RR Chapter 3: To the Castle

TLN/EDN: I kind of took it from Slackerdog since he has been inactive with it for over half a year, well as it seems like it would be ok its fine. Fully machine translated with a lot of editing and no proofing (I’m no grammar pro). Enjoy. I’m gonna try doing regular releases, one a week on Saturdays/Fridays(12 am UTC+1), but don’t expect it.

Slackerdog translated the male lead’s name to Kraust but when I started translating it I settled with Krust so his name has been changed to Krust.

Shiori walked out from the shade of the alley into the main street where people rushed back and forth. Through the soles of her shoes she felt the solid cobblestone.
Shiori’s appearance may have seemed a bit odd in this town, but it could have been worse. Shiori did not know the reason she was summoned, but she was lucky that it wasn’t before bedtime or before job hunting. It would be obviously strange to walk around in this world dressed in a suit or a pijama.
Shiori walked down the street while looking nervous. She could see various shops and stalls lined up on the right and left, and there was also a lot of pedestrians. The inhabitants were full of activity, with the city bright and crowded.

(Why am I not gathering​ as much attention as I thought I would?)

Among the pedestrians there were some who took a glance at Shiori, but immediately looked away, going past without any further notes. It seems that they did not have enough interest to bother.
Shiori straightened her back and looked up ahead.

(That’s a beautiful castle…)

Just straight ahead of her, a beautiful white castle was visible. It wasn’t at a distance that Shiori couldn’t walk from the place she was at.
A thought had appeared in Shoiri’s head while she advanced towards the castle. Three years ago, Krust who had been summoned to Japan said that he was “a knight that served the king”.

(If that castle is the castle of the king, the knight who serves the king…… Krust should be there too?)

Although she couldn’t have any hopes, she thought that at least it is better than searching around the city for him, and with that decided, Shiori quickens her pace towards the castle.

While Shiori was walking alone, she rehearsed the country’s language while muttering. Although she had many words and phrases taught to her by Krust, unfortunately Shiori’s learning ability was average, she didn’t have the same memory capacity as Krust.
However, she had written everything down in a notebook and reviewed it. Even after Krust returned to his world, that continued.

(Perhaps I was expecting somewhere in my heart that Krust would come back again.)

While feeling pain, as if a small knife was stabbed into her chest, Shiori thought that.
She wanted to talk to Krust who had once again come to Japan in his native language.

But Krust never came to Japan again.
But that would be natural.

(For the reason of meeting him again, I can not risk any dangers in this other world.)

Depressed of her own thoughts, Shiori shruggs her shoulders. And she thinks:

(I liked Krust.)

Rather, they were living together as a man and a woman under one roof, it would be funny if one wasn’t conscious. Besides, the other person was someone who was perfect, who was so beautiful that he seems to stink of the word ikemen, and had a manly and gentle personality. Unlike a shy Japanese guy who can’t do ladies first, he could it without a hitch.
There is no reason to not fall in love with such a man.

Even Shiori, who wasn’t clear on what love is, was taken by his charm.
Even then, thinking that she might be able to meet Krust again, without permission, her heart beats had begun to rise.

But for the moment, she would lock her emotions in the back of her mind.
Shiori had an unrealistic experience of a different world trip. She did not have time to think about love. How could she live in this world, was there a way back to Japan? There are many other things she had to think about.
There was no guarantee that she would be offered help even if she met Krust. Things may get annoying and she had to make sure that she did not have any high expectations.

Sealing her female emotions inside herself, Shiori steadily advanced towards the castle.

Shiori did not know how much time has passed since she didn’t have a clock, but she expected that she had walked for at least two hours. It was after her feet had gotten sore that she finally arrived at the destination.
One could see the beautiful castle at the back of a large plaza. It was delicate but powerful and elegant. Shiori had the feeling of having entered a fairytale.

(No, in fact it is a fairytale, I got lost in this fairytale)

If this was a dream Shiori wanted to wake up.

After proceeding to the big gate which seemed to be the front entrance, there were two guards with weapons that looked like spears. One of them being in the small space next to the door. She wondered if they were knights.

(The uniform that they wearing is similar to the one Krust was wearing… but the design is slightly different. Yet the crest on their chests is the same.)

After observing the gatekeepers, Shiori gathered her courage and approached them. While giving a light smile thinking about the spears in their hands, she spoke in a small voice to the one who was standing by the gate.

Ano, excuse me.” [TN: I wanted to put in some Japanese, oh to indicate that it is spoken in Japanese I will try to use cursive.]

She instinctively spoke in Japanese, with a dubious face. She felt that the spear was moved a bit and cold sweat came out.
She had to speak in the language of this country. Shiori had just reviewed it a while ago. Though she thought so, her mind had become pure white from the tension, and the words had flown away.
“Ah, that” while being frustrated Shiori says that to the gatekeeper.

“A foreigner?”

In his voice had a little vigilance.
But when he looked at the state of Shiori that seemed to be backless, the voice of the gatekeep turned soft. The spear also didn’t move.

“Did you get lost?”

He seemed to have misunderstood Shiori as a 5 year old. The language is usually easy for adult ladies to master. She only had make-up on her eyebrows, so it may had looked like she was young.

“Lost, different”

Shiori shook her head in denial. Although she is a big lost child in a sense.

“Question, is ok?”
“What is it?”

She breathed in and asked right away…

“You, Krust, do you know? Krust Orfeld”

With the thought that he might not know by firstname alone, she gave him Krust’s full name. However, even if they have the same emblem, the number that had could be at least around to 100 or 200 people. It is unlikely that this gatekeeper knows Krust.
Although she asked while being prepared to be told “I do not know”, to her surprise the result was wonderful. Hearing Krust’s name, the gatekeeper raised an one eyebrow.

“Krust Orfeld? Of course I know of him.”

Shiori of expression lit up. There is no way that one could meet someone who knew Krust that smoothly.

“I, Krust, want to see. Please”

But when Shiori asked so excitedly, the expression of the gatekeeper became steep. He sighs “ha”, treating it lightly.

“No can do. Krust-sama is busy. He doesn’t even have time to meet people like you once.”

Shiori desperately tries to process what he said in her brain. She was rejected to meet “Krust” because of him being “busy” and her being “no good”. But why did he use the words “people like”? Is there someone else who came to see Krust other than her?

“I, Krust, am acquainted”
“Do not lie about such a thing – if you say that you are truly acquainted, put up some proper evidence”
“A lie, not, I-”
“Well, now go away, Krust-sama will not meet you.”

Forced away, Shiori had to reluctantly give up. Even if she did hit the target, it was unlikely that Krust would meet her, besides the spears were scary.
If she knew him well enough, he would know she was there after a while. She decided that she could wait.

(Maybe Krust is someone with a high influence? So he can’t easily call me, can he even meet me?)

But he was still young. He should only been about two years older than Shiori. She could not imagine him being in such a powerful position among the knights.

(But in Japan one can be a president at a young age… is there any difference… I don’t know.)

Shiori thinks while twisting her head away from the castle. She found it difficult to rely on Krust, so she decided to return to the city to find a place to stay tonight for the time being. If one waited a minute, the sun would have faded away in a blink of an eye.


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  1. YAYYYY thank you for translating!!!
    Well, that was to be expected. She’ll probs coincidentally meet some other Knight with high specs who’ll introduce her to Krust. Well, we’ll see how generic this story is I guess….

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  2. Yaay! Thank you for the new chapter!
    I think it’d take a long time for her to meet him.
    I hope she meets a lot of nice people~

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    1. No problem, this is my fist time I translate something like this and since it’s machine translated it should not really be 100% but I expect 90-95% accurate with no harm done to the actual story line. I try with my hardest ability to edit Google’s translations to keep 100% accuracy on the story. The accuracy that if lowered should only be small details that doesn’t affect the story and possible sentence structures. If I managed to learn Japanese to a good level I will retranslate the whole thing. I hope my speculations on accuracy won’t scare anyone away.


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  5. Thanks for translating this series! I enjoyed the chapter! I noticed some mistakes and wanted to point them out. Hope you don’t mind.

    There was no guarantee that she would be offered help even if she meet Krust
    There was no guarantee that she would be offered help even if she met Krust OR even if she were to meet Krust*

    It was after her feat had gotten sore that she finally arrived at the destination.

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  6. I am impressed by her optimism that she can find a place to stay in one evening, with no money, and only roughly knowing the language.
    If i was stranded like that i think i would just stay in front of the gate until they at least sent someone to confirm with Krust. Krust technically owes her his life, not quite but almost, so he can’t just ignore her. (And considering the genre he is obviously a love interest so he won’t be heartless)

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