I.O Chapter 2: Travel North

The stone walls of the cave grew taller as he shrank, his senses growing sharper, his body twisted as it took on a new form, his new paws rested upon the cold, damp, and uneven floor as he shifted his focus onto getting out of the cave. He turned around, the smell of fresh air from the hole above him, the one he had fallen from an hour ago, grabbing his attention. He had turned into a black with a hint of red wolf with red fierce eyes and he felt more powerful than ever before.

Logging out to eat dinner and since it’s evening/night in the game the clock had already tuned 10 pm. It was going to be a late dinner but no worries, both of Hiro’s parents and his sister is in Stockholm, relaxing in a hotel. As for why he was home alone it was because he wanted to, and because he was old enough to be trusted to take care of himself at moments.

He took some light toasts and smeared some jam on them, strawberry jam, blueberry jam and raspberry jam. Satisfied he went back to the gear to continue, he planned to play to midnight at least since it’s still some days before summer holiday is over.

Now focusing on getting himself out of this cave Rein turned around to look if he could somehow climb up the walls.

The walls was kind of soft but not soft enough for it to fall apart and certainly not slippery. It was a wall that seemed to suck up liquid and make it seem like it had totally disappeared.

Rein had a feeling that the wall was truly alive. He also realized that he could easily climb that wall in his new wolf form.

He didn’t think too much about being able to transform into a awesome and handsome wolf. Rein just thought this was how a usual Vrmmorpgs develops, but he didn’t know that he had been insanely lucky and he also didn’t know that this power would give him many rivals and enemies.

Reaching the top of the hole he looked around for the wolf king. The wolf king was still there and awoke but instead of attacking he just looked at him for 2 secs and then went back to sleep again. It probably smelled the scent of it’s own pack on Rein. How that smell managed to get on him is uncertain.

Not caring much about that either he slowly strolled towards the capital trying to avoid other players. After transforming in a well hidden place, not far from the gate he went directly to Leva’s shop to finally get his reward. He felt like he really needed those potions and clothes.

In Almeria a beginner potion costs 10S. Which would mean that it is better to just do quests rather than just to march out of the city directly after logging on for the first time.

When he arrived he saw Leva stand by the counter calculating money. But after hearing the doorbell she looked up to see straight into his eyes. Rein looked away first and she began talking.

“Welcome! Are you here to get your things?” She asked him and took up a black clothing and the rewards of the quest. “Or have you come for something else?”

“No, I’d like to get rewards please.” Rein said with a light blush over his nose. She gave him the clothes that consisted of a black tunic and black troses. It quite suited his image and his new wolf form. tunic and some black trousers.

[Light assassin trousers]

Def: 50 | M.def 20

Agi: +50 | Dex: +20 | Vit: +10

Durability: 100/100

Description: Trousers made of black dyed rabbit skin to suit an assassin. Due to being super successful it has gotten a secret Stat.

Requirement: none

[Tunic of an assassin]

Def: 70 | M.def: 50

Agi: +20 | Dex: +50 | Vit: +20

Durability: 100/100

Description: Durable and made to never be able to be destroyed. Made by an excellent tailor with godly skills. Due to being super successful it has gained a secret Stat.

Requirement: None

‘Oh shit, who is really Leva, a godly tailor? What the heck!’ Rein thought with his brain in a frantic explosion.

‘First I got a rare title, then I got a rare skill and now I got super clothes.!

“Do you like the clothes? I made them based on the feeling I get from you.” Leva said and handed him the potions and the money.

“How the hell did you even make these?!” Rein said while he accepted the reward. Leva ignored him and went back into calculating money.

Realizing that he wouldn’t get an answer, Rein left the shop feeling a little dejected yet excited. Now he probably had the best equip a beginner could have in the game. He quickly equipped them and took a look at his own stats.

Name: Rein | Lv: 13 14% | Race: Human

Title: The all-rounder | Money: 93 C | 15 S | 0 G

Hp: 710 | Mp: 320

Total atk: 120 | Total def: 20(+120)

Agi: 30(+70) | Str: 10 | Int: 10

Dex: 30(+70) | Luck: 5 | Vit: 25(+30)

Stat Points Left: 5

Skills: [Stab] active beginner Lv 4 52%

[Animal Morph: Wolf] active beginner Lv 1 40%

‘Awesome, now some stats are the same as an ordinary level 40 player. My defence is rivaling to a tanks, I won’t have much problems with fighting solo.’ Rein thought with a hidden snicker on his face. And now the [Normal Staff].

[Normal Staff]

Atk: 15-20

Agi: +5 | Int: +5

Durability: 50/50

Description: Normal Staff made to suit mages and monks.

‘Not for me huh, I think I’ll sell it and use the money to buy two short swords’

Moments later he entered the familiar plaza that he had arrived in at the beginning of the game. Rein walked directly to the stands area in hope of selling it to some npc. No way he could get real money from selling this on the Internet. Also he was not good enough in business to sell it directly to a player.

He leisurely walked along the stands looking for some nice cheap short swords. After a not so long while he saw two twin short swords which both of them having a price of 7 Silvers each. Estimating that the staff would be sold for about one silver he calculated that he would have about 2 silver over.

Rein couldn’t afford anything better, it was not like there was any treasure in the tomb, I mean it’s not like wolves value gold or anything.

It was as he thought, the highest price he could sell the staff at was 1 silver and he couldn’t manage to haggle down the price of the short swords. In the end he left the stall with only 2 silver left in his pockets.

[Simple short sword]

Atk: 15-25

Agi: +10 | Dex: +5

Durability: 98/100

Description: A short sword made in the most simplest way possible by an bored Smith.

‘Nice that atk 2x will be a good bonus’ Rein thought with a sly smile on his face. ‘But what’s up with that description. Didn’t they have anything else to write.’

The real world clock was about to turn midnight so he logged out to get some sleep. Tomorrow was gonna be a long day, since he decided that it was tomorrow he would journey out into the world of Almeria.

Hiro walked in the streets towards the nearest ICA Supermarket. The clock was about 11 am in the morning. It was time for him to renew his food stock in preparation for the homecoming of his parents and sister. He had planned to make something delicious. Although he may not seem it, Hiro is actually quite good at cooking. Well he isn’t the level of a pro but he can at least make something like lasagna easily.

After buying everything he needed he left the supermarket and went towards his house to prepare lunch. After lunch he would login to Imagine Online to wander north. His goal was to reach Moir the kingdom of dwarves before the day ends.

Rein appeared in the same plaza he logged out of. The plaza was full of bustling voices of players. Most of the players was gathered around the stage exited about something. Curious, Rein made his way towards the stage. Standing on the stage was a man in his forties, he had short brown hair and short beard. On the man’s shoulder was a pet in the form of a bird that resembled a big parrot. He opened his mouth to talk.

“Welcome to IO, the world made to imagine! My name is James Branding, I’m an administrator of this world! Some of you may be at an disadvantage of starting late but there have already some people who have gotten unique powers and some are one of you late starters!” James said with a voice that sounded like it had gone through a speaker. Loud and clear enough for anyone to hear.

Rein felt like James pointed him out but he ignored most of it.

“I have good news for you guys, since the game has gone international a hall of fame has been made! Not only that but an official site has been created where you can buy and sell money and equipment! That’s all for now, have a nice imaginary time!” James continued with a big grin on his face.

Only some minutes later, Rein was on his way towards north. To make himself a little faster he turned into his wolf form. As for why he went north was because he figured that there would be bears there and because he was curious about the dwarves kingdom Moir. Hopefully he would get the ability to transform into a bear.

Running through the northern forest was refreshing. There was no monsters or animals in his way somehow they all seemed to run a way. Either they thought that Rein’s appearance was scary or they could sense that he was stronger than them. If it was the latter then that would mean that mostly only low-level monsters inhabit this place.
| Hi guys!

I ended this chap a little earlier than expected, mainly because I planned to tell you something. I originally planned about 10 pages per chap which equals about 2.5k words.
What I ment to tell you is that you are free to imagine what Gothenburg and Sweden is like yourself, which means unless a description is really necessary I won’t write a environment description. As for the game world, I’m working on it.

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