RR Chapter 6: At The Hotel (2)

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Shiori, with her cheeks filled with the apple pie the man gave her, let out a happy voice.

It was sweet, plenty of sugar had been used, but it was the best food right now for Shiori. Feeling the energy spreading through her body which sugar level had decreased.

“Please take mine too, Ojou-san”

Seeing her enjoy the dessert so much, the other man who was sitting next to the plump man, also gave Shiori his dessert.

(Was it supposed to be so sticky…)

Although Shiori started to blush she couldn’t resist the temptation of the buffet. Shiori gives him a timid thanks… and received the dessert. If he gives it up so easily, she would not hesitate. She would not return it. 

Then while receiving the second apple pie, Shiori observed the other man. To be honest, she didn’t like his glasses very much.

He looked like he was about 30. Wavy brown hair made in a casual way, and a chin beard that would suit someone handsome.

However, he had tattoos everywhere on his arms all the way up to his shirt, and he gave off a somewhat ruffian atmosphere.

(But he gave me a pie… so he might be a good person regardless of his appearance.)

Shiori convinced herself.

The brown haired man was probably the plump man’s subordinate. Or escort. Because their ages were different, and they didn’t seem like friends judging by their atmosphere.

While the plump man drank he stared at Shiori as if he would lick her from top till bottom.

“There are probably a lot of customers that would like you. If you were to put on makeup and a dress, you will probably more beautiful than you are now, but why are you wearing trousers?”

He gently stroked her thighs with his thick fingers, Shiori almost face planted her pie.

Krust was also like that, people of this world seems to think little of skinship while asking questions.

Well, he was saying something like ‘why’ ‘trousers’ ‘wear’.

“I have clothes, only this”

“Is that so? But if you work, from now on, you will not need to worry about money. Even dresses and jewels can be bought immediately by asking the customers.”

Wahaha, with a laugh, the plump man put an arm over Shiori’s shoulder. The strong smell of alcohol entered her nose.

“By the way, have you had any night experience?”


“If you haven’t then I don’t mind, there is always a guy who wants to teach such a child.”


Swallowing the sweet apples, Shiori had a cloudy expression. Was a strange story told from this person a while ago?

Could it be…. no, perhaps, what he is speaking of is selling her body?

“If you are anxious, I can give you a practice partner.”

The plump man shows a vulgar smile while drinking a glass of sake. She bet he is the owner of the brothel. (TLN: See I was right!) It seems like the gentle mask he was showing at the start is slowly peeling of.

While enduring the hands of the plump man that strokes her shoulder, Shiori thinks. Sweat beginning to run on her back.

(I can not afford it now. I can only afford to choose this job. Perhaps the only way I can make money in this world is by selling my body.)

But still, considering her personality, the image of night work, getting accustomed to sexual acts….

Shiori released her fork and took the hand that was around her shoulder.

“I…. It’s impossible”

She would be better off sleeping outside that to follow this man. She didn’t mind being homeless for a short while. If she still can not find any work after searching more desperately, she will think about prostitution at that time. But that would only be her last resort.

“Impossible? It’s ok, it’s not something to be anxious about. You can get some money by just playing with a man for a while.”

“Sorry, impossible, seriously…”

With her face down Shiori shook her head.

Then, the atmosphere of the plump man suddenly changed. She thought her eyes had gone bad when she lifted her head up, the man said to her in a threatening dose of voice.

“Ah, That is nice. It is good that you say no when you don’t want to. But, if you don’t accept then you will have to pay the exact price for this dessert.”

He pointed at the empty dishes. Both of the apple pies were already in Shiori’s stomach.


(I didn’t ask him to give me the apple pie, and didn’t he say “I’m not good at sweet things” a while ago! Even if I didn’t take it he wouldn’t have eaten it, something else is wrong. Even though he is rich enough to wear a gold ring… he is stingy about the price of a pie!)

Even though she had a mountain of things she wanted to say, it was difficult to talk back with her limited knowledge of the language. In the end Shiori remained quiet, biting her own lips.

Besides, that man, probably doesn’t really care about the price about the apple pie. He is speaking knowing that Shiori can’t afford its price.

“Now, pay for what you ate. If you can’t pay for it, you have to work for me to earn that amount of money.”

The plump man smiled in a grudging way. Shouting in her mind “this brute” Shiori raised her eyes at her opponent.

However, she was anxious and scared on the inside. She imagined a scene where she was a prostitute and gave her body to a partner she didn’t know, and almost cried. She wasn’t prepared to earn money in that way yet.

But, as it is now, she couldn’t pay for the pies… Shiori’s body started to tremble.
The plump man, collapsed suddenly in front of Shiori’s eyes.


She thought that the plump man must have lost all energy in his body, he had fainted and laid against the backrest of the sofa.

“Wha, what? Are you ok?

She asked in japanese, shaking the man’s body but he doesn’t move and keeps his eyes closed. His face slightly red due to liquor, with a face of pleasantness~.


Shiori blinked. (TLN: Tough one google tl says: Poetry blinked with crackle. Poetry=Shiori)
Yep, the plump man was only sleeping and snoring.
She was worried and thought she lost it. Tilting her head she questioned, why did he fall asleep?

“Hey, hey”

A third man who hadn’t said anything the whole time, a man with tattoos and brown hair, raised his hand and called a servant. Even though the plump man had suddenly lost consciousness, the man didn’t seem to be particularly impatient.

“What’s the matter?”

When two waitresses arrived, the brown haired man took out a key from the inner pocket of the plump man’s coat without permission.

“It seems like he got drunk and fell asleep, because we have booked room 16 in this hotel can you carry him there?”

There was a thin metal plate with the number ‘16’ engraved with this world’s letters on it.
When the waitresses took it up and began the trouble carrying the plump man there, Shiori turned to the brown haired man and asked.

“He OK? Drunk, sleeping, true?”

He certainly is drunk, but his consciousness was clear enough to put pressure on Shiori  until just before, one wouldn’t expect him to fall asleep suddenly like that. Was something else wrong? She was a little worried.
To Shiori’s question the brown haired man raised his mouth in a grin. He showed Shiori a bottle that he had concealed and shook the transparent liquid inside.

“You are quite sharp, it is because of this drug that he suddenly fell asleep. It is a homemade sleeping drug.”

“Sleep, drug?”

“Well, this drug makes you sleepy, do you understand?”

Sleeping drug… this person, did he just give sleeping drug to his boss? Shiori instinctively got defensive. She didn’t know the purpose of this man.

The drug was probably put into the glass of the unsuspecting plump man. Since the plump man had to face Shiori the whole time when he spoke to her, it was easy for the brown haired man to get a chance.

“Why, drug, give? He, your master”

“My master? No, he’s not. That man is a merchant of my shop. Thanks to you coming today I had the chance of drugging him during our meal.”

Seems like Shiori had misunderstood that the brown haired man was a subordinate of the plump man. This man had his own shop.

“When he wakes up tomorrow, he won’t have any memory of what happened right before he fell asleep thanks to the sake. So you don’t have to worry about him remembering much about you.”


“Why did I do this? That’s easy. It was because I didn’t want him to take you.”

Being told that, something a man usually says to the woman he loves, Shiori was taken aback for a moment. But of course there was no sweet emotions in that sentence.

“Recently, my store has been doing well, so well that it is hard to take care of on my own, so who is… just who is not willing to hire a serious manageable person with a strong desire to work”

As the brown haired man said that, he looked at Shiori and gave her a nice smile.
She certainly had the desire to work, although a japanese may be serious and easy to handle, but considering.

“I don’t… want to”

While releasing cold sweet, Shiori said that. Because that man’s shop is probably also not a good store. Though it may be better than to work at a brothel.
The man stood up and put on a coat that was on the sofa.

“No, I don’t mind you refusing me, but you ought to pay for the dessert that you ate.”
He said that with smile.
That man…! While grinding her teeth, Shiori’s defeat had been decided. One can not get away with eating for free, and she really had a seriously easy-to-handle personality.

“Now, come on. I will give some work to you.”

Shiori followed the man quickly out of the restaurant with reluctant feelings.
Including the desserts, it was actually the plump man who had prepaid for the course for two people. There was noticeably no reason for Shiori to pay back the money for the dessert to the brown haired man when he was the man who had been treated….

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  1. Totally called for it. That guy was already painfully suspicious but I expected Krust to arrive or at least someone who works at the castle that could lead them to meet each other psshh. It never cross my mind that brown-haired was actually a good guy. Bummer. I guess theres still long way ahead of this story before Krust arrives. Set my hopes up again. Well never fear cuz I wont anymore HA HA HA. In your face Krust 😛

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    1. How do you know he is a good guy? He might be someone bad. Oh this isn’t much of a spoiler rather this will awaken more curiosity and probably huge assumption but Krust is coming in the next chapter. (well if one look at the title on the ring ring info page then one can already guess that.)


      1. I guess its instinct? Nah its just based from my experience from the previous novels that i’ve read. It just gave me the impression that he-acts-gruff-but-is-actually-the-kind-or-thoughful-kind. I hope I’m wrong. Its nice to be pleasantly surprised especially when reading. 😆Oh and you can’t make me hope! Never! I won’t expect anything anymore T^T Whyyyy are you making me hopeee? Sakuraid is a baka! 😭

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        1. Wait… I just re-read the comment. Krust will really appear? 😰 Hmm if he does appear. I’m thinking its gonna be more along the lines of his pov at the castle or monster subjugation but they wont really see each other 😃. And am I too much of a bother for posting too much comments? If I am I’ll promise to tone it down a bit. 😅

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          1. Ok ok last. I used the wrong emoji. It was supposed to be shock but i wondered why it ended up looking like dread. I just couldnt put it off of my chest until i mentioned it.

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  2. By the way… Krust’s name… it reminds me of either Krusty Krabs or the crust on pie or scientifically speaking, the outermost layer of the Earth. Not that I’m complaining or anything its just that it always pop up into my mind. Like flashes of images of these 3.😆

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  3. by this flow, he may not a good guy but may not bad enough to waste her with some dirty work since it look like he could see some value in her

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  4. Thank you for the new chapter.
    So naive… Thankfully she wasn’t drugged. I thought she would, lol. But of course, knowing she has a strong heroine halo on her head, I knew she’d be safe. But I think we have a looooong way until she meets her knight again. I hope we catch up to their meeting soon.

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