I.O Chapter 5: Moonlight

Bright light entered what seemed to be rainbow coloured Chapel windows.

Indeed, after teleporting from the capital of the dwarves Rein had appeared in what looked like a Chapel.

Yet no benches or religious decorations, only a magic circle covered the floor.

He was just standing there in the middle of the circle turning around to look for at least another soul.

One, just one, standing by the three meters tall doors was an old man in priest clothes.

“Welcome to Laven”

He said and opened the door for Rein.

Outside was the plaza he has been standing in 5 ig* days ago and had heard that man from the management team.

When he looked back at the Chapel it looked like a normal house that usually gets taken as background.

Which explains why he didn’t notice it before.

Rein went straight after that towards the guild office only to meet a line not losing to the one in the dwarven capital.

Placing himself last in that line he patiently waited for his turn.

After a whole hour getting sore feet because of pretty much standing still Rein finally met the classic female Receptionist again.

“What can I help you with” (receptionist)

“I’d like to get my ID card please, should be ready now right?” (Rein)

“Your name please” (receptionist)

“Rein” (Rein)

She went through a door behind the counter and a minute later she came out with a card in her hand.

“This card will help you register friends as well as making/joining a guild” she said and gave it to him. “Don’t you dare to lose it. Oh and you can also use it to take quest in towns and cities that has a guild office.”

Rein exited the building and hurriedly trotted back towards the teleport station which had its doors open automatically as if they ran on electricity.

The old man was standing in front of the magic circle with a welcoming smile to anyone wishing to use it.

“Take me to the dwarves capital”

Rein said to the old man, gave him 50 silver and walked into the middle of the circle.

“As you ordered young lad”(Old man)

Bright light shone from the circle and before he disappeared Rein thought he saw a girl, with black shining hair and glittery silver eyes, entering through the doors of the Chapel like teleport station with grace.


Julia Svensson was a petite girl around the age of 18 years old with blond thin hair, flowing down to her waist, maybe a little farther than that.

She had bright blue eyes that shone green in the sun’s yellow orange light as that sun had started to hide behind that horizon.

Her face was a thin beautiful one with a small nose and maybe a little thin lips.

Julia had no fringe as her hair was certainly behind her ears.

A clear resembles of what many people think is a typical Swedish person.

Her skin was white with an almost unnoticeable tan and was smooth.

She was about 170cm tall and had a nice body line, not too thin and not too thick but a healthy one.

A swedish beauty and usually presented herself as what people saw her as, a responsible person with a caring personality and excellent sportsmanship.

An Ideal in many boys eyes, one that at least, although it’s not at all popular in Sweden, received love letters once a week.

But Julia wasn’t satisfied with all this attention, rather she hated it or at least disliked it, even if she had a responsible personality, other’s expectations was a big burden to her.

The pain come from receiving letters from pretty much unknown boys and that girls always took a distance and admired her from afar.

That’s until Imagine Online came out and she could finally become free for at least a moment and hopefully make some friends.

On the day of its release, outside the game shop in a shopping centre called Nordstan, she had, through some odd occurrences been, the first person to receive the gear in the form a helmet and the game in the form of a disc.

She, like Hiro, also had to undress and get scanned in a dressing room box thingy.

As the first she also had received an extra disc which you could use to make some extra customisation to one’s game character.

The extra disc was a gift for everyone who was 10^x customer, her being 10^0=1st. For those that don’t know, 10^1=10, 10^2=1010=100, 10^3=1010*10=1000, etcetera.

At home she then read the instructions and installed the game, gear software and the customisation bonus on her computer and logged in to start making her character.

“Welcome to Imagine Online” (Beautiful female voice)

“Um, thx”

Julia said while curiously looking around the white space she was now standing in.

Suddenly within the grasp of a second all the races had appeared before her eyes, all female and all had her face and build except for the few races that had set appearances like the short dwarf or the fur covered catwoman.

“Which race would you like to be?” (Beautiful female voice)

Julia thought for a moment, but not for long because she had already decided which race she would use in advance, a race born of two races with beauty and wisdom from one and the ability to mostly adapt from the other. Half elves born from humans and elves.

After telling the voice which race the process of creating her character went fast by.

With the extra customization ability she got from her extra disc she could choose to have one hair and eye colour in the day and another in the night.

She used that extra privilege and made her hair pure black and eyes silver in the day as well as her hair pure white and her eyes totally black in the night.

A colorless yet beautiful combo with a nice contrast that would make the black hair shimmer in daylight and the white hair shining in the moonlight.

Her hair was left in the same length as in real life and her ears had turned a little, just a little pointier.

Unlike her real self her creation had a set of beautiful bangs that matched her hairstyle almost perfectly, nothing being totally perfect.

She felt that she had created someone showing both sides of the same coin which was, to her, a beautiful sensation.

The place she choose as her starting point was Loin, the country of humans.

The white room disappeared and Julia with her new name Moonlight appeared by a small fountain in the middle of a small village not to far from the capital.

Why she appeared there is because some players, a randomly selected few, doesn’t start in the capital but in different small villages in the country they selected.

Some call themselves lucky to not land in the capital and some would call it unlucky because if you land in a small village you can influence it.

Yet it can also end up in the player falling behind in gear and such since small villages usually don’t have many shops.

Also small villages don’t have a guild office so ones who start there can’t take up any quests, at best only verbal quest which are quite rare..

Moonlight was in luck and landed in a village with a woodworking shop as well as a smithy.

Her stats looked like this

Name: Moonlight | Lv 1/0% | Race Half-Elf

Title: None | Money 0C | 10S | 0G

Hp: 110 | Mp: 500

Total Atk: 30 | Total Defence: 6

Agi: 1 | Str: 1 | Int: 20

Dex: 20 | Luck: 12 | Vit: 1

Stat Points left: 0

Skills: None

When Moonlight saw her stats she immediately realized that she could either go the path of a mage or the path of an archer.

Knowing that if you choose a mage type you wouldn’t be able to move and would be in big danger if you weren’t in a party, unless you could annihilate the monsters before they reached her, she choose the path of an archer.

She choose that path because they could fight in near distance with daggers as well as interrupt their own attacks.

At first being sent to a small village was tough as she couldn’t take on any quests, but as time went by she managed to get experience by doing small errands.

In the blink of an eye she had managed to get to level 20 with the intimacy level with the villagers at the top.

Then she decided that she should move towards the capital that you could see in the distance.

From her point of view she could see the mighty capital spreading out in a four km area.

She hoped to get some friends there because there was almost no players that visited the village.

Those that had visited only went through to either visit the capital or to go to more higher level areas farther away.

The villagers gave her new clothes before she left, a black tight chinese dress with a slit on the right side that was surprisingly easy to move in, a pair of nice comfortable shoes that looked quite uncomfortable as well as a hairpin with a nice black flower decoration.

She left the village quite grateful to the villagers and with a satisfied look on her face.

It didn’t take her to long to reach the capital, rather the time it took was only 20 minutes while one would think that with the distance between the capital and the village it would have taken her at least double of that.

Maybe it was because it is a game or because she had calculated the distance wrong.

The first things she saw was a great open gate about four meters tall on the six meter tall wall that surrounded the capital to protect it from monsters that may come seeking for food.

On each side of the gate was two guards inspecting every suspicious visitor that may have come to spy or harm the city.

Moonlight walked over to the guards to get info on how to get to the guild office.

“You just go right forward and follow the road. You will know what building is the guild office when you see it.” (Guard)

“Ok, thank you”

Moonlight bowed to the guard and went through the gate and followed the road as instructed.

It didn’t take too long for her as the guild office, as the guard has said was easy to notice.

Like Rein did the first time he logged in she placed herself in the line and waited for her turn.

“Welcome to the guild office. What can I do for you?”(Receptionist)

A male receptionist greeted her with a gentle smile, he had brown short hair and a pair of glasses

“I would like to register please”

“Do you know the use of registering?”(Receptionist)

‘Doesn’t seem like he wants to explain it to me. I know it from the beginner guide anyway so I’ll be kind and answer yes.’

“Yes I know.”

“Then here, this is your registration card, write your name and game ID in the bottom left corner.”(Receptionist)

As Moonlight did as she was told by the male receptionist he went through a door behind the reception counter.

It didn’t take him long to come back and when he came back he had two cards in his hands.

“This is your quest card, you know it’s functions right?”(Receptionist)


Moonlight said with a small nod.

“And this…”(Receptionist)

He showed her the second card.

“…is your ID card. It was made quickly thanks to a new type of technology. You also know what this is used for right?”(Receptionist)

“Yes, thank you so much!”

Moonlight left the building and just happened to walk past a black haired boy with strands of red without realizing it.

| Sorry for the long delay, I haven’t really felt like writing these few weeks and some of you may already have noticed but I entered pewdiepie’s intro competition and it has gotten a lot of attention, kind of.

But here is the 5th chapter! What does Moonlight have to do with Rein? Will they meet and what would happen if they meet?

You’re free to comment your answer to these questions and affect the story.

ig*= in game

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