I.O Chapter 9: Weird amulet and meeting Moonlight

I am here in the now
I am there in the past
I am there in the future
None of the me never unite
‘Cause if we do everything become as dark as night
And the sun knight will never arrive.
What am I?
Am I something?
Or someone?

I thought of the text from a quiz poem I found randomly on the net. Even though I call it a “quiz” poem it doesn’t seem to have an answer to it. It is just something someone randomly wrote, an amateur poet writing down words from his or her heart.

Since I found that amulet yesterday I have been going around in the dwarves capital looking for its possible owner. I didn’t want to wear it, yet, who knows what will happen if you wear something with such a weird description.

But so far there has been no one who have said it was theirs and it feels like I’ve asked half of the population already.

There is not anyone who has claimed it, rather it seemed like everyone’s eyes but me avoided looking at the amulet.

It felt weird. It was weird, there was nothing in the description saying that everyone’s but the holders eyes would avoid it.

Does this kind of item have some kind of history here? Like it possess such danger that everyone avoids it.

But I have never seen an amulet like this before and if another amulet like this appears wouldn’t there be a big fuss? It says after all that you can change between your body’s. Does this mean that I can turn into my real body here?

I have to look it up later but for now let’s get the thing I have pushed away done with.
A while later I was outside the library looking for beat. I reasoned that since we met there he might be there now too. My reasoning was right he sat there on the stairs up to the library reading the book he had borrowed a while ago.

I walked up to him and gave him my hand to help him up. He had already noticed me when I walked towards him so it wasn’t that big of a surprise. Who wouldn’t be surprised when a hand stretched out towards you in front suddenly when you are reading a book.

“So how did it go? It took longer than I thought it would.” (Beat)

“Yeah I have gotten it but I came across some distractions on the way.”

I showed him the card and let him take it from my hand. He took out his own and placed it over mine. The cards started to shine and a message came up in front of my eyes.

You have now become friends with Beat!
Have fun!

It got me a little surprised, I didn’t expect a window to pop up like that. This game is really awesome and I’m really grateful for the fact that I can afford it.

“I got to run some errands now, I only sat here so that you would have an easier time finding me. Well cya some other time and whisper me if you happen to need some of my help.”

Beat said and waved as he walked past me and disappeared into the crowds.

At first I stood there thinking for a minute or two before thinking of the amulet. There was a chance I could find something about it in the library so I quickly walked towards the entrance and stepped into its marbled hall.

Time flies and the hours has already passed by I logged in and what met me was the green clearing where I logged out. The grass in the clearing as well as all the trees surrounded it. The red dragon was nowhere to be seen. I raised my voice and quickly called.

“Um, um… Dragon are you here?”

After I said that the dragon’s big red body appeared a few tens of meters in front of me out of thin air, its yellow eyes were turned towards me.

“You should call me Igniz instead of just dragon.” Igniz said as she rose up on her four legs and walked towards me. Because I got supposed by Igniz sudden appearance I didn’t have the time to answer her before she sat laid down beside me and said;

“Hop on, I’ll take you to the capital of the dwarves”

I did as she said and climbed up on her back.

We flew higher and higher into the sky, up over the clouds. I could feel the icy coldness of the air and wind bite at my skin. Under me I could feel Igniz warm scales warming me up and preventing me from freezing to death.

“The capital shouldn’t be too far off from here, it should take about an hour.”

Igniz said looking back at me, her sharp white teeth showing off a grin.

“Ok” I said and gave Igniz a light smile.

As she said it only took about an hour and when we arrived she shrunk to her mini form.

Dwarves and dragons have through the history of Imagining Online always been mortal enemies. No one knows why they have to fight each other, it just ended up being like that. Because of them being mortal enemies Igniz hid inside my dress.

The capital of the dwarves amazed me, high cave ceiling decorated with numerous light stones with strong enough light to grow various plants. It was a wonder on how the dwarves could sleep at night with such a bright light. Did they even sleep at all?

The capital’s buildings were also amazing. The building that amazed me the most being the white marble library. I asked the natives what kind of building it was and that’s how I found out it was a library. With it’s Greek feeling it was truly a marvelous building.

I made my decision and walked towards the library.

No matter how much I searched I didn’t find anything about the amulet, I did find books about custom made equipment though. But nothing about adding such weird and unique skill like body swatcher. I know this game was named Imagining Online for a reason but I didn’t think it was to this degree. Wouldn’t weird stuff like this only be able to be made near end game? I think I read that Imagining Online was built like that,if you are weak it is harder to fulfill your imaginations that if you are strong. In other words the stronger your imaginations are the stronger you have to become. Well maybe there are exceptions.

I looked up from the book that I was reading and leaned back into the chair I sat on. My eyes, in that moment they met with hers.


That was a looooooong wait, sorry for that guys. Don’t worry even if you have to wait for a long time this thing won’t be discontinued unless I say so so be patient with me. I’m not a good writer and mostly end up writing things on a whim after reading or watching something good. Mostly fantasy. And after a few hours or a few days it cools down and could take months or days for me to get that kind of kick again. When I don’t have that kick I procrastinate on writing having “writing is such a pain” in my mind. That is one of my main reasons I’m so slow. Well it is also that I’m sometimes to busy to write.

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