Suzaku Chapter 2: My Life

I woke up in my bleak, rose smelling room with my little sister staring at me right over my newly woken up face.

“She woke up! She woke up!” My sister said to my mom and dad who was standing on each side of my bed with worried faces.

“Are you alright honey?” My mom and dad asked me at the same time. Huh what the heck had happened to make them this worried about me? I thought looking at them with an questioning face.

“Have you forgotten that you fainted yesterday?” My mom said looking even more worried. Oh yeah I went of flying yesterday in my Phoenix form and then I suddenly felt like fainting. Seems like I turned back to my human form right before I landed otherwise I might have been in a cage right now. I thought before saying:

“Oh yeah, I fainted. Don’t worry about me and start to prepare breakfast now mom, I’m starving.”

“Of course my dear” My mom said with an relaxing voice. As all three of them left my room my dad said:

“If she has appetite then she’s fine” To reassure my mom.

I left my cozy bed and looked out of my bedroom window. It was a sunny day and you could see many birds flying in the cloudless sky. Each of them having letter bottles around their necks. None of the birds looked like my transformed self. I wonder how it is to be of the royal family. I thought looking at the castle and then turning around to my closet grinning.

After I had dressed myself I went down the stone stairs to our kitchen where my sister sat and stared at me with excited eyes from our small kitchen table while my mom and dad was in the restaurant kitchen. My mom and dad owned a restaurant that is manly based on our own country’s food culture. The restaurant is located in the capitals shopping district. I admire my parents greatly but I have a feeling that there is something missing in my life. After eating some scrambled eggs with egg noodles and soy sauce to breakfast I went out the door to the restaurant and met an rustling crowd.

“Hey Sakura!” A middle age man at the nearest table said to me. Soon the whole room was filled with greetings to me. In this part of the capital I was pretty popular. Mostly ’cause I was the daughter of the most popular restaurant but also ’cause I am cheerful, energetic and most of all helpful. I exited the restaurant and entered the cheery, food smelling old shopping street who’s name actually is the cheery shopping street. I ran along the streets, got greeted and I greeted back. My goal was to get to the fields outside the capital to transform and find out what really happened yesterday. Maybe even flying to the castle to take a look. On the way you could see the big castle in the distance and feel smells on many different foods. The streets were filled with people who was fully into their shopping and while the streets were getting decorated for an upcoming festival.

Finally I arrived at the flower filled fields. There was no one near as far as the eye can see so I decided that this would be the best time to transform. Fire arose from my feet and a cocoon made of fire surrounded me. Slowly the transformation began. I got smaller and my neck doubled in length, I got an beak and red feathers spread over my body. Last but not least I got a pair of orange bird legs before the fire cocoon opened and I flew into the clear blue sky. In the end I decided to fly in the direction of the castle. I saw the handsome prince with his squire in the castle garden so I dived down in the nearest tree curious as to what they were talking about.

“It was awesome yesterday, how I shoot down that red big bird with an tranquilizer gun and yet then I searched for it I didn’t find it. I wonder what kind of bird that was?” The prince said proudly.

“Don’t know but this is at least the hundred time you talked about it since yesterday.” The squire said jokingly. So that’s what made me faint yesterday. The prince had seen me and had tried to shoot me down with a tranquilizer. I almost became a rare royal talking pet thanks to that. I’m lucky that I somehow transformed back into a human without anyone seeing me. I thought as the beautiful prince walked away with his squire friend.

After waiting for coast clear for at least 20 minutes, I didn’t want to be captured, I left for home.

Then I arrived at home it was already noon and I was as hungry as a bear after winter. My mom had prepared fried chicken with rise and some kind of sauce, it smelled really good. I love both my fathers and mothers food, sometimes I help them cook food for the restaurant and serve costumers. I’m like my fathers and mothers apprentice and they hope that in the future I would inherit the restaurant together with my future husband. After eating up I went out to get some water and to shop ingredients for the restaurant. In the morning I often get to do whatever I want to do but in the afternoon I almost always help my parents in the restaurant. I’m used to bargain a lot with the shop owners to get a good price. I’m even so good at it that I have become famous for my bargain talents. I got many god prices for rice, carrots, unions, meatloaf, noodles, pasta, potatoes and other things. It all costed up to 50 silvers. Our currency is named gold hill and consist of gold, silver and bronze coins. 100 bronze is one silver while a 100 silver is one gold. Our restaurant gets about 20 gold per day so compared to what I bought I got it really cheap. An ordinary shop or restaurant get about 10 golds per day.

On the way home I filled up the bucket I had with me with water and as I turned around to continue walking home I saw a little girl crying under a tree. On the tree a rope was tied on a branch and at the other end of it a doll was hung.

“Do you want me to help you get it down?” I asked the girl while I gave her a kind smile. The girl just nodded as an answer. As I climbed up in the tree I looked down to see the little girl looking worried. After I finally reached the branch I slowly but gently began to burn the rope and after a few seconds the doll was down. The girl picked up the doll and then smiled before she ran in between the houses. I continued to walk my path home and upon arriving I got an real surprise. Guess what it was?!

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