Graceling: The Girl With Time

This is a fanfic I made in school of the book series Graceling by Kristin Cashore.

She ran with all her might form the men that chased her even though she knew that they were one kilometers away from her. While running her hat fell off and the bun she had tied her hair in opened up to reveal her black, long and flowing hair. There was roots everywhere as she ran in a dark forest trying to reach a light and getting away from those that chased her. She also knew that they had hounds chasing her which is the reason why she kept running. Exhausted and having her head bombarded with questions such as “Why?”, “Weren’t they my family?” and “Shouldn’t they support and protect me?” she kept running. They wanted her, and her grace. They didn’t consider her feelings and well being even though they are family. No, they rather sell her out to get what they want.


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Graceling: The Girl With Time


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