RR Chapter 13: Chance of Reunion

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Translator: Sakuraid (with the aid of Google-sensei)

Editor: Intel & Sakuraid


In the narrow attic, which was Shiori’s current residence, there were only a bed,  some clothes, and a mirror stand. None of these were second hand goods, nor were they boring, but they had an antique atmosphere which Shiori rather liked.


When she got up in the morning, Shiori cleaned her face and prepared her dress. Sitting in front of the mirror she laughed quietly, remembering the day before yesterday, she smiled. Sea thought in her head that she hasn’t become a fool. Only, this day would be so fun.

(Finally, I can meet Krust……!)

A week had gone by since Syllabus came to the store, and today was the day he would bring Krust to pick up the medicine he had ordered.
Shiori brushed her hair while humming a song, she could not suppress how her heart was fluttering with excitement. Even now she felt like dancing, even her anxiety about such things as Krust forgetting about it was swallowed by her great expectations.

I wonder if Krust has changed?”(TLN: Remember I means that it is spoken in japanese.)

When she saw her cheeks had been dyed peach in the mirror she shrugged to herself. Just what was so embarrassing about seeing an old “acquaintance”?
Krust was never Shiori’s lover.
When she meets him today it would be embarrassing if only she were excited. Krust might also think of it as annoying. She should be friendly but also keep her calm and play it cool.

While she thought this, feelings of joy sprung up like a fountain. She grabbed a small bottle containing perfume from on top of the mirror stand and carefully sprayed it in her hair. With this her hair became shiny and her skin felt good thanks to having gotten enough sleep every day. There were also no bags under her eyes.

“Fufu… otto”(TLN: Japanese here, otto is kinda like ops)

After, holding down her laughter, Shiori headed downstairs.

“Don’t get too happy.”

The moment she entered into the store, Roche, who was getting ready to open the store, said this to her. Shiori covered her cheeks with both hands, wondering her face really was that easy to understand.

“Different, normal, not happy.”

After looking at her with his eyes filled with suspicion, Roche went to open the shop door. She hadn’t told him, that one of this world’s heroes was coming and that she also was familiar with this hero. But Roche was intelligent.

“Well, you have been cheerful for a few days now, you aren’t calm…… Is something happening today?”

Shiori shivers even with a fire burning in the stove. Although Krust might come when Roche wasn’t home, it had still been upsetting hearing she was being too happy about it.
When she gazed at him with simple gesture, Roche took up a notebook containing the her daily schedule from the counter and looked for the day’s date.

“Speaking of today’s schedule, an example is that doctor that is coming to pick up medicine, from an order you took.”

Saying so Roche directs his line of sight towards Shiori and gave her a glance, She was tensing up. Roche laughs with a grin, still holding the notebook.

“What? Was that doctor a nice guy?”
“….not, Syllabus, much older, Grandpa!”

He was an nice gentleman, but it wasn’t love.
But Roche again threw an eye of suspicion towards Shori.

“Heee, Grandfather huh”

She wondered he seemed to think that she was lying about Syllabus’s age. Roche didn’t seem to believe that Syllabus was an elderly gentleman man at all.

“Really not, Syllabus, just a visitor!”

Roche lit a cigarette while replying like that.
While thinking that some strange misunderstandings are happening, well wonderfully, Shiori sighs. The more you desperately you deny the more suspicious it seems.


“Today, Roche, not going out?”

It was noon. Shiori saw the man sitting opposite to her by the work table having lunch by drinking soup.
Yesterday Roche was unusually in the store, so she thought he would go out as usual today, but now that seems unlikely. He also made a new aphrodisiac yesterday and he should be selling it and go to the market.

“I have a problem in the store today, is there any inconvenience?”

He was making a funny expression there, as if teasing, but Roche said it in a grumpy voice.

(Roche, I am going to stay all the time inside the shop. I’m absolutely waiting for Syllabus to come.)

It was probably interesting.
But it is true that Syllabus is an old man, so it does not matter if Roche meets him. Rather, the weird misunderstanding will be solved.
Shiori drank up the rest of her soup with vegetables and dried meat and looked up at the clock on the wall. Since Syllabus came around evening last time, would it be around then today too?
Looking at Shiori whilst cleaning away the dishes, Roche says something while biting on some bread.

“If you have finished eating, I need you to do an errand.”

With a bad face, Shiori straightened her lips. She usually goes as much as he wants to but she would like to stay in the store as much as possible today.
Yet she couldn’t utter such selfish things since she is employed. While bending her eyebrows, Shiori reluctantly listens.

“Errand, what?”
“Puput, five.”

Roshe opens his palm and hold up five fingers. Putput is the name of a fruit that is commonly circulated in this country. Usually it is peeled and eaten, but what Roche wants is its skin. Puput skin is contains ingredients for improving blood flow and can be used in a various amount of medicines. As to Shiori, it is now a familiar fruit.

After receiving money from Roche, she got ready to go out with her basket. There is still some time before the evening when Syllabus will come, and is she hurries to the fruit shop and buy some puput she would be back in twenty minutes. Go quickly and then hurry home.
Yet she didn’t want to miss the opportunity to meet Kurst, so just in case, Shiori asked Roche.

“If Syllabus arrive, have them him for a while. Please ask him to stay until I return.”

Roche nodded, “I understand” though he misled that he was eager and enthusiastic. Shiori who saw that was relieved.

“Well, I’ll be back.”

She quickly left the store.

But it was just after that, that Syllabus appeared in the store. – From the direction opposite to what Shiori went running, accompanied by a silver haired knight, the timing was bad.

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