I.O Chapter 4: Beat The Dwarf

Rein left the library to see the dwarf, that he saw waiting for the librarian, sitting on the stairs in front of the building he just left.

The dwarf was reading the book he had in his hand when Rein saw him about one hour earlier.

Rein ignored him and walked past him when he suddenly heard a shout coming from behind him.

“Hey! You there, the human!”

“You mean me?!” Rein said in a faked surprised tone.

Sure he was surprised but actually not enough surprised for him to show it.

“Yeah, you! Do you see any other human around here?”

Rein looked around him and said “nope” while walking towards the dwarf.

“Hi, my name is beatcr but you can call me Beat,(AN: This is actually a user on wattpad and my friend, check out his vrmmorpg “web novel” called Dreamland mmorpg) yours?”

“Rein, why did you shout for me?”

“Ah well, I needed the help of a tall guy and I thought you were the best option”

“Huh? There are plenty of guys taller than me around here”

“Yeah, but what I need is a guy with not too much muscle”

Rein looked around him again, certainly all the tall guys around him looked like they had a muscle fetish with all their pounding abs that shows through their shirts.

“I know what you mean…”

“Right” Beat said, closed his book and arouse from his seat on the stairs.

Rein started to walk towards the south end of the city, following beat.

“What do you want me to do?” Rein asked looking at beats legs that, even though tiny, moved in a brisk yet graceful manner.

‘How can he move like that with those legs?’

“I want you to help me reach an Ore that is placed about your shoulder height. Don’t worry you won’t need to wield a pickaxe.”

“Oh ok, I’ll help you”


“Yeah, but in exchange I want you to be my guide in the city.”

“Deal!” Beat the dwarf said with a big happy smile on his face.

They left the city through the south gate and entered a lush forest.

‘Wierd, are we still inside the cave? Hm, when I think about it, if the light luminous stones in the ceiling act as sunlight and with a river going through the capital towards the south. Plus It’s warm enough here to walk around in a shirt so then it isn’t to wierd at all.’

Before Rein had taken a notice they had arrived at a mine in the southwest end of the forest. Not many people were there, rather the only people there was Beat and Rein.

“Why is it only us here?” Rein asked while looking around cautiously.

“That’s because to everyone (but me) thinks the ore here is useless and goes to the mines at the north end of the city instead.”

“What kind of ore is it? To make everyone to keep away from it”

“It’s called Igniz ore and as the name suggests it is an highly flammable ore. I need it for my idea of making real world weapons like guns or bombs in the game.”

“Oh, in that case as the one who helps you get the ore I want to get to see the first finished products.”

“Ok, but only if you help me spread the word that I made them.” Beat said with crossed arms.

They entered the mine while Beat showed the spot they were going to on a map, which he had made himself through a mapping skill.

Rein was amazed since the map looked quite detailed, but not to the level of an expert.

The spot he showed was a dead end about 20 meters into the cave.

Yeah it may not have been mentioned before, but there are no map in the corner of a person’s view like in some mmorpgs. This is to max the real adventure feeling and of course for those who want to can buy maps in a city or a village.

It’s not like you have to have the mapping skill which also helps you memorize monsters and terrains.

The old mine was lit up by [Luminous Stone]s that apparently are called just that.

Arriving at the showed spot Rein noticed a small pool edge kind of shelf with a bowl formed hole. (AN: Hard to explain, I hope you will get it.)

Inside that hole, that was the height of Rein’s shoulders, was a couple pieces of the ore Beat wanted, in different sizes. The ore was black and had a hue of red light, quite matched how Rein looks with his black hair with it’s hint of red.

“Careful, if you pick it up with to hard of a grip it will explode.”Beat said while Rein reached for the shelf.

Rein picked carefully up the ore nearest to him and looked at it before he gave it to Beat.

They got a total of 7 small, 4 medium and 1 large ores, 12 in total.

“Thanks, now let’s exchange ID cards so that we can become friends and have a easier way to contact each other.”Beat said when they walked to the exit of the cave.

Suddenly Rein felt something well up in him, ‘Shit, the ID card, I totally forgot about it!’

“Um actually I don’t have an ID card, more like my ID card is still in Laven’s Guild office.”

Beat stopped to stare at Rein.

“Oh well no worries, if you pay 50 silver you can teleport to Laven at the church, of course it’s also 50 silver on the way back so a total of 1 Gold.”

“1 Gold?! Where the heck can I get that money?”

The answer flew out of Beat’s mouth.

“By doing quests from the adventure guild of course”

“Hah, right. Let’s go to the adventure guild then. Will you help me?”

“Hm sure, why not, I need some more money to start making the firearms anyway. Now follow me!”

Rein followed Beat into the southern end of the city, through small alleys and between a couple of poor and fancy houses, towards the east side of the city.

Most of the poor ones were small and in brown, gray or even both of these colors. While the rich houses were big and was either white or was colorful in a contrast to the cave ceiling and other buildings.

A while later he was standing at the doorway a marble building about half as small as the library. Inside was a total of 10 desks, all with at least one dwarf each welcoming the adventurers that have reached their desks.

Yep, reached, you didn’t hear wrong. There was a line of people that was so long that it went outside of the building and into the streets. The place was really flocked only the inside had nice lines to each of the desks.

Because the people at the desks seemed experienced with these kind of waiting lines it took only ten minutes to reach a desk, even though Rein had thought that it would have been at least half an hour. A third of the time Rein thought it would take.

“Welcome! What do you masters want help with?”

The dwarf who greeted them was a male, he was a little taller and thinner than Beat. Rein felt that calling them as masters was a little to formal but he didn’t really care and didn’t say anything about it.

“Well, we would like an E rank quest that has the highest money reward for that rank” Beat said and the male dwarf placed a couple of quests on the table.

There was five quests all with the same content and reward, gather iron ore and for each quest they finish they will get 20S each.

The mine they had to get the iron ore from was at the north end of the city. There was also mobs in that mine to make the quest harder, goblin thief.

It was a quest for a party or person that had at least one person with the mining skill.

Half a in game hour later they was in front of the mine marked on the map they had gotten from the guild.

They entered the mine, lit up by some lamps unlike the one earlier, and immediately a couple of goblin thieves appeared, two in total.

In Rein and Beat’s party it was Beat that had the mining skill and Rein’s task was to keep the gobs busy while Beat mined.

The goblins had yet to notice them and had their fronts pointed another way. Rein silently rushed up to the first goblin only a few meters in front of him and quietly slit it’s throat.

-468 Critical hit!

A red number and a red health bar showing 682/1050 appeared above its head. Critical hits could deal a extra damage of about 300% of one’s attack.

The goblins turned their heads and let Rein have a good look at them.

Their skin were green and their faces was disturbing. They had small long ears, a long nose, big eyes and a bandana on their heads. Having small thin bodies and light, ragged clothes they were fast and nimble. Their weapons were small daggers decorated in rust.

Since they hadn’t found any ore vein yet Beat joined Rein and took on the one Rein had yet to attack.

Beat lifted his big axe of his shoulder and swung it at the goblin’s ankles. Then he started going upwards towards the goblin’s head.

-164 Critical hit!

76 You’re hit!


-173 Critical hit!….

Meanwhile Rein struck each of his short swords in the other goblin’s eyes, quickly finishing it off as both were critical hits.

He then ran hurriedly over to Beat’s side and stupidly enough stumbled on a rock and fell towards the goblin’s back.

Rein quickly corrected his posture by placing his right foot in front, hindering his fall.

Without much thought he stabbed the goblin in the back by the place the heart was located and the first meeting with the goblins was quickly finished.

It didn’t take long after that to find an ore vein and Beat took out a pickaxe from his inventory and started digging.

The inventory is a magical bag where you can store things and food without them getting broken, rusty, bad, etcetera.

The bag have a hundred slots capable of stacking about 99 of each item, same type of item in the same stack. Even equipment can be stacked.

As soon as Beat started to dig three goblins appeared out of the nearest corner, gripping tightly around their daggers as soon as they noticed Rein and his companion.

Rein wasn’t worried about taking on three goblins on his own because of his high damage and his agility.



53 You’re hit!


-367 Critical hit!

By gracefully trying to avoid the goblins attacks as well as trying to stab their heads, throats and other critical areas he sometimes missed and sometimes got hit.

It was a little harder than he thought to fight three enemies at the same time. You had to have a good battle control.

With great control over a battle you can more easily focus on the critical parts to get critcal hits.

It isn’t even as easily at it may sounds to find the critical parts, you will have to know the biology of each monster and fully be able utilize that info.

It took a while but Rein managed to beat the first row of monsters in 10 minutes.

The goblins numbered about 2-4 in each group, when there was 2 it took two minutes, 3 five minutes and 4 took ten minutes.(This is in game time)

Time got smaller the more he experienced fighting them and they were able to finish the quest, for five times, in a total of two hours.

A satisfied, still together with Beat, Rein left the guild with one gold in his pocket and updated from rank F to rank E.

Together they went to the teleport station right beside the guild office.

Unlike the guild office the teleport station looked quite shabby, it was a complete contrast to the office. It was made of old brown wood and the metal it was made of seemed rusty.

The reason why it looks that way could be because it isn’t popular for it’s high price.

It was also more popular to travel so that you could level and see the nature.

The only time you would teleport are the time you need to get somewhere fast and even then there is a skill to teleport a whole party.

Even though that skill drained a lot of mp it was much more cost efficient than to pay 50 silver to teleport with a city teleport.

Also there are almost no towns and villages that has teleport stations, mostly only the big cities have them.

Outside the teleport station Rein and Beat said goodbye and Rein entered the station alone…

|This chapter became a little late and from now on I will plan my chapters more in hope to be able to publish them faster, so far I’ve only written what comes up in my mind.

Let’s hope I can finish the next chap for this month, sorry for the delay!

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