I.O Chapter 6: Sneaky Enough?

Rein appeared in the ruined teleport building he had entered when he left the dwarven capital. It was as rundown as before of course but this time he saw something he didn’t notice last time he was here.

It was a dagger, a pitch black dagger that would usually be left unnoticeable. Even tho I say it was pitch black dagger when Rein lifted it up outside towards the sun it glinted red.

Rein equipped the dagger to see its name. In Imagining Online, unless someone told them the name, one would have to equip an item to see its name.


Atk: x1.5

Agi: x2

Durability: –

Requirement: Lv 50, has to have a sneak skill.

Description: What is it doing here? No one knows, or do you know?
‘Sneak skill? How do you get a sneak skill? By sneaking around? I didn’t know that equipment could have requirements. It sure has nice stats tho feels like over the level of Imagining and an awesome name. Even if it has a requirement I can still equip it huh. I probably can’t use it tho.’

He thought as he inspected the dagger.


You have acquired the skill [inspection]

As you level this skill up you will be able to inspect and see info about unidentified items as well as other items without equipping them.
‘This skill seems really useful. I wonder if I can use it on people’ Rein thought and inspected a dwarf not to far from him.

Failed to inspect animate object

‘Doesn’t seem like it, maybe I should sneak around a little to get the sneak skill. The best place to do that in is of course a place with high security. Like the castle for example’.

He sighed as he took a step towards the big brown stone castle in the middle of the capital.

If you took a quick glance at it you would think it was giant stone spikes sprouting together upwards to the cave ceiling in the middle of the city. Rein had never seen such architecture before.

He arrived at the back door, it was a wooden double door that was 3 meters tall and 2 meters wide. On each side there were 2 dwarven guards clad in what seemed to be reinforced leather.

‘hm, sneaking past these guys might pose a problem’

Rein thought as he looked towards the gate.

‘Let’s wait until the shift change. They got to have one right?’

It took an hour before the guards started to walk away to get some rest.

‘Oi oi, shouldn’t they guard it constantly even if it is a back gate’

He carefully snuck in.

Right inside was a garden, noticing that someone was there he quickly hid behind a bush on the right side of the gate.

Seems like they didn’t hear him or see him for that matter. There were 7 men of one race each. Celestian, elemental, beast and human etc.

They stood in a ring discussing something. ‘Suspicious, let’s listen and see what they are up to.’

“How’s it going with that thing?” (Beastman)

“Hm, we need something to transfer it but otherwise it is as good as finished” (Dwarf)

“Then how will we transfer it? If we manage to find a way then we can finally put our plans into action” (Fairy)

“How about we send it by mail order?” (Human)

“No, we want it to appear on the body if possible so that can only be a last resort action” (Celestian)

“Then how about sneaking in and putting it on the body” (Elemental)

“No way, that is to dangerous. Do you wanna be taken as a thief? (Dwarf)

“Then the only way is to keep researching it” (Beast)

“I’ll take care of it, care to join me dwarf?” (Celestian)

“Dwarf this dwarf that, why not just call me by my in game name?” (Dwarf)

“‘Cause dwarf suits you.” (Beast)

The group of seven started to walk towards the castle fighting.

‘That was interesting, wonder what “the thing” is tho’

Rein thought, relaxing his back against the castle wall.

‘But “put it on the body”, “sneak in”, “mail order” what the hell are they?!’


You have acquired the skill

You are now able to sneak around dark places to hide your presence. As you level the skill up the better you can hide.

‘At least I got the sneak skill. Now then lets get to level 50’

Rein thought as he stood up and stretched.

After waiting for another shift change and then sneaking out Hiro had made his lasange and was now waiting for his family to get home.

The clock showed 1pm when he had finished everything he needed to prepare.

On the table was lasange, a salad made of cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers and yellow paprika, ketchup, 1.5 litre package of milk and a jug of water.

It didn’t take long before Rein heard the doorbell ring.

“Nu är vi hemma!” (Sakura) (AN: Felt like putting in some swedish. This means “We’re home!” or “Now we’re home!”. If I translate word for word “Now are we home!”)

“Welcome home mom, dad and Kira” (Hiro)

“What have you made for us Hiro? I’m starving” (Henrik)

“Just get your things to your room and then we will eat dad” (Hiro)

“Did you have it nice being alone home Hiro” (Kira)

“Hm, it was a little lonley without my little sister here but otherwise it was fine” (Hiro)

“”Hey what about us”” (Sakura & Henrik)

Hiro laughed and went back into the dining area while his mother, father and sister went to their rooms with their luggage.

The house they live in is a red house with wood panel. It has 3 bedrooms, one for Hiro, one for Kira and one for their parents. 1 Bathroom complete with a shower and bathtub in one, 2 sinks and 1 toilet. A kitchen, pretty much open-planned with the dining area and the entrance to the house. A laundry room and a living room. (AN:

The house XD)

“Oh, lasange!” (Kira)

Kira, Sakura and Henrik had arrived and sat down by the table.

“Looks good, Sniff and smells good to” (Henrik)

“You’ve done great Hiro” (Sakura)

“Thanks mom but let’s eat!” (Hiro)

They ate and they talked, Hiro mentioned that he had bought Imagine Online but he didn’t say anything of his cheat ability. His mom, dad and sister talked about their trip, like when they went to the castle or bought some ice cream at a ice cream cafe.

It was a nice homely family lunch.

|Was that and abrupt ending of a chapter? I just wanted to get this chapter over with since I neglected it for so long. Oh I have five weeks of hard work from 7am to 4pm each weekday starting this Monday so we will see when the next chapter comes out.

I’m gonna write a plan before I start writing the next chapter ’cause I haven’t done that yet.

Sorry it this chapter is short and thanks to all votes, comments, reads, follow and library inputs that has happened these weeks! SOON 1K reads!!! Yay! Oh and I entered this story in the wattys so please vote on it if you can and also spread my story around. Surley there must be some more who likes OP-ness and vrmmorpg in the city/town/village/suburbs you live in.

Thx for reading and cya in the next chapter!

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