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RR Chapter 8: The Store in The Alley

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Ashes of Creation MMORPG, it look like it will be a really good one! https://www.ashesofcreation.com/ref/Sakuraid/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfbi2EvzQmIJ55TJvZumNZw

Garrell and Krust thought the transitory magic had failed. Little did they know that Shiori arrived in this world properly, only that the summoning position shifted.

“Where, we going?”

In the darkness, She asked the man in front of her. There was only anxiety in Shiori’s heart.

“To my shop”

It seemed like the man’s name was Roche, but that was all she learned. Even if she asked what kind of shop it was, he just responded with “You’ll understand if you follow”.

(I don’t think it is any honest business)

As expected by the wary Shiori, Roche gradually went away from luxury residential area where security is more likely to be good. After entering an area were general houses and shops were lined up, they entered a labyrinth like alley. They turned around the corner of a faint home and past a stray cat that searched for food in the trash.


A small, red brick, two story building. At first glance it looked like an ordinary house, but there was a sign on the front door indicating that this was a shop.
However Shiori couldn’t read what the sign said. Because she couldn’t understand this world’s letters.

“Letters, what, is written?”

She asked pointing at the sign.

“Drug store” (TLN: I want to use pharmacy but can’t because of what Shiori says next I will use pharmacy later so be prepared)

Roche answered unlocking the front door with a key.


Shiori mutters. Is this tattooed man keeping a pharmacy? ‘Drug’ is not read as ‘yaku’ by people is it? While she thought rude things and the like.
When the small bell rings as the door opens, following Roche, Shiori, in fear, also enters the shop.

There is an counter at the closest position near the entrance. On the right side wall there is a lot of drawers an on the left side wall is shelves with bottles that are supposed to contain medicine.
Some of the medicine were of liquid and others were like powder, there was also some that contained grain like nuts. There are flower bunches hung up to dry in the ceiling.
Behind the counter there is workbench an a chair and next to it are a kettle and a pot. There is a dirty bucket on the floor and some leaves leaving a messy impression.
In the back of the cramped store she saw the back door and some stairs leading up to the second floor.

(It really is a pharmacy…)

Shiori looked at the large amount of medicine lined up on the wall, feeling impressed. It seems like most of the medicine here were made out of plants.

“I, work, what kind?”

Roche told Shiori who listened “Almost everything”.

“From handling herbs to making medicine to taking care of customers. …you have such an anxious face, let’s get it done with. It’s alright, there are many thing to remember but the works is simple.”

The work is… simple, Shiori muttered inside of her mind. Is it really ok for an amature to suddenly start making medicine?

“Well, the work will begin tomorrow, it’s too late today.”

After saying that, Roche lit the furnace. The interior of the store brighter and the air started to warm up. When she looked at the swaying flames, she felt safe for some reason.

“The problem is that there is no bed prepared for you since you were in a hurry. Tomorrow we will look for a second hand one, as for today—”

Roches words almost went through her head. Her head is drowsy and hear thoughts are dulled. If she thinks about it, there hasn’t even been a day since she arrived to this world. It seems like all of today’s tiredness and anxiety had hit her all at once.
Her eyelids became heavy and her legs lost all power.


Finally after Roches voice died down Shiori lost her consciousness.



In an attempt to turn over on something like a warm comfortable futon, Shiori’s body bumped into something. But if she avoided turning over to that side and turned over the other side, this time she would hit a thing that looked like a wall.

(Why so narrow…)

She felt irritated thinking solemnly. It was almost impossible to move.
Shiori opened her eyes to look at the obstacles that disturbed her movement.


It had solidified.
She spent a lot of time organising in her mind as to why she is in this situation.
Although she is certainly on a bed, it isn’t the bed that Shiori has in her appartment.
In front of her eyes, sleeping with exposed shoulders, was a tattooed man with brown hair. Not wearing, any clothes…?
There was a smell like a man’s body odor or perfume, a smell like musk, and a smell like cigarette smoke. It was not unpleasant, rather it was Shiori’s favorite smell.


The man’s name is Roche. Oh yeah, It is slowly coming back to her.
But while thinking that there is no reason to sleep in the bed with him naked, Shiori sits up in the bed.
Everything was alright, her poncho had been taken off but her other clothes were properly on.

Shiori felt a little deja vu in this situation. When Krust was in her world they had slept together on a very narrow bed on the first night. In Shiori’s narrow abode there was no sofa to replace a bed, and there was no spare futon.
Krust told her that it was enough that he could sleep on the floor, but she refused him, she couldn’t let him fall asleep on the floor in midwinter.
It was a time when she could not understand herself, she didn’t completely trust Krust, so she had memories of not being able to sleep well due to the caution against stranger and sleeping with a wonderful opposite sex.
Still if you wake up in the morning, somehow found sleeping and hugging someone else, she would unexpectedly end up screaming.

“Oh, so it’s morning already…”

Roche also woke up while Shiori sorted her memories of the past. She spills a yawn, gets up sleepy while putting up her hair. She confirmed that her lower body was wrapped in trousers, and Shiori secretly stoked her chest.

“Hey, why are we… ah, wrong. Why, together, in bed?”

I fixed my speech from sleepy japanese.

“Because there was only one bed, why did you suddenly fall asleep on the floor yesterday instead of going to a bed, I brought you here and put you on my bed thank you.”

Roche who descended from the bed, exercised his neck. He said he did it because he fell asleep on an already narrow bed. (TLN: I don’t think It is so correct here, Original: ベッドから降りたロッシェが、コキコキと首を鳴らす。狭いベッドで寝たから凝ったんだと言わんばかりに。)

“Oh, thank you. I’m sorry”

Shiori also remembered last night. She got sleepy when she saw the flames in the furnace.

“Here, Roche, the room?”
“Oh, it is on the second floor of the store. Your room will be in the attic. It’s narrow but don’t complain.”
“It’s fine, doesn’t matter.”

After answering him, she looks around the room. It is a room with an overall calm color, neither beautiful or dirty.
The surprising thing was that there was many books. It might be books about medicine

“I will go down. To wash my messy face”

Following the now dressed Roche, Shiori also got out of bed.


Yesterday, the price of going around the city to the castle and then to find a job, was muscle pain that she now had to fight.

When going out of the store’s back door she saw a small field planted with herbs. Next to that was a well and a cabin bathroom with a toilet. It seems like one had to go out in order to get to the bathroom or the toilet, which may be a little troublesome.
However the toilet was cleaner than she thought. A toilet similar to a japanese toilet was set up and it also had a sewage facility set up to a extent. But Shiori was more pleased that there was some toilet paper placed in the corner of the toilet. Unlike the toilet paper in japan, it was hard and square but there was no point in complaining. She could feel a little bit more confident that she would somehow manage to live in this world.


Roche made breakfast while Shiori brushed her teeth with a unfamiliar toothbrush.
The stove and the workbench seemed to also be used as a kitchen and a dining table. They brought another chair there and began having their meal. The contend was an egg dish, with some type of beans added to scrambled eggs. There was also baskets filled with fruits and bread.
The hungry Shiori threw them down her throat without hesitation. Roche is surprisingly friendly and unexpectedly a good cook. She wonders if he has high dexterity.

“That reminds me, you, where is your country? Where were you born?”

Roche, who finished his breakfast first, asked Shiori while smoking on a cigarette. It’s shape, similar to paper tobacco often found in japan, but brown in color.

“…Very far, far away.”

She stopped her hand picking up a bread, and respond to him after thinking for a moment. She hesitated whenever she should tell the truth, but even if she told the truth, Shiori thought it was best to leave it until later. Since Roche is surely someone she can trust. It is better to wait until she have learned enough of the language to be able to explain other world trips.

“Well, that’s ok. Where you were born doesn’t matter.”

Roche continued after exhaling some smoke.

“For now, let’s go shopping in the morning, find you a bed and substitute clothes, etc.”
“Eh.. but… money.”
“I will pay. It is an initial investment. Relax because I will subtract the cost from your salary that you worked for later.”

No she is not at total peace of mind, but while thinking that Shiori nodded. She was grateful that he could lend her some money. Although she has her wallet, the contents are only about 2 000, additionally it is in japanese yen.
As Shiori put her fork down on her empty dish, Roche stood up.

“Well, let’s go. Oh, that reminds me, I haven’t heard of your name.”
“Shiori huh, That is a strange name. Let’s go, Shiori.”
“Wai-, wait…!”

After Shiori got up from the rattling chair, she followed after Roche.

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RR Chapter 7: The Magician and The Hero

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Hero’s point of view.

9 o’clock in the evening. At the same time as a wolf’s howl in a distant forest, Red Garrell, a magician who serves this country’s king, was lightly dressed.
He felt some signs approach the room, a ‘Hero’ dressed in anger.

This was a room in the castle, a room which the King had given to Garrell.
Darkness glowing crystal balls in jewels, snakes and frogs in bottles which have an unknown use, stuffed up small demons, and other potentially dubious tools. A large mirror hung on the wall and a bookshelf with magic book occupied the remaining space
All the things in the room is often in a mess, but that was to Garrell’s specifications. He had many other places, but everywhere was as messy as here.

Garrell kicked the cursed mask that had been lying around on the floor and sat down in his favorite chair with a sigh. It was a flashy chair, filled with detailed engravings and on the seat and backrest of the chair was cloth with plant engravings.

“I thought it would happen one day, but right now it is too early. Did I really make sure to check every day?”

Listening to the footsteps approaching to the room, he leisurely crossed his legs.
Garrell is a magician of the kingdom, characterized by his long red stained hair. It may not be an exaggeration to say that it is the best in the world. He always wear fancy colored clothes, tailored to match his hair, and the robes he wears are red too. He has lots of jewelry on his arms


The door was forcefully opened, a man stepped in.
It was Krust Orfeld, the hero of this country. With disordered silver hair he drew closer to Garrell.


He said that in a low voice.
Garrel played a fool by playing with his earrings.

“Hey, Krust. How are you? You seem to be as busy as ever. By the way I’m also busy as you can see. If there is something to do, this time—”

“Do you want to be cut down? Return my belongings.”

But that wouldn’t work with Krust. He was serious. He had his hand on the sword and was about to pull it out.

“You are like that. You are normally silent and doesn’t express your emotions, but as soon as it is related to ‘person of another world’ your eyes changes. But to be clear, it is better over there. Is human smell not attractive?”

“Do not make me say it again. My belongings—”

“You do not have to worry, they are right here.”

Then, when Garrell moved his finger, suddenly a cloth bag fell down in front of Krust. Demonstrating his good inborn reflexes, Krust grasped the bag well before it fell to the floor.
He opened the bag to confirm the content, inside properly laid Krusts clothes.
These were the clothes of ‘person of another world’ he had three years ago when he returned to this world. Clothes that Shiori picked and given to Krust.

Seeing that the contents were alright, Krust felt relieved. It was the only evidence he had of him having ever gone to Earth. The connection with Shiori, created memories, only these things. He suddenly returned to this world without any warning, so it was impossible to bring anything else.

Krust glared at the red haired magician in front of him. In the first place, everything is bad about him.
Three years ago Garrell made Krust an experimental subject of ‘Transmission Magic’ which is still in development. Garrell said “I just tried to send you to the castle’s backyard, I was also surprised, it’s true”, he empathized that he meant no offence, but because Garrell’s magical power was too powerful, Krust was sent to another world thanks to the transmission magic.
Far away from the castle backyard, he had been sent to an unknown world – the Earth.
From then, for three months until Garrel found the trace of another world and developed ‘transitory magic’, Krust had to live in that world.

(TLN: The transitory 2 word or letters was originally translated as demonic when put together with magic (demonic magic) and when I separated it from magic it became fugitive. I looked up the definition of fugitive on google and found that it was connected to transitory, so I used that because it sounded better than using fugitive magic and demonic magic. I noticed later on in this chapter that transitory should be the correct word.)

Krust thought. Where he was transferred, it was good that it was Shiori’s place. It would have been difficult to live safely in a different world where no one speaks the language without her help.
There was compassion, shyness, loveliness and a little blunder. Recalling such a Shiori, Krust loosened his mouth.

“Please don’t worry. Feeling bad-kun.”
Garrell said, putting his chin on the armrest of the chair. Hearing the previous remarks, Krust good deep, deep wrinkles between his brows.

“What were you going to do by stealing my clothes?”

Depending on his answer, it would not be for free that Krust would be more terrible than the wind.
These clothes were carefully kept inside the safe of the mansion where Krust lives. But as Krust had come home from finishing his work and went to check the safe as usual, all kinds of jewelry and entitlements were still there, placed neatly together – only the bag with the clothes was gone.
The criminal was naturally broken because he was able to take stuff out without breaking the safe and he didn’t put his hand on any of the gold.
That’s why Krust came to Garrell without a moment of hesitation.

Ever since Krust was small, Garrell had been like this. Neither his personality or appearance has changed. The rumor that you are able to live over a hundred years with magic is not a lie.
However, because he had lived for a long time he had a lot of spare time. That is why he is always looking for fun things – things for killing time. That was what Krust thought.

The trouble was that ‘fun’ for Garrell was ‘annoying’ for others. For some reason Krust had pleased Garrell, and has being troubled quite frequently for a good while. Like the case three years ago.

“I do not want you to have such a scary face. I acted that way thinking about you.”

Garrell said without being upset. That bossy attitude is usual for him.

“Yes, let me say something before we beat the bush, you better think of the treatment of those clothes. Putting the clothes you got from a person you hold dear into a bag and then putting them safely into a safe, to be honest I think it gives of a slightly perverted odor. Besides, those clothes, have you washed them even once? What? Did you think that the memories will also disappear if you wash them? Or is it the smell of her room that you don’t want to disappear from the clothes? In that case, you would be truly a henta—” (TLN: Hentai=pervert)

Krust pulled out his sword, Garrel finally closed his mouth.
Looking at it like this their relationship shouldn’t be bad. At least that is what Garrell believes.

“What were you trying to do by stealing my clothes?”

Krust asked again.
Garrell breathed out as he thought.

“I was trying to bring her here. Krust’s ‘person of another world’”

The answer that Garrell gave him was different from what he expected, Krust shook upsetly. He opened his eyes wide and managed to spill the words;

“Shiori…. Here?”

“That’s right. I needed her belongings to do it.”

“But… those clothes are not Shiori’s, it is only what she picked and bought, but I was wearing it.”

“Yes, so after all I thought the clothes are useless, but I still carefully look into it…”

Garrell leaked a smile there.

“On those clothes, there was one… only one strand of her hair.”

Light appears in Krust’s eyes. However, feelings such as ‘expectation’ and ‘hope’ that springs up from the bottom of his heart, were desperately held down.
What would happen if the transitory magic succeeded with that hair.
Even though he didn’t want it, he forcefully pulled her to this world, so what will happen.
Although Krust thought that, he couldn’t stop listening to Garrell.

“So… that hair? Did you use transitory magic on it?”

“Oh, I did. In the daytime.”

At the same time he heard Garrell’s answer, he struck him and grabbed his shoulder tightly.

“Then, where is Shiori? Where is Shiori now?”

The resistance he felt in his hand disappeared.
Garrell, who was in front of him, disappeared like smoke.

“Ouch… are you trying to crush the bones in my shoulder? Calm down a little.”

But the next moment, Garrell was standing in a corner of the room, a bit away from Krust, and said that somewhat badly.

“I did try using transitory magic, but I did not say that I succeeded.”

“Did you fail…?”

Garrell noticed that Krust felt disappointed.

“Unfortunately, even if I activated the magic, no one appeared in the transition group.”

“If so, Shori is?”

“Not here, since the magic failed, she should still be living a normal life in that world.”

“….I see.”

Krust seemed to get very discouraged. If he only think about it himself, it was really sad. His heart seemed to turn into threads.
But thinking about Shiori, he thought it was good like this. He was glad that it failed.

“Don’t ever try to call her again, she has her own life, doesn’t she?”

“…If that’s ok with you.”

Gardell shrugged his shoulders. It was the same with Garrell, he was also disappointed. He wanted to see what kind of girl he met ‘in the other world’, and he wanted to what kind of fun response Krust and she have when they meet.

Silence flowed in the room for a while. When they had finished talking, Krust, who Garrell thought would quickly leave, still stood there.
Garrell almost thought his hearing went numb.

“What’s up?”

Krust slowly lifted his face, his eyes turned and appealed to Garrell.

“Can you send me… over there?”

“It’s useless. I should have said it before.”

Garrel answered immediately with a serious face.

“Certainly, for me it is easier to send you over that to summon your ‘person of another world’ here. It is more easier to send someone who knows than to send over someone who don’t know. However, there is of course no reliable way to succeed, in addition…”

“In addition?”

Garrell turned to Krust.

“I can not send a hero of this country to another world at the moment. For this country, you, as the hero, are as important as his majesty. We can not easy lose you now.”

“Hero, they are just calling me that without my permission.”

He felt loneliness by not being able to meet Shiori, it irritated him to drag her into this forever, when he hit the demons he vented out his frustrations of not being able to go there, before he knew it all the opponents had been announced being cleaned up by him. (TLN: Somewhat correctly translated, won’t bother doing exact as long as it keeps its meaning.)
“But…” as a preface, Krust changed the topic.

“It’s surprising. That you are thinking about the country.”

“For the moment I’m working under his majesty. As I get a lot of salary and luxury from the country. I will try to do much more.”

Garrell said laughing with downcast eyes.
After thinking a few seconds, Krust voice once again rose.

“…I can’t always live beyond. However, I want to thank her. I will return soon. Even Shiori would not want me to stay away. After all, I can’t do anything over there.”

Krust laughs to self-dictate. If one go out with a sword, one will be caught by an organisation called ‘police’ in that world. A knight can’t be useful.
Garrell still shook his head.

“It’s useless. Going just to say thank you, indeed if you actually go over there and see your ‘person of another world’, you might decide that you don’t want to return. Even if you return here by force, you will only dig deeper.”

Up to there, he kept raising his tone as if to tease.

“You better learn more of your precarious personality. A refreshed man who seems to have no interest in women, a man who keeps clothes with memories from a woman in a safe for three years. Besides you are checking everyday to see if they have been stolen by someone. Who the hell would even think about stealing such clothes?”

“You would.”

Krust stiffly said.
However, on the part of “rethinkable”, as Garrell said he was certainly such a man. He still can’t stop thinking about her….
Krust breathed out to erase that girlyness and turned his body around


Just before going out the door into the corridor, he turned to Garrell and left an advice.

“Do not pry on her or me anymore.”

When Krust had gone away, Garrell muttered stiffly.

“Ah well, it is easy to understand that expression.”

Did he not notice that his appearance was like that of a shy abandoned dog? Three years ago when he came back to this world he was in as similar state.
Although it appeared that is has been put to the side for a while, it was obvious that Krust had been seeking ‘Person of another world’ – Shiori all this time.
Others would be unaware, but it was clear to at least the eyes of Garrell.
Even though Garrell attempted transitory magic, 90% came from interest whilst the remaining 10% was for Krust. It is rare for Garrel to do something for others, even a lonely percentage.

For Garrell, who has a rare magical talent and has led a different life from an ordinary person, Krust has a special meaning in a sense. Even though there is a difference between magic and swordplay, Krust is also a talented genius.
The only person that stands on the same stage as him.
To put it briefly, he has an attachment. When Krust is happy, he can be happy with himself somehow. That kind of feeling.

So he called Shiori to this world, but Krust said to not do such things.

“In other words, now even if he tells me to try transitory magic to summon her again, it is impossible because I have lost her hair.”

Garrell looked around his messy and cluttered room. Thinking that it would probably not be possible to find the hair that dropped somewhere inside.

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RR Chapter 6: At The Hotel (2)

Well another chapter, finished translating this Wednesday, two days after my birthday. Enjoy~ Oh I think you notice that I have fixed up my menus a bit, and that I added some more Original works (100% by me). 2 On-Hold and 2 Finished. Note that Imagining online is not on hold but only reeeeeaaaaaalllllllyyyy slow. I start up projects and such by impulse, that’s why. Please feel free to join my lonely discord chat and chat with me, it’s lonely… Oh and chapter 7 was totally outside my expectations, gave me a surprise, look forward to it.

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Shiori, with her cheeks filled with the apple pie the man gave her, let out a happy voice.

It was sweet, plenty of sugar had been used, but it was the best food right now for Shiori. Feeling the energy spreading through her body which sugar level had decreased.

“Please take mine too, Ojou-san”

Seeing her enjoy the dessert so much, the other man who was sitting next to the plump man, also gave Shiori his dessert.

(Was it supposed to be so sticky…)

Although Shiori started to blush she couldn’t resist the temptation of the buffet. Shiori gives him a timid thanks… and received the dessert. If he gives it up so easily, she would not hesitate. She would not return it. 

Then while receiving the second apple pie, Shiori observed the other man. To be honest, she didn’t like his glasses very much.

He looked like he was about 30. Wavy brown hair made in a casual way, and a chin beard that would suit someone handsome.

However, he had tattoos everywhere on his arms all the way up to his shirt, and he gave off a somewhat ruffian atmosphere.

(But he gave me a pie… so he might be a good person regardless of his appearance.)

Shiori convinced herself.

The brown haired man was probably the plump man’s subordinate. Or escort. Because their ages were different, and they didn’t seem like friends judging by their atmosphere.

While the plump man drank he stared at Shiori as if he would lick her from top till bottom.

“There are probably a lot of customers that would like you. If you were to put on makeup and a dress, you will probably more beautiful than you are now, but why are you wearing trousers?”

He gently stroked her thighs with his thick fingers, Shiori almost face planted her pie.

Krust was also like that, people of this world seems to think little of skinship while asking questions.

Well, he was saying something like ‘why’ ‘trousers’ ‘wear’.

“I have clothes, only this”

“Is that so? But if you work, from now on, you will not need to worry about money. Even dresses and jewels can be bought immediately by asking the customers.”

Wahaha, with a laugh, the plump man put an arm over Shiori’s shoulder. The strong smell of alcohol entered her nose.

“By the way, have you had any night experience?”


“If you haven’t then I don’t mind, there is always a guy who wants to teach such a child.”


Swallowing the sweet apples, Shiori had a cloudy expression. Was a strange story told from this person a while ago?

Could it be…. no, perhaps, what he is speaking of is selling her body?

“If you are anxious, I can give you a practice partner.”

The plump man shows a vulgar smile while drinking a glass of sake. She bet he is the owner of the brothel. (TLN: See I was right!) It seems like the gentle mask he was showing at the start is slowly peeling of.

While enduring the hands of the plump man that strokes her shoulder, Shiori thinks. Sweat beginning to run on her back.

(I can not afford it now. I can only afford to choose this job. Perhaps the only way I can make money in this world is by selling my body.)

But still, considering her personality, the image of night work, getting accustomed to sexual acts….

Shiori released her fork and took the hand that was around her shoulder.

“I…. It’s impossible”

She would be better off sleeping outside that to follow this man. She didn’t mind being homeless for a short while. If she still can not find any work after searching more desperately, she will think about prostitution at that time. But that would only be her last resort.

“Impossible? It’s ok, it’s not something to be anxious about. You can get some money by just playing with a man for a while.”

“Sorry, impossible, seriously…”

With her face down Shiori shook her head.

Then, the atmosphere of the plump man suddenly changed. She thought her eyes had gone bad when she lifted her head up, the man said to her in a threatening dose of voice.

“Ah, That is nice. It is good that you say no when you don’t want to. But, if you don’t accept then you will have to pay the exact price for this dessert.”

He pointed at the empty dishes. Both of the apple pies were already in Shiori’s stomach.


(I didn’t ask him to give me the apple pie, and didn’t he say “I’m not good at sweet things” a while ago! Even if I didn’t take it he wouldn’t have eaten it, something else is wrong. Even though he is rich enough to wear a gold ring… he is stingy about the price of a pie!)

Even though she had a mountain of things she wanted to say, it was difficult to talk back with her limited knowledge of the language. In the end Shiori remained quiet, biting her own lips.

Besides, that man, probably doesn’t really care about the price about the apple pie. He is speaking knowing that Shiori can’t afford its price.

“Now, pay for what you ate. If you can’t pay for it, you have to work for me to earn that amount of money.”

The plump man smiled in a grudging way. Shouting in her mind “this brute” Shiori raised her eyes at her opponent.

However, she was anxious and scared on the inside. She imagined a scene where she was a prostitute and gave her body to a partner she didn’t know, and almost cried. She wasn’t prepared to earn money in that way yet.

But, as it is now, she couldn’t pay for the pies… Shiori’s body started to tremble.
The plump man, collapsed suddenly in front of Shiori’s eyes.


She thought that the plump man must have lost all energy in his body, he had fainted and laid against the backrest of the sofa.

“Wha, what? Are you ok?

She asked in japanese, shaking the man’s body but he doesn’t move and keeps his eyes closed. His face slightly red due to liquor, with a face of pleasantness~.


Shiori blinked. (TLN: Tough one google tl says: Poetry blinked with crackle. Poetry=Shiori)
Yep, the plump man was only sleeping and snoring.
She was worried and thought she lost it. Tilting her head she questioned, why did he fall asleep?

“Hey, hey”

A third man who hadn’t said anything the whole time, a man with tattoos and brown hair, raised his hand and called a servant. Even though the plump man had suddenly lost consciousness, the man didn’t seem to be particularly impatient.

“What’s the matter?”

When two waitresses arrived, the brown haired man took out a key from the inner pocket of the plump man’s coat without permission.

“It seems like he got drunk and fell asleep, because we have booked room 16 in this hotel can you carry him there?”

There was a thin metal plate with the number ‘16’ engraved with this world’s letters on it.
When the waitresses took it up and began the trouble carrying the plump man there, Shiori turned to the brown haired man and asked.

“He OK? Drunk, sleeping, true?”

He certainly is drunk, but his consciousness was clear enough to put pressure on Shiori  until just before, one wouldn’t expect him to fall asleep suddenly like that. Was something else wrong? She was a little worried.
To Shiori’s question the brown haired man raised his mouth in a grin. He showed Shiori a bottle that he had concealed and shook the transparent liquid inside.

“You are quite sharp, it is because of this drug that he suddenly fell asleep. It is a homemade sleeping drug.”

“Sleep, drug?”

“Well, this drug makes you sleepy, do you understand?”

Sleeping drug… this person, did he just give sleeping drug to his boss? Shiori instinctively got defensive. She didn’t know the purpose of this man.

The drug was probably put into the glass of the unsuspecting plump man. Since the plump man had to face Shiori the whole time when he spoke to her, it was easy for the brown haired man to get a chance.

“Why, drug, give? He, your master”

“My master? No, he’s not. That man is a merchant of my shop. Thanks to you coming today I had the chance of drugging him during our meal.”

Seems like Shiori had misunderstood that the brown haired man was a subordinate of the plump man. This man had his own shop.

“When he wakes up tomorrow, he won’t have any memory of what happened right before he fell asleep thanks to the sake. So you don’t have to worry about him remembering much about you.”


“Why did I do this? That’s easy. It was because I didn’t want him to take you.”

Being told that, something a man usually says to the woman he loves, Shiori was taken aback for a moment. But of course there was no sweet emotions in that sentence.

“Recently, my store has been doing well, so well that it is hard to take care of on my own, so who is… just who is not willing to hire a serious manageable person with a strong desire to work”

As the brown haired man said that, he looked at Shiori and gave her a nice smile.
She certainly had the desire to work, although a japanese may be serious and easy to handle, but considering.

“I don’t… want to”

While releasing cold sweet, Shiori said that. Because that man’s shop is probably also not a good store. Though it may be better than to work at a brothel.
The man stood up and put on a coat that was on the sofa.

“No, I don’t mind you refusing me, but you ought to pay for the dessert that you ate.”
He said that with smile.
That man…! While grinding her teeth, Shiori’s defeat had been decided. One can not get away with eating for free, and she really had a seriously easy-to-handle personality.

“Now, come on. I will give some work to you.”

Shiori followed the man quickly out of the restaurant with reluctant feelings.
Including the desserts, it was actually the plump man who had prepaid for the course for two people. There was noticeably no reason for Shiori to pay back the money for the dessert to the brown haired man when he was the man who had been treated….

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RR Chapter 5: At the Hotel (1)

In the end I finished Chapter 5 the same day I scheduled chapter 3 and 4 and here it is! (I kinda hope I will gather even more pageviews with this, my pageviews were poor.) Enjoy! Oh Btw 2 days(from this post) left to my 19th birthday, congratulate me! 15th may is a birthday day~! See any mistakes? Comment them below~

The time was probably 7 or 8 o’clock in the evening. The sun had fallen and starry darkness had spread through the sky, but for Shiori the time wasn’t that late. The supermarkets in Japan would still be open.


There were few shops open in the city. The main Street that had been so busy at daytime had then turned really quiet. There didn’t seem like there was as much outdoor lights as in Japan.

Was the night always that dark? Shiori began to feel fear and speeded up her steps to escape it.

She couldn’t find a place to stay and work, though she thought she could endure being homeless tonight, that idea has been reconsidered as impossible.

The night was more scary than she thought. The anxiousness of whenever there was something out there is the darkness crossed her chest.

The shops that was open in the area was an inn, a dining hall and a tavern. But those were some of the shops that refused to hire her when she tried asking for a job at daytime.

(What should I do? The stores that are still open, what remains there…)

Shiori looked at the big building in front of her. It had plenty of windows and was two stories tall, with beautiful engravings on its big doors and balcony railings.

The town was wide and had some places with dim atmospheres and the security seemed bad in some parts, but this area was a quiet, sophisticated, luxurious residential area. From where Shiori stood one could see some pretty houses.

However the building in front of her felt different from an ordinary mansion.

(Is this… a hotel?)

That was Shiori’s guess. It wasn’t an ‘inn’, it was a ‘hotel’. Of course it was different from the modern hotels in Japan, but the size and the atmosphere from the building was different from the other inns in the city.

Somehow the threshold felt high, and when she found it here in daytime she passed straight by it. Perhaps it was impossible for her to be hired.

But this time she couldn’t afford avoiding it. She had to try even if she gets refused.

While Shiori waited for a guest carriage to leave she softly aimed at the hotel entrance. There was a doorman like man and when Shiori gave him a silent smile he mistook her as a customer and opened the door normally.

The Onee-san who sold accessories had told her that with her groomed skin and hair, Shiori might seem like a lady.

However, it was strange for a woman to wear trousers, and the doorman also had a slightly strange face.

When entering, Shiori was greeted by a marble entrance. It wasn’t as wide as she thought and the lighting was dim. But because it used lamps and candles instead of florescent lights it had a good calming atmosphere.

A young man at the reception desk looked into his books and didn’t seem to take notice of Shiori.

Although Shiori tried to talk to him she felt distracted by the tasty smell that tinkled her nose.

(From over there, It looks like a restaurant was attached to the hotel.)

It was next to the entrance. As it was around dinner time, the restaurant was really busy.

As if she just remembered, her stomach started to grumble. Shiori was hungry since she had walked a long distance so she decided to head for it.

Everyone who was eating was dressed up to a extent and there was an atmosphere like that of gentlemen and ladies of the upper class. The restaurant was wide and almost full, but it wasn’t as noisy like the city’s tavern.

(Somehow everyone here seems to be rich, maybe some of them are of aristocracy. I wonder if they can invite me to stay tonight, even a mansions storage would be alright…)

Though she thought like that, she didn’t have the actual courage to ask for it.

She transferred her attention from the customers to the employees. Waitresses wearing uniform were wandering around the tables carrying dishes out to the customers.

And when she turned around, she saw men in their 50s, with mustaches and hair stroked on tightly on their heads, and observed their work.

As there are some people stretching their muscles, the work seemed hard.

Perhaps, there in someone great who leads the personnel in this hotel.

(If I want to ask if they can hire me it would be faster to ask that person directly, it seems hard, I’m becoming nervous, but…)

She could not keep standing there forever, Shiori headed for one of the men in moustache. Lightly fixing up her hair and coughing lightly with a kohon, she speaks fearfully.

She didn’t know enough words to say phrases such as ‘Um, excuse me’ and ‘Excuse me for interrupting your work’.

“I, want work”

The only choice she had was to get to the main point.

It is really inconvenient that she’s not good at the language. She might be seen as someone with no common sense.

“What? Work?

While raising a single eyebrow, the mustache man responded. His voice, full with thorns, pierced Shiori’s heart.

But she cannot lose here. She hated to be homeless.

“Please, cleaning, washing, I’ll do anything”

Shiori begged, but the man only coldly returned to her.

“It’s impossible. We can’t give work to foreigners. Get that. Why did you even come in here?”

He pulled her her arm trying to drive her away, but Shiori resisted by stepping on his feat. She desperately appealed in Japanese.

Please, I will do anything, even work that most people dislike. I will do whatever dirty work you have. I do not need a big salary either. Please, please hire me!

“I don’t understand what you are saying, give it up, leave, this…”

“I, will, not…”

Shiori stands firm with the man pulling her arm, it was like a tug-war with neither side being able to take even a step.

“Hey you, you there”

Suddenly a third party voice came in between them. It was said to the mustache man, but Shiori also turned to look.

Immediately behind, there was a sofa group – unlike the ordinary tables and chairs – this was the VIP seat and the voice had come from there.

“That child is my acquaintance, please let go of her”

He was a senior middle-aged plump man, with a smile that could make others smile, and he said that while beckoning Shiori to come closer. There was another man next to him, seems like they were eating together.

“…That was rude of me”

The mustache man, while wiping of the sweat he got from fighting with Shiori, bowed to the plump costumer. After taking a quick glance at Shiori, he quickly made his way back towards the kitchen.

Shiori dives into thoughts while looking at the costumer. They are, of course, not acquainted. If so, why did he help her?

“Ey, Ojou-san. Why aren’t you coming over here?”

The plump man says without letting his smile disappear. He was dressed tidily and had a friendly aura, and she didn’t have anything else to do, so Shiori silently headed to his seat. Even though he had a nouveau riche feel from the gold ring on his finger, perhaps he is not a bad person.

In support of Shiori’s thinking, he said.

“I heard it a moment ago, you are looking for a job Ojou-san? I wonder, how about working at my place?”


Hearing his pleasant offer, Shiori’s eyes opened wide. To not miss this chance, Shiori nods her head in a ‘un un’ and answer.

“Work! I want work”

After saying that she adds “Ah, but…”

“I, no house. Live-in work, happy”

‘It is a bit brazen, but I would be very grateful to work as a live-in if it is possible.’ when telling him that quickly with a few words, the man acknowledged it quite well.

“Oh, that’s ok, as most of us do work live-in, we will prepare a room for Ojou-san”

“Really?! Thank you. I, words, bad…is fine?”

“That isn’t a problem. Being bad with words can be something good and cute. There are many customers who are attracted to that.” (TLN: I think this man is really suspicious, it feels like he offers her a job in a brothel…)

“Thank goodness…!”

Apparently it seems to be some kind of guest service, seems like there is no problem even if her speech is broken. Shiori breathlessly inquired.

“Work, content, teach”

She said with a smile. There was an occasional male word since the one who taught her the language was Krust, unfortunately the man himself didn’t seem to notice that.

It had a certain command tone too but the man didn’t get angry, he was blown away with the man who was sitting beside him.

“Wahaha, good. We may get some customers with a special taste.”


“Well, maybe we should talk about work later. Aren’t you hungry? You should eat this. I don’t have much work prepared for you yet.”

Saying so, the man presented his dessert to Shiori. It looked like an apple pie with cream on top.

“Although it came with the course, but I’m not good with sweets”

Passing the fork over to Shiori, himself taking a sip on his sake. (TLN: Japanese rice wine)

“Ah, thanks!”

Just as she thought she would die hungry, Shiori received the dish with pleasure. This person, he is a really good person! While thinking like that.

To Shiori, the people who unconditionally give people food are classed as ‘good people’.

(TLN: This mc is naive, so very naive.)

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RR Chapter 4: Krust is a Hero

Well another chapter out, it has actually been ready for a long time, and so had chapter 3 but I want to set a pretty strict weekly schedule. Ok then Enjoy. (Note that one week and a day(28th april) before this post I was about half a chapter through chapter 5 it was also when I scheduled the posting of chapter 3 and 4)

Walking is inconvenient

But she didn’t take a bike with her to this other world, if she had then time and fatigue could be drastically reduced. So far it had taken Shiori two hours to get back to the city. She had never walked this much before.

But there was no time to rest, she had arrived at the center of the city and she looked around for some kind of lodging. In the evening there were less people out than in daytime.

(Would be best if I can find a lodging where I can also work.)

While living in this town, she will go to the castle everyday and ask for Krust. That seemed to be best option at the moment.

After she meets Krust she would ask him to introduce her to a magician he knew. It was after all a magician who transferred him to her world three years ago.

(Perhaps a magician may be able to return me to Japan, but what is the reason why I came to this world in the first place?)

Although Shiori scrambled through her head it was hard to find a possible reason as to why this phenomenon happened to her.

Well, there was no use in thinking about what had already happened. She had to think about the future as the top priority. So she adjusted her mind and focused on searching for work and bedding.

A shop selling fabric and clothing, hardware shops dealing with pots, fruits and vegetables, stalls for selling flowers, small dining halls, old houses… For Shiori that suffered from employment difficulties in Japan, it could be said that it would be a pain in this country as well.

Shiori walked around the city, looking a job that she thought she could manage somehow even by herself, she asked the store owners “Can you please hire me?”. She repeated it over and over again, but in the end no one wanted to hire her.

The reasons for her being refused varied from that they already had enough people to that they couldn’t afford to hire others. In addition, Shiori was unable to speak the language well. People who talked to her had the impression she that she was a foreigner that seemed to be not used to working. If one had to hire anyone, hiring people of the same country, who can speak the language, and knows common sense seemed like a better option.

(It feels like my heart is breaking… but…)

Shiori’s shoulders dropped. Although they had only refused to hire her, she felt like her value as a person had been denied. Even though she had experienced it many times in Japan it still hurt her.

The sun was already about to hide behind the mountains, and the people walked home in the sun’s bright red light. She looked at the crowds as they were slowly decreasing, and the surrounding shops prepared to close up for the day. A child who was bought sweets happily grabbed his parent’s hand as they walked home. To a flower girl, a young naive man bought a flower from said “I will come back tomorrow!” and waved his hand.

Shiori watched them silently. Everyone is acquainted with someone, and everyone is connected with someone.

(What should I do, I feel somewhat lonely. Homesick?)

Biting her lips to hold back her tears.

She shook her head to switch off the dark thoughts she had.

(Why are you crying like this? Did Krust cry when he went to Japan? Did he cry “I’m lonely””I want to return”? Has he ever cried spontaneously?)

Question, answer. “No he didn’t”

Well then she just had to work hard.


Shiori got fired up and started to walk again. She couldn’t find a job by crying. Do not underestimate a girl who had experienced Japan’s severe hiring conditions!

Too bad, I am alright on my own.


Shiori called out to a Onee-san who was selling accessories made of stone on a blanket on the ground, she had gotten rejected too much to even care anymore. She had prepared herself to be rejected again, it was after all a small business.

“You are a foreigner? Black hair is not uncommon in this country but yours is clean and beautiful, and your skin is white and rough. Besides your clothes seems to be good. But even though it doesn’t seem like you have a job or a house to live in is there a reason for that?”

The Onee-san looked at Shiori’s appearance and said that.

“I very much like to help you but, unfortunately I can only take care of myself.”

Shiori was only able to understand somewhat what the Onee-san had said, but she knew she cared for her, that made Shiori happy.

“It’s fine, thank you.”

It broke the expression of her first world transfer. There had to be a lot of kind people here too.

The Onee-san began cleaning up her accessories preparing to go home. Shiori thought of something.

“I have a question, do you know Krust Orfeld?”

It was a question she had to ask but didn’t expect an answer to.

Only for Shiori, the words the gatekeeper said concerned her. It was as if Krust was a celebrity, and Shiori one of his mischievous fans.

“Krust Orfeld? I certainly know of him.”

Shiori’s eyes widened when she heard the Onee-san’s answer.

Why do you know? Krust is just a knight, is he not? I understand that the gatekeeper knows him, but why does an ordinary person like Onee-san…

Her answer wasn’t what Shiori had expected so she accidentally spoke in Japanese. “I don’t know what you are saying” The Onee-san got confused, but she explained.

“There is no one in this country who doesn’t know the name Krust Orfeld, he is a hero after all.”

“Eh? Hero?”

Shiori knew that word, but to think that it was connected to Krust.

“I think it was about two years ago, shouldn’t even foreigners know that this country was attacked by a lot of monsters?”

Without waiting for Shiori to respond, the Onee-san continues.

“If you go deep into the woods you can encounter monsters, but you will mostly not encounter them when you live normally. They are usually fewer that the humans and the animals. Still once a century or a thousand years, I don’t know why, but monsters may be born in large quantities in one area. Two years ago it happened in this country, and a small village in the south was the first victim.”

While listening to the story Shiori felt breathless.

When she heard about this world from Krust he also mentioned that there were monsters. At that time Shiori thought ‘Eeeeh, that’s scary’ but now she was in that world so it was horrible. She unexpectedly confirmed their surroundings.

“Monsters attacked humans and destroyed the buildings. Once a town was destroyed they would go to the next one. The southern people were in a state of grave danger, and when the monsters came I thought this country was done for.”

With closed eyes and arms folded, the Onee-san said that as if Shiori was a freshman.

“In the end the monsters was beaten by a group of elite people who were dispatched by his majesty the king. The knights, magicians and adventurers were not touched at all and the crowd praised them all and began to call Krust Orfeld, who had been particularly active among them, as ‘Hero’. I saw him at the time in the triumphal parade, he was a capable​ good man with an overflowing feeling.”

In a loud voice the Onee-san finished her talk.

Shori rotated her head at a high speed and chewed down the story on her own.(TLN: basically “Shiori processed what she has heard in her head in a high speed.”) A lot of unknown words were said but she thinks she could understand the important part. ‘Krust who defeated the monsters and saved the country came to be called a hero.’

That happened two years ago, after he returned from Japan he became a hero. This makes it certain that the way to count time in this world and in earth is almost the same, Shiori thought. After Krust returned, while she was lonely living a mediocre college life, he fought against monsters here and became a hero. It really was ‘a different world’.

And, she also liked this.

(I didn’t know that Krust is that strong. His forged body looked weak, but there was no opportunity to fight there.)

Krust in Shiori’s narrow room might be similar to a strong big wolf trapped in a cramped cage. But his silver hair was consuspicious so Shiori had asked him ‘to not go out too much’ so that he doesn’t gather any extra attention.

She was glad that he was able to return to his world. In Japan Krust’s fighting ability would be a sceptical treasure.

(I guess life in my narrow room might have been boring. I had a hat he had on when he went out, but that was only a walk in the neighborhood…)

The Onee-san said to Shiori, who was dazed our thinking about the past, that she was done packing up her things.

“I will go home now, I’d like you to stay overnight but I’m currently living in an inn. If you don’t want to be homeless, and if you don’t search for an inn soon the sun will set.”

When the Onee-san waved goodbye to Shori who still was thinking about Krust.

(Wait a moment. If Krust is such a celebrity, isn’t it nearly impossible to meet him? Then if it is nearly impossible to meet him I can’t meet his magician acquaintance, and then isn’t it likely that I can’t return too?)

Shiori’s expression clouds suddenly.
(Krust… why did you have to become a hero…)

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RR Chapter 3: To the Castle

TLN/EDN: I kind of took it from Slackerdog since he has been inactive with it for over half a year, well as it seems like it would be ok its fine. Fully machine translated with a lot of editing and no proofing (I’m no grammar pro). Enjoy. I’m gonna try doing regular releases, one a week on Saturdays/Fridays(12 am UTC+1), but don’t expect it.

Slackerdog translated the male lead’s name to Kraust but when I started translating it I settled with Krust so his name has been changed to Krust.

Shiori walked out from the shade of the alley into the main street where people rushed back and forth. Through the soles of her shoes she felt the solid cobblestone.
Shiori’s appearance may have seemed a bit odd in this town, but it could have been worse. Shiori did not know the reason she was summoned, but she was lucky that it wasn’t before bedtime or before job hunting. It would be obviously strange to walk around in this world dressed in a suit or a pijama.
Shiori walked down the street while looking nervous. She could see various shops and stalls lined up on the right and left, and there was also a lot of pedestrians. The inhabitants were full of activity, with the city bright and crowded.

(Why am I not gathering​ as much attention as I thought I would?)

Among the pedestrians there were some who took a glance at Shiori, but immediately looked away, going past without any further notes. It seems that they did not have enough interest to bother.
Shiori straightened her back and looked up ahead.

(That’s a beautiful castle…)

Just straight ahead of her, a beautiful white castle was visible. It wasn’t at a distance that Shiori couldn’t walk from the place she was at.
A thought had appeared in Shoiri’s head while she advanced towards the castle. Three years ago, Krust who had been summoned to Japan said that he was “a knight that served the king”.

(If that castle is the castle of the king, the knight who serves the king…… Krust should be there too?)

Although she couldn’t have any hopes, she thought that at least it is better than searching around the city for him, and with that decided, Shiori quickens her pace towards the castle.

While Shiori was walking alone, she rehearsed the country’s language while muttering. Although she had many words and phrases taught to her by Krust, unfortunately Shiori’s learning ability was average, she didn’t have the same memory capacity as Krust.
However, she had written everything down in a notebook and reviewed it. Even after Krust returned to his world, that continued.

(Perhaps I was expecting somewhere in my heart that Krust would come back again.)

While feeling pain, as if a small knife was stabbed into her chest, Shiori thought that.
She wanted to talk to Krust who had once again come to Japan in his native language.

But Krust never came to Japan again.
But that would be natural.

(For the reason of meeting him again, I can not risk any dangers in this other world.)

Depressed of her own thoughts, Shiori shruggs her shoulders. And she thinks:

(I liked Krust.)

Rather, they were living together as a man and a woman under one roof, it would be funny if one wasn’t conscious. Besides, the other person was someone who was perfect, who was so beautiful that he seems to stink of the word ikemen, and had a manly and gentle personality. Unlike a shy Japanese guy who can’t do ladies first, he could it without a hitch.
There is no reason to not fall in love with such a man.

Even Shiori, who wasn’t clear on what love is, was taken by his charm.
Even then, thinking that she might be able to meet Krust again, without permission, her heart beats had begun to rise.

But for the moment, she would lock her emotions in the back of her mind.
Shiori had an unrealistic experience of a different world trip. She did not have time to think about love. How could she live in this world, was there a way back to Japan? There are many other things she had to think about.
There was no guarantee that she would be offered help even if she met Krust. Things may get annoying and she had to make sure that she did not have any high expectations.

Sealing her female emotions inside herself, Shiori steadily advanced towards the castle.

Shiori did not know how much time has passed since she didn’t have a clock, but she expected that she had walked for at least two hours. It was after her feet had gotten sore that she finally arrived at the destination.
One could see the beautiful castle at the back of a large plaza. It was delicate but powerful and elegant. Shiori had the feeling of having entered a fairytale.

(No, in fact it is a fairytale, I got lost in this fairytale)

If this was a dream Shiori wanted to wake up.

After proceeding to the big gate which seemed to be the front entrance, there were two guards with weapons that looked like spears. One of them being in the small space next to the door. She wondered if they were knights.

(The uniform that they wearing is similar to the one Krust was wearing… but the design is slightly different. Yet the crest on their chests is the same.)

After observing the gatekeepers, Shiori gathered her courage and approached them. While giving a light smile thinking about the spears in their hands, she spoke in a small voice to the one who was standing by the gate.

Ano, excuse me.” [TN: I wanted to put in some Japanese, oh to indicate that it is spoken in Japanese I will try to use cursive.]

She instinctively spoke in Japanese, with a dubious face. She felt that the spear was moved a bit and cold sweat came out.
She had to speak in the language of this country. Shiori had just reviewed it a while ago. Though she thought so, her mind had become pure white from the tension, and the words had flown away.
“Ah, that” while being frustrated Shiori says that to the gatekeeper.

“A foreigner?”

In his voice had a little vigilance.
But when he looked at the state of Shiori that seemed to be backless, the voice of the gatekeep turned soft. The spear also didn’t move.

“Did you get lost?”

He seemed to have misunderstood Shiori as a 5 year old. The language is usually easy for adult ladies to master. She only had make-up on her eyebrows, so it may had looked like she was young.

“Lost, different”

Shiori shook her head in denial. Although she is a big lost child in a sense.

“Question, is ok?”
“What is it?”

She breathed in and asked right away…

“You, Krust, do you know? Krust Orfeld”

With the thought that he might not know by firstname alone, she gave him Krust’s full name. However, even if they have the same emblem, the number that had could be at least around to 100 or 200 people. It is unlikely that this gatekeeper knows Krust.
Although she asked while being prepared to be told “I do not know”, to her surprise the result was wonderful. Hearing Krust’s name, the gatekeeper raised an one eyebrow.

“Krust Orfeld? Of course I know of him.”

Shiori of expression lit up. There is no way that one could meet someone who knew Krust that smoothly.

“I, Krust, want to see. Please”

But when Shiori asked so excitedly, the expression of the gatekeeper became steep. He sighs “ha”, treating it lightly.

“No can do. Krust-sama is busy. He doesn’t even have time to meet people like you once.”

Shiori desperately tries to process what he said in her brain. She was rejected to meet “Krust” because of him being “busy” and her being “no good”. But why did he use the words “people like”? Is there someone else who came to see Krust other than her?

“I, Krust, am acquainted”
“Do not lie about such a thing – if you say that you are truly acquainted, put up some proper evidence”
“A lie, not, I-”
“Well, now go away, Krust-sama will not meet you.”

Forced away, Shiori had to reluctantly give up. Even if she did hit the target, it was unlikely that Krust would meet her, besides the spears were scary.
If she knew him well enough, he would know she was there after a while. She decided that she could wait.

(Maybe Krust is someone with a high influence? So he can’t easily call me, can he even meet me?)

But he was still young. He should only been about two years older than Shiori. She could not imagine him being in such a powerful position among the knights.

(But in Japan one can be a president at a young age… is there any difference… I don’t know.)

Shiori thinks while twisting her head away from the castle. She found it difficult to rely on Krust, so she decided to return to the city to find a place to stay tonight for the time being. If one waited a minute, the sun would have faded away in a blink of an eye.


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