RR Chapter 4: Krust is a Hero

Well another chapter out, it has actually been ready for a long time, and so had chapter 3 but I want to set a pretty strict weekly schedule. Ok then Enjoy. (Note that one week and a day(28th april) before this post I was about half a chapter through chapter 5 it was also when I scheduled the posting of chapter 3 and 4)

Walking is inconvenient

But she didn’t take a bike with her to this other world, if she had then time and fatigue could be drastically reduced. So far it had taken Shiori two hours to get back to the city. She had never walked this much before.

But there was no time to rest, she had arrived at the center of the city and she looked around for some kind of lodging. In the evening there were less people out than in daytime.

(Would be best if I can find a lodging where I can also work.)

While living in this town, she will go to the castle everyday and ask for Krust. That seemed to be best option at the moment.

After she meets Krust she would ask him to introduce her to a magician he knew. It was after all a magician who transferred him to her world three years ago.

(Perhaps a magician may be able to return me to Japan, but what is the reason why I came to this world in the first place?)

Although Shiori scrambled through her head it was hard to find a possible reason as to why this phenomenon happened to her.

Well, there was no use in thinking about what had already happened. She had to think about the future as the top priority. So she adjusted her mind and focused on searching for work and bedding.

A shop selling fabric and clothing, hardware shops dealing with pots, fruits and vegetables, stalls for selling flowers, small dining halls, old houses… For Shiori that suffered from employment difficulties in Japan, it could be said that it would be a pain in this country as well.

Shiori walked around the city, looking a job that she thought she could manage somehow even by herself, she asked the store owners “Can you please hire me?”. She repeated it over and over again, but in the end no one wanted to hire her.

The reasons for her being refused varied from that they already had enough people to that they couldn’t afford to hire others. In addition, Shiori was unable to speak the language well. People who talked to her had the impression she that she was a foreigner that seemed to be not used to working. If one had to hire anyone, hiring people of the same country, who can speak the language, and knows common sense seemed like a better option.

(It feels like my heart is breaking… but…)

Shiori’s shoulders dropped. Although they had only refused to hire her, she felt like her value as a person had been denied. Even though she had experienced it many times in Japan it still hurt her.

The sun was already about to hide behind the mountains, and the people walked home in the sun’s bright red light. She looked at the crowds as they were slowly decreasing, and the surrounding shops prepared to close up for the day. A child who was bought sweets happily grabbed his parent’s hand as they walked home. To a flower girl, a young naive man bought a flower from said “I will come back tomorrow!” and waved his hand.

Shiori watched them silently. Everyone is acquainted with someone, and everyone is connected with someone.

(What should I do, I feel somewhat lonely. Homesick?)

Biting her lips to hold back her tears.

She shook her head to switch off the dark thoughts she had.

(Why are you crying like this? Did Krust cry when he went to Japan? Did he cry “I’m lonely””I want to return”? Has he ever cried spontaneously?)

Question, answer. “No he didn’t”

Well then she just had to work hard.


Shiori got fired up and started to walk again. She couldn’t find a job by crying. Do not underestimate a girl who had experienced Japan’s severe hiring conditions!

Too bad, I am alright on my own.


Shiori called out to a Onee-san who was selling accessories made of stone on a blanket on the ground, she had gotten rejected too much to even care anymore. She had prepared herself to be rejected again, it was after all a small business.

“You are a foreigner? Black hair is not uncommon in this country but yours is clean and beautiful, and your skin is white and rough. Besides your clothes seems to be good. But even though it doesn’t seem like you have a job or a house to live in is there a reason for that?”

The Onee-san looked at Shiori’s appearance and said that.

“I very much like to help you but, unfortunately I can only take care of myself.”

Shiori was only able to understand somewhat what the Onee-san had said, but she knew she cared for her, that made Shiori happy.

“It’s fine, thank you.”

It broke the expression of her first world transfer. There had to be a lot of kind people here too.

The Onee-san began cleaning up her accessories preparing to go home. Shiori thought of something.

“I have a question, do you know Krust Orfeld?”

It was a question she had to ask but didn’t expect an answer to.

Only for Shiori, the words the gatekeeper said concerned her. It was as if Krust was a celebrity, and Shiori one of his mischievous fans.

“Krust Orfeld? I certainly know of him.”

Shiori’s eyes widened when she heard the Onee-san’s answer.

Why do you know? Krust is just a knight, is he not? I understand that the gatekeeper knows him, but why does an ordinary person like Onee-san…

Her answer wasn’t what Shiori had expected so she accidentally spoke in Japanese. “I don’t know what you are saying” The Onee-san got confused, but she explained.

“There is no one in this country who doesn’t know the name Krust Orfeld, he is a hero after all.”

“Eh? Hero?”

Shiori knew that word, but to think that it was connected to Krust.

“I think it was about two years ago, shouldn’t even foreigners know that this country was attacked by a lot of monsters?”

Without waiting for Shiori to respond, the Onee-san continues.

“If you go deep into the woods you can encounter monsters, but you will mostly not encounter them when you live normally. They are usually fewer that the humans and the animals. Still once a century or a thousand years, I don’t know why, but monsters may be born in large quantities in one area. Two years ago it happened in this country, and a small village in the south was the first victim.”

While listening to the story Shiori felt breathless.

When she heard about this world from Krust he also mentioned that there were monsters. At that time Shiori thought ‘Eeeeh, that’s scary’ but now she was in that world so it was horrible. She unexpectedly confirmed their surroundings.

“Monsters attacked humans and destroyed the buildings. Once a town was destroyed they would go to the next one. The southern people were in a state of grave danger, and when the monsters came I thought this country was done for.”

With closed eyes and arms folded, the Onee-san said that as if Shiori was a freshman.

“In the end the monsters was beaten by a group of elite people who were dispatched by his majesty the king. The knights, magicians and adventurers were not touched at all and the crowd praised them all and began to call Krust Orfeld, who had been particularly active among them, as ‘Hero’. I saw him at the time in the triumphal parade, he was a capable​ good man with an overflowing feeling.”

In a loud voice the Onee-san finished her talk.

Shori rotated her head at a high speed and chewed down the story on her own.(TLN: basically “Shiori processed what she has heard in her head in a high speed.”) A lot of unknown words were said but she thinks she could understand the important part. ‘Krust who defeated the monsters and saved the country came to be called a hero.’

That happened two years ago, after he returned from Japan he became a hero. This makes it certain that the way to count time in this world and in earth is almost the same, Shiori thought. After Krust returned, while she was lonely living a mediocre college life, he fought against monsters here and became a hero. It really was ‘a different world’.

And, she also liked this.

(I didn’t know that Krust is that strong. His forged body looked weak, but there was no opportunity to fight there.)

Krust in Shiori’s narrow room might be similar to a strong big wolf trapped in a cramped cage. But his silver hair was consuspicious so Shiori had asked him ‘to not go out too much’ so that he doesn’t gather any extra attention.

She was glad that he was able to return to his world. In Japan Krust’s fighting ability would be a sceptical treasure.

(I guess life in my narrow room might have been boring. I had a hat he had on when he went out, but that was only a walk in the neighborhood…)

The Onee-san said to Shiori, who was dazed our thinking about the past, that she was done packing up her things.

“I will go home now, I’d like you to stay overnight but I’m currently living in an inn. If you don’t want to be homeless, and if you don’t search for an inn soon the sun will set.”

When the Onee-san waved goodbye to Shori who still was thinking about Krust.

(Wait a moment. If Krust is such a celebrity, isn’t it nearly impossible to meet him? Then if it is nearly impossible to meet him I can’t meet his magician acquaintance, and then isn’t it likely that I can’t return too?)

Shiori’s expression clouds suddenly.
(Krust… why did you have to become a hero…)

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