

“See, the majesties’ carriage”

One person pointed with his finger, Shiori followed it’s direction and looked ahead. She saw a luxurious, glitterless type of carriage at the back of the street, but before her line of sight had reached the royal people on board there, Shiori’s head quickly looked downwards.

In case princess Cattorea was onboard, she felt frustrated. She had no courage to see the face of Krust’s fiance. It was certain that she would be a beauty that would overwhelm Shiori.

A honorable hero who saved the country and a beautiful princess. Isn’t that a perfect match?

There are no gaps which one could enter there.

“Let’s… return to the store”

Even though she intended to talk normally, the voice that she aimed towards Roche was trembling small.

Roche looked at Shiori’s state as if to observe, and nodded silently. Then he pushed Shiori’s back, they silently left the main street where the bustle went on.

*Gokon = Groupdating for those who doesn’t know

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RR Chapter 18: Happy Dreams

Merry Christmas everyone! I thought I would finish up both chapter 18 and nineteen till today but a great update arrived to Toram Online, and Android/IOS MMORPG I play and I just had to jump on it. When this post everyone might not have Christmas yet but it will come in a few hours.

Anyway I will still work on and finish up chapter 19, if I actually get fired up for once maybe, but only maybe I will do 20 too. 20 is a good number. I will release chapter 19 on New year’s Eve 11:59pm GMT+ 1 make it the last post of the year while if I do 20th I might as well release it 12am to make it the first post of 2018.

Count this chapter and beginning of chapter note announcement as a Christmas gift from me. (In Sweden we don’t open our gifts on Christmas day but on the evening of Christmas Eve if you didn’t know that already.)

Oh and this chapter was actually posted 8am in the morning and I’m sleeping probably.


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Translator: Sakuraid (& Google-sensei)

Editor: Intel


Was this a dream?
Shiori was floating on a fluffy cloud in the air and looked down beneath. There Shiori was still a college student. She busily moved around the hall wearing the restaurant uniform of her part-time job.

“Sorry it got so late, you can go now”
“Ah, yes, then I’m going ahead”

The store manager said and Shiori retreated to the back of the kitchen. She went to the changing room, quickly changed her clothes and came out. She seemed to be in a hurry.

“Umemoto-san, you can bring this with you.”

She was caught by the store manager when she was about to head out, he gave her a plastic bag. There was a paper with letters spelling ‘fried chicken’ in there. It was a frozen version of what the store offered.

“Are you sure it’s okay?”
“Actually, I don’t need to do something like this, but Umemoto-san is doing her best. But since it’s near it’s expiration date, please eat it up as soon as possible.”
“Yes, thank you”

Oh, I remember. Shiori thought while floating in the air. This is a memory of the past. This dream is a replay of the past events.
It was a Saturday, there were many customers so it was busy. Moreover, the part-timer that was scheduled to enter the same shift as her didn’t show up. Shiori had to work as much as an hour and a half more than usual.

Holding the bags containing some frozen fried chicken, she had to leave quickly or else Krust would worry. She left the store.
But when she opened the back door, Shiori unintentionally let out a loud voice. A Shadow that had melted into the darkness of the night emerged, only slightly illuminated by the light inside the store that leaked out of the door.
A man whose face was deeply hidden beneath the hood of his black hoodie.
Shiori was a little scared and observed the man with vigilance.

“….Huh? Could that be Krust?”

She said with a surprised voice. She judged that it was him by his tall and strong frame that she could see even though the man wore clothes.
In response to Shiori’s voice, the man lifted his hood up. Silver hair like the color of the cold fading moon showed up beneath. It was Krust after all. Shiori rushed to him with confidence.

“Did you come to pick me up? I’m sorry I’m late. We had a lot of customers.”

At that time, two months had already passed since she started living with Krust. He also showed an amazing learning ability and adaptability, it was around the time where he had gotten used to life in Japan.
Krust had learned how to use a vacuum cleaner and a washing machine, in the stead of Shiori who went out, he took care of most of the housework. His cooking was almost perfect, Shiori thought he was the image of a ‘perfect bride’.
She didn’t put it into words, because it seemed like it would hurt his pride as a knight.

Besides household chores, Krust wanted to help with anything he could. For example, picking up Shiori from her part-time job when she tends to work late into the night.
However, since Krust’s appearance stands out, Shiori didn’t allow it. However, whenever Shiori worked late which she often did, Krust would often come and pick her up like this.
Although she did not want him to go out as much as possible in order to prevent Krust from getting caught up in a strange disturbance, she felt sorry for keeping him alone at home. Also she was glad that he was worried about her so she did not scold him whenever he came to pick her up.

“That is?”

He saw the plastic bag Shiori was carrying and asked her in Japanese.

“Deep-fried chicken. Didn’t you like it Krust?”
“Yeah, there was something similar ‘over there’”

Over there was, the world Krust came from. Recently when he talked about his hometown, Shiori’s chest hurt for some reason. Did Krust want to go back to his original world? Thinking about it, she would turn impatient and get uneasy.
She hoped Krust would stay with her forever, she felt disgust over thinking such a thing.
Not to mention Krust, he had already decided that he would return home. That was what he wanted, so that’s what she wished for as well.

“Isn’t it heavy?”

Krust grabbed the bag out of her hands and began to walk. They went out to the street through the parking lot of the shop, and proceeded along the sidewalk toward the direction of the apartment.
Suddenly Shiori heard a distant voice from the front and she raised her face. It was a young couple. It seemed like they were looking at each other, while walking towards Shiori and Krust, she couldn’t tear her eyes from them.
She didn’t want to see such a frustratingly perfect couple, with their hands lit by the lights of convenience store, Shiori’s eyes, were firmly stuck whether she wanted it or not.
It was the so called ‘lover’s connection’.

She wished that she could hold hands with Krust, she completely and honestly envied that couple. When they got a bit far away, Krust who had been silent until then opened his mouth.

“There are a lot of black haired people in this country. Black hair isn’t uncommon in my country, but there are many more here.”

Shiori payed attention to their hands, it seemed like Krust payed attention to their hair. She was ashamed for daydreaming alone about ‘holding hands with Krust’, the atmosphere turned stale.
While somewhat down, Shiori bitterly smiled and said;

“That is because it’s one of the characteristics of Japanese people. It seems that foreigners find it difficult to distinguish people because our facial expressions are so similar, is it the same for Krust? Can’t you tell the difference between the Japanese?”

From him, it seemed that everyone including Shiori, would be replaced with a flat face. That was what Shiori thought.

“Yes. They all look the same.”

Although she became somewhat sad, Shiori tried to return with a smile saying “after all”, she opened her eyes unexpectedly to the words of Krust who had continued.

“- Apart from Shiori.”

She was told with a seductive smile that could have been missed, heat instantly gathered on her cheeks.
Although she didn’t want to react excessively, she was shaken. Because she was a girl inexperienced in love, she had tried to challenge herself.
But, Krust happened to catch how Shiori had turned red like an apple.


Krust, who noticed the bicycle coming from behind her on the sidewalk, took a hold of Shiori’s wrist and pulled her aside. The bicycle passed by uneventfully, she thought that her wrist would be released soon but…


Krust silently gazed at their connected hands, and then moved his hands. His long fingers and Shiori’s thin fingers got tangled.
Like how the couple from before had done.

“Eh, Ah, that…”
“Let’s hurry home.”

Krust ignored the confused Shiori, and started to walk away. Of course, while still holding hands.
Did Krust possibly, when he looked at that couple from before, did he not just look at their hair but their hands as well, like Shiori had done? Shiori got happy with that thought. Her face got even redder, and her chest also started to heat up.
The temperature between the connected hands was really comfortable.

She woke up on a hard bed in the attic and got discouraged.

“Aha, I woke up…”

She wanted to keep dreaming a bit more, thought Shiori while hugging a pillow. The past, what actually happened was only being replayed in a dream, rather than thinking back on it in her head while she was awake, there was much more realism in her dreams. It felt like the warmth of Krust’s hand still lingered on her right hand.
At that time, Krust didn’t release her hand until they got to the apartment. Even after entering the flat, their hands were connected until Shiori shoddily had said “I want to change clothes, but…”.
From that kind of behavior –

(At least that time, did Krust think that he didn’t hate me?)

Shiori thought so but quickly shook her head, ‘No I’m being too self-conscious.’. It shouldn’t have been hate, but I’m not confident it was love either.
Because she didn’t know how much she should think, Shiori stopped guessing Krust’s feelings and got up from the bed. She looked at the sky from a small round window, the clear blue sky spread in the morning.

Today it was the tournament competition where the knights would participate. Of course, the parade would be held as well.
A quiet tension rose in her chest. Today, she could finally see Krust’s appearance for the first time in three years.
While feeling joy and anxiety, Shiori began to get dressed.


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RR Chapter 17: Parade

Another chapter out, sorryfor being lazy nut the story feels quite slow atm which makes it hard for me to stay  focused when translating it. The way I’m translating it actually needs that focus so…

Please read this translation at

Translator: Sakuraid (& Google-sensei)

Editor: Intel (& Sakuraid)



When Roche told her that she should in no way interact with the order, Shiori accepted it, but the feeling of “wanting to meet Krust again” wasn’t that easily abandoned.

She had also thought about seeking a chance to meet Krust by sneaking into the castle, but now that was not so easy either.
Roche, who only used to be in the shop once in awhile, was now at the shop regularly even when she needed to go out. He used reasons such as that he needed to check the medicine and that he needed to eat lunch.
It took a few hours for Shiori to make a round trip to the castle with her feet. Even if she didn’t return, she would be worried about Roche, if she went to see Krust she was worried that she won’t be able to go back to the store and work, she had to be completely prepared for that.

As she was about to see him again, Krust got misled, it would the worst if she got scolded by Roche and was fired.

While thinking stuff like this, the time quickly passed. Maybe two months would soon have passed since she came to this world.

(Is it impossible to ever meet Krust again?)

She felt sick when that thought appeared in her mind. If Krust wasn’t there, she felt that the fun of living in that world would be reduced by half.
There was still some hope and pleasure for Shiori, such as the fact that her work was fulfilling and that she had gotten many new acquaintances in this country.

In the morning, seeing that the food storage was soon empty, Shiori decided to go out shopping. Roche went to “special customer” that day, but since he seemed to have decided to go in the afternoon, she asked him later if she could leave the store.

As she passed through the alley and exited it to the main street she noticed that the city view had changed. Different plants such as trees and lovely flowers were placed out in regular intervals and small stalls and tents were being assembled around the street.
There were always a lot of people on this street, but that day it was more than that. The residents of the city seemed to stand out.

(I wonder, is there a festival in the near future?)

She remembered the atmosphere in school that appeared when a school festival was approaching. Even though she didn’t know the reason excitement started to swell in her chest.
She approached a kind-looking middle aged woman, who was sweeping leaves off the street, and called out to her.

“Hello, good morning”
“Oh, you are Shiori, right?”

The woman was the owner of the bakery Shiori was planning to go to. When she came shopping there several times they became friends through small talk. There was a smell of stiff wheat coming from the cozy shop behind the woman. While being attracted to the smell that intensified her appetite, Shiori asked the woman.

“The city, lively atmosphere. What, a festival?”
“Oh, right, you just came to this country. Together with the tournament in two days, the city will be opened tomorrow. It’s preparation for that.”

The woman explained in detail to Shiori, who tilted her neck.

“Do you know about calvary matches? Knights dressed in armour and fighting with spears and shields.”

The woman said with hand gestures imitating knights with spears and shields, Shiori thought it looked like a dangerous game.
The spears seemed to have a rounded tip rather than the usual sharp one, but the woman added “It is natural for injured people to appear every year, sometimes there are even people who die apparently”.
The tournament was held once a year, and it took place when the season changed from autumn to winter.
By the way, in this world and in Japan, the seasons like the Earth’s southern hemisphere and the northern hemisphere were greatly shifted. In May, it was not spring here.

“Did you know that there will be a stadium at the east of the city? The horse race will be held there.”

Speaking of places in this city, the place she frequented the most was this boulevard, so she didn’t know about any stadium in the east. Because it is like an amphitheater, she imagined it would look like a Colosseum.
The matches would only be held for one day, and the city, with that game day in the center, would apparently be in a festival state. People would gather from all over the country and it seemed like it will turn quite lively.
Shiori wanted to ask if Krust would also participate in the matches.

“That, can we also, go and watch?”

The woman shook her head slightly.

“No, I think that’s impossible without an invitation. Because in the stadium only rich merchants, royalty and aristocrats are allowed. There are not only nobles from inside the country but also from abroad, there are no seats for us commoners.”
“Is that so…”

If Krust had come out she would have wanted to watch his fighting figure, the woman gave her a wry smile and patted on her shoulder.

“Oya, is there a knight you are yearning for?”

Shiori got a little lost before she answered.

“Krust… the Hero”
“Oh! So it is Krust-sama. It is not only Shiori-chan but everyone wants to see him, but don’t worry – There is an opportunity to see Krust without even entering the stadium.”
“Well, really?”

Shiori’s dark brown eyes gave of a bright shine.
The woman said.

“Didn’t you know? The castle where the knights usually are and the stadium where the matches will be held on the opposite side just across the city centre. The Knights go through here when heading to the stadium. On the morning of the tournament, the royal family and their accompany will slowly march through here in a line.”

From what the woman said, the march seemed like a parade before the tournament for the people not allowed to enter the stadium. By watching the appearance of the courageous knights marching forward, those who couldn’t watch the tournament could also get excited.

“If it is like last year, Krust-sama should be first in the queue, so he should be easy to find.”

When the woman added those words, Shiori got excited inside. She may see Krust for the first time in 3 years!
That day there will be many people on the side of the road, and it may be impossible for Krust to recognize her figure.
But Shiori was fine. Even just seeing Krust a bit would be good and then Roche wouldn’t complain.

She imagined that Krust was as cool as he was three years ago, and a blush unintentionally appeared on her cheeks.
The tournament would be the day after tomorrow. And it was the morning that day that the knights would pass here. Shiori confirmed the date and time again from the baker woman and decided to see Krust’s appearance.

“I’m home~”

Finished food shopping, Shiori returned to the store. Roche smoked a cigarette, while simmering a mossy colored liquid in a pot.

“Has something good happened?”

As their eyes met, Shiori stiffened her face and seemed to strangely behave suspiciously.

“No, noth, nothing really…! Truly nothing!

She had meant to secretly go to the cavalry match parade. Thinking if she should reveal it here, Shiori panicked.
She was afraid that Roche was thinking of something in silence, while observing her. Roche was an unusually sharp man, like, he seemed to easily realize what her thoughts were.
After a few tense seconds. Roche who seemed to be convinced murmured “Oh.. I understand”. Shiori solidified.

“That’s right, you heard about the cavalry matches that will be on in the city, surely it was the day after tomorrow? The knights will march on the main road…. The hero would surely also come.”

Cold sweat had started to run on Shiori’s back. Could Roche read other’s hearts? She doubted that.
But here is what one have to do. No matter how suspicious it was, she should keep pretending she didn’t know anything. Deciding that she would put up a fight, Shiori swept her eyes around the room and tried to make a poker face.

“Eh… Eeeh? What’s this? Roche, I don’t understand what you are saying. What is a kni, knight?”
“Strong acting guys.… well, it’s fine, you can go and watch the parade.”

Words she didn’t expect, it turned her voice inside out. Shiori put the basket she had in her hand down on the counter quite roughly and stood in front of Roche.

“I can go, really!? I can go and see Krust?”

She cutely grabbed Roche’s arm and looked up at him. She couuldn’t believe it, she realized her eyes were sticking out.
Roche replied while stirring the pot with a wooden spatula.

“I guess it’s fine if you go and watch. There will be a lot of people that day, even if you notice the hero, I don’t think the hero will notice you, but I will be there as well.”
“Yay! Thank you!”

She didn’t mind having a guardian. Shiori smiled like she was playing hitting the hand, Roche saw that and gave her a glare.


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RR Chapter 16: Giving up

Sorry for the long wait, both some problems and laziness on my part was the cause of it but here is chapter 16.  Oh and I’m currently watching totally spies which I saw some episodes of on tv in my childhood. Ah memories. Another oh and I also happened to be stupid and slightly burned one of my fingers today, ops.

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Translator: Sakuraid (& Google-sensei)

Editor: Sakuraid & Intel)


When Krust and Syllabus were visiting the store, Shiori was at the stall of a fruit shop on the main street. With her breathing fierce she ordered 5 “Puput” from a young simple-looking man.

“Oh, if it isn’t Shiori! Thank you as always, for the “Puput”.”

The young man was the son of the owner of this fruit store, and Shiori was familiar with him after coming to the shop every once in awhile. Shiori paid and said “thank you” before going back towards the main street.

“Ah, wait a moment!”

The young man called out to Shiori and picked up one of the fruits lined up in the store. He showed it to her, it was a cherry-colored fruit shaped like a plum.

“Do you know of this? Is there any Atra in your hometown Shiori?”
“Oh, no there isn’t.”

She was a in a hurry so she shook her head and answered briefly. Then the young man’s face lit up.

“Well then, please eat it, it’s really sweet and delicious, like yourself. You don’t need to pay.”

He put three Atras into Shiori’s basket.

“Thank you. I’m happy, I will eat it…”

The young man used his hand to stop Shiori again, who had been speaking swiftly to raise a signal that she was leaving. While having a blushing face and watching the ground he said.

“Oh, uh, well if you don’t mind, it doesn’t have to be now… it can be anytime… If you’re free… if Shiori as some free time… then, go together…”
“Because I’m in a hurry, can’t talk, at this time! Bye bye!”

Looking at the young man stuttering away Shiori thought “He doesn’t seem to ever get to the point, he will probably go on for a long time.” and while feeling a bit bad left in the middle of it.

“Ah, yeah, bye bye…”

While looking at Shiori disappearing in full speed the young man was left standing there lonely waving his hand.

“I’m back!”

Shiro who had finished her shopping ran for the store in a dash like a baseball player who aims for a point in a baseball game. The small bell hanging by the door rings, and Roche, who sat at the counter, sees her face as “lascivious”.
While catching her breath Shiori put the basket with Puput and Atra on the counter. It didn’t even take her 20 minutes to do go and come back. While thinking that there is no way for Krust to have arrived yet she asked Roche t make sure.

“Syllabus, arrived yet?”

Of course not yet? Is what she thought the answer would be.

“No, they have already left.”

Roche’s answer was cruel.

“So, you are back already.”
“Seriously!? I told you to hold them back!”

Shiori cried out in Japanese and tried to jump out of the Store to follow Keut who had gone home.
However, Roche stopped her by shouting “wait” in an overwhelmingly strong tone.


Shiori turned around with a slight irritation. She was uncertain about where Krust was now. Still in town? Or had he already returned to the castle?
Roche slowly stood up from his chair and said,

“You, do not get involved with them anymore.”
“It is inevitable that if the officials of the Order are going in and out of the store, the back customers won’t like it”
“…OK, so as to not bother the store, I will not bring them here.”

Roche grasped Shiori’s shoulder who once again tried to follow Krust and said.

“You don’t have to be personally connected with that knight, I don’t know whether it was love at first sight, but give up on that silver haired knight.”
“Love at first sight…?”
“Am I wrong? When they came over to buy medicines last week, you met that knight, you fell in love with him at first sight.”
“Wro, wrong!”

Although it seemed like the misunderstanding that she had fallen in love with Syllabus have been solved, Shiori felt like she had gotten a headache when she now had another strange misunderstanding.

“I did not fall in love at first sight! I…”
“Don’t feel bad, you will have more chances at first love. Not me though.”

Roche didn’t let go of her arms while he said that and Shiori desperately tried to get free to follow Krust.

“Anyway, it is useless with that knight, give it up.”

While she was dragged to the back of the store, Shiori thought that it might be better to tell him the truth.

That she came from another world, that Krust had tripped to her world.
Roche might change his mind if he knew that they knew each other, and learn that there are man reasons for her to try and pursue him.

“Roche, hear a little!”

Shiori turned towards her boss with a strong determination in her eyes.

Roche’s first response after listening to Shiori’s whole story was like this.

“Well, was that silver haired knight who came today, the rumored hero?”
“Only that?”

Even though she was prepared for him to say things like, do yo really come from another world or don’t say stupid things.
Shiori exhaled and relaxed her shoulders.
Roche’s reaction when she was talking was light, she wondered if he really believed her, but was it too much acknowledged?

“Did you believe… my story?”

When he heard the fearful voice, Roche looked at Shiori while blowing out cigarette smoke.

“Well, if you are an excellent magician in the castle, then it is not strange that you can use such arts right? But the knowledge of that type of magic is fresh.”

Apparently he really believed her. Perhaps it is easier for people of this magical world to believe in different world trips than it is for Japanese people.
Shiori timidly walked away from Roche towards the shop entrance.

“Well, I’ll chase after Krust”

She lightly said with one hand raised. Now that she had explained her circumstances he should let her go. At east that is what Shiori expected,

“No, it’s useless”

She was once again stopped by Roche. This time he caught her neck like a cat.
To Shiori Shouting “Why!” Roche said bitterly,

“Regardless of what circumstances you and the hero have, this circumstance has not been changed. The connection between you and a knight is not good for the shop. Besides, the knight is a hero… If that is known then this store will lose a lot of customers, stupid.”

Roche seems to have no heart. Rather than the reunion of Shiori and Krust who have been living in different worlds for three years, the sales of his shop is more important. Shiori thought that every human being has “emotions”, but she changed that recognition only for this man.
She muttered in Japanese “cold blooded” and in response she got a “right now, you said something bad right?” look.

“Even if you reunite with the hero, it is a disadvantage for me. You might be able to connect with the knight, but there is also a risk that you will return to your former world as you meet the hero’s magician acquaintance. It’s a minus.”

He pulled her face closer while still holding her neck. Shiori got surprised by the close range and tried to take a step back, but Roche did not allow that. She was frightened by his sharp eyes that looked like carnivorous beasts aiming at prey.

“Also I let you learn the recipes for my medicines, do not even consider that I will easily let go of the chick that I brought up to be able to use it.”

Threatened with a low voice, Shiori stopped trying to get free from his nape grip as her body stiffened.
She didn’t really intend to do it right now, but when she quits the shop, maybe she will have to “Cut her finger off”? And that’s seriously fearsome.

“Did you understand?”
“Do you understand, Shiori?”

Since any answer other than “Yes” were unlikely to be forgiven, so she couldn’t reply with anything else. Shiori was praised by Roche with him saying “Yoshi” and stroking her head like a dog.

There were two reasons why Shiori wanted to reunite with Krust.

One was simply a “want to see” a person who she used to be in love with.

However, Shiori couldn’t risk losing a good job, a bed to sleep in, food and clothing to chase after Krust, she was in this situation, she was not a “girl” either.
She didn’t know whenever Krust wanted to reunite with her too, or even accept Shiori who has no work or home.
Shiori is a proper adult, she knows how to reason and calculate. She wants to see him, but she can’t move easily just because. She also have to consider the life afterwards.

Another reason she wants to see him again is to learn how to get back to Japan.

However, the desire to return to Japan was originally small in Shiori.
Because she felt that it would be enough if she could contact her parents and tell them that she was safe and that life in this natural and peaceful world would match her much better than her hurried contemporary life in Japan.
It would be regrettable to lose this life with a fulfilling job. There was only unemployment over there.
If Krust were to strongly say “You must return to Japan”, Shiori wouldn’t mind following Krust to be introduced to the magician…

To have a job is a happy thing. If you have a job you can find out where you are in the world. She can feel relieved that she also have a role.
The reason she felt that way could be because of her endless job-hunting in Japan that only got responded with not-hiring notices.
If you think about employment alone, there was no place for Shiori in that world, bt there is a place in this world.

She wanted to see Krust. However, if she used whatever expense she can to reunite with Krust, she would always lose.

Same with Roche. There are many things he hasn’t taught her yet, he helped her when she was about to turn into a prostitute, and he gave Shiori who had come from another world a decent job. He also provided her with food and a place to sleep, and she was in a situation where she couldn’t say she didn’t need him to teach her the language and common sense of this world.
So, following Krust, she did not want to not return the favor to Roche.

Besides, she still had something she wanted to learn from him. It was not like Shiori had met other pharmacists, but she thought that is was very fortunate for her to be able to study under a superior person like Roche – not humanly but as a pharmacist – to the end.

Shiori did not follow Krust.
Her legs seemed to want to start moving in line with instinct, but after considering various things, she stayed in the store by her own free will.


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RR Chapter 15: Fight

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Translator: Sakuraid (& Google-sensei)

Editors: Intel & Sakuraid



A few minutes had passed since Shiori went out to shop and customers had come to the store. Roche was sitting at the counter motivationally and politely welcoming guests and rose up from the chair.




Two customers, a gentleman with gray hair wearing glasses and a tall man with silver hair. Both were dressed elegantly and he felt that their status was different from the residents who usually came to the store. THe young man looked at him with sharp eyes.


(This, this guy is… a knight?)


Wrinkles were visible between Roache’s eyes, although he was not carrying a sword just by his atmosphere one could tell he was a knight. However, he didn’t seem to be working at the moment. Roche knew the name ‘Krust Orfeld’ but he didn’t realize that the man in front of him was the hero. He wasn’t interested, nor did he know his face since he hadn’t been to anything like the Triumph Parade. While he was gazing closely at the knight, the gray-haired man in front of Roche spoke with a gentle smile.


“Hello. Are you the owner of this store? My name is Syllabus. I came to pick up the medicine I ordered last week…”

“Syllabus? That’s you?”


Roche quickly moved his eyes to the gray-haired man. If he was Syllabus that meant that Shiori’s description of a very old grandfather was indeed correct.


“What, so it wasn’t a lie.”


He thought that she was embarrassed because she fell in love with Syllabus, so he decided she was lying to hide it.  Clear, young blue eyes, but his face definitely looked like an old doctor…

As Roche was unwillingly in the position of Shiori’s guardian, he thought he would have to be a bit threatening if such a man came. Shiori was living in a very relaxed country, even so the time here is dangerous because she doesn’t seem to be always good at crisis management.

Although she doesn’t seem to be fully conscious of herself, basically she was full of gaps, and it is only gaps, so it is not always the case that a man would come in here looking for a girl.


However, as far as he could see, Syllabus didn’t seem like a bad man, though Shiori probably wouldn’t fall in love with him. Roche gently dismissed Syllabus from the list of people he should be vigilant off.

But the young knight wasn’t good yet. Roche thought,  Could it be, the reason Shiori was so happy wasn’t because of Syllabus but this beautiful knight? Even when she received the order for medicine last week, this knight had come along with Syllabus and there was a possibility she fell in love at first sight.


“Well, this is the medicine that was ordered.”


Roche thought about what to do now while he put the prepared medicine on the counter.

He was asked to hold them until Shiori returns. This knight can’t be seen as a dishonest human being, and there was also the feeling of Shiori wanting to have a poetic love. “I will quit working here and follow him!” It is possible for her to say that, but he wouldn’t cheer for her.


(A knight huh…)


Roche murmured in his head, Syllabus was a doctor and seeing as he was accompanied by a doctor he was probably a knight of the Order.

Too bad for Shiori, but Roche didn’t really want to engage with the order more than necessary.

The aphrodisiacs and energetic drugs he secretly sell did not have a bad influence on the body or mind, nor were they addictive. As it was a legal medicine, Roche didn’t mind being watched by the eye of the Order, but that was only Roche himself.


But, his customers were different. For those Roche sold to, there were also a lot of big names from noble and merchant families, and they were very sensitive to rumors about them. They didn’t want people to know that they who often cared about appearance and had connections in higher places used aphrodisiacs.

Moreover, some customers were not satisfied with the medicine Roche made and turned to more severely effective illegal drugs. People like dustbags that have dust come out them when you hit them.*

All of those people would not appreciate knights entering and leaving the shop, because rumors of it being searched and selling obscene medicine would spread, and they would become scared of getting caught.


If they knew knights and their people came in and out of the store, many customers would surely stop coming to him.

Roche sighed lightly while preparing the medicine for Syllabus.

Shiori’s find, she thought she has found a large customer. Well, they are many and also a certain class of customers.


If Syllabus became a regular at the store, there is no doubt that his medicine sales would significantly improve. But that was limited to the sale of “healthy medicines on the table”. If it became known that a physician exclusive to the order was his regular, the “under the table” customers he had would disappear and sales would be drastically reduced.


Roche calmly calculated it in his head with a cheeky face, should he choose Syllabus or his “under the table” customers? He had decided, after all it was better to pick the “under the table” customers. If he chose Syllabus his sales would be even lower than they were now.


“This is the medicine you ordered. It’s quite heavy, because it was so expensive.”


When Roche finished putting all the medicine on the counter “he” Krust came up and easily picked up the big bottle.


“The medicine here is of good quality, so I’m looking forward to using it.”


Syllabus smiled. “Right……” He then changed the topic while looking at Roche.


“Isn’t there a female pharmacist who received this order the other day?”

“Oh, she’s out right now.”

“Okay… Seems our timing was bad.”


Syllabus glanced at Krust next to him,


“You’re too busy, should we go home for today? From now on, there is a possibility that this store will be used by the Order, so there will be many other opportunities to meet her.”

“That’s it… …”


In the conversation between Syllabus and Krust, Roche interrupted. He had raised an eyebrow to the word Order.


“If you are an official of the Order, I’m sorry but I can’t do any future deals. So, do not come here anymore.”


Roche spoke in a polite but clear tone, Syllabus expression was one of confusion and glanced at Krust while he scratched on the side of his eyes. He said in a difficult tone,


“Is there some trouble that prevents you to deal with us?”

“No, to say there is trouble…”


Roche deliberately shrugged his head and made a bitter smile and then laughed before ending in a frown.


“I personally dislike knights.”


In a provocative way, Krust’s eyes sharpened.


“Well, we tend to be disliked by those who don’t behave properly, so are you one of those people?”

“Hahaha, that is what you think.”


Although they both spoke with relaxed tones, an invisible spark scattered between the two which bothered Syllabus. Roche thought for a bit “Don’t say something stupid, not something stupid” and made up a suitable lie at this moment.


“Once, a long time ago, a knight stole my woman, so I hate them, that’s it.”

“Do you really not sell medicines for such a trivial reason? We think it’s a good deal for the shop.”


Krust’s eyes were still full of allegations towards Roche, was that really the reason? Was he doing something wrong behind the scenes? That was what what Krusts eyes seemed to ask. However, Roche was not afraid of such a gaze he kept diligently lying.


“Yes, I stopped selling to knights for that reason. Even now, everyone named a knight is hateful and it can not be helped. It would be amazing to know that a woman was stolen by a noble knight-sama, but she was very important to me. I loved her.”


Roche played the role of a pathetic man while standing his ground, staring in Krust’s direction.


“Is there a woman for you too mr.Knight?”


He shook at the story.


“If you have one, can you understand my feelings too?”


Judging from his appearance, Krust seemed quite motivated and probably didn’t have the sort of personality to be obsessed with a single woman.

So Roche was a little surprised at the reaction that followed




It was sillence. Krust didn’t reply to Roche’s words and wore a bitter face. He had deep wrinkles between his brows as if he was resisting a heavy pain. Apparently he had someone he desired. Imagining a scene where she was stolen by another man, that was what it looked like. Roche guessed this and bit his lips tightly, keeping his smile.


“…Let’s go back”


Krust, with the appearance of a depressed man, spoke to Syllabus with a dark voice. It seemed to be because of what Roche did. While embarrassed, Syllabus nodded “Eh, yeah, I see.” He then turned to Roche.


“Well then, we are sorry but let’s not come here anymore, please give my regards to the other female pharmacist.”


He carefully said his goodbyes and left the store together with the melancholy Krust.


“…Funny knight”


Roche, muttering at the counter, had no idea that the cause of the strangeness of the funny knight was his own subordinate.

*A metaphor that basically means people that as long as something bad is found out about them the rest of the bad things will easily be found out too.

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RR Chapter 14: Krust is Coming

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Translator: Sakuraid (& Google-sensei)

Editor: Intel & Sakuraid



On that day, as usual, Krust Orfeld came to the king’s side, and did his work as a guard.

The soon to be fifty-three year old king had a very energetic spirit and was quite active. He enjoyed going out hunting and waving his sword at opponents.

His physique was solid and his personality pleasant, at first glance he gave of a rough impression, but in reality he was a very kind and diligent character, Krust respected him.

Krust thought that it was a happy thing that he was able to serve such a lord as a knight, but somewhere inside he didn’t feel satisfied with the way his everyday was. Three years ago, ever since he came back from that world, this feeling had been going on constantly.

The king walked through the castle’s corridors towards the lunchroom. Behind him Krust and the other guards followed. The maidens who passed them by looked at them would often throw short glances at them.

A row of maids passed by halfway down the corridor and rounded the edge by the end.

“Krust-sama, he is as handsome as always.”


After Krust passed them, he could hear whispers. He was not arrogant, but since he heard such things everyday, Krust continued walking without changing his expression.

“So nice~, to be popular.”

His colleague next to him said with a envious tone. This, in the same way, was also normal.

He would often get angry and say such things as “luxury!” to his colleagues, Krust had the favor of many women, but what was there to be pleased about when one could not turn around and have a favorite woman.

In Krusts case, even if he turned around, that person was a resident of a different world. So it was even worse.


As he heard footsteps coming from behind him, he turned around and saw a young knight running towards him. The young knight had cried out in a loud voice, but Krust turned around again saying “What happened?” While still walking behind the king.

“Syllabus is calling for you.”

“Sensei is?”

Krust was taken aback by the call from such an unexpected person. He had known Syllabus, who was a exclusive doctor for the order for a long time. This was because Krust had once been badly injured when he was young and Syllabus had been the one to take care of him. Since they were both of nobility there was also a connection between their houses.

Also, after he had returned from Japan with Garrell’s transmission magic, he had recovered under Syllabus monitoring for several days. This was because they had wanted to see if there were any side-effects of the transmission magic.

Since the fact that Krust was transferred was kept a secret from the public, Syllabus was among the few people that knew of it, besides the king, Garrell, and a few others.

But this time he did not know why Syllabus had called him.

“Ah, that said …”

The king who was walking in front spoke to the confused Krust.

“I have been asked to lend you to Syllabus, go on break for the day.”

“…As you wish.”

Krust nodded without knowing the whole picture. As both Syllabus and the king had told him to go, it could not be avoided. Leaving his colleagues behind Krust quickly walked through the hallway.

After he knocked on and opened the doors to the medical office, he saw Syllabus was waiting for him inside.

“Yaa~, Orfeld-kun. How are you?”

“Yes, I’m fine, but … did you need me?”

When Krust asked Syllabus gently smiled and answered in his usual tone.

“Would you like to have lunch together for the first time in a while? Well go eat in town. Of course, I will pay.”

“…Then, spare your words.”

Although it seemed unusual, Krust accepted the invitation obediently, as he saw no reason to refuse. The two left the medical carriage and boarded a carriage prepared by Syllabus, heading towards the capital.

“But, why so suddenly?”

Upon arriving at the city’s main street, Krust was the first to get off the horse carriage. He then waited while supporting Syllabus hands as he came down after Krust.

“It’s good to go out occasionally, since you came to be called a hero, we have had less opportunities to speak.”

After Syllabus stretched his spine using his cane, he led Krust. “Come, let’s go to a familiar store of mine.”

Krust wore a dagger for self-defense, but he always had his sword strapped by his side anyway. He had taken of his elegant clothes and now he felt great. He wanted to attract as little attention as possible because he was not in the city to work.

However,  silver-haired and well-equipped as he was, even though he wasn’t in Japan he still stood out. When he walked down the street, the citizens were astir.

“Look, there! He is…….”


“The hero”

“Really awesome!”

Although dazed women looked at him from afar, fascinated many boys walked up to him to shake hands. When he finished shaking hands while walking, his arm was pulled by a restaurant owner who said, “Since the times are good, come eat at us by all means.” But, carefully refusing it, Krust followed Syllabus.

“As usual you are popular”

Syllabus said, and Krust smiled a bit.

“Although it should be pleasing, there are times when it feels troubling.”

“Even if you are a hero, you are still a human being, it’s natural for you to react as such. I guess it can’t be helped that we are conspicuous when walking on  the main street like this, shall we go backwards?”

The two entered an alley, hiding from the clamor of the people on the street.

They then ate a delicious meal at the store Syllabus was familiar with.

“There is at place I want to go to, would you come with me?”

So it was settled, Krust easily accepted “Of course”. They moved to the east area and proceeded into an alley with a slightly suspicious atmosphere. Why would they be in such a place? Such were Krusts thoughts.

“Do you know any young female pharmacists, Orfeld?”

Syllabus abruptly asked.

“A pharmacist, is it?”

“Well, a lady still in her late teens… … I heard her name was… It was…  I should have asked for her name. She seemed like a foreigner judging by her wording and appearance, but her face was something I don’t see much in neighboring countries, so I think she came from somewhere far away.”

“A younger woman who works as a pharmacist? No, I have no such acquaintance… But who was that person?”

“In fact, she is a woman in the drugstore facing us. I have been asked by her, she wants to see you.”

Syllabus turned around looking a little sorry.

“There are a lot of women who try to approach you by saying saying such things, and you may be tired, but this woman did not look like she was telling a lie. If she really is your acquaintance, would you please meet at once?”

Indeed, while convinced this was the real purpose of Syllabus visit here, Krust smiled and nodded.

“Okay, I might have forgotten. There is a possibility we are acquainted. I will meet her, the shop where she is was close to us, wasn’t it?”

“Yes. But first I should apologize, since you might not have come if I told you this, I had to lie a little. Although…”

Then Syllabus laughed and continued.

“I will tell you, I did not treat you to lunch so it would be harder for you to refuse my request of seeing her. As you usually seem very busy, so I just wanted to see that you could get some time off.”

“Thank you. As you said, I do not have time to eat slowly with guard work, so I got a good breather.”

“That’s good… Oh, here it is.”

Syllabus feet suddenly stopped in front of a shop with a small sign that said pharmacy.

“Since I heard about the reputation of the medicine from this store, I ordered a wound medicine etc. when I visited before. I plan on receiving it today.”

Following Syllabus who opened the door to the shop while talking, Krust entered.


A bad-looking man was sitting at the counter and he greeted them with a gentle voice, although he observed them from behind the counter. In the same way, Krust focused his gaze on the man behind the counter. Although his first impression was “neighborhood thug” he had a well-ordered manly appearance and and a calm air. If you asked if the man seemed like a pharmacist the answer would be no. Again, there was a suspicious atmosphere.

Krust had thought there was only that woman in this store, but it seemed to be different. It seemed that Syllabus was also not acquainted with this man, for a moment. But soon after that he smiled and spoke to the man with a gentle voice.

“Hi, are you the owner of this shop? I am Syllabus, I came to pick up the medicine I ordered last week…”

“So, you’re Syllabus?”

The man seemed surprised for some reason, he opened his eyes wide and looked at Syllabus. He then muttered to himself saying,

“Was that not a lie?”

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RR Chapter 13: Chance of Reunion

Hiya! Took a while to get this chap done, I need some of your help some pretty please go here and vote, much appreciated. Chap 14 may be delayed as well, sorry, next week is the week I got most work.

Translator: Sakuraid (with the aid of Google-sensei)

Editor: Intel & Sakuraid


In the narrow attic, which was Shiori’s current residence, there were only a bed,  some clothes, and a mirror stand. None of these were second hand goods, nor were they boring, but they had an antique atmosphere which Shiori rather liked.


When she got up in the morning, Shiori cleaned her face and prepared her dress. Sitting in front of the mirror she laughed quietly, remembering the day before yesterday, she smiled. Sea thought in her head that she hasn’t become a fool. Only, this day would be so fun.

(Finally, I can meet Krust……!)

A week had gone by since Syllabus came to the store, and today was the day he would bring Krust to pick up the medicine he had ordered.
Shiori brushed her hair while humming a song, she could not suppress how her heart was fluttering with excitement. Even now she felt like dancing, even her anxiety about such things as Krust forgetting about it was swallowed by her great expectations.

I wonder if Krust has changed?”(TLN: Remember I means that it is spoken in japanese.)

When she saw her cheeks had been dyed peach in the mirror she shrugged to herself. Just what was so embarrassing about seeing an old “acquaintance”?
Krust was never Shiori’s lover.
When she meets him today it would be embarrassing if only she were excited. Krust might also think of it as annoying. She should be friendly but also keep her calm and play it cool.

While she thought this, feelings of joy sprung up like a fountain. She grabbed a small bottle containing perfume from on top of the mirror stand and carefully sprayed it in her hair. With this her hair became shiny and her skin felt good thanks to having gotten enough sleep every day. There were also no bags under her eyes.

“Fufu… otto”(TLN: Japanese here, otto is kinda like ops)

After, holding down her laughter, Shiori headed downstairs.

“Don’t get too happy.”

The moment she entered into the store, Roche, who was getting ready to open the store, said this to her. Shiori covered her cheeks with both hands, wondering her face really was that easy to understand.

“Different, normal, not happy.”

After looking at her with his eyes filled with suspicion, Roche went to open the shop door. She hadn’t told him, that one of this world’s heroes was coming and that she also was familiar with this hero. But Roche was intelligent.

“Well, you have been cheerful for a few days now, you aren’t calm…… Is something happening today?”

Shiori shivers even with a fire burning in the stove. Although Krust might come when Roche wasn’t home, it had still been upsetting hearing she was being too happy about it.
When she gazed at him with simple gesture, Roche took up a notebook containing the her daily schedule from the counter and looked for the day’s date.

“Speaking of today’s schedule, an example is that doctor that is coming to pick up medicine, from an order you took.”

Saying so Roche directs his line of sight towards Shiori and gave her a glance, She was tensing up. Roche laughs with a grin, still holding the notebook.

“What? Was that doctor a nice guy?”
“….not, Syllabus, much older, Grandpa!”

He was an nice gentleman, but it wasn’t love.
But Roche again threw an eye of suspicion towards Shori.

“Heee, Grandfather huh”

She wondered he seemed to think that she was lying about Syllabus’s age. Roche didn’t seem to believe that Syllabus was an elderly gentleman man at all.

“Really not, Syllabus, just a visitor!”

Roche lit a cigarette while replying like that.
While thinking that some strange misunderstandings are happening, well wonderfully, Shiori sighs. The more you desperately you deny the more suspicious it seems.


“Today, Roche, not going out?”

It was noon. Shiori saw the man sitting opposite to her by the work table having lunch by drinking soup.
Yesterday Roche was unusually in the store, so she thought he would go out as usual today, but now that seems unlikely. He also made a new aphrodisiac yesterday and he should be selling it and go to the market.

“I have a problem in the store today, is there any inconvenience?”

He was making a funny expression there, as if teasing, but Roche said it in a grumpy voice.

(Roche, I am going to stay all the time inside the shop. I’m absolutely waiting for Syllabus to come.)

It was probably interesting.
But it is true that Syllabus is an old man, so it does not matter if Roche meets him. Rather, the weird misunderstanding will be solved.
Shiori drank up the rest of her soup with vegetables and dried meat and looked up at the clock on the wall. Since Syllabus came around evening last time, would it be around then today too?
Looking at Shiori whilst cleaning away the dishes, Roche says something while biting on some bread.

“If you have finished eating, I need you to do an errand.”

With a bad face, Shiori straightened her lips. She usually goes as much as he wants to but she would like to stay in the store as much as possible today.
Yet she couldn’t utter such selfish things since she is employed. While bending her eyebrows, Shiori reluctantly listens.

“Errand, what?”
“Puput, five.”

Roshe opens his palm and hold up five fingers. Putput is the name of a fruit that is commonly circulated in this country. Usually it is peeled and eaten, but what Roche wants is its skin. Puput skin is contains ingredients for improving blood flow and can be used in a various amount of medicines. As to Shiori, it is now a familiar fruit.

After receiving money from Roche, she got ready to go out with her basket. There is still some time before the evening when Syllabus will come, and is she hurries to the fruit shop and buy some puput she would be back in twenty minutes. Go quickly and then hurry home.
Yet she didn’t want to miss the opportunity to meet Kurst, so just in case, Shiori asked Roche.

“If Syllabus arrive, have them him for a while. Please ask him to stay until I return.”

Roche nodded, “I understand” though he misled that he was eager and enthusiastic. Shiori who saw that was relieved.

“Well, I’ll be back.”

She quickly left the store.

But it was just after that, that Syllabus appeared in the store. – From the direction opposite to what Shiori went running, accompanied by a silver haired knight, the timing was bad.

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RR Chapter 12: Secret Medicine

Chapter 12 finally out, it was supposed to be out with chapter 10 and 11 but it wasn’t finished and when my editor finished his work I postponed making my finishing fixing and stuff because of jetlag. I got work (my job not tling) and ended it about 3 hours ago and now I will go to sleep, 1:45am here in Sweden. By the way I got another awesome inspiration for a story that I want to write.

Another impulse….

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Added in an edit: by the way I got thinking in Japanese and thinking and saying Ara ararara and such all day and I couldn’t stop! I have no idea why I even started. Well I found out that I know a lot of japanese words at least (don’t know how to write and read then thou that is what I am trying to learn.).

Translator: Sakuraid (Google)

Editor: Intel, Sakuraid


“Thank you, this was very helpful.”

The day after Syllabus had come to the store, Shiori went to the castle with a perfectly dried cloak. She handed over the carefully folded cloak to the gatekeeper who stood by the gate as usual. In fact she had thought she should bring something as a token of gratitude, but Shiori unfortunately did not have any money. She had used her salary for the necessary items for her life in this new world. If life became a little bit stable for her, she decided she would come thank him again. This was what Shiori decided.

“No, no… … You really don’t have to thank me.”

The gatekeeper seemed upset by Shiori’s appearance, even so, he stood up and received the cloak.

“Are you okay, is there something wrong?”

Shiori tilted her head and looked into his face, it felt funny. However, the gatekeeper turned to the side as if avoiding her. While lying back against the wall, he said what it was.

“Oh, no! It’s okay! There’s nothing wrong.”

“…..Is that so?”

No, there was clearly something wrong, but while thinking Shiori drew closer to him. It may be because she suddenly drew closer to him, however he stepped backwards and expressed shock even though he shouldn’t.

It may be that she was hated because she had constantly been coming there looking for Krust, Shiori guessed.

“Well, goodbye. Sorry. That, truly, thank you.”

Thanking him once more, and leaving the palace no longer needing to linger around. Since she had asked Syllabus about Krust, she did not have to persist on persuading the guard. She did not want to disturb his work, while thinking such a thing Shiori left.

“Oh, wait …”

The voice of the gatekeeper became quiet and was nearly drowned out by the laughter of the other gatekeeper saying “Pfft… …” But none of this reached Shiori who had quickly left the castle.



When Shiori returned to the shop, the sign that was supposed to say closed said open, inside Roche sat at the counter smoking a cigarette. As he went out in the morning Shiori had thought he would not come home until evening as usual.

“What? Roche, why?”

“Is it bad for a shop owner to be at his own?”

While checking the sales of the shop, he said that with an idiosyncratic tone.

“Because, unusual.”

“Because you told me you were going outside, I came back to my house. So, where did you go?”

Roche’s tone was rough, but there were no nuances of blaming Shiori, there was no feeling of blame. It seemed more like Roche was worried about Shiori going out alone. Shiori wanted to be honest with him, but decided against it.

“Only … … towards the main street,”

She lied, because it was obvious he would ask “what for?” If she said “I went to the castle”.


Roche was turning pages in his book and didn’t seem to doubt Shiori. Shiori was confused, should she tell Roche she was from a different world, that she was familiar with the her Krust? They had been living together and she thought Roche was a reliable person, regardless of his appearance. But it does take awhile to decide if she should or shouldn’t divulge her secret to him.

If she remembered correctly, Krust had told her that going to other worlds was not common even in this magical country. Although it seemed like everyone believed there were other worlds, so Roche surely would. If she told him “I came from a different world and I am acquainted with Krust…” Would he just be amazed or would he say something like, “A different world and knowing the hero? What are you saying” … He probably would.

Roche had also not tried to dig further into where she was from, and he didn’t seem particularly interested. So it may be better to confess when she or Krust felt they were in need of another world trip or Krust was absent. This is what Shiori decided.

“Oh yeah, Odom’s fruit and Carleson, Rickory, we are going to buy those. Yesterday I received an order from a doctor. I spread it on a Zaru and it is being dried in the backyard.”(TLN: Maybe some help?this is a really weird one:「そういえばオドムの実とカレソン、リッコリー、仕入れといたぞ。昨日、医者から注文受けたってやつ。ザルに広げて、裏庭に干してあるからな」)

Roche closed his book and extinguished his cigarette.

“I understand”

Roche seemed to be in a good mood since he had gotten a large order the day before. He also praised Shiori and said “I’ll buy a cake.” While hoping that Roche would not forget this promise Shiori started working. After taking off her coat and putting an apron on she put herbs in a pot and cooked it. It was different from the order she received from Syllabus, this was a different medicine. Roche had told her it was a medicine she had made before, all she had to do was boil the water and add a few kinds of herbs and honey. Then she had to filter it and remove the herbs and other germs.Then she had to add color powder to the pale yellow-green transparent liquid and it would become…

“Whenever I see it, it is all colors.”

Shiori muttered in Japanese. When she put the cooled medicine into a beautiful glass bottle, a thick ink liquid swayed amidly.

She had been told “You can make it like this” by Roche, but she didn’t know what medicine it was, but she knew the medicine was different from other medicine.

First of all, the medicine would later be collected by Roche and not lined up at the store. Coloring, adding honey, putting it in a bottle of fresh glass that was different from others. She thought that honey was used as a preservative instead of a sterilizing effect, but it seems it was simply used to sweeten the medicine.

(I’m afraid of what this medicine might be… It’s scary to make medicines that I don’t understand the true purpose of, but I don’t think it’s a potion, because of the herbs used.)

While thinking such a thing, Shiori watched Roche sit at the counter reading a difficult book. As usual, it is bad that this can’t be seen as much of a healthy pharmacy.

“Roche, question.”

Pouring the pink liquid into a small bottle with a dropper, Roche responded with a simple “Huh?”, even if he spoke with a disinterested tone, Shiori did not falter as she knew this was his usual tone.

“What is this, what is the medicine effective for?”

Roche closed the glass lid and shook the small bottle in his hand.

“Do you really want to hear it?”

“I want to hear”

“You can’t turn back once you hear it.”


Roche smiled nastily which made Shiori get a cold sweat, wondering if she really should have asked.

“Don’t let it get to you that much, it’s just an aphrodisiac.”


“It’s a drug that amplifies libido and sharpens the body’s senses.”


“It’s a medicine used for the night’s act, women often drink it.”

Shiori silently stared at the liquid in the small bottle, she wouldn’t expect that from that color.

“Use honey, on purpose?”

Shiori raised her face and asked Roche. Whenever you took this medicine it would have a sweet scent which would make your head smoother. Since honey is a bit expensive you can’t use it extensively, but it makes the fragrance of the flower spread and melt thoughts. Roche’s lips curved upwards as if he was satisfied with Shiori’s conclusion.

“That’s right, it’s supposed to have a sweet taste and smell, even the color is intentional.  It’s supposed to make you think “This medicine must have a great effect judging from it’s appearance and taste.””

Shiori was convinced this was a placebo effect. It is said that if you believe Ramune is cold medicine, it will help you recover.

Actually, in addition to this, there was another medicine that she had made without knowing its purpose, this medicine was colored bright red, she had mixed things like purple cold peppers into it and it smelled spicy. She wanted to know the details of this medicine as well.

“Well, one more … … red medicine, effect, what?”

“That is an energetic agent, a drug that makes a man feel better”


That was all Shiori could say, she felt dizzy having made medicine like that without knowing it.

“Well… ….I’d like to ask you about it. Is this a crime? Aren’t we going to be caught?”

“It’s okay, you’ll only be punished if the medicine you drink is too strong. That’s why we’re suppressing the effect on purpose. If you don’t risk it being a crime you can make money.”

Well, Shiori thought, in this regard Roche was reliable. He was intelligent and could think of ways to make money, because of that there was no need to cross the dangerous bridge of selling bad drugs.

While thinking about such a thing, Shiori noticed, Roche often goes out to sell this medicine.

She asked about it, and Roche gently nodded without removing his eyes from the book.

“As we take care of familiar customers we are also always looking for more customers. The owner of the brothel who I was eating together with at the hotel the first time I met you, he’s also a customer.”

A memory she had repressed and been revived, Shiori’s face stiffened.

But, she did also admire Roche, he was doing something like that outside of the store.So even if there were a few customers coming to the store, they would not need to wait.

“If you earn money, sexual relationships are quick. In addition, unlike ordinary customers who come to the store, the customers that demand “special medicine” are often wealthy people.”

When she saw Roche with a  bad smile, Shiori got worried “Can I really work with this person?” No, it didn’t seem he had done anything really bad, and perhaps, maybe because he loved money he did not feel guilty about exploiting it from the rich… …, Shiori tried convincing herself, however it didn’t feel right.

 But if Roche really was thinking only about money, he should focus on “special medicines” and do business, in fact he shouldn’t even have the shop open. The medicine in the store didn’t earn him much, and earlier she had seen Roche sparing medicine for kids who were short on money. So it was okay, Roche really was a nice person…..

“Hey Shiori. Handle that medicine with care, because it’s important so I can wind up some gold from a stupid rich man.”

Probably, a good person?

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RR Chapter 10: Unanswered Love

You know what, I fainted on my first night shift at work and had to go home three hours in. I didn’t drink enough water and in the clean room the air is quite dry to keep the amount of particles low so if one does not drink enough water before going I’m there is a high risk to faint. Coupled with a tired body and the risk is even higher. It was the first time I fainted I’m my life I think. Oh I didn’t hit my head when I fell and I’m completely fine now, it was two Mondays ago after all, at my second week of work.

Another topic, I decided to play around with the chapters a bit and I have gotten an editor who helps me! Couple of years younger than me and a Swede like me coincidentally so we have actually chatted a bit in swedish. Welcome him/her!

I’ll be doing my 3rd night shift since I started working when this chapter and 11 and 12 posts and I will be able to check the site stats on my breaks. 😁

Chapter 11 and 12 will be posted later.

Translator: Sakuraid (Google)

Editor: lntel (76788a) & Sakuraid


“Why am I humming a song while cooking on the stove?”

Although she was Japanese she had never seen a stove like it when she was in Japan, Shiori wrinkled her brow. (TN: After trial and error this was what I got from this sentence: かまどなんて日本にいた時は見た事もなかったのに、と、詩織は眉間にしわを寄せた。Although it should not be 100% exact translation it should fully have the same meaning, at least in my opinion. かまど Kamado is a traditional japanese stove.)

(It is not the case of when one is spending a fun day in this world. It is not a familiar case. Because I’m returning to Japan.)

She thought so to herself, however, Shiori had doubts. If life here was so fun and fulfilling, why did she need to return?

“No no no… what kind of idea is that… I feel useless”

Wanting to return home, is it not a normal feeling as a person? Even if she didn’t go back to Japan, it would seem like she was a very heartless human.

But she had a job here. It was fun and rewarding, and the salary was good and there was good enough work. That keeps Shiori’s heart in this world.

This job of making medicine is the work of a lifetime thing of the so-called “hand job” system. The knowledge she had learnt from Roche could also be applied elsewhere.  The job was no longer overwhelming.

But, if she returns to Japan, can she get this kind of job again? That was Shiori’s thoughts.

What she cared about in Japan were her parents. No matter how much a couple love one another, family is important. You should be worried if your daughter is missing. She didn’t want to make them worry. She wanted to let them know she was fine by returning to Japan.

“But on the contrary, that’s the only reason… Why do I think I should go back to Japan?”

She sat on a chair, and muttered while messing around with the stir fried food on the dish.

“So, why do I want to remain in this world?”

Primarily her job, she finally got a job and she didn’t want to let go of it.

“In addition, Krust”

She also forgot him for a couple of weeks, but when she recalls him, his presence gradually swells in Shiori’s heart.

“I want to meet…”(TLN: Here I went “aw”)

I spilled it.

Shiori now had a job and she didn’t want to rely on him to help her. However, if she was in the same world anyway, didn’t she want to ask him “Long time no see, how are you?” she would like to recall the three months they lived together, laughing.

Krust is also the person who Shiori had a faint love with She wanted to see how he had changed over the course of three years. It is a similar feeling to meeting your first love again at an alumni gathering.

But she did not want to be a companion to the hero, she wanted to be a lover.

However, it might be nice if they could just occasionally meet and talk like friends. Even if it’s just that, then life here would surely be more fun.

And if Krust could introduce her to the magician he is acquainted with, she could ask if there was any way back to Japan. If there is a way back she would have to decide whether to go back to Japan or stay in this world.

“Well then, right now my biggest wish is “to meet Krust.””

After having resolved herself, she started eating.

And the next day, Shiori got half a day off at afternoon and decided it was time to go see Krust. Roche also left in the morning, so the shop closed at noon.

(What on earth are you really doing Roche, are you okay?)

While thinking about such a thing, Shiori put the “closed” tag on the doorknob, locked it with the key and left the store.

Though Shiori worked fifteen hours a day, she had little fatigue.  Unlike work in Japan, this might be due to less stress and pressure. Work starts early in the morning, but as the sun goes down at night the shop closes at the same time so you can have plenty of sleep.

(This kind of slow life was might be alright.)

Even during the same day, she felt that time in this world moved more slowly and gently than time in Japan.

However, there were also many inconveniences. There were no refrigerators or washing machines, and the primary means of transportation was on foot, but when it’s two hours away…

Shiori looked at the castle behind to town and how far away it was. She couldn’t ride a horse and carriage since that cost money, so she had no choice but to walk. Shiori sighed and stepped out, giving up.


“Alright, I arrived!”

In front of a big castle, Shiori raised a joyful voice. Because it was the second time, she had arrived earlier than last time. It probably even took a bit less than two hours.

She went around to the front, and as before, she headed towards the gate. There were two gatekeepers holding spears standing there, but one of them seemed to recognize Shiori.

“Oh, you again.”

A tall young man with bright brown hair. Shiori somehow thought that he seemed to be a member of the basketball club.

“A different person would have been better, this person absolutely thinks that i’m a fan of Krust.”

While muttering such a thing Shiori advanced towards the man in front of her. It seemed the other side remembered her face, because when he saw her he spoke.

“So you’re here again?”

He said a bit amazed and laughing. Should her goal be known, would he still be laughing?


Shiori lowered her head.

“You want to meet Krust today as well?”

“Yes, Krust, want to meet.”

“Unfortunately, Mr.Krust isn’t here today. He’s going to Edwella to visit the Majesty, he’ll be gone for maybe two or three more days.”


Edwella seemed to be the name of some place, Shiori shrugged her shoulders. Even though she had time off from work, if Krust wasn’t there it was completely useless.

“Well, Krust, back soon -”

“- It’s no use he won’t talk you.”

The gatekeeper finished Shiori’s sentence imitating her. They laughed a bit, making fun of Shiori. Shiori frowned and glared at them.


“Because I will not take any action”


“If I let fans like you in, you will bother Krust.”

“I am different fan, know each other.”

“Oh, you said that before. But it’s incredible that enthusiastic fans will try to meet mr. Krust with lies like that.”

Although Shiori had been frowning for a while, her opponent grinning the entire time. She had the feeling she was being made fun of. Shiori made a scary face to intimidate the other party.

“Bully” (TLN: lol Google didn’t want to translate this properly, good thing I could read the Hiragana and see that it said ijiwaru which from my knowledge should mean bully or meanie.)

A knight is supposed to be absolutely gentle and courteous to women and children, and of course, sincere and serious. Without any special meaning, this was the image of a knight in a field of flowers that Shiori had in mind. At least Krust was…

Thinking about that, Shiori decided to revise her idea.

It may not have been so in the first place, Krust was gentle, but somehow there was some weird malicious switch there, there was flowers, but at the same time there weren’t any.

“Oh, scary.”

The guards shrugged their shoulder and pretended to be afraid of Shiori’s “intimidation”.

“But it’s useless to be in love with a hero, because from the beginning, there is no hope. So I am just trying to save you from that sort of barren love.”

After saying that, the guard laughed as if it was a joke.

Although Shiori shut her lips tightly and glanced at the gate, she was a bit take aback by the word “barren love”.

It certainly is barren, though. And it was muttering in Shiori’s heart.

It certainly was a mysterious feeling to not even know if Krust still remembered her.

But apart from that she was still in love with Krust … But maybe… She shouldn’t be.

When she was living together with him, he was happy every day and there was a sense of the two being in love, but she thought it would be different now.

Three years had passed since then, she felt somewhat calm, apparently that person could become a hero. But even so, she had heard that even loving hearts could be stretched out.

In Japan Krust had to rely on Shiori, so he stayed with her. So there would be no problem with her doing the same, she calmly reasoned.

And, while Shiori was thinking about such things, raindrops fell down around her, breaking into pieces as they hit the ground. Rain was starting to fall.

“Rain…”(TLN: I didn’t know the kanji for rain, but I learned it now, read as yuo or ame I think….. (TLN inside a TLN: so many translator notes!))

Shiori looked up at the gray sky, hoping that it wouldn’t be too bad before she got back to town. But she was worried, it seemed that Krust wasn’t at the castle, so it was probably better for her to go home for today.

Shiori glared at the gatekeeper.

“I will return, prepare yourself!”

She declared this imitating Roche’s tone and turned her body. She wanted to get away as quickly as she could so the gatekeeper wouldn’t have a chance to talk back.

“Wait a minute”

Her arms were grabbed from behind by the gatekeeper and she stopped. She turned around, thinking back on if she had overdone it.

However, the gatekeeper immediately released her arms and went back to his place beside the gate saying “Don’t wait here.” Her arms were now covered with a white coat of some kind.

“It’s starting to rain, you can borrow it. It’s a coat to help against the rain, use it.”


Because of this unexpected kindness, Shiori blinked twice.

“I can borrow it?”

“Oh, so you don’t catch a cold, if you get caught in this this weather. It’s enough to stop this little rain, but you should hurry home.”

What a nice person! While thinking that, Shiori gratefully received the coat.

“Thank you, I will borrow, it will be very helpful”

Because the cloak was for men, it was rather large, and when Shiori wore it she looked ridiculous. The hem of the coat reached down to her ankles, and the hood was also attached, so it almost seemed like she had wings.

Shiori put the hood on and smiled towards the gatekeeper.

“I am sorry to say “Bully” before.”

It seemed to Shiori that this man was not a mean person at all. “Well then, I will come again.” She waved at the guard, and walked towards the city in the rain.


The Gatekeeper spoke to the basketball-player like gatekeeper who Shiori had smiled at. The other guard hadn’t been talking, he had been watching their interaction from the sidelines.

Now, seeing the other guard he was turning red all the way to his ears. Oh, was he falling in love?

“It’s rather fearless of you to fall in love with a girl who is in love with the hero.”

The guard muttered his advice

“Wait … … stupid! Who is in love ….!?”

He turned completely red and with a funny expression on his face he desperately tried to deny his romance.

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