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Announcement x4

I didn’t plan to make an announcement at first since I already posted on my profile and discord that Ring Ring chapter is delayed because of some happenings in my life that I don’t want to talk about. Even tho I don’t have a job I have alot of other things to take care of at the moment, don’t know when I’ll manage to finish chapter 19 and when chapter 20 will be posted after it. I’m really sorry for being so slow.

The reason why I in the end wanted to make this announcement, and make it here where I have actually noticed that not as many read it as the RR chapters is because it’s an anniversary today. It’s not really big but today, January 2nd 2018, it’s my second anniversary of having a WordPress account. Yep, this account I use to comment and release and make my website is now 2 years old. I will maybe make an anniversary of the day I started releasing RR chapters too.



I’m sorry 2-3 days ago I got a sore throat and that in turn developed into a cold which thanks to me only being able to sleep 2 hours (after effect of working 12h night last weekend+sore throat I think) then developed into a fever, chapter 15 may not come out this weekend… Sorry. And my last week at the work that has occupied my time ended with only 1.5h… and that was yesterday, took sick leave today…. I hope I get well soon.

Current voting result new story

So false accusation of betrayal huh, I got something good for that *laughs evily*. Since the 3rd party opinion wasn’t chosen the 3rd party gender is invalid.
Noble wins! I thought maybe a princess but meh this is ok. Ah gender, I’m going against this one, in the beginning it pointed at Boy/Girl/(Boy) so I have already made up a plan for that. Besides I think it would suit the story more than Girl/Boy, I could make a side or short story with that setting though. Sorry Girl/Boy and all who voted on it.
Yep sleeping and stop at will will make my story function better, you guys made a great choice. Mix of names huh, already noted. Now let me rewrite the prologue a bit. The prologue will be out on Monday at the latest I hope.

Link to name (and rank) voting here.

Announcement #1

Today the ashes of creation community is holding a guild fair where they have a live stream and interview guilds. Currently(as of this post) guilds in the SEA/OCE area are being interviewed. I’m participating as a Guild leader(Shared responsibility with a friend) and being interviewed with my guild the Ice Phoenix UTC+1 8pm so come and watch! (You will be able to hear my true real voice as I will be using a blue yeti microphone that I borrowed from my twin sister.)

Link to stream https://www.twitch.tv/ashesofcommunity


About Ring Ring you will have to wait for 4 chapters in 2 weeks time, it is impossible to send out chapter 10 and 11 today and 10, 11 and 12 next week. So look forward to it!