Imaging Online: The Game V1 Chapter 1: The Game Begins

Hiro noticed his surroundings fade away as his view turned white. He was suddenly in an empty room with nothing in sight

“Welcome to Imagine Online,” An, elegant, female voice said. A little shocked, Hiro turned around to see who the voice came from.

Soft, melodious, laughter filled the empty room, “Choose your race.”

“Human,” Hiro said, with a sure, but embarrassed, tone. Suddenly, his normal self became apparent: tall, with black hair and blue eyes.

“Do you want to change your appearance?”

“Yes, give my hair some red tint. Make my eyes carmine,” He said and immediately saw his hair and eyes turn to the requested color.

“Do you want to be 40% more attractive or 40% less attractive?”

“Wow, that’s a feature? I didn’t see anything about it on the forum… Well, being handsome wouldn’t hurt,” he thought.

“40% more attractive, please,” he said, and watched as his facial features balanced out, and his arms and legs became a little more toned.

“Wow, I look good,” Hiro thought, as he appraised himself.

“Hmm… Doesn’t that look fine? What would you like to name your character?” the insivible AI asked.

“Rein,” Hiro said confidently.

“Which direction of the continent do you want to start in? South? Or North?”


“Which country? Loin, Pestrick, or Moir?”

“Loin,” he said, ‘It is the human country after all.’

“Have a nice adventure! And don’t forget that your stats are randomized,” the AI said, as Hiro’s world started to fade once more.

The next thing he saw was a humongous plaza. He had arrived in Loin’s capital, Laven. The plaza had a medieval Europe feel to it, with a fountain in the middle, a big stage to the north, and scattered all around the plaza were stands, selling all kinds of trinkets. There were large varieties of food, low and high quality armours, weapons, clothes, and even pets. The thought of clothes made Rein look down at himself. He was wearing a brown tunic and some leather shorts. He also had a side bag on his left, and a beginner knife on his belt. Inside the bag was some dried bread and water.

“Maybe I’ll buy a pet later,” Rein thought as he walked towards, what he guessed was, the guild office at the southern end of the plaza. It was different from the other buildings, and seemed as if it were designed to draw attention. Rein had guessed right, it was the office and he entered the line to get a quest.

He had read that it’s highly suggestible to register and take your first quest in the guild office, and that’s the reason he even entered the guild building in the first place. If it wasn’t like that, he wouldn’t have entered the building and just tried to get out of the city as fast as he could. He wasn’t the type to enter party’s and hunt with other people. He’d rather play solo.

“Welcome to the guild office. What can I help you with?” A sweet girl standing at a register asked him when it was his turn.

“I would like to register as an adventurer and get the hardest quest available for my rank.”

“Okay then, here is your registration card. Write your name and game ID in the bottom left,” she said as she gave the card and a pen to him.

“Okay,” Rein mumbled, then wrote the information down and gave the card and the pen back.

“This is your quest card,” She continued after taking the registration form and giving him a new card.

“It will display the quests you have taken, and if you tap on a quest it’s information will be displayed. Oh! Do you know that an adventurer’s rank goes from yellow, blue, red, black, silver, and gold?”

“Yep, ” He had already read about it in the same suggestion to register to the guild.

He tried the quest card out:
Quest: Rabbit Hole

Information: Get 10 [Rabbit Skin] from the rabbits south of the city and give them to Leva the Tailor.

Requirement: Lv 1

Difficulty: E (F-SSS)

Rewards: 10 [Lesser Health Potions] (+100 hp), 10 [Lesser Mana Potions] (+50 mp), [Normal Staff], 20C.

“You can come and get your new ID card when you’re ready,” She said, and with that, Rein walked out of the guild office and entered the big plaza again.
Name: Rein | Lv: 1, 0% | Race: Human

Title: The All-Rounder | Money: 0 C | 10 S | 0 G

Hp: 200 | Mp: 200

Total atk: 30 | Total def: 15

Agi: 10 | Str: 10 | Int: 10

Dex: 10 | Luck: 5 | Vit: 10

Stat Points Left: 0

Skills: None

“Huh? Why do I have a title? And what’s up with my stats?” Rein shouted after checking his status. “It must have been that AI from earlier,” He thought as he left toward the city’s southern gate.

[The currency of this world is the usual: 100 C (Coppers) = 1 S (Silvers) and 100 S = 1 G (Gold) for those that haven’t guessed that yet.]

When he got out of the city he decided to check out the effect of his title.

“Title, The All-Rounder”

Title: The All-Rounder

Thanks to having the same number on every stat(exempt luck) at the start, you have gotten the title: The All-Rounder. When fighting a foe two or more levels higher than you, you gain a 10% stats, experience, and drop boost.

“Wow! An OP title this early? I am gonna level up so fast! It even has a 10% drop boost!” He thought with a big grin on his face.

It didn’t take long before Rein found the rabbits. He checked their level, which was level two, and initiated his first attack with his beginner dagger. Because it was a surprise attack, and a critical because it hit the back of its head, he shaved off 90% of its HP. Before it had a chance to attack him back, he had already landed his second strike.

A ding sound was heard and the rabbit left him with 30 exp, 2 [Rabbit Skin] and 2 C.

“Damn, only 2 Coppers? A good armour costs at least 1 Gold,” he thought as he picked up the loot. Rein noticed that the ding sound was from him leveling up, but he didn’t care and went to kill at least 20 more rabbits.

At the 10th rabbit he gained a skill, [Stab] and at the 20th he leveled up to level 4. He figured that would be enough for now, and went back towards the city, that now had an orange and red horizon, to find the tailor. He had gathered a total of 32 [Rabbit Skin], 5 [Rabbit Claw], Rabbit Ears and 29 C. Why the rabbit ears?

He took the chance and checked out his new skill [Stab] and distributed his new stat points (5 points per level).

Name: Rein | Lv: 4 71% | Race: Human

Title: The All-Rounder | Money: 29 C | 10 S | 0 G

Hp: 265 | Mp: 230

Total atk: 35 | Total def: 20

Agi: 15 | Str: 10 | Int: 10

Dex: 15 | Luck: 5 | Vit: 15

Stat Points Left: 0

Skills: [Stab] Beginner – Lv 2 82%

Skill: [Stab] Beginner Lv – 2 82% A forward stab that deals an additinal 10% of your total damage.

When he fought earlier, he felt like speed suited him more than strength and magic, and that if he needed some ranged abilities, it would be archery. In other words he felt more like an assassin or rogue than a warrior or mage. That’s why he put some stats in agility and dexterity. As for why he put some stats in vitality, was because, well, he needed the extra health.

There are no classes or jobs in Imagine Online, what you are is determined in your stats and skills.

Rein had to ask around a little to find Leva’s shop in the eastern outskirts of the city. It was a small shop with a scissor on the sign hanging above a welcoming door. He entered the shop, carefully looking around to see if anyone was there.

The place was full of skins, fabrics, and threads, of all types and colors, placed on various shelves, and the air had a humid feel to it. In front of him was a counter that completely suited the nature of the shop, and behind it, with her back turned to him, was a blond girl with her hair put up in a pigtail.

“Um, excuse me, but are you Leva the Tailor?” Rein asked her in a tone he thought wouldn’t surprise her.

“Ah, yes! I’m Leva, can you wait for a bit? I’m looking for something at the moment,” Leva said, with her back still turned to him. A few moments later, she took out a rainbow-colored skin and put it on a table right behind the counter that Rein hadn’t noticed before.

“Hm… now then, what is your business here Mr. Adventurer?” Leva asked jokingly.

“Actually, I got a request from the guild office to bring you some [Rabbit Skin]” Rein grinned, and handed over his 32 [Rabbit Skin].

“Oh, let’s see here, they are all a good quality… I see that you are giving me three times the amount I requested. Are you willing to get the reward for 10 of them, and then I’ll make something nice for you with the rest?” She asked, while observing him with joviality in her eyes. “Why not?” he thought.

“Oh, and is it ok if I give you the reward together with the clothing?”
she asked.

“Uh yeah, that’s okay,” Rein said.

“What’s your name?” She asked while taking a pen and paper out from under the counter.

“Huh? Um, Rein,” He said, a little confused. She probably needed to confirm who it was who made the order, so that she wouldn’t mix it with someone else’s.

Exiting the shop into the night sky and reaching the main street, he felt a cool wind blowing across his face. Looking at the clock in the left corner, he noticed that two hours in real life, and 8 hours ingame had passed since he logged on.

“What to do now…” he thought to himself, and looked around, “Should I go and continue hunting or should I check the shops out? Huh?” He jumped after hearing a sound like metal meeting metal.

He turned around to see where the sounds came from, and noticed a forge not too far from him. He sighed in relief, he almost thought that a fight had started, and he certainly didn’t want to get involved. He went towards the city gate after deciding that he should continue hunting.

When he arrived at the field he went towards the horned rabbits (lv 5,) and when he had finished with them, he went to the forest to fight some lv 10 wolves. It was easy to fight the wolves, as long as you knew how they behaved in the real world. At dawn, he had reached level 12 and felt ready to go at the level 15 boss wolf, The Wolf King.

When he finally found the boss wolf, a giant grey wolf, as big as a van, which was asleep and snoring loudly, he prepared himself to make a surprise attack.

The attack hit successfully, he had stabbed the neck and got a fatal hit, which was one step better than a critical. The number 115 was displayed above the wolf king in a blood red-color.

Realizing that it had been attacked, it stood up and turned his way, trying to bite him with it’s huge teeth. Rein avoided its attack and went beneath it just to give it a big wound on it’s stomach. The wolf, ignoring the wound, turned around and lunged, barely missing Rein by a hair’s breadth. Both of them were fast, but in terms of speed, Rein was a little faster, if he didn’t tumble on a stone that is, because the next moment he had fallen in a deep hole that had gone unnoticed in the fight with the Wolf King.

Confused, and thinking that it’s great prey had disappeared because even if the mighty Wolf could smell him, it didn’t seem able to see him, the Wolf King lied down on the spot, to fall asleep once more.

Waking up after having hit his head from the fall and getting knocked out, Rein looked around himself. He was in a dark cave, and when he looked above him he noticed moonlight shining through the hole, illuminating a great statue of a wolf.

A ding resonated in his head, and suddenly a window appeared before him.

As the first to find the statue of the great Wolf King’s tomb, you have been granted the ability to morph into a wolf. The history of the wolves is bloody and filled with many wars. Now the last wish of the wolves is to unite with other animals, and quit the bloodshed for good. The only way to do so is by a sole individual finding the other great animal tombs that are spread out over the world.

Having read everything he swiped away the text, noticing his guild card vibrate.

Quest: Animal Kings’ Tombs

Information: Find all animal kings’ tombs and collect each animal’s power.

Requirement: Lv 1/Found one of the tombs.

Difficulty: S

Rewards: The title “Ruler of Animals” and 100,000 exp.

“An S difficulty quest, and 100,000 exp! I wonder about that title though,” he thought and called up the status window.

Name: Rein | Lv: 12 56% | Race: Human
Title: The All-Rounder | Money: 73 C | 15 S | 0 G
Hp: 405 | Mp: 310
Total atk: 50 | Total def: 30
Agi: 30| Str: 10 | Int: 10
Dex: 30 | Luck: 5 | Vit: 25
Stat Points Left: 0
Skills: [Stab] Active Beginner – Lv 4 52%
[Animal Morph: Wolf] Active Beginner – Lv 1 0%

Skill: [Animal Morph: Wolf] Active Beginner Lv – 1 0% You are able to morph into an animal. Upon skill level up, you will gain certain abilities of the animal without transforming.

“Not even beast race players can morph into animals! Except the vampires who can morph into bats. If I level up this skill and find other tombs I can probably be as strong as at least ten beast men, who are generally stronger because of their ‘beast blood,'” Rein thought as he swiped the windows away, closing them.”[Animal Morph: Wolf!]” His shout echoed inside the cave.

| Hi guys and thanks for reading this chap, as you may have seen there is many more chaps ready for you too see. If you feel like something is wrong with the text and know a better way, write it in a comment, see u in next chap!

And here is how the stats work. First you noticed that there is no m. def or m. atk, those are hidden stats that doesn’t show on the Stat display. M. atk can mostly only be seen by magic based characters and m. def by tank based. But for a usual char magic attack is included in atk and magic defence in def.

Now let me tell you the concept of hp, mp and atk. 1 Vit = 10 hp and you get 5 hp per leveling up. Str, Agi and Dex give 0.5 atk each, it was made that way so that a solo player would be able to equal other players. But Str based chars can equip heavier weapons than others that usually give more damage. As for mp, 1 Int = 10 mp and 10 mp per leveling up. Your char starts with 100 mp and a 100 hp as a base.

Thanks again to Scyanicat for editing.

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