RR Chapter 6: At The Hotel (2)

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Shiori, with her cheeks filled with the apple pie the man gave her, let out a happy voice.

It was sweet, plenty of sugar had been used, but it was the best food right now for Shiori. Feeling the energy spreading through her body which sugar level had decreased.

“Please take mine too, Ojou-san”

Seeing her enjoy the dessert so much, the other man who was sitting next to the plump man, also gave Shiori his dessert.

(Was it supposed to be so sticky…)

Although Shiori started to blush she couldn’t resist the temptation of the buffet. Shiori gives him a timid thanks… and received the dessert. If he gives it up so easily, she would not hesitate. She would not return it. 

Then while receiving the second apple pie, Shiori observed the other man. To be honest, she didn’t like his glasses very much.

He looked like he was about 30. Wavy brown hair made in a casual way, and a chin beard that would suit someone handsome.

However, he had tattoos everywhere on his arms all the way up to his shirt, and he gave off a somewhat ruffian atmosphere.

(But he gave me a pie… so he might be a good person regardless of his appearance.)

Shiori convinced herself.

The brown haired man was probably the plump man’s subordinate. Or escort. Because their ages were different, and they didn’t seem like friends judging by their atmosphere.

While the plump man drank he stared at Shiori as if he would lick her from top till bottom.

“There are probably a lot of customers that would like you. If you were to put on makeup and a dress, you will probably more beautiful than you are now, but why are you wearing trousers?”

He gently stroked her thighs with his thick fingers, Shiori almost face planted her pie.

Krust was also like that, people of this world seems to think little of skinship while asking questions.

Well, he was saying something like ‘why’ ‘trousers’ ‘wear’.

“I have clothes, only this”

“Is that so? But if you work, from now on, you will not need to worry about money. Even dresses and jewels can be bought immediately by asking the customers.”

Wahaha, with a laugh, the plump man put an arm over Shiori’s shoulder. The strong smell of alcohol entered her nose.

“By the way, have you had any night experience?”


“If you haven’t then I don’t mind, there is always a guy who wants to teach such a child.”


Swallowing the sweet apples, Shiori had a cloudy expression. Was a strange story told from this person a while ago?

Could it be…. no, perhaps, what he is speaking of is selling her body?

“If you are anxious, I can give you a practice partner.”

The plump man shows a vulgar smile while drinking a glass of sake. She bet he is the owner of the brothel. (TLN: See I was right!) It seems like the gentle mask he was showing at the start is slowly peeling of.

While enduring the hands of the plump man that strokes her shoulder, Shiori thinks. Sweat beginning to run on her back.

(I can not afford it now. I can only afford to choose this job. Perhaps the only way I can make money in this world is by selling my body.)

But still, considering her personality, the image of night work, getting accustomed to sexual acts….

Shiori released her fork and took the hand that was around her shoulder.

“I…. It’s impossible”

She would be better off sleeping outside that to follow this man. She didn’t mind being homeless for a short while. If she still can not find any work after searching more desperately, she will think about prostitution at that time. But that would only be her last resort.

“Impossible? It’s ok, it’s not something to be anxious about. You can get some money by just playing with a man for a while.”

“Sorry, impossible, seriously…”

With her face down Shiori shook her head.

Then, the atmosphere of the plump man suddenly changed. She thought her eyes had gone bad when she lifted her head up, the man said to her in a threatening dose of voice.

“Ah, That is nice. It is good that you say no when you don’t want to. But, if you don’t accept then you will have to pay the exact price for this dessert.”

He pointed at the empty dishes. Both of the apple pies were already in Shiori’s stomach.


(I didn’t ask him to give me the apple pie, and didn’t he say “I’m not good at sweet things” a while ago! Even if I didn’t take it he wouldn’t have eaten it, something else is wrong. Even though he is rich enough to wear a gold ring… he is stingy about the price of a pie!)

Even though she had a mountain of things she wanted to say, it was difficult to talk back with her limited knowledge of the language. In the end Shiori remained quiet, biting her own lips.

Besides, that man, probably doesn’t really care about the price about the apple pie. He is speaking knowing that Shiori can’t afford its price.

“Now, pay for what you ate. If you can’t pay for it, you have to work for me to earn that amount of money.”

The plump man smiled in a grudging way. Shouting in her mind “this brute” Shiori raised her eyes at her opponent.

However, she was anxious and scared on the inside. She imagined a scene where she was a prostitute and gave her body to a partner she didn’t know, and almost cried. She wasn’t prepared to earn money in that way yet.

But, as it is now, she couldn’t pay for the pies… Shiori’s body started to tremble.
The plump man, collapsed suddenly in front of Shiori’s eyes.


She thought that the plump man must have lost all energy in his body, he had fainted and laid against the backrest of the sofa.

“Wha, what? Are you ok?

She asked in japanese, shaking the man’s body but he doesn’t move and keeps his eyes closed. His face slightly red due to liquor, with a face of pleasantness~.


Shiori blinked. (TLN: Tough one google tl says: Poetry blinked with crackle. Poetry=Shiori)
Yep, the plump man was only sleeping and snoring.
She was worried and thought she lost it. Tilting her head she questioned, why did he fall asleep?

“Hey, hey”

A third man who hadn’t said anything the whole time, a man with tattoos and brown hair, raised his hand and called a servant. Even though the plump man had suddenly lost consciousness, the man didn’t seem to be particularly impatient.

“What’s the matter?”

When two waitresses arrived, the brown haired man took out a key from the inner pocket of the plump man’s coat without permission.

“It seems like he got drunk and fell asleep, because we have booked room 16 in this hotel can you carry him there?”

There was a thin metal plate with the number ‘16’ engraved with this world’s letters on it.
When the waitresses took it up and began the trouble carrying the plump man there, Shiori turned to the brown haired man and asked.

“He OK? Drunk, sleeping, true?”

He certainly is drunk, but his consciousness was clear enough to put pressure on Shiori  until just before, one wouldn’t expect him to fall asleep suddenly like that. Was something else wrong? She was a little worried.
To Shiori’s question the brown haired man raised his mouth in a grin. He showed Shiori a bottle that he had concealed and shook the transparent liquid inside.

“You are quite sharp, it is because of this drug that he suddenly fell asleep. It is a homemade sleeping drug.”

“Sleep, drug?”

“Well, this drug makes you sleepy, do you understand?”

Sleeping drug… this person, did he just give sleeping drug to his boss? Shiori instinctively got defensive. She didn’t know the purpose of this man.

The drug was probably put into the glass of the unsuspecting plump man. Since the plump man had to face Shiori the whole time when he spoke to her, it was easy for the brown haired man to get a chance.

“Why, drug, give? He, your master”

“My master? No, he’s not. That man is a merchant of my shop. Thanks to you coming today I had the chance of drugging him during our meal.”

Seems like Shiori had misunderstood that the brown haired man was a subordinate of the plump man. This man had his own shop.

“When he wakes up tomorrow, he won’t have any memory of what happened right before he fell asleep thanks to the sake. So you don’t have to worry about him remembering much about you.”


“Why did I do this? That’s easy. It was because I didn’t want him to take you.”

Being told that, something a man usually says to the woman he loves, Shiori was taken aback for a moment. But of course there was no sweet emotions in that sentence.

“Recently, my store has been doing well, so well that it is hard to take care of on my own, so who is… just who is not willing to hire a serious manageable person with a strong desire to work”

As the brown haired man said that, he looked at Shiori and gave her a nice smile.
She certainly had the desire to work, although a japanese may be serious and easy to handle, but considering.

“I don’t… want to”

While releasing cold sweet, Shiori said that. Because that man’s shop is probably also not a good store. Though it may be better than to work at a brothel.
The man stood up and put on a coat that was on the sofa.

“No, I don’t mind you refusing me, but you ought to pay for the dessert that you ate.”
He said that with smile.
That man…! While grinding her teeth, Shiori’s defeat had been decided. One can not get away with eating for free, and she really had a seriously easy-to-handle personality.

“Now, come on. I will give some work to you.”

Shiori followed the man quickly out of the restaurant with reluctant feelings.
Including the desserts, it was actually the plump man who had prepaid for the course for two people. There was noticeably no reason for Shiori to pay back the money for the dessert to the brown haired man when he was the man who had been treated….

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TOW Chapter 6: Love Trouble Part 2

What the hell!? I woke up the next morning thinking that all was a dream, but it wasn’t. Feeling weird I went down to the kitchen and got breakfast. The breakfast was the rest of the pancakes from the day before. It was nice, a little cold but otherwise nice.

After almost eating up all my pancakes I took a glance at the clock. I was late! Really late. I went back to my room dressed myself and then went down the stairs with only half of my shirt on. I ran out the door with my jacket hanging on my right arm.

It was a real mess then I arrived at the school. The most ”beautiful” girl in the school came all roughed up. The guys thought I had been attacked by a group of jealous girl groupies. I just told them that I had a bad day. They asked me many questions of what had happened and looked really worried. I was shocked at how they reacted. The guys stared at me the whole day, it got really irritating. Suddenly words appeared in my head, THE BOOK! Why didn’t I think of that before?

Instead of going home after school I went directly to the cave. While inside the cave I studied the book carefully to find something I could use to stop this nonsense. Of course I mean the boys telling me that they love me nonsense. In the book I found a chapter about it. A whole ten pages chapter. There it stood things like that in the time you have “that” in each month you spread out hormones that attracts men. No wonder I have boys following me, I thought.

“So I will experience this kind of thing every month huh?” I said out loud since no one could hear me anyway.

“I really wonder who made this book? The book looks old yet it has modern writings inside and that really make one wonder.” I gave out a faint sigh and dipped my feet into the water turning them to a tail. Hopefully my life wouldn’t get weirder than it already is. I anyway hope that my love life won’t get in trouble ’cause I became a mermaid. Maybe I should use the power I have to make my life easier. But I hate the way guys drool over me, it’s just to disgusting, yet it has a nice feeling to it in some ways and I am happy that Ken didn’t get affected. I bet Cindy is really pissed about all this, I mean I the nerdy honor student (kind of) suddenly got really popular. I wonder what happened to Dr. Raft, I haven’t seen her for two days. Not like it matters I don’t want her near me then I am attracting this many guys. I thought while turning the pages of the book.

Leaving the book behind I swum out of the cave with a speed of 100 km/h and without realizing it I arrived at the beach. The sky was orange and filled with seagulls yelling at each other. You could smell the salt from the sea that was surrounding me.

After finding a good place, not to far away from my house, I dried myself of and entered the side walk on the road that goes parallel with the beach. As I made my way towards my street I heard the sound of a motor bike driving towards me from behind. I looked back to see who was coming towards me even through I was kind of scared and tense.

The one on the bike was Ken! Why would he be here on this side of the island driving his bike along the beach? And at this time day too, most people are home eating dinner right now. As if suddenly noticing me he flinched, why did he flinch?, and stopped in front of me.

“Want to ride?” He asked me with a light smile.

“Can I?”

“Of course, if you couldn’t I wouldn’t have asked.” He made a gesture as if telling me to jump on. I nervously made my way up on the bike and put my hand around his waist so that I wouldn’t fall off.

It didn’t take long before I could feel the wind making my hair outside the helmet float over my back.

“This feels so good!”

“I know right!” Ken said, it appeared that he had heard me. I thought he wouldn’t be able to hear me.

Arriving at my house I said goodbye to Ken with a wave of my hand and went inside to eat dinner. Amazing, to think I would meet Ken out there and to think that he would ask me to ride with him. Awesome, I thought while stuffing food into my mouth. I ran up the stairs after dinner to relax and to start building up my presentation. I put beautiful pictures of the see in it and wrote about swimming as a sport, as a free-time and as work. When i was satisfied I walked over to my bed, put on my pajama and went right to sleep.

Next morning i arouse from my bed with sleepy eyes and dressed myself in my red shirt and tight shorts. I walked toward the my window a window directed out towards the wide see and looked out through it. In an hour school would start and I would get another troublesome day of jealous girls and guys swarming around me. It is seriously tiring and exhausting. I ate a light breakfast before I left for school, dragging my feet out the door.

The first lesson was math with Mr Plus. The guys stared at me with even more lustfull eyes than yesterday. I honestly felt scared and on top of it Mr Plus had a bad announcement, for me, to make.

“Uhum, I’m glad to announce that this class has been invited by the society of science to visit Dr Raft’s laboratory.”Plus said sounding proud.

Oh shit, why now when I’m attracting this many men. She would start too suspect me. Ah I really don’t want this.

|This was a short chapter, you probably are pretty annoyed by me not publishing anything. But yeah many things have been happening this last few months. My grandmother got cancer, I got my hands full with school, I worked this summer etc.

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TOW Chapter 5: A New Friend & Love Trouble Part 1

As I entered the classroom I saw my female classmates gathered around Cindy’s desk. They quietly talked and laughed about something. I sat down at my seat turning my head to the blackboard in the front of the classroom. I saw a name written on it. The name was Milly Davis and over it transferee was written in white letters. In other words I would get a new classmate in my class. Judging by the name she was probably someone like Cindy. Stuck up, beautiful and friendly but only with the people she likes. But I was wrong, cause the person who entered behind Mr Plus wasn’t beautiful at all, rather she had more like a nerdy look to her. She had brown hair tied up in braids, black glasses, brown eyes and a handful freckles all over her face. When Mr Plus asked her to tell her name she stammered it out to the class. She was either nervous or she was really shy, maybe even both, I couldn’t tell. After the introduction she sat down at the empty seat beside me while Mr Plus had his roll call.

“Hello” I said.

“Hel hello” she stammered before she looked away. The roll call had ended, I took my math book out of my bag and started doing math. Sometimes I looked up beside me at Milly and saw how fast she was writing. It took her two seconds to write a ten centimeters sentence and she did that for hand. Then ended Mr Plus the lesson and left the room before our English teacher came in.

“I hope you have chosen your topic for your presentations otherwise you will have do it on today’s lesson. Also I hope that everyone have started with your presentations before the end of this lesson otherwise you will be in big trouble.” Mrs Lane said loudly and clear. I took up my presentation paper and scribbled down some more info about swimming. As I got a glance at Milly again I saw how she stared at her computer scrolling down a big load of pictures.

“What are you looking at?” I asked her friendly, trying to get eye contact. Somehow I was really interested in her.

“Nothing, just looking for a topic” she said shyly, before she looked away again. As time passed I tried many times to talk to her. Sometimes I got interrupted by Mrs Lane but I somehow managed to talk to Milly about things like old friends, interest and other small things. At the end of the lesson we were really good friends. Milly told me that she had a friend in her last school and that her dad transfered to this island. Cindy glared at me as she saw how we walked out of the classroom together.

After I had lunch together Milly and not short after I entered the science classroom with her. We were there first if you didn’t count the teacher who was already there since at least a minute before. The science teacher wrote atoms on the blackboard as the others entered the classroom. After everyone had taken a seat and taken up the materials.

“Hello everyone! Does everyone here know what an atom is?” She asked us.

“Yes!” Everyone said with an bored tone in their voices.

“Okey then, does everyone know their functions!” She then asked. Everyone’s faces was like a question mark. Or at least everyone but Milly.

“Every atom has different functions, like H and He for example. Both of them are really light gases but H explodes easy while He does not.” Milly answered.

“Good Milly, good.” The science teacher said.” True every atom has it’s own functions and even colours.” She said with a broad smile that lit up on her face. Up until know we had only made experiments and not had any theoretical lessons. But we had heard that we were experimenting with molecules and atoms. The lesson continued and we kept talking about atoms and other science related things.

As I flew up the stairs to my room I had a feeling that something was wrong so instead of entering my room I ran to the toilet. Guess what, I had that time of the month. After getting a change I laid down on my bed and listened to a song I had found. The song was called open the eyes of my heart and was an Christian song, the band was called the faith crew. My room truly smelled like home, clean, tidy and a weak smell of seawater. I felt so exhausted that before long I fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up to a grumbling stomach because I hadn’t eaten anything the evening before. I dressed myself and ran carefully down the stairs to the kitchen. My mom had already prepared breakfast for me and she stood there with a kind smile washing the dishes from yesterday evening.

“Why didn’t you wake me up yesterday evening?” I asked with an small angry tone in my voice.

“Because you were sleeping so soundly” My mom answered. “I didn’t dare to wake you up” I gave a weak smile and placed myself on my seat by the table. Today’s breakfast was pancakes with syrup and cream. Probably done to make it up for me.

As I entered homeroom everyone got quiet. All the boys stared at me and the girls did too but in a more angry way than the boys. The only ones that didn’t stare at me was Ken and Milly. Instead they stared at my classmates with a question mark in their eyes. I sat down at my desk beside Milly and not even a second later Milly asked quietly:

“What the hell is going on, why do all the boys and girls stare at you?”

“I don’t know either, maybe it is cause my period started yesterday or something.” I said even more quietly. I didn’t want anyone else to hear that.

“Why would that be the reason for this?” She asked while she looked out over the class who was still staring at me.

“True that can’t be the reason why everyone is staring at me” I said trying to avoid telling her about my secret. I didn’t want her to know that I’m a mermaid. Not that I didn’t trust her but there was still a chance of her not accepting the truth. All the boys walked to my desk and they said in a choir:

”I love you” and started to fight. Then all the girls came and said:

“Your so ugly” they looked at each other and then started a cat fight. Mr Plus entered the class room and noticed that something was wrong. Some girls had even gotten involved with the guys fight and sounds of fists hitting flesh was all over the classroom.

”STOP IT!!!!” Mr Plus yelled over the classroom. I had never seen him that angry before.

“Return to your seats and listen up!” He said. ”I will never tolerate this again you hear me” Everyone looked shocked.

Why the hell would guys fight for me, since then did this start and why do they suddenly say that they love me? I thought while going to the sports hall. Really, I didn’t get it. I wasn’t early this time so there was few more girls inside the dressing room. All those girls gathered around me and this time they didn’t seem angry or jealous, rather they seemed curious.

”What did you do to suddenly become so beautiful? How did you do it?” They all kept asking me questions like this the whole time I was in the dressing room. I answered them with don’t know and didn’t do anything. Even if I myself knew, I still wouldn’t tell them.

When I entered the grass field the guys who where already there swarmed around me. Well I might even enjoy the fame while I have it. I thought as the boys kept shouting in my ears that they love me. I just said no to all the question and requests and walked to Milly’s side.

By the end of the school day there was as many rumors about me as there was school mysteries and our school has 32 mysteries.


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TOW Chapter 4: My Blue Cave

The next day started with me going up early to look at the cave again. Actually it was a Saturday so I didn’t have any school today but later in the afternoon I would go shopping with my parents on the mainland.

Inside the cave was crystal blue stones in the same color as my hair then I’m a mermaid. I wonder, can this have something to do with me turning into mermaid, I thought out loud since nobody could hear me anyway. The cave was big and the floor was covered by sand. The wall had small holes so that it looked like a weird bookshelf. In one of the shelves I saw some things I didn’t see yesterday. It was a old book and a bracelet with the same kind of stone that the wall has. On the book’s cover The Mermaid was written with a rainbow-coloured ink. I had never seen anything like it before. I opened the book and read through the chapters. It stood things about life as a mermaid, like how to not get discovered or how to flee from being captured. There also was weird potion recipes and all was written in a more modern writing even thought the book was very old. Among the potions was a potion to forget. That’s a useful potion if I want to hide from Dr. Raft, I thought. The clock on my arm had turned eleven and the boat will go to the mainland at twelve so I had to leave the cave and go to the port.

Then I arrived at the port and had dried of, hidden of course, I met Dr. Raft sitting there on her boat staring into space.

”Did you find out anything?” I asked.

”Not a thing.” She said. ”Who are you anyway?”

”Ahh, do you remember when you had a meeting in the school. I was the young girl who was the 9th grade representative at that meeting and yesterday I was the one who said that I had seen a sea monster. My name is Aoi by the way.”

”So that’s why you wanted to know if I had found something?” Dr. Raft asked.

”Yeah” I said awkwardly and walked away with an red face. Mom and dad arrived and we boarded the boat just in time for departing.

We arrived at the mainland exactly at 12:45. We first went into a restaurant by the port called Sea fish. It was a nice restaurant decorated in a blue colour and as the name suggests it was only fish coming from the sea on the menu. I chose oven made salmon with chips, salad and some kind of weird dressing that I had never tasted before. It was really tasty and I ate it all up.

As we started to walk the streets scouting for a good shop I encountered something surprising. It was a festival, we didn’t know it would be a festival that day so we asked someone what was happening and he said that it was the mermaid festival and that made me even more surprised. Apparently there’s a legend of a mermaid living in the sea around here and then they heard that something like a mermaid appeared on our island and then they decided to have a festival for the mermaid. Basically the festival was for me. Anyway we walked along the festival road and found many good stands where I could buy my dress for the last day in school party. I found a nice blue one with short sleeves and a long “skirt”. I bought it and cause we had done what we came for, we left the festival towards the port.

The boat left the port at 16:15 so we arrived at the island port at 17:00 o’clock. Then we arrived Dr. Rafts boat wasn’t there. She had probably gotten her energy back and has already started to explore around the island again.

It was a sunny Sunday morning and I walked slowly along the beach side looking down at the clear crystal blue water. I looked up for a moment and saw Ken running along the roadside on my left side. I didn’t dare to shout after him. After all if he didn’t help me back then he wouldn’t ever talk to or notice me. I started to run into the water not noticing Ken looking my way.

After a while I arrived at my secret cave and had transformed back into my human form. The mermaid was still in it’s bookshelf where I had put it before running of to the port yesterday. I took it out of the shelf and started to examine it more closely. After examining the book I lifted up the bracelet I had found yesterday and put it on my right arm. Suddenly I felt power flow all over my body like the bracelet was truly made just for me. I was kind of shocked yet at the same time I got a calm feeling about it. After staring at the bracelet for a while, I jumped down into the water. It felt really good to swim though the water looking at the fish swimming past me. I swum farther and farther away into the ocean looking at my surroundings.

After swimming around for at least two hours I were back at the island. I hid myself behind some algae covered rocks at the side of the cliff and turned back into my human form. Then I ran into the deep green-brown forest and arrived at my neighbourhood. There were a few people and cars in the streets. The only people were a mother and her child and and old pair. They looked at me as I ran by them directly to my house. My house is only a few hundred meters from the forest. I opened the house door and went in thinking, that was nice. After saying hello to my mother I went to my room and laid down in my bed for at least twenty minutes before my mom shouted me down to eat. We ate some spaghetti with some kind of salmon sauce with cream. It was actually kind of nice since I like salmon, it’s my most favourite fish.

The rest of the day I was locked up in my room doing homework like math and choosing the topic for the English presentation. Since the topic was the sea I chose swimming and after gathering some info I started to write down what to say and how to present it. As for math I just did some equations and such.

After eating dinner I went up to my room again just to fall in thought on my bed. I thought about things like school, Ken, mermaids and much other things. I also started to wonder if there was a love potion in the mermaid book I could use that on Ken. But after thinking a little I came to realize that it’s an really evil thing to do. Love is pure when it isn’t made by magic. You shouldn’t force anyone to love you.

After a while I fell asleep with my clothes on and without brushing my teeth.

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TOW Chapter 3: Trouble

The next morning I woke up with the lingering feeling of swimming in the ocean and the smell of my shampoo. But yet I couldn’t help to worry, what’s about to happen now and how on earth can I hide this secret from everyone without touching water. I dressed myself, went down the stairs, left my bag at the door and went into the kitchen. Mom was sitting there reading the paper and drinking her coffee.

“Good morning Aoi” she said.

“Good morning” I answered back and sat down and took a sandwich from a plate on the table.

“Did you know that the marine researcher will be staying here for a while more Aoi?” Mom said.

“No I didn’t. Shouldn’t she have gone back this morning?” I asked surprised.

“Yes but, it appears that yesterday at noon she saw something in the port. Something big and scaly.” Mom answered.

“Why do you tell me this? It’s not like it has anything to do with me.” I said with an angry tone to my mom.

“Ah you’re right, I don’t need to tell you. I wonder why I even told you that? My look at the clock. It’s time for you to go to school now” she answered with an little upset tone in her voice.

“You’re right, oh well by mom” I said to mom and ran out the door. Today I take the way through the port to school to check if the rumour is true, I thought. As I ran through the port I saw that Dr. Rafts boat was still there so the rumours was true.

When I later walked into the classroom Cindy was only sitting there staring blindly onto her desk like she was in a trance and then she looked up at me she got an expression of being scared. I ignored it and sat down by my desk looking out of the window. Suddenly a hand smacked down on my desk. It was a brown haired boy in my class, probably Cindys newest boyfriend.

“What have you done to Cindy? Why does she look so scared of you?” he said.

“Don’t now” I said still looking out the window ignoring his stare.

“Why you, why don’t you look into my eye and tell me the truth!” he said and lifted me by my collar. I heard the door open and not even a second later Ken was holding the boy’s wrist.

“Stop that! What are you doing? She is your classmate and a girl at that.” Ken said.

“Yeah! But she is a classmate too and my girlfriend!” the boy said pointing at Cindy who still stared at her desk. “Miss blue here did something to my girlfriend so that she won’t go out on dates with me and Miss blue won’t tell me the truth about what she did.”

“Did you do anything to Cindy, Aoi?” Ken asked me gently.

“I didn’t do anything to her. All I did was to run away into a closet that day.” I answered.

“N, no, not true, h, ho, how come w, we where all wet th, tha, that d, da, day? A, an, and how co, com, come your hair and eyes w, wa, was a little bl, blu, blue to?” Cindy suddenly said with a scared and shaken tone in her voice.

“I don’t know why you became wet, but sometimes my hair looks blue in the sun when it’s wet.” I explained back.

“So that’s how it is.” Ken said and laughed. “So Cindy became scared cause of a misunderstanding. I bet that the water came from someone who wanted to rescue Aoi from Cindy.” after Ken said that Cindy’s face became red with embarrassment and she looked away. I bet she thought that she had been an embarrassment for herself, her boyfriend went back to his seat and looked away from me and Ken. Ken sat down at his desk and the history teacher came in taking attendance.

Later at lunch Donald came to the school and sat down at my table.

“I heard you made a commotion this morning before class started.” Donald said while taking a meatball into his mouth. Today’s lunch was meatballs with pasta.

“I didn’t make a commotion it was Cindy’s boyfriend who did it.” I answered.

“Okay, okay, but have you heard about what Dr. Raft have found?” He asked me.

“Yeah I have, my mom told me, but why do everyone want to talk about a fishtail?”

“Cause it’s interesting. Something like this has never appeared before. The island could become famous for sea monsters” Donald said.

“Like I care about sea monsters and the island becoming famous. What I care about is Dr. Raft and my future.”

”What has Dr. Raft anything to do with you?” He asked me but didn’t get an answer because the bell rang.

The lunch was over and I went back to the classroom only to find Dr. Raft standing at the front desk with Mr. Plus.

“Because Dr. Raft will be staying here for a while she has accepted our invite to talk in class. That means this lesson will be a truly special lesson so be prepared and take up a paper and a pen.” he said. After Dr. Raft arrived she started to talk about what she had seen yesterday. Something with rainbow scales yet human skin. As I heard her say rainbow scales my ears peaked up. Maybe it was me she saw. I thought to myself. If that’s true then I could be in danger cause if someone found out that I’m a mermaid then I could be taken to a research institute and be experimented on. I can’t let that happen. Dr. Raft began to ask if we had seen anything like it before. I took the chance and lifted up my hand.

“I think I have seen something like it at the mainland coast last summer.” I said in front of the class and small whispers began behind me. Dr. Raft looked down on her writing block that she had in her hand and wrote something down. She said thanks for the information and left the classroom to go to the next one.

The school day is over and on my way to the sea I saw Dr. Raft on her way to the port. She would probably take herself to the mainland coast to see if the sea monster I had “seen” was there. I jumped into the sea an swum beside the islands coast to the part that was filled cliffs. After a while I saw a cave an swum into it thinking there was some kind of treasure in there. In there wasn’t treasure but a beautiful cave with blue glowing stones and an water pool to the sea that I had come out from.

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TOW Chapter 2: The Behemoth

I woke up when my alarm clock rang 6:30, went to the bathroom where I walked into the the bathtub that my mother had prepared before she left for work. Today started with both my mom and dad having to go to work early and they will come home late in the evening. In other words I’m alone in the house. After I looked in up at the ceiling for a moment, I thought that my legs felt weird. As if they melted together into one leg instead of two. I looked down at my legs and got surprised, because there was no legs. What’s there is a rainbow colored fish tail. What’s going on with me, I thought. First it was that yesterday, what was it that happened yesterday? Why is this happening to me? I took up the mirror located at one of the edges of the tub and looked inside. I had crystal blue hair and crystal blue eyes again and on the chest is there was something that resembled fish skin the same color as the fish tail. Somehow I had turned into a mermaid. I opened my right hand and pointed the palm at the water in the bathtub. As if the water was a trained snake it moved along my palm. When I clenched my hand, the water started to heat up and boil. It seems as if I had always had this power but it has laid dormant for over 16 years. I took myself out of the tub, put my hand on the tail and evaporated the water slowly and carefully. It felt nice and warm to dry myself in this way. After just a minute, I’m dry and clean with my legs back. I put my hair up in a ponytail, brushed my teeth and took on a pair of clean clothes before I went to the kitchen downstairs. There I prepared a ham sandwich with a glass of juice and started to eat. When I had finished the time is already 8:00 and I moved quite quickly to my room where I got my purse. About five minutes later I was on my way to school.

I came into the classroom and saw that neither Cindy or her friends from last night were there. Presumably, they had not changed clothes and did not take any hot baths when they got home so that they were at home with colds. I sat down at my desk and stared out of the window while I thought quietly to myself: Well if they are sick they can not tell everyone about my blue hair transformation. Mrs Lane my English teacher came into the classroom with materials to class.

“We shall have an oral presentation,” she said. “You can choose a topic yourself, but it have to be something about the sea. The deadline for the topic is one week and the deadline for your presentation is four weeks.” Lucky that the deadline is in a week because I have no idea what to write about, I thought with a sigh of relief. After she said it, she went around and handed out papers. On the paper there was examples of what you can write about and a little explanation of how to account for its presentation, I just looked a little fast on the paper before I looked out through the window. The sun was shining brightly on the sea so that it was turquoise and if you listened very carefully, you could hear the waves crash against each other. Suddenly I got a sense of examining my transformation by swimming in the sea but I calmed myself down and told myself I can do that after school. The lessons went by slowly, but finally it was math with Mr Plus. In math, time passes quickly. Even though time go by fast, I have the time to do at least twenty equations before the lesson ends

“Aoi, come here, I want to talk to you,” Mr Plus said at the end of the lesson. I walked to Mr Plus while all the others left the classroom and went to the next lesson. “As you are a representative of grade nine, I have a very important mission for you this afternoon. Indeed, it is a certain Dr Isabella Raft we have ordered a meeting with. She has been here on the island for a week and she agreed to have a meeting this afternoon. Otherwise She plans to go home tomorrow morning. You have to be nice and kind to her so that she can come back and talk about her studies on the sea” he said and smiled brightly. I am student council representative for grade 9 which is a task that my classmates pushed on me.

“Okay,” I said with a reduced tone. The rest of the day went by quickly and the last lesson, that is science, goes by especially fast because we were experimenting with salts.

When the clock was two, I went to the classroom where the meeting was. Dr Raft was already there. She had beautiful bright blonde long hair and crystal blue eyes. She stood there and looked at me while I entered into the room. I walked up to her, took her hand and thanked her kindly because she could come there. Through ought the meeting they talked about that she was here to study marine movements, mysteries and monsters.

Later in the afternoon then the meeting had ended, I walked down the path to the beach. When I arrived at the beach I didn’t take of any of my clothes and jumped right into the sea. As I watched my clothes disappear, my legs change into a tail and my hair turn blue I got an exited feeling. This was to be my first time truly being underwater and swimming with a fish tail, or more correctly a mermaid tail. I swum through the water and looked around me. All around me was beautiful rainbow colored reefs with many different kinds of fish, like the clownfish. I felt like I was flying more than swimming. As I continued to swim I arrived at the port and as I swum up to the surface to get some air I saw Dr Raft’s boat. Ooh, yeah she’s still here. I thought before I dived into the water again and swum under the boats. It was the first time i saw underneath a boat and probably not the last.

Meanwhile on the boat, Dr Raft talked to her sponsor that happens to be the richest man on the island, Josh Rave, who owns the biggest company on the island which is of course a fishing company.

“Have you found out what are taking our fish now?” Asked Mr Rave.

“Yeah it’s sharks. They are increasing recently and I don’t know why.” said Dr Raft. Suddenly she said “Quiet, I think I hear something. It sounds like someone or something diving or swimming in the water.”

“I don’t hear anything.” said Mr Rave. Dr Raft ran to the side of the boat and stared down into the water. After she looked down for a while she saw something like a giant fishtail that was a little longer than human legs and a little wider. She ran inside the boat and placed two pieces of paper on the table and started to paint and wrote down what she had seen. The thing she had seen was me.

“Extraordinary I have never seen anything like it and I know my fish. This is something that has not been discovered yet.” Dr. Raft said to herself out loud. “Mr Rave is it okay if I stay here a while more to know what is out there in the ocean around this island?” She asked him.

“As long as it helps my business you can stay I guess.” He answered. “Well I’ll be going now” He said and stepped out on the bridge while she stared at her computer.

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TOW Chapter 1: The Beginning

I was standing inside a dark detergent smelling broom closet, all alone and breathless, staring down at my hair and my hands and thought about what could have happened out there. Really, is this my power, I thought.

My name is Aoi, which means blue in Japanese, I’m 16 years old. The reasons that I was given this name is because I was born with crystal blue hair and eyes, and because my mother know a little Japanese. But right now I have long black hair and equally dark eyes. My mom and dad always say that I cannot tell others that I had blue hair when I was born. Why I do not know, they do not tell me. We are three in my family, my mom, my dad and me. We live in a small town called Sea village on an island in the sea which is a few miles off the shore. Our house is an American-style one with white walls and my room is decorated in blue and white. I have a grey bed with either blue or white sheets. We are three everyday normal people in my family who all love the sea. Or at least I thought i was normal until yesterday.

The alarm rang at 7:00 I got up, put on my glasses, my navy blue short-sleeved shirt and a pair of blue short jeans. After that I went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and put my hair up in a ponytail. I went back to pack my gym clothes before I went down the stairs to the hall and put the bag next to my shoes. I then went to the kitchen where I took milk from the fridge and poured it along with flakes in a bowl. I sat down at the lonely table and ate, no one had come down for breakfast yet.

“Aoi, then do you start again?”

Asked my mom who came in to the kitchen and started the coffee boiler.


I said with a full mouth.

“Then you have to hurry because it’s half an hour left and it takes twenty minutes for you to go to school.” (Mom)

I stood up and went out to the hall where I took my light blue jacket, my blue shoes and my bag. I was met by a sun when I opened the door. It was in the middle of spring. I’m in grade 9 on Sea village school, which you attend from grade 0 to grade 9. Then you go either to Sea village high school or at a high school on the mainland.

After a little while, I was on the school grounds. When I arrived at entrance Cindy and her gang of two more girls stood there taking to each other. They turned their heads towards me and stared menacingly.

Cindy is a tall beautiful girl, unlike me who am of normal height and have a normal look, with long beautiful straight dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. I walked by them towards my locker and opened it to take out the things I needed for the first class of the day. Cindy and her gang walked by me and gave me three hard shoulder hits from behind, one each, while they said:

“You are standing in the way, jerk!”.

I went to the classroom with a pain in my shoulder. When I came into our medium-sized, brown-colored classroom Cindy and her gang stood by Cindy’s desk and talked. They probably chatted about things that Cindy wanted or they chatted about that I was a complete dork, but I did not care and looked around in the classroom.

There, at the back of the classroom on the west side sat Ken in his place, staring out at the sports ground through a window. Ken is a boy from japan with black hair and eyes and a small attractive face. I’ve been in love with Ken since he got here in sixth grade, but I have not dared to ask if he wants to go out with me yet. If I only think that we might be separated in a few weeks I start to shudder. Who knows, he might have chosen a high school on the mainland. I sat down in my seat and thought:

Why can’t I just ask if he wants to go out with me. It’s probably because deep down I know that I’m a loner.

I sighed, and a minute later, Mr Plus came in with very straight glasses. Mr Plus is my clumsy homeroom teacher who also teaches math. Everyone calls him clumsy Mr Plus as a nick name. My classmates sat down by their desks.

“First, we check if all is here, Cindy!” (Mr Plus).


Cindy replied with a bored tone. She was probably disappointed to have been interrupted in the talk with her friends.

I looked out on the sport ground to see what Ken had looked at previously while Mr Plus continued to list the names. I am, after all, the last on the class list so I can take it easy and relax until my name is called. One class had PE and played football on the big, grass filled soccer field.

A little further away there were a few summer houses before the supermarket and the neighborhood where I live. Even further than that was the forest, the big beach and the cliffs. If you look to the left, you see the sea with the beach and the port and if you look to the right you can see another part of the school building, where grade 0-5 goes. If you go out in the hall and look out the window you can see the sport hall and the high school next door.


Said Mr Plus loudly as he had finally arrived at my name.


I answered clearly with a clear beautiful voice.

“Well then, only one person is not here, Donald.”

Said Mr Plus with a somehow disappointed tone.

Donald was my childhood friend and he is the headmaster’s son, but right now he’s the school’s problem child and plays truant all the time.

“We start with what to do this week. This afternoon and on Thursday there will be football in PE” (Mr Plus)

The boys in the class cheered happily but for me it only meant that I would sit as a reserve and never be able to get into the match. No one wants me to join their team because they know that I have never really been good at sports.

“Then on Thursday we have final exams in math.”

All the boys, except for Ken, and some girls like Cindy’s group booed and complained when they heard this. Ken was good at many subjects so he had no reason to boo and complain.

Lessons rushed past and eventually it was lunch. It was broccoli soup for lunch. I love vegetables and I was so hungry that I took a large bowl and a big piece of bread.

I sat down at my lonely and hidden small table in a corner of the cafeteria and ate. The broccoli soup was good and had a taste of cheese. After quickly finishing gulping down the soup and the bread I went to my locker and took out my math things.

I love math, I cannot get enough of it and it’s my best subject. In all other subjects, I get a C or a D but in math I can get a B or A.

I sat down at my seat inside the home classroom and after two math problems I sighed. I didn’t really feel up to math at the moment and after lunch it’s football but I continued.

It’ll be nice when the school ends after sport ten minutes to two. I thought to myself.

After another ten maths problems it was half past one and it was twenty minutes till PE began. I’d rather be in the locker room before everyone else so I took my things and went to my locker, fetched the bag and took off towards the gym.

After changing my clothes in a lonely locker room, I went out and sat on the bleachers and waited for the others. When everyone had arrived and changed, Mrs Smith, our lazy sports teacher came. She made the teams and then sat down on the bleachers.

Mrs Smith is the kind of teacher who does not really care how we do it as long as we do the sports and exercises she wants us to do, in other words a carefree teacher.

 When it was ten minutes to two, Mrs. Smith had gone back to school and I’d switched back to my regular clothes. As I went out of the dressing room Cindy pushed me hard, almost hard enough to make me fall on my butt.

“See you behind the sports hall”

Cindy whispered mockingly. She did not have to whisper, everyone already knew that she was using me as a money bank to buy makeup and clothes.

I clenched my right fist lightly and then went to the back of the gym. There I stood obediently and waited while my clenched fist was tightening. The wind blew a little now, so that the trees between the gym and the high school were swaying. The sun still shone since this morning.

It has not always been like this between Cindy and me. It started in seventh grade when I had gotten myself a pair of glasses, I do not know the cause, it just started then, maybe she is jealous or something.

Cindy came with her gang members. In Cindy’s left hand was a bucket of water that she threw at me and made me soaking wet.

“You are my best friend..”

Cindy began as usual.

“… so can’t you give me fifty dollars to buy new makeup or maybe a new dress?”

I put my hand in my pocket and then gave Cindy fifty dollar that she tore out of my grasp.

“You have been more obedient now than in seventh grade”(Cindy)

She set off towards the school but before she had even gone two meters, I had lifted up my right arm as if I wanted to slap the air. The next second, both Cindy and two friends were also soaked in water. I froze from shock and they turned and stared at me. After a scceound, Cindy asked me:

“What did you do to me you little four eyes? And have your eyes and your hair turned a little blue?” (Cindy)


I snapped out of the shock, ran past Cindy, entered the school and opened the first door I saw. It was the door to a dark detergent smelling broom closet, all alone and breathless i stood there, staring down at my hands and thought about what happened out there.

Really, I have powers?

Then I looked up, it looked like there was someone else in here. I lit the lamp with the button that I had found on my left side. There was a mirror, and in the mirror was a girl with crystal blue hair and crystal blue eyes. She had the same type of glasses that I had and she also had the same face. Her face showed a surprised expression. It took a while before I realized that it was my own reflection.

When I was walking home from school twenty minutes later, I had changed into my athletic clothes again and my hair was dry. My hair and my eyes had even gone back to their usual black color. And later when I was at home I had a hot bath in my clear blue bathroom upstairs beside my room.

I hadn’t said anything to my mum and dad. I didn’t want to bother them with my problems in school. To them I was a kind and gentle little girl who had no problems with her studies, except for sports. When I laid in bed after dinner with my pajamas on, I sighed one more time before I fell asleep.

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