RR Chapter 19: Heartbroken

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Editor: Sakuraid

As she finished her morning preparations and descended to the first floor, Roche was already there looking at Shiori.

“Something’s shining here?”

Roche said, maybe her hair that was more carefully conditioned than usual? Or her lips that had some oil packs on them since last night? Alternatively, it could be her face that was washed with homemade cosmetic water. A light blush appeared on Shiori’s cheek in shame.

“Today, you will only look at hero-sama from afar. There is no use in making yourself stand out so much.”

“I, I know…!”

It seemed like he said “it’s too much”, so Shiori felt that if there was a hole she would hide herself in it. With her hands she his her lips which had become plump and elastic thanks to the oil packs.

Roche gave out a nasty laugh and raised one of the corners of his mouth.

“Well, shall we go?”

Then he stood up.

“Roche, you don’t even have to come”

“I will go because unless there is someone watching you, you wouldn’t know what to do.”

The two people left the store while arguing.

As she neared the main street, the lively voices of people came to her ears. It blended into the bright morning air and made Shiori’s mood surge into a storm. It felt like an exciting festival atmosphere.

As the time of the parade was approaching, the street was already packed with people. Nonetheless, the people are separated into two sides of the road, leaving whole way in the center free for the knights to march.

There was various shops, but they didn’t seem to sell anything as their owners had also mixed in among the crowds. Seemed like business would start after the parade.

It also seemed like not only the residents of the city were there, there were many people dressed in traveling clothes, they might have come from another town to watch the parade.

Shiori also tried to move inside the crowd, but as she would probably only be shoved around, she decided to remain at the back of the crowd. As the knights were going to ride on horses, it would be easy for her to see Krust that would march in the front.

“It’s a bit annoying to be among such a big crowd”

Roche said standing next to her. Glancing at the profile that stirred his own hair, looking annoyed, Shiori rudely thought that surprisingly, mornings doesn’t suit him.

About 20 minutes later. From the back of the street, from the direction of the west where the castle is located, they heard a trumpet of trumpets and a drum performance. At the same time people start to cheer.

Both of the sounds gathered momentum and gradually neared the spot where Shiori was. Since the people starts to stir to try to get a better look at the back of the street, Shiori also gets caught up and looks in that direction.

Krust should certainly be in the front. She recalled what she heard from the bakery lady, her heart starts to beat in excitement. Even though she was just slightly nervous, the drum beats boosted that feeling.

The excited voices of the crowds come closer like waves. Along with the booming sound of drums pricking her ears, the drum and fife band appeared in Shiori’s view who stretched up. They had a slightly flashy appearance of red and green, and they weren’t riding on horses.

It didn’t seem like Krust was first in the parade line.

Despite being a bit disappointed, without any raise of heartbeat, Shiori watched the ensuring parade. An old man moved his head briefly, while he stretched his neck towards the opposite side.

Next were three knights with horses. Each had a large flag with different crests drawn on, Shiori didn’t understand their meaning. Maybe it was the emblems of the Order, the Country and the Royals, or so Shiori thought.

They bore not the knight clothes Shiori was knew of, but heavy armour.

Even so, looking at the masks that were covering their heads and faces completely, she wouldn’t know who they are! She got anxious.

Then, at that moment――.

Suddenly the cheers in the surroundings got loud enough to reach the skies. The air in the place got more excited.

A girl who was at the front row of the opposite side of the crowd, grabbed pink petals from the basket they had, and threw them towards the street. Voices of excitement rose from the surrounding people.

―― “Krust−sama”.

Shiori turned her eyes wide open, and looked towards the street. Though her toes were nearing their limits due to stretching all the time, it didn’t matter.

Before Shiori’s eyes, he was there.

“Krust…. It’s Krust”

Instinctively, her trembling voice came out.

Every pore on her body opens up, she got goosebumps. Is this the feeling of excitement? Dokidoki, the pulsating sound of her heart echoes in her body, it was badly loud. She couldn’t understand the reason why she was letting out cold sweat.

Krust rode on a white horse dressed in various accessories and wore a silver-laden armor. He had removed his helmet and held it under his left arm, he looked dignified as he rode on.

Apart from the drums, the fife band and the flag holders, he marched slowly in front of the line. Although they followed behind Krust, the other knights who were aligned in two to three rows with their helmets removed, couldn’t make Shiori’s gaze move away from Krust.

He looked more mature than before…. She thought. A calm, manly, adult aura encircles him, he had gotten a fearless face.

He seemed like a different person from the man who used to show a smile in front of her, it made her a bit sad.

The appearance which was as beautiful as an ice sculpture remained as usual, it naturally attracted eyes. The line of sight remained centered on him.

Without diverting attention to the noisy cheers from the surroundings, Krust moved forward looking only in front of him. That figure was exquisitely majestic, exactly like a true hero.

While she looked at his figure, Krust came up to the front of Shiori.

The distance between them was only a few meters. At the moment she thought that, Shiori suddenly realizes something.

Just look at Krust’s figure. He doesn’t need to be aware of her. She thought that, but now she can’t hold herself back like that anymore.

(I want Krust to notice me…!)

She wants him to realize that she is here, in the same world as him. Shiori strongly thought that.

She felt intense impatience and loneliness when Krust passed by her without noticing her existence.

She didn’t think about boldly crawling through the crowd and jump onto the street where the knights were marching.

But Shiori couldn’t help but to unconsciously advance a step. Running as it was, she tried to shout the name of Krust in a loud voice――.

At the same time she tried to take action, Roche, who was next to her, tightly gripped her arms.

Feeling uncomfortable about not being able to move as she wants, Shiori looks back at her boss and glares at him. The advice from him that she should not have any connection with the Order of Knights was totally out of her head, and it was just annoying to her that Roche gets in the way.

“Let me go…”

“What are you going to do once you meet again?”

Roche’s did not go through to Shiori which resisted swinging his away his arms, Roche looked at the back of the Krust which keeps going away gradually, and as usual, Roche was in a state of calm.

While thinking he moved his gaze to look at Shiori, saying with a cold voice;

“If you still have hope of “maybe”, I will push it away properly. The hero has a wi- a fiance. The other party is this kingdom’s princess.”

The movement of Shiori which was resisting stopped suddenly and even her breathing stopped for a moment.

“I’m not lying, I heard it from a backdoor customer. Although it hasn’t been released yet, it seems to be a known story among the nobles”

It took her a awfully long to firmly understand the meaning of Roche ‘s words. It was because the brain was showing a reaction of rejection as she didn’t want to take in that fact.

(Engagement…… Krust…… and the princess of this country……)

Shiori managed to take the words like swallowing a sticky and unpleasant liquid. She returned her line of sight to Krust who already only had the back, forgetting to blink and keeping her gaze still.

Her heart felt strained.

(Maybe, I still love Krust?)

Poetry vaguely thought.

No, she really felt like she already knew. But she was afraid to expose her true feelings even to herself, so she was desperately pretending not to notice.

Unchanged from three years ago, she still has feelings for Krust.

She was a person who used to be in love “long time ago”, but also a person who is still in love “currently”.

That was Shiori’s real feelings, that was a truthful fact.

However, nothing changed as soon as she realized it. She still had her heart broken.

Even though the surroundings were still noisy, a strange quietness was spreading in the head of Shiori. The crust which was going down the street eventually gets hidden behind the following knights and disappeared.

Shiori thought; It may be that she hoped somewhere in his heart that he did not forget her as much as she still didn’t forget Krust.

In the last three years, she had many encounters with heterosexuals. Since she was a college student, she often got invited to Gokons*. From the opposite sex that she got acquainted with there, there were also things that had been implicitly conveyed.

But she didn’t enter into a relationship as she couldn’t forget about Krust.

The time in Shiori’s mind stopped three years ago, when Krust suddenly returned to his world.

But Krust was different. Became a hero, got a fiance, he is moving forward.

Only she was stuck in the past….


When she heard Roche’s impudent voice, with a cold touch on her cheeks, Shiori realized that she was crying.

Roche strongly wipes his eyes with a rugged finger. Was it surprising that she was cried? Looking at his unexpectedly upset expression, Shiori was ashamed that she shed tears in such a place.

In a hurry she wiped her tears with the sleeves of her clothes,

“The royal family will soon come through”

She heard a man near her say. People who saw the hero were now waiting for the arrival of the king and queen this time.

“Can I get to see a glance of Princess Cattorea today?”

Followed by the words she heard, Shiori unfailingly solidified and listened carefully.

Is princess Cattorea, Krust’s fiance….?

“I wonder if you didn’t come last year. His Majesty was reluctant to bring her.”

“His Majesty is patronizing the princess. It would naturally not be good to show a horse race game where death sometimes happen”

“No, no, just worried that the princess’s heart will be robbed by the knight in the game? As a father who also has a daughter, I will keep this in my mind.”

Residents of the city smiled, laughed and then continued talking.

“See, the majesties’ carriage”

One person pointed with his finger, Shiori followed it’s direction and looked ahead. She saw a luxurious, glitterless type of carriage at the back of the street, but before her line of sight had reached the royal people on board there, Shiori’s head quickly looked downwards.

In case princess Cattorea was onboard, she felt frustrated. She had no courage to see the face of Krust’s fiance. It was certain that she would be a beauty that would overwhelm Shiori.

A honorable hero who saved the country and a beautiful princess. Isn’t that a perfect match?

There are no gaps which one could enter there.

“Let’s… return to the store”

Even though she intended to talk normally, the voice that she aimed towards Roche was trembling small.

Roche looked at Shiori’s state as if to observe, and nodded silently. Then he pushed Shiori’s back, they silently left the main street where the bustle went on.

*Gokon = Groupdating for those who doesn’t know

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