RR Chapter 7: The Magician and The Hero

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Hero’s point of view.

9 o’clock in the evening. At the same time as a wolf’s howl in a distant forest, Red Garrell, a magician who serves this country’s king, was lightly dressed.
He felt some signs approach the room, a ‘Hero’ dressed in anger.

This was a room in the castle, a room which the King had given to Garrell.
Darkness glowing crystal balls in jewels, snakes and frogs in bottles which have an unknown use, stuffed up small demons, and other potentially dubious tools. A large mirror hung on the wall and a bookshelf with magic book occupied the remaining space
All the things in the room is often in a mess, but that was to Garrell’s specifications. He had many other places, but everywhere was as messy as here.

Garrell kicked the cursed mask that had been lying around on the floor and sat down in his favorite chair with a sigh. It was a flashy chair, filled with detailed engravings and on the seat and backrest of the chair was cloth with plant engravings.

“I thought it would happen one day, but right now it is too early. Did I really make sure to check every day?”

Listening to the footsteps approaching to the room, he leisurely crossed his legs.
Garrell is a magician of the kingdom, characterized by his long red stained hair. It may not be an exaggeration to say that it is the best in the world. He always wear fancy colored clothes, tailored to match his hair, and the robes he wears are red too. He has lots of jewelry on his arms


The door was forcefully opened, a man stepped in.
It was Krust Orfeld, the hero of this country. With disordered silver hair he drew closer to Garrell.


He said that in a low voice.
Garrel played a fool by playing with his earrings.

“Hey, Krust. How are you? You seem to be as busy as ever. By the way I’m also busy as you can see. If there is something to do, this time—”

“Do you want to be cut down? Return my belongings.”

But that wouldn’t work with Krust. He was serious. He had his hand on the sword and was about to pull it out.

“You are like that. You are normally silent and doesn’t express your emotions, but as soon as it is related to ‘person of another world’ your eyes changes. But to be clear, it is better over there. Is human smell not attractive?”

“Do not make me say it again. My belongings—”

“You do not have to worry, they are right here.”

Then, when Garrell moved his finger, suddenly a cloth bag fell down in front of Krust. Demonstrating his good inborn reflexes, Krust grasped the bag well before it fell to the floor.
He opened the bag to confirm the content, inside properly laid Krusts clothes.
These were the clothes of ‘person of another world’ he had three years ago when he returned to this world. Clothes that Shiori picked and given to Krust.

Seeing that the contents were alright, Krust felt relieved. It was the only evidence he had of him having ever gone to Earth. The connection with Shiori, created memories, only these things. He suddenly returned to this world without any warning, so it was impossible to bring anything else.

Krust glared at the red haired magician in front of him. In the first place, everything is bad about him.
Three years ago Garrell made Krust an experimental subject of ‘Transmission Magic’ which is still in development. Garrell said “I just tried to send you to the castle’s backyard, I was also surprised, it’s true”, he empathized that he meant no offence, but because Garrell’s magical power was too powerful, Krust was sent to another world thanks to the transmission magic.
Far away from the castle backyard, he had been sent to an unknown world – the Earth.
From then, for three months until Garrel found the trace of another world and developed ‘transitory magic’, Krust had to live in that world.

(TLN: The transitory 2 word or letters was originally translated as demonic when put together with magic (demonic magic) and when I separated it from magic it became fugitive. I looked up the definition of fugitive on google and found that it was connected to transitory, so I used that because it sounded better than using fugitive magic and demonic magic. I noticed later on in this chapter that transitory should be the correct word.)

Krust thought. Where he was transferred, it was good that it was Shiori’s place. It would have been difficult to live safely in a different world where no one speaks the language without her help.
There was compassion, shyness, loveliness and a little blunder. Recalling such a Shiori, Krust loosened his mouth.

“Please don’t worry. Feeling bad-kun.”
Garrell said, putting his chin on the armrest of the chair. Hearing the previous remarks, Krust good deep, deep wrinkles between his brows.

“What were you going to do by stealing my clothes?”

Depending on his answer, it would not be for free that Krust would be more terrible than the wind.
These clothes were carefully kept inside the safe of the mansion where Krust lives. But as Krust had come home from finishing his work and went to check the safe as usual, all kinds of jewelry and entitlements were still there, placed neatly together – only the bag with the clothes was gone.
The criminal was naturally broken because he was able to take stuff out without breaking the safe and he didn’t put his hand on any of the gold.
That’s why Krust came to Garrell without a moment of hesitation.

Ever since Krust was small, Garrell had been like this. Neither his personality or appearance has changed. The rumor that you are able to live over a hundred years with magic is not a lie.
However, because he had lived for a long time he had a lot of spare time. That is why he is always looking for fun things – things for killing time. That was what Krust thought.

The trouble was that ‘fun’ for Garrell was ‘annoying’ for others. For some reason Krust had pleased Garrell, and has being troubled quite frequently for a good while. Like the case three years ago.

“I do not want you to have such a scary face. I acted that way thinking about you.”

Garrell said without being upset. That bossy attitude is usual for him.

“Yes, let me say something before we beat the bush, you better think of the treatment of those clothes. Putting the clothes you got from a person you hold dear into a bag and then putting them safely into a safe, to be honest I think it gives of a slightly perverted odor. Besides, those clothes, have you washed them even once? What? Did you think that the memories will also disappear if you wash them? Or is it the smell of her room that you don’t want to disappear from the clothes? In that case, you would be truly a henta—” (TLN: Hentai=pervert)

Krust pulled out his sword, Garrel finally closed his mouth.
Looking at it like this their relationship shouldn’t be bad. At least that is what Garrell believes.

“What were you trying to do by stealing my clothes?”

Krust asked again.
Garrell breathed out as he thought.

“I was trying to bring her here. Krust’s ‘person of another world’”

The answer that Garrell gave him was different from what he expected, Krust shook upsetly. He opened his eyes wide and managed to spill the words;

“Shiori…. Here?”

“That’s right. I needed her belongings to do it.”

“But… those clothes are not Shiori’s, it is only what she picked and bought, but I was wearing it.”

“Yes, so after all I thought the clothes are useless, but I still carefully look into it…”

Garrell leaked a smile there.

“On those clothes, there was one… only one strand of her hair.”

Light appears in Krust’s eyes. However, feelings such as ‘expectation’ and ‘hope’ that springs up from the bottom of his heart, were desperately held down.
What would happen if the transitory magic succeeded with that hair.
Even though he didn’t want it, he forcefully pulled her to this world, so what will happen.
Although Krust thought that, he couldn’t stop listening to Garrell.

“So… that hair? Did you use transitory magic on it?”

“Oh, I did. In the daytime.”

At the same time he heard Garrell’s answer, he struck him and grabbed his shoulder tightly.

“Then, where is Shiori? Where is Shiori now?”

The resistance he felt in his hand disappeared.
Garrell, who was in front of him, disappeared like smoke.

“Ouch… are you trying to crush the bones in my shoulder? Calm down a little.”

But the next moment, Garrell was standing in a corner of the room, a bit away from Krust, and said that somewhat badly.

“I did try using transitory magic, but I did not say that I succeeded.”

“Did you fail…?”

Garrell noticed that Krust felt disappointed.

“Unfortunately, even if I activated the magic, no one appeared in the transition group.”

“If so, Shori is?”

“Not here, since the magic failed, she should still be living a normal life in that world.”

“….I see.”

Krust seemed to get very discouraged. If he only think about it himself, it was really sad. His heart seemed to turn into threads.
But thinking about Shiori, he thought it was good like this. He was glad that it failed.

“Don’t ever try to call her again, she has her own life, doesn’t she?”

“…If that’s ok with you.”

Gardell shrugged his shoulders. It was the same with Garrell, he was also disappointed. He wanted to see what kind of girl he met ‘in the other world’, and he wanted to what kind of fun response Krust and she have when they meet.

Silence flowed in the room for a while. When they had finished talking, Krust, who Garrell thought would quickly leave, still stood there.
Garrell almost thought his hearing went numb.

“What’s up?”

Krust slowly lifted his face, his eyes turned and appealed to Garrell.

“Can you send me… over there?”

“It’s useless. I should have said it before.”

Garrel answered immediately with a serious face.

“Certainly, for me it is easier to send you over that to summon your ‘person of another world’ here. It is more easier to send someone who knows than to send over someone who don’t know. However, there is of course no reliable way to succeed, in addition…”

“In addition?”

Garrell turned to Krust.

“I can not send a hero of this country to another world at the moment. For this country, you, as the hero, are as important as his majesty. We can not easy lose you now.”

“Hero, they are just calling me that without my permission.”

He felt loneliness by not being able to meet Shiori, it irritated him to drag her into this forever, when he hit the demons he vented out his frustrations of not being able to go there, before he knew it all the opponents had been announced being cleaned up by him. (TLN: Somewhat correctly translated, won’t bother doing exact as long as it keeps its meaning.)
“But…” as a preface, Krust changed the topic.

“It’s surprising. That you are thinking about the country.”

“For the moment I’m working under his majesty. As I get a lot of salary and luxury from the country. I will try to do much more.”

Garrell said laughing with downcast eyes.
After thinking a few seconds, Krust voice once again rose.

“…I can’t always live beyond. However, I want to thank her. I will return soon. Even Shiori would not want me to stay away. After all, I can’t do anything over there.”

Krust laughs to self-dictate. If one go out with a sword, one will be caught by an organisation called ‘police’ in that world. A knight can’t be useful.
Garrell still shook his head.

“It’s useless. Going just to say thank you, indeed if you actually go over there and see your ‘person of another world’, you might decide that you don’t want to return. Even if you return here by force, you will only dig deeper.”

Up to there, he kept raising his tone as if to tease.

“You better learn more of your precarious personality. A refreshed man who seems to have no interest in women, a man who keeps clothes with memories from a woman in a safe for three years. Besides you are checking everyday to see if they have been stolen by someone. Who the hell would even think about stealing such clothes?”

“You would.”

Krust stiffly said.
However, on the part of “rethinkable”, as Garrell said he was certainly such a man. He still can’t stop thinking about her….
Krust breathed out to erase that girlyness and turned his body around


Just before going out the door into the corridor, he turned to Garrell and left an advice.

“Do not pry on her or me anymore.”

When Krust had gone away, Garrell muttered stiffly.

“Ah well, it is easy to understand that expression.”

Did he not notice that his appearance was like that of a shy abandoned dog? Three years ago when he came back to this world he was in as similar state.
Although it appeared that is has been put to the side for a while, it was obvious that Krust had been seeking ‘Person of another world’ – Shiori all this time.
Others would be unaware, but it was clear to at least the eyes of Garrell.
Even though Garrell attempted transitory magic, 90% came from interest whilst the remaining 10% was for Krust. It is rare for Garrel to do something for others, even a lonely percentage.

For Garrell, who has a rare magical talent and has led a different life from an ordinary person, Krust has a special meaning in a sense. Even though there is a difference between magic and swordplay, Krust is also a talented genius.
The only person that stands on the same stage as him.
To put it briefly, he has an attachment. When Krust is happy, he can be happy with himself somehow. That kind of feeling.

So he called Shiori to this world, but Krust said to not do such things.

“In other words, now even if he tells me to try transitory magic to summon her again, it is impossible because I have lost her hair.”

Garrell looked around his messy and cluttered room. Thinking that it would probably not be possible to find the hair that dropped somewhere inside.

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