RR Chapter 11: One Step Forward?

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Translator: Sakuraid

Editors: Intel, Sakuraid


“It doesn’t seem to dry easily”

Shiori spoke in a troubled voice, touching the cloak hanging in the back of the shop. The cloak she had borrowed from one of the gatekeepers yesterday was still moist.

“Even though it isn’t raining the weather is still bad today, so isn’t it better to let it dry in the warm shop?”

It would probably dry quickly near the oven. Thinking so, Shiori decided to leave the cloak in the store to dry. When Shiori entered the store from the back door, she saw a guest that had in an unkempt way entered the store.

“Sorry, behind, I did not notice you”

As she said so, Shiori put the cloak over the work table and went to the counter.

“No, it’s okay. I just arrived.”

The guest was a elegant gentleman with grey hair. He seemed about in his seventies and had a cane, but the spine was straight and his legs were solid and youthful. Was this a person from the city? Shiori wondered. The man seemed like an upper class citizen, he had a slightly different atmosphere from the customers who usually came to the store.

“Are you looking for something?”

Asking this, Shiori was a bit nervous. The gray-haired man responded while he looked at the various medicines on the store’s shelves.

“No, I do not have any drugs that I want urgently”


Shiori wanted to ask him why he had come then, but she couldn’t. So, instead she watched him while sorting things on the counter.

“Actually I heard a rumor of this store in the street.”

The gentleman said this and smiled watching Shiori over his glasses.


“Yes, but it’s not a bad rumor. It’s a good rumor, they say that the medicine in this store is really effective.”

Shiori broke her expression and relaxed a bit. She was pleased that the store was being praised.

“Miss is still young, but … is this your shop?”

The gentleman looked around the store and then back at Shiori after confirming that there was no one else there.

“No. There is, shopkeeper. Out now though.”

“Is that so.”

Roche was out from morning that day as well. Taking care of the shop almost by herself was already becoming normal for Shiori.

“Actually, I’m a doctor, I was looking for some good medicine.”


Shiori nodded, it certainly seemed possible.

“There are many who have bruises and cuts among my patients, are there any medicines that would work well for that?”


Shiori headed toward a shelf and picked a brown large bottle up, inside there were dried medicinal herbs cut to a reasonable size.

“This, wound medicine. Put it in a little water, put it on a clean gauze, put it on a wound. Of course, wash the wound well first.

Shiori opened the lid and tilted the bottle to show the contents to the gray-haired gentleman.

This medicine is a medicine that covers the wound so as to not dry the bodily fluid coming out of the wound, it heals using self-healing power. Shiori thought it seemed similar to humidification therapy which recently became known in Japan. The impression the first time Roche had told her about it was something like “Oh, so the effect is similar to that high adhesive bandage?”

“Also, this and this is also recommended”

Shiori grabbed two small bottles this time.

“This, the fever of the affected part, this medicine dampens it. This, the pain of the affected part, this medicine helps relieve.”

“Is this pain reliever made from the roots of Silole?”

“I am sorry, wait just a moment.”

Shiori took out the note from the shelf next to the counter and began to flicker through it, she had written down the different notes she had heard from Roche in japanese.

She wasn’t supposed to share the recipe for the medicine with other people, but the Silole thing should be okay. It is a medicinal herb that’s widely known for relieving pain.

“Yes, the main ingredient is roots of Silole but there are a few other things mixed in there, so it should be highly effective.”


The older gentleman put his hand on his chin in thought. Then,

“Let’s try it, give me one of each of those three medicines. If it seems more effective than what I am using right now, I will continue to purchase it.”

“Thank you.”

She had done it, Shiori smiled. She was getting a new customer. Moreover, this customer was a doctor, so they would buy more medicine than the general customers.

“Well… It’s a medicine against pain, a medicine against heat, We need to inventory it somehow, it’s not a bad medicine, but it’s insufficient, we need to stock some herbs, so it takes a week to prepare it.”

Shiori said, the gentleman acknowledged it with a “It doesn’t matter” while paying.

“Anyway, today I have some more things to bring back home by myself, after a week I will bring my baggage and come again.”

The gentleman smiled, and Shiori smiled back. What a nice person…, making her wariness disappear.

She didn’t think she would forget, but just in case she should note the type and amount of medicine he had order once on paper. Because the characters of this world have different figures from Japanese.

“What is your name?”

“People call me Syllabus.”

Syllabus, a word I often heard during my college days, it was easy to remember. While thinking this Shiori took a few notes under that name. Suddenly, while looking behind her Syllabus asked,

“Is that the same one that knights use?”

What he was looking at was the cloak that had been placed on the work table. The one Shiori had borrowed from the gatekeeper yesterday. Why is that here? As Shiori understood what the man was asking she explained how it had happened. There was a person she had wanted to meet so she went to the castle, but in the end she couldn’t meet him. As she started to give up it started raining and then, she borrowed to coat from a gatekeeper.

“Who would you like to meet? Are you also a lady ‘s acquaintance working in a castle?”

“No, well… er…”

Shiori felt a bit lost on whether she should explain it or not. If she said she knew the hero, would he think she was lying?

Syllabus seemed gentle and he gave the hesitant Shiori a sense of security.

“In fact, I also work in the castle, as an exclusive doctor of the Order and if your acquaintance is a person I know, I can tell him the message “My daughter wants to meet you.””

Shiori instinctively froze at the counter.

“Ah, that … … my acquaintance, Krust Orfeld. It may be impossible to believe, but true, I know I met him, I want to see him.”

Shiori’s heart was beating faster now and her speech became faster.

When presented Krust’s name, Syllabus remained the same as before, this surprised Shiori. It might have been unbelievable to think that there was any sort of connection between an ordinary girl working at a drugstore and a national hero.

“True, isn’t, a lie, is different. Prior acquaintance before Krust becoming a hero.”

But it was taken in with serious eyes because Shiori was appealing so much, after thinking a bit about it Syllabus,

“Well, i do not think miss is a liar, because you can see that in people’s eyes when you get older, is that so, Orfeld’s …?”

Shiori nodded.

“Krust, do you know?”

“Yes, of course. I also knew him before he became a hero, since I was with the knights.”

“Well then, please let him know…… I am here, I want to meet…”

At Shiori’s request, Syllabus shook his head “No.” Shiori was confused, but Syllabus lowered his eyebrows and smiled,

“I’ll take him directly here, he will help me carry my luggage, we’ll come in a week from now.”

“Tha, thanks …!!”

No doubt at such a time, she would have multiple opportunities to meet with Krust. Shiori seemed to cry lightly, grasping Syllabus’s hands and shaking them like a politician before an election.

“Orfeld is a busy body, but it will be okay. I will make sure of it.”

“Thank you, I really appreciate it very much.”

“It’s not a problem, and that mantle, should I return it to the gatekeeper you borrowed it from? Anyway, I will return to the castle for now, so I can do it.”

Syllabus offered, pointing at the coat on the workbench in the back.

He really was a nice person. Super gentleman! While thinking that, Shiori shook her head. If she asked something more of Syllabus who bought a lot of medicine and said he would bring her to Krust, that might be too much.

“I am grateful, but I will return it myself, I want to thank him directly,”

It’s bad to make others return what you borrowed. Besides, the cloak was still wet, so she would have felt sorry for making Syllabus return it to the gatekeeper. After having smiled “so it’s like that”, Syllabus checked his pocket watch and left the store after speaking to Shiori in a slightly panicked tone.

“Oh, it looks like I have stayed too long, I have to return soon… Then I will bring him here lady, bring Orfeld in a week.”

“I’m waiting …. Thank you!”

Hooray! With this she could meet Krust. Finally…!

Now, looking forward to the next week, Shiori raised her chest high.

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