RR Chapter 8: The Store in The Alley

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Ashes of Creation MMORPG, it look like it will be a really good one! https://www.ashesofcreation.com/ref/Sakuraid/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfbi2EvzQmIJ55TJvZumNZw

Garrell and Krust thought the transitory magic had failed. Little did they know that Shiori arrived in this world properly, only that the summoning position shifted.

“Where, we going?”

In the darkness, She asked the man in front of her. There was only anxiety in Shiori’s heart.

“To my shop”

It seemed like the man’s name was Roche, but that was all she learned. Even if she asked what kind of shop it was, he just responded with “You’ll understand if you follow”.

(I don’t think it is any honest business)

As expected by the wary Shiori, Roche gradually went away from luxury residential area where security is more likely to be good. After entering an area were general houses and shops were lined up, they entered a labyrinth like alley. They turned around the corner of a faint home and past a stray cat that searched for food in the trash.


A small, red brick, two story building. At first glance it looked like an ordinary house, but there was a sign on the front door indicating that this was a shop.
However Shiori couldn’t read what the sign said. Because she couldn’t understand this world’s letters.

“Letters, what, is written?”

She asked pointing at the sign.

“Drug store” (TLN: I want to use pharmacy but can’t because of what Shiori says next I will use pharmacy later so be prepared)

Roche answered unlocking the front door with a key.


Shiori mutters. Is this tattooed man keeping a pharmacy? ‘Drug’ is not read as ‘yaku’ by people is it? While she thought rude things and the like.
When the small bell rings as the door opens, following Roche, Shiori, in fear, also enters the shop.

There is an counter at the closest position near the entrance. On the right side wall there is a lot of drawers an on the left side wall is shelves with bottles that are supposed to contain medicine.
Some of the medicine were of liquid and others were like powder, there was also some that contained grain like nuts. There are flower bunches hung up to dry in the ceiling.
Behind the counter there is workbench an a chair and next to it are a kettle and a pot. There is a dirty bucket on the floor and some leaves leaving a messy impression.
In the back of the cramped store she saw the back door and some stairs leading up to the second floor.

(It really is a pharmacy…)

Shiori looked at the large amount of medicine lined up on the wall, feeling impressed. It seems like most of the medicine here were made out of plants.

“I, work, what kind?”

Roche told Shiori who listened “Almost everything”.

“From handling herbs to making medicine to taking care of customers. …you have such an anxious face, let’s get it done with. It’s alright, there are many thing to remember but the works is simple.”

The work is… simple, Shiori muttered inside of her mind. Is it really ok for an amature to suddenly start making medicine?

“Well, the work will begin tomorrow, it’s too late today.”

After saying that, Roche lit the furnace. The interior of the store brighter and the air started to warm up. When she looked at the swaying flames, she felt safe for some reason.

“The problem is that there is no bed prepared for you since you were in a hurry. Tomorrow we will look for a second hand one, as for today—”

Roches words almost went through her head. Her head is drowsy and hear thoughts are dulled. If she thinks about it, there hasn’t even been a day since she arrived to this world. It seems like all of today’s tiredness and anxiety had hit her all at once.
Her eyelids became heavy and her legs lost all power.


Finally after Roches voice died down Shiori lost her consciousness.



In an attempt to turn over on something like a warm comfortable futon, Shiori’s body bumped into something. But if she avoided turning over to that side and turned over the other side, this time she would hit a thing that looked like a wall.

(Why so narrow…)

She felt irritated thinking solemnly. It was almost impossible to move.
Shiori opened her eyes to look at the obstacles that disturbed her movement.


It had solidified.
She spent a lot of time organising in her mind as to why she is in this situation.
Although she is certainly on a bed, it isn’t the bed that Shiori has in her appartment.
In front of her eyes, sleeping with exposed shoulders, was a tattooed man with brown hair. Not wearing, any clothes…?
There was a smell like a man’s body odor or perfume, a smell like musk, and a smell like cigarette smoke. It was not unpleasant, rather it was Shiori’s favorite smell.


The man’s name is Roche. Oh yeah, It is slowly coming back to her.
But while thinking that there is no reason to sleep in the bed with him naked, Shiori sits up in the bed.
Everything was alright, her poncho had been taken off but her other clothes were properly on.

Shiori felt a little deja vu in this situation. When Krust was in her world they had slept together on a very narrow bed on the first night. In Shiori’s narrow abode there was no sofa to replace a bed, and there was no spare futon.
Krust told her that it was enough that he could sleep on the floor, but she refused him, she couldn’t let him fall asleep on the floor in midwinter.
It was a time when she could not understand herself, she didn’t completely trust Krust, so she had memories of not being able to sleep well due to the caution against stranger and sleeping with a wonderful opposite sex.
Still if you wake up in the morning, somehow found sleeping and hugging someone else, she would unexpectedly end up screaming.

“Oh, so it’s morning already…”

Roche also woke up while Shiori sorted her memories of the past. She spills a yawn, gets up sleepy while putting up her hair. She confirmed that her lower body was wrapped in trousers, and Shiori secretly stoked her chest.

“Hey, why are we… ah, wrong. Why, together, in bed?”

I fixed my speech from sleepy japanese.

“Because there was only one bed, why did you suddenly fall asleep on the floor yesterday instead of going to a bed, I brought you here and put you on my bed thank you.”

Roche who descended from the bed, exercised his neck. He said he did it because he fell asleep on an already narrow bed. (TLN: I don’t think It is so correct here, Original: ベッドから降りたロッシェが、コキコキと首を鳴らす。狭いベッドで寝たから凝ったんだと言わんばかりに。)

“Oh, thank you. I’m sorry”

Shiori also remembered last night. She got sleepy when she saw the flames in the furnace.

“Here, Roche, the room?”
“Oh, it is on the second floor of the store. Your room will be in the attic. It’s narrow but don’t complain.”
“It’s fine, doesn’t matter.”

After answering him, she looks around the room. It is a room with an overall calm color, neither beautiful or dirty.
The surprising thing was that there was many books. It might be books about medicine

“I will go down. To wash my messy face”

Following the now dressed Roche, Shiori also got out of bed.


Yesterday, the price of going around the city to the castle and then to find a job, was muscle pain that she now had to fight.

When going out of the store’s back door she saw a small field planted with herbs. Next to that was a well and a cabin bathroom with a toilet. It seems like one had to go out in order to get to the bathroom or the toilet, which may be a little troublesome.
However the toilet was cleaner than she thought. A toilet similar to a japanese toilet was set up and it also had a sewage facility set up to a extent. But Shiori was more pleased that there was some toilet paper placed in the corner of the toilet. Unlike the toilet paper in japan, it was hard and square but there was no point in complaining. She could feel a little bit more confident that she would somehow manage to live in this world.


Roche made breakfast while Shiori brushed her teeth with a unfamiliar toothbrush.
The stove and the workbench seemed to also be used as a kitchen and a dining table. They brought another chair there and began having their meal. The contend was an egg dish, with some type of beans added to scrambled eggs. There was also baskets filled with fruits and bread.
The hungry Shiori threw them down her throat without hesitation. Roche is surprisingly friendly and unexpectedly a good cook. She wonders if he has high dexterity.

“That reminds me, you, where is your country? Where were you born?”

Roche, who finished his breakfast first, asked Shiori while smoking on a cigarette. It’s shape, similar to paper tobacco often found in japan, but brown in color.

“…Very far, far away.”

She stopped her hand picking up a bread, and respond to him after thinking for a moment. She hesitated whenever she should tell the truth, but even if she told the truth, Shiori thought it was best to leave it until later. Since Roche is surely someone she can trust. It is better to wait until she have learned enough of the language to be able to explain other world trips.

“Well, that’s ok. Where you were born doesn’t matter.”

Roche continued after exhaling some smoke.

“For now, let’s go shopping in the morning, find you a bed and substitute clothes, etc.”
“Eh.. but… money.”
“I will pay. It is an initial investment. Relax because I will subtract the cost from your salary that you worked for later.”

No she is not at total peace of mind, but while thinking that Shiori nodded. She was grateful that he could lend her some money. Although she has her wallet, the contents are only about 2 000, additionally it is in japanese yen.
As Shiori put her fork down on her empty dish, Roche stood up.

“Well, let’s go. Oh, that reminds me, I haven’t heard of your name.”
“Shiori huh, That is a strange name. Let’s go, Shiori.”
“Wai-, wait…!”

After Shiori got up from the rattling chair, she followed after Roche.

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